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The Flood Part 1 | Tom Hardy | Thriller Movies | Disaster Movies | The Midnight Screening

  • NIGHT OF THE TWISTERS — Action, Family, Drama, Disaster Movie // Full Movie in English


    Night of the Twisters - Action, Drama, Family (DVDRip)

    A peaceful Nebraska town on a sweltering summer day becomes the setting for an unprecedented disaster when it is struck by a deadly series of strong tornados.
    The story is told from the viewpoint of a 12-year-old boy who is forced to overcome his own terror to save the lives of friends and family in the horrifying aftermath.

    Devon Sawa, Amos Crawley, John Schneider

    USA, Canada `96

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  • LONDON OCLOCK _ Action Movie 2021 Full Movie English Action Movies 2021


    New Action Movies 2020 Full Movie English - Hindi Dubbed Blockbuster Action Movie
    Lastest Action Movie 2020 Full Length English Hollywood Blockbuster Hindi Dubbed Action Movie

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  • Collider | Full Action Movie


    Collider (2018). Full action movie.

    In the year 2033, a young girl trapped in a mysterious orphanage takes a reckless journey back through time, to find her parents and repair her past.

    Director: Justin Lewis
    Cast: Christine Mascolo, Jude Moran, Michael Vasicek

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  • Women of Valor Full Movie | Susan Sarandon | Drama Movies The Midnight Screening


    Based on a True Story. When the Japanese army invades the Philippines during World War II, they hold a group of American nurses captive. Maggie supports her fellow prisoners and takes control of the situation. Starring Susan Sarandon, Terry O'Quinn, Valerie Mahaffey and Kristy McNichol.

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  • Today : Chinese Bombers fire on US Aircraft Carrier in South China Sea


    Today: Chinese Bombers fire on US Aircraft Carrier in South China Sea

  • Survive or Die | Full Action Survival Movie | Emmanuella Samuel


    **This film is under non-exclusive license from Leomark Studios. All rights received**

    Survive or Die - A young refugee girl escaping civil war wrongly lands in a remote uninhabited part of Australia. She must reach civilization whilst fighting starvation, harsh terrain and a hunter who hunts her in vengeance for the death of his son.

    Stars: Felino Dolloso, Hawa Barnes, Emmanuella Samuel

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  • This housekeeper didnt know there was a camera this is what she did


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  • Escape 2120 | Full Movie | Edward Pritchard | Samantha Ipema | Paul Kandarian


    A detached orphan teen escapes to the future in suspended animation, but when he arrives at a natural utopia, he must evade a lynch mob convinced that he's the prophesied Devil's Child.

    Written and Directed by Brian Bennett
    Starring Edward Pritchard, Samantha Ipema, Paul Kandarian, Rosemary Pacheco, David Afflick

    Edward Pritchard as Dave
    Samantha Ipema as Nalia
    Rosie Pacheco as Sally
    Paul Kandarian as Doc
    David Afflick as Samuel
    Ulisses Gonsalves as Jax

  • My Husbands Deadly Past 2020 Based On A True Story New Lifetime Movies 2020


    My Husband's Deadly Past 2020 Based On A True Story New Lifetime Movies 2020

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  • 2020: The End of Days


    A collection of clips re-edited from various disaster movies.

    After 1100 comments where most more or less ask the same - is this real?/how do you know what will happen in 2020? etc - I have decided to close the comment section here. People should really try to read the title or the description, before posting, because your answers are right there.

    Hong Kong Failing by Lorne Balfe
    Geostorm Soundtrack. Water Tower Music

    In the House, in a Heartbeat
    William Morris (John Murphy Cover)
    From the movie '28 weeks Later

    Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell
    Nonesuch Records Inc.
    From the movie Requiem for a Dream

  • ????#Ship in Storm at Sea - #FULL VERSION - 18-12- 2018. Storm Deirdre #Waves #storm #hurricane #Sea


    The Latest Storm Video


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    Life at Sea on an ERRV

    The Full Storm at Sea Experience without actually being there.
    Filmed from the bridge of an ERRV, 100 Nautical Miles NE of Shetland. Watch how the storm gradually increases until waves reach 21 meters (65 feet)

  • THE MULE - Official Trailer


    Nobody Runs Forever. Clint Eastwood is #TheMule, in theaters December 14.

    From Warner Bros. Pictures, Imperative Entertainment and BRON Creative comes Clint Eastwood’s newest feature film, the drama “The Mule.” In addition to directing, the veteran actor will step in front of the lens again, alongside fellow stars Bradley Cooper, Laurence Fishburne, Michael Peña, Dianne Wiest and Andy Garcia, as well as Alison Eastwood, Taissa Farmiga, Ignacio Serricchio and Loren Dean, Eugene Cordero.

    Eastwood stars as Earl Stone, a man in his 80s who is broke, alone, and facing foreclosure of his business when he is offered a job that simply requires him to drive. Easy enough, but, unbeknownst to Earl, he’s just signed on as a drug courier for a Mexican cartel. He does well—so well, in fact, that his cargo increases exponentially, and Earl is assigned a handler. But he isn’t the only one keeping tabs on Earl; the mysterious new drug mule has also hit the radar of hard-charging DEA agent Colin Bates. And even as his money problems become a thing of the past, Earl’s past mistakes start to weigh heavily on him, and it’s uncertain if he’ll have time to right those wrongs before law enforcement, or the cartel’s enforcers, catch up to him.

    “The Mule” marks Oscar-winner Eastwood’s first time on both sides of the camera since he starred in 2009’s critically acclaimed “Gran Torino.”

    Cooper, who stars as Bates, received his most recent Oscar nominations for his work with Eastwood, acting in and producing “American Sniper”; he will next be seen in his feature directorial debut, “A Star Is Born.” Oscar nominee Fishburne (“What’s Love Got to Do with It,” TV’s “Black-ish”) plays a DEA special agent in charge; Peña (upcoming “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” Netflix’s “Narcos”) plays a fellow agent; Oscar winner Wiest (“Bullets Over Broadway,” “Hannah and Her Sisters,” TV’s “Life in Pieces”) plays Earl’s ex-wife; Oscar nominee Garcia (“The Godfather: Part III”) plays a cartel boss; Alison Eastwood (“Rails & Ties”) plays Earl’s daughter; Farmiga (“The Nun”) plays the role of Earl’s granddaughter; Serricchio (Netflix’s “Lost in Space,” “The Wedding Ringer”) plays Earl’s cartel handler; Dean (“Space Cowboys”) plays another agent; and Cordero (“Kong: Skull Island”) plays a cartel member.

    Clint Eastwood (“Sully,” “American Sniper”) directed from a screenplay by Nick Schenk (“Gran Torino”), inspired by the New York Times Magazine article “The Sinaloa Cartels’ 90-Year-Old Drug Mule” by Sam Dolnick. Eastwood also produced the film under his Malpaso banner, along with Tim Moore, Kristina Rivera and Jessica Meier, and Imperative Entertainment’s Dan Friedkin and Bradley Thomas. The film’s executive producers are Dave Bernad, Ruben Fleischer, Todd Hoffman and Aaron Gilbert. Jillian Apfelbaum and David M. Bernstein co-produced.

    Eastwood’s team behind the scenes includes director of photography Yves Bélanger (“Brooklyn,” “Dallas Buyers Club”) and production designer Kevin Ishioka (“The 15:17 to Paris”), along with longtime costume designer Deborah Hopper and Oscar-winning editor Joel Cox (“Unforgiven”), who have worked with Eastwood throughout the years on numerous projects.

    A Warner Bros. Pictures Presentation, in Association with Imperative Entertainment, in Association with BRON Creative, a Malpaso Production, “The Mule” will be released in theaters December 14, 2018, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

  • Groom Decides to Share a Secret at the Altar, Bride Passes Out!


    Groom Decides to Share a Secret at the Altar, Bride Passes Out!

    Voiceover by Scott Leffler --
    Voiceover by Jamie Buck -

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  • Mom Installs Camera, Sees Why She’s Always Tired


    Mom Installs Camera, Sees Why She’s Always Tired. Women Sets Up Camera To Find Out Why She's Always Tired. All. Night. Every night, Ginger joins his mom in bed for snuggle time.he decided to set up a camera to capture whatever was disturbing her in the night. A Young Mother's Unexplained Exhaustion.

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    Mom Installs Camera, Sees Why She’s Always Tired. Melanie Darnell is a vegan fitness guru and mother of three. She is also a blogger with 100000 followers. Mother Films Herself Sleeping, Finds Out Why She's Always Exhausted Melanie Darnell is a fitness blogger and mother of three.

  • 10 Biggest Snakes Ever Discovered


    10 Biggest Snakes Ever Discovered

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    There are over 3,000 species of snake on the planet, and they are found everywhere except in New Zealand, Greenland, Iceland, Antarctica, and Ireland. Each of them boasts impressive and unique characteristics and is differentiated by size, color, and venom efficacy. This video beams the light on some snake species that grow to immense proportion. Prepare to be amazed as I take you through the list of the ten biggest snakes in the world!
    10. Black mamba
    The black mamba is the largest venomous snake in Africa. They are covered with olive, brown, green, or grey but are rarely black. It measures between 7.2 and 8.9 feet long, but some species grow up to 13 feet. The longest one in history is confirmed to be 14.11 feet. Not only does this animal clinch the price for one of the longest snakes in the world, but it is also the most aggressive and fastest, with speeds of up to 200km/h. They are known to attack even without provocation. Their venom is toxic and can cause a human to collapse within 30 minutes if not treated with antivenom.
    They hold smaller animals in their mouth until the venom takes effect, but larger prey suffers two strikes until it is weak and swallowed. Females lay up to 20 eggs and incubate them for 2-3 months. Babies are independent and fend for themselves immediately after birth. Although they are climbers, they prefer the solitude of the ground because that's where they lie in wait for an unsuspecting victim.

    9. King cobra
    The king cobra is found in Asia and is one of the longest venomous snakes in the world. It flaunts this fearsome status and would attack whenever it chooses. However, they typically avoid confrontation with humans but wouldn't tolerate provocation. They grow up to 18.7 feet and weigh up to 9 kg. The male variants are more extensive than females, which is rare in snakes. From birth till death, they never stop growing.
    After a bite from the king cobra, the victim can die within 15 minutes. Although their venom is not the most potent among other snakes, it contains high neurotoxin levels in a single bite. It is so effective that it can kill 20 people simultaneously. This poison causes respiratory arrest, cardiac failure, and eventual death. King cobras live in southern China, Southeast Asia, rain forests, and plains of India. They feed on other snake species, including lizards and smaller mammals. In Vietnam, it is a protected species, and specialized organizations like the King Cobra conservancy are recruited to protect their habitat.

    8. Reticulated python
    The most enormous recorded reticulated python is 28.5 feet long and weighs 145 kilograms. Although they are known to be aggressive, they wouldn't hurt a human until provoked. The average species is about 16 feet. The beauty of their skin makes them a target in the commercial skin trade. Their infrared-sensitive pit organs and a keen sense of smell help them identify their prey. This snake lives up to 20 years but attains sexual maturity two years after birth, depending on its size.
    Females lay up to 80 eggs which incubate between 80-90days. Within this period, the mother fasts and produces muscular shivers that warms the eggs during cooler times. Despite habitat disruptions, they are tolerant and survive still. Medusa is a reticulated python in Kansas City. According to the Guinness book of world records, it is the longest snake kept in captivity. As of 2011, it measured 25 feet and weighed 158.8 kg. As a rule, this animal swallows prey one-quarter of its length and equal to its weight.

    7. Burmese Python
    Native to the grassy marshes of South Asia, Burmese pythons need no introduction. They grow up to 23 feet in length and 90 kilograms in weight. In their early days, they spend more time on trees, but they transition to the ground as they grow older. Because of their swimming skills, they can stay submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. They feed primarily on birds and small mammals. They prey on larger animals like goats and pigs, adult deer, and alligators as they become mature.

  • The 11 Best Free Movies On YouTube Right Now


    It might come as a surprise to find that there are a whole bunch of free movies available to watch on YouTube — and it might come as an even bigger surprise to find that some of them are actually great. Here are a few of the very best.

    In 1986, John Carpenter broke the cinematic mold with Big Trouble in Little China, a satirical kung fu movie that sets Kurt Russell down in a labyrinthine Chinatown, and leads him through an intriguing plot involving kidnapping and sorcery. Unfortunately, Big Trouble in Little China bombed at the box office on release, making back only around $11.1 million of its budget, which has been estimated at roughly $20 million. In fact, it bombed so badly that it drove Carpenter away from Hollywood altogether.

    But over the years, the film's reputation has increased, and it's now considered a bona fide cult classic. Empire magazine rated it among the top 500 movies of all time, and many of its vocal defenders praise it for its skewering of stereotypical Asian roles in movies. At the time, it was rare for a Western movie even to feature a predominantly Asian cast. As actor James Hong has said:

    There will never be another Big Trouble in Little China. [...] Martial artists, the greatest of all, actors, writers, [in] that movie, John gave us all a chance.

    Watch the video for the 11 best free movies on YouTube right now!

    You can watch all these movies right here:

    #Movies​ #Free​ #YouTube​

    Big Trouble in Little China | 0:00
    The Terminator | 1:18
    The Color of Money | 2:18
    Let Me In | 3:21
    Stargate | 4:27
    Slumdog Millionaire | 5:40
    Super Size Me | 6:49
    Moulin Rouge! | 7:32
    Ghost in the Shell | 8:34
    Traitor | 9:44
    The Cutting Edge | 10:50

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  • Drone Captures What No One Was Supposed to See


    Having a bird's eye view is a wonderful thing! Having wings would allow us to see and experience so much more with such detail. And since we can’t fly - super smart humans designed these! An unmanned aerial vehicle or un crewed aerial vehicle, commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without any human pilot. But when you see footage like this? You can’t help but feel like you’re flying the plane. Drones help us move through tight places, examine dangerous, hard to reach, terrain, and can even save us from uncertain doom. Strap a camera to one - you might see big foot, or the apparition of a little person with black eyes staring out into the world. And that's why we love them.. Drone Captures What No One Was Supposed to See

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  • The Great Flood | 2012 | CineClips


    As everony is scrambling to prepare for evacuation procedures, the great flood arrives.

    #2012 #JohnCusack #WoodyHarrelson

    2012 (Roland Emmerich/2009) SYNOPSIS: A frustrated writer struggles to keep his family alive when a series of global catastrophes threatens to annihilate mankind.

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  • Kim & Kanye and the Kardashians Clash! All the CRAZIEST MOMENTS!!! | Celebrity Family Feud


    Check out all the DRAMA, the LAUGHTER and the ACTION as Steve Harvey hosts one of the biggest Celebrity Family Feud episodes EVER... Kim & Kanye Vs The Kardashians!

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  • This Photo Is Not Edited - Look Closer at the Beverly Hillbillies Blooper


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  • Sirenhead Goes Crazy! Escape The Beast!


    Ethan is away at summer camp, and Cole get's a spooky visitor. Siren Head comes out of nowhere looking for trouble! After a quick run in with the giant beast, Cole sets out to find the monster. He sets up a trap with dad and waits. Then out of the darkness, the giant creature emerges. It's Cole VS Sirenhead with his epic Nerf Ultra Pharaoh! The battle continues in this family skit.

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    LIVING OFF GRID in a FOREST CABIN - What We Do at Night | BLOWTORCH & FIRE to PROTECT WOOD - Ep.134 Jake and Nicole are living off the grid and starting their family in the rain forests of Western Canada. So far we have lived in a van, a boat, a yurt, and now a mini cabin called a bunkie. We are trying to create a Hügelkultur and Permaculture food forest garden to grow ourselves off the food grid and set up some basic amenities using solar panels and batteries for electricity. Our warmth comes from our wood stoves. In this episode we show you what we do inside when it's raining which around here is A LOT! We get over 20 feet of rain annually and this is truly one of the rainiest places on Planet Earth! We are starting to put away firewood for the winter and using the summer to preserve our wood projects but also incorporating fire Shou Sugi Ban Style! If we don't have wood and preservation down by the end of August then there is no chance to get anything dry until June of 2022! Join us on our adventure and follow us more closely at our links below or at

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  • The Scene That Ended I Dream of Jeannie


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  • 12 FEET DEEP Trailer


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    Thousands of gallons of water, no way out.
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    Inspired by true events, sisters Bree and Jonna get trapped beneath the fiberglass cover of an Olympic sized public pool after it closes for the holiday weekend. They find themselves at the mercy of the night janitor, Clara, who sees the trapped sisters as an opportunity to solve a few problems of her own.

    12 FEET DEEP Trailer
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  • Wife Looks Closer At Photo, Files For Divorce


    Wife Looks Closer At Photo, Files For Divorce. A Husband Divorced His Wife After Looking Closer At This Photo He Took Of Her with proof beyond the shadow of a doubt, filed for divorce.

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    Marine Serving Our Country Filed For Divorce As Soon As He Saw This Photo His Wife Sent. Marine Serving Our Country Filed For Divorce As Soon As He Saw This Photo His Wife Sent It's a story all military families share.

  • Drone Captures What No One Was Supposed to See #2


    You never know what you’re going to get when you break out your drones at these heights, in these fascinating locales, or in the face of danger. The great thing about this technology is it really gives us a birds eye view of some extraordinary things - even if we’re not meant to - like into volcanos or soaring over a field in a bathtub. But you also get to see army’s of drones advertising video games in the sky in China - a symphony of unmanned aerial excellence. And just try to unsee an alligator eat one. Drone Captures What No One Was Supposed to See #2

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  • The Biggest Scandals To Ever Hit The History Channel


    Back at the turn of the century, the History Channel was probably the last channel you would have expected to give in to the reality show craze, but these days, the network airs shows like Ice Road Truckers, Pawn Stars, and Swamp People. In addition to being controversial for, you know, not being history, these shows have also landed in hot water for the scandalous lives of the people who star on them. The few historical shows the network still airs have often been controversial as well. Let’s take a look at the biggest scandals to ever hit the History Channel.

    #History #HistoryChannel #Scandal

    Ice Road Truckers | 0:00
    The Kennedys | 1:21
    Swamp People | 2:19
    Bigfoot Captured | 3:07
    Hunting Hitler | 3:57
    Amelia Earhart | 4:44
    American Pickers | 5:47
    The Bible | 6:25
    Alone | 7:17
    Mountain Men | 8:15
    Ax Men | 9:22
    Pawn Stars | 10:30

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  • Final Showdown With Anaconda | Anaconda | CineClips


    Danny Rich (Ice Cube) and Terri Flores (Jennifer Lopez) go head to head with the beastly snake.

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    #Anaconda #JenniferLopez #IceCube

    Anaconda (Luis Llosa/1997) SYNOPSIS: A National Geographic film crew is taken hostage by an insane hunter, who forces them along on his quest to capture the world's largest - and deadliest - snake.

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  • Blippi Goes Kayaking and Makes Sandcastles at the Beach! | Educational Videos For Kids


    Join Blippi in this special compilation episode as he goes kayaking in the sea and builds sandcastles on the beach. In the episode Blippi learns left, right & more!
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    00:00 Kayaking and Sandcastles at the Beach - Learn Left, Right & More!
    13:50 Blippi Hiking and Beach Clean Up
    29:49 Blippi Learns About the Weather - Educational Science Videos for Kids
    39:46 Camping Trip with Blippi - Explore the Outdoors

    Thanks for watching this Blippi play and learn video with Blippi's songs for toddlers and videos for toddlers.

    More educational fun for kids with Blippi:

    Learn Machines with Blippi:

    Learn Colors for Toddlers:

    Blippi SInk Or Float:

    Blippi Learns About Bubbles:

    Blippi Makes Healthy Fruit Popsicles:

    Blippi The Pirate!

    Come explore the wonderous world with everybody's best friend, Blippi. How does a recycling truck work? What does a baker do? What is the best playground around? There are so many exciting things to explore and learn. Feed your kids’ curiosity while they learn about vehicles, animals, the natural world and so much more. Blippi helps children‘s understanding of the world and encourages vocabulary development. Blippi loves visiting exciting places such as children’s museums and the zoo! He loves singing, dancing, playing and exploring. His contagious curiosity engages young viewers in learning adventures that help them both grow and develop.

  • Scariest CCTV Footage Ever Captured


    A huge Slapped Ham scary CCTV footage compilation to keep you awake into the wee hours of the morning. #ScaryCCTV #ScaryVideos #SlappedHam







    27. Real Ghost Nursing Home-1
    25. La extraña mujer perro captada en México.
    24. Security footage of a conference room. Not my footage but was sent to me through family.
    23. Ghost caught on my Security camera
    21. Who we gonna call?
    19. Off of security camera outside my house. Thoughts?
    18. Creepy Security Footage
    Why You Need Security Cameras
    17. Ghost taking out the trash?
    16. Man possessed by ghost (on cctv)
    15. A clear figure in the motion detection video thumbnail but nothing in the video?
    14. terror_prime
    13. ghost on store security cameras
    12. CCTV footage of what appears to be a poltergeist at Jimmy's World Grill Luton
    10. New Mexico Police say they caught a ghost on camera
    8. Odd black ball ripping through space and time?
    7. Ghost Woman Caught On Camera
    6. Real ghost footage Dover Castle
    5. Horror wheel chair scene 2019
    3. Since this made the times might as well get it on here anaw
    1. Ghost in a Bedroom

    Gathering Darkness by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

    The Children's Room by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

  • The Possessed Doll..!!| Brookhaven Scary Mini Movie


    Welcome to the brand new brookhaven scary movie called The Possessed Doll.!!| Brookhaven Scary Movie (VOICED)!

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    Cascade Nerida


  • Top 15 Paranormal Events That Police Witnessed


    Narrated by MaddMike:
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    Narrated by: MaddMike
    Written by: jessicaholom
    Edited by: Huba Áron Csapó

    The list of Paranormal Events That Police Witnessed:
    The Twin Tower Soul Collector Investigation
    A UFO in Rendlesham Forest
    A Supernatural Voice from the Beyond
    The Vanishing Frenchy at Devil’s Peak
    The Creepy Glasgow Poltergeist
    The Hung Military Man
    The Station Ghost
    The “Demon House”
    The Devil Possesses Don Decker
    The Call Is Coming from Inside the House
    A Cops Captain Investigates His Past Life
    Capitol Theatre Haunting
    Evil Resides in Enfield
    The Ghostly Reporter
    Silbury Hill Sighting Mysteries


    Outro Video:
    Scary 8mm Horror Footage Compilation
    Free Stock Footage Archive

    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

    Composed by: John Esposo, CO.AG Music, NatureWorld1986, Kevin MacLeod & Purple Planet Music
    Full sources list:



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  • Laurel and Hardy: Hats Off


    There are few film stars who are genuinely loved by their audiences, but back in the days of the silent movie, a comedy duo enjoyed that from the very beginning. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, with their gentle mixture of slapstick and technical skill, brought laughter to millions through the 20th Century and are still continuing to generate laughter to this very day. Yet, like so many of the truly great Kings of Comedy, Laurel and Hardy often found it difficult to find laughter, peace, and contentment in their own lives and the story of the men behind the carefully constructed masks is both enlightening and entertaining. This program is a delightful celebration of the magic of Laurel and Hardy and a rare glimpse into the private lives of these two enigmatic men. From their earliest beginnings through to their final curtain calls, enjoy getting up close and personal with Stan and Ollie. It’s a relationship that started as a business arrangement and blossomed into one of the truest friendships Hollywood has ever known. Whether you’re young or simply young at heart, enjoy stepping back in time to discover the true story of Laurel and Hardy where fact will prove equally as fascinating as fiction.

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  • Kim Jong-Un brutally shoots a orchestra conductor 90 times in front of every artist in Pyongyang


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  • SAD NEWS on the Health of PHIL COLLINS! Drummer & Vocalist of GENESIS on his Deteriorating Health!



    Sad news on the current health of PHIL COLLINS on the eve of the GENESIS reunion tour. Recently interviewed by the BBC, Phil has acknowledged that he can no longer even grip a drum stick, much less play drums for a tour as he has been plagued by a series of health issues including diabetes, multiple back surgeries and issues with his feet which have left him having to use a cane and wheelchair. Unbelievably through it all, Phil has agreed to sing on a reunion tour with Genesis bandmates Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks.

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  • HOW TO Escape the Force Field Hackers Put Around the Safe House in Roblox?


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    After Chad Wild Clay made HELP US STOP HACKERS in ROBLOX - SPY NINJAS vs Project Zorgo, Vy Qwaint created HACKING into The Private Server of the Project Zorgo Hackers Deleting Roblox Accounts, Daniel Gizmo uploaded WE FOUND REAL LIFE HACKERS Trying To Hack Roblox and Steal Accounts, and Melvin PZ9 filmed YOU LOSE, YOU EAT! Pizza Simulator in Roblox with Daniel Gizmo & Regina Ginera from Spy Ninjas, the Spy Ninjas are on a mission to stop Project Zorgo from using Roblox to delete everyone's account! Agent Peters and his ex hackers created a server on Roblox to hack people's accounts and steal their Robux. Luckily, Melvin was able to create the safe house in the server so that the spy ninjas can fight hackers in Roblox. Now, you can hack onto PZ's private server and fight hackers too in the Project Zorgo and Spy Ninja Roblox world. In this server, they replicated Las Vegas! They have the black pyramid, the Stratosphere, baseball field, and even the Las Vegas sign! Unfortunately, Agent Peters found out about all of this and created a forcefield around the Spy Ninja Safehouse so that no one can leave it. The spy ninjas and some of their fans are now on a quest to figure out how they can take the force field down. Some fans suggested some conspiracy theories on how to break the force field such as jumping out of the force field on the trampoline, using each other to jump off of each other's heads, and digging underneath it with Bob the dummy. Chad, Vy, Regina, Melvin, and Daniel must now bring their hacking, tech, spy, and ninja skills into Roblox and hopefully, figure out how to escape the force field with the help of their fans. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!

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    Unspeakable - OVERNIGHT In My TANK Challenge! 24 HOURS

    Aphmau - Minecraft But It's BEAUTY And The BEAST!

    LankyBox - The SADDEST Minecraft Animations EVER! (YOU WILL CRY *LANKYBOX REACTION!*)

    Flamingo - Why did this person upload this video

    SSSniperwolf - Tik Toks That Live Rent Free In My Head

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  • Saturday Night Fever • Night Fever • Bee Gees


    Soundtrack/theme song from the 1977 John Badham film Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta & Karen Lynn Gorney.

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  • Third Eye Spies


    For more than 20 years the CIA studied psychic abilities for use in their top-secret spy program. With previously classified details about ESP now finally coming to light, there can be no more secrets.

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  • Jaws: The Revenge: Banana boat HD CLIP


    What’s happening in this movie clip?
    A group of people doing a fun water activity is attacked by a shark. Thea (Judith Barsi), Ellen Brody’s (Lorraine Gary) daughter, is saved but traumatized.

    Rent or buy Jaws: The Revenge here:

    What’s the movie about?
    Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary), Chief Brody’s widow, believes that a shark is deliberately targeting her family because it wants revenge.
    #Jaw #Horrormovie #Thriller

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    After Chad Wild Clay made Throwing a DART at a MAP & CLOAKER Unmasking Whatever It Lands On - Spy Ninja Challenge, Vy Qwaint created BEST HIDING SPOT? Spy Ninjas Hide and Seek in Safe House until 3AM with my Brother Casey, Daniel Gizmo uploaded DANIEL is WANTED by the FBI - Cloaker, and Melvin PZ9 uploaded Can Casey Wild Clay Game?, Chad, Vy, and Regina gather all of the evidence they have on the Cloaker. Regina and Vy are positive that the Cloaker is Casey, Chad's brother. However, Chad is positive that the Cloaker is not Casey and he can prove that the Cloaker is actually another YouTuber! They run through every piece of evidence they have until the match program ranks them as a 72% match! Chad can't believe it and decides he needs to facetime the Cloaker and get him to show his face! Then Chad would know once and for all. They facetime the Cloaker and ask him to reveal his face, but he refuses. Vy comes up with the idea to invite him over for a sleepover instead! He agrees and so Chad, Vy, and Regina now must get ready to have a party! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!

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    Dhar Mann - Student CHEATS On His EXAM, He Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann

    SSSniperwolf - People Who Are Living In The FUTURE


    Brianna - I Let a Tesla Control My Life for 24 Hours! - Challenge

    Carter Sharer - Catch the Biggest Shark and Win!! (Shark Week Special)

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  • Fans Stunned as Vanna White Blurts out Why She Left Wheel of Fortune


    If you're interested in trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, check out some simple tips from our friends over at Greenable.

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  • Seriously Insane Stunts That People Sadly Didnt Survive


    Professional daredevils have all kinds of reasons for performing insane stunts. Maybe they just like the thrill of danger, maybe they feel like they have something to prove to the world, or maybe they just want to prove something to themselves. Regardless, some daredevils have taken it too far and attempted stunts that sadly ended in their deaths. They may have even taken every necessary safety precaution, but something they couldn’t have predicted caused it to go wrong. From the MythBusters star who tried to break a world record to the only fatality in X Games history, let’s take a look at some seriously insane stunts that people sadly didn’t survive.

    #Stunts #Dangerous #Daredevil

    Mike Hughes' Rocket | 0:00
    Jessi Combs broke records | 1:44
    Caleb Moore's X Games stunt | 2:39
    Uli Emanuele's base jump | 3:48
    Angela Madsen's fatal row | 4:46

    Read Full Article:

  • Top 10 Saddest Anime Movies


    Top 10 Anime Movies That Will Make You Cry // Subscribe:

    These are the anime movies that will make you cry. We’ll be looking at the animated movies from Japan that made audiences burst into tears, either out of an overwhelming sense of sadness or joy. You will not break us anime, you will not…ah damn, here comes the waterworks! MsMojo ranks the anime movies that will make you cry. Which anime movie gives the feels? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Masha and The Bear - ???? Like Cat And Mouse ????


    Alert! Bear’s fridge is in danger! Someone has burst into his house to stay for life…but the Bear is ready for everything to defend his stocks! He calls for a savior, but in reality it turns to be a new intriguing story full of unexpected discoveries which leads Masha to some peculiar conclusions!

    Follow Masha on Instagram:
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    Official website:

    Masha and the Bear are heroes of Russian folklore, known to all Russian children. Just that in the series they are different and live in the modern world, which gave the creators from Animaccord Animation Studio the ability to bring new possibilities to their interactions. Series tell us about a unique relationship between two main characters. Masha is an exceedingly active little girl who can't sit still on one place and has to make everything a business of her own. The Bear is a big and hearty guy who loves comfort and quietness. After their first met the Bear is always in anticipation for another fun and wild adventure that Masha will surely pull him in.
    Masha and The Bear.

    ماشا والدب. جميع الحلقات :
    Masha e Orso. Tutti gli Episodi:
    Masha y el Oso. Todas las series:
    Masha et Michka. Tous les épisodes:
    Masha e o Urso. Lista de reprodução:
    Mascha und der Bär. Alle Folgen:
    瑪莎與熊. 全部影集:
    Маша и Медведь. Все серии подряд:
    Маша та Ведмідь - Всі серії:

  • CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS - First 10 Minutes From The Movie


    Watch the official first 10 minutes preview for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, an animation movie starring Bill Hader and Anna Faris. Available now on Digital, Blu-Ray and DVD.

    Inventor Flint Lockwood creates a machine that makes clouds rain food, enabling the down-and-out citizens of Chewandswallow to feed themselves. But when the falling food reaches gargantuan proportions, Flint must scramble to avert disaster. Can he regain control of the machine and put an end to the wild weather before the town is destroyed?

    © Sony Pictures

  • Top10 Hollywood Action Movies #Hollywoodmovies #Actionmovies #Top10movieslist


    Hollywood Best action drama movie in Hindi language All this movie are Action


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