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The Roaring Mountains - The Secrets of Nature

  • The Roaring Mountains - The Secrets of Nature


    Nowhere in the Alpine mountains are water, forest and rocks as precipitous, rock faces as vertical as in the Gesäuse National Park, Europe’s largest canyon. “Gesäuse” is a name derived from the rushing noise of the water, the soughing wind that echoes up to the peaks of the north faces of this unique region – home to the myth of the mountain. When the sun rises and ushers in a magnificent day, the Gesäuse projects a perfect image of a mountain. However, in bad weather, the Gesäuse’s walls reflect a scary phenomenon as the speed of the inflowing airmass multiplies. Adverse weather conditions can thus convert the Gesäuse into inferno. Michael Schlamberger, Austria’s most renowned nature filmmaker internationally, listened to the rushing whitewater of the river Enns and conquered the sheer rock walls, chasing eagles and chamois in passing.

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  • The Roaring Mountains - The Secrets of Nature



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  • The Roaring Mountains - The Secrets of Nature


  • The Roaring Mountains - Gesäuse National Park


    2005 | SD | 16:9 | 49min | stereo | German | English
    Directed by Michael Schlamberger
    A co-production of ScienceVision, ORF, WDR, NDR and Gesäuse National Park.

    The Gesause – the “Roaring Mountains” – a wild, mountainous region of the Alps, a dramatic landscape of sheer, vertical rock faces, raging torrents of water and dark, secretive forest. Nowhere else in the Alps are rock, forest and river arranged in such a steep vertical alignment. The sound of the thundering water against the naked rock gives the area its name, the roar of the mountains echoing around the imposing peaks.

    Generations of mountaineers have tried to conquer these mountains, often paying with their lives, but they weren’t the first. One hundred and fifty years ago, the monks of the Benedictine monastery of Admont reached the summits. They were exploring, studying and cataloguing the flora and fauna of the region, and fearless as they set out on their expeditions – “scientists in habits and hobnailed boots”.

    With breath-taking images, prize-winning film maker Michael Schlamberger tells the extraordinary story of the Roaring Mountains. From a time when few dared enter the shadowy forests, through the 16th century when trees were felled to provide fuel for the iron industry, to its classification as Austria’s newest national park, this is a fascinating tale.

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  • Roaring Mountains Polka


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Roaring Mountains Polka · The Czechaholics

    Čtyři 4

    ℗ 2011 Various Artists

    Released on: 2011-11-20

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Winters secret conversation ~Nature Photography HD1080


    Pointing out the simple but complex poetry of natural things ~ °Naturpunkt

    Location: Schuttannen, Hohenems, Vorarlberg, at 1150 meters altitude in a fantastic location. From here you can make many beautiful walks, or just have a great day of skiing, hiking, sledding, snowboarding.
    I sat at this old barn / prior mountain farm and enjoyed the winter sun and the so precious landscape.

    All photographies and video created by Gina Matt
    Music from You Tube free Audio Library

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  • The Secret Place of the Saints - Larry M


    The Secret Place of the Saints - Larry M

  • Nature Roaring


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Nature Roaring · Petter Rong

    Nature Roaring

    ℗ RSV Music

    Released on: 2017-08-03

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • The Evil One


    This preaching was recorded in our online service on the 18th of October by Pastor Jonathan Haileyesus

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  • Roaring Mountains


  • The secret for a better sleep: 4K waterfall sound and birds singing| sleep, de-stress,relax,meditate


    Do you feel tired but you can't sleep? Do you wanna sleep like a baby? do you want to stop overthinking? Just watch this beautiful waterfall in the forest with birds singing for de-stress, relax, fall asleep fast, mindfulness meditation, SPA for you're mind, anxiety relief, or just to stop overthinking and spend some time with you're self. Just breath and relax in with this nature therapy sound. 1 Hour in 4K is exactly what you need to relax you're soul.

    Relaxing nature sounds from the forest, river, lake, ocean & waterfall with and without birdsong are great for meditation or mindfulness relaxation. this is a Therapy for Sleep Disorder, this is a simple relaxation practices to help you manage stress and anxiety and to sleep better.
    Anxiety can contribute to different types of insomnia. Periods of high and intense stress—often resulting from difficult, at times unexpected life events—can trigger acute insomnia
    German :

    Entspannende Naturgeräusche aus Wald, Fluss, See, Meer und Wasserfall mit und ohne Vogelgezwitscher eignen sich hervorragend zur Meditation oder zur Entspannung der Achtsamkeit. Dies ist eine Therapie für Schlafstörungen. Dies ist eine einfache Entspannungspraxis, die Ihnen hilft, mit Stress und Angst umzugehen und besser zu schlafen.
    Angst kann zu verschiedenen Arten von Schlaflosigkeit führen. Perioden mit hohem und intensivem Stress, die häufig auf schwierige, manchmal unerwartete Lebensereignisse zurückzuführen sind, können akute Schlaflosigkeit auslösen. Dann tritt plötzlich Schlaflosigkeit auf und dauert relativ kurz, von einigen Tagen bis zu einigen Wochen. Eine angespannte Begegnung bei der Arbeit, ein Kampf mit einem Partner oder der Tod eines geliebten Menschen sind die Arten von Angstzuständen und stresserzeugenden Ereignissen, die akute Schlaflosigkeit auslösen. Ich hoffe, dieses Video hilft und wenn Sie dieses oder eines meiner Videos in irgendeiner Weise hilfreich fanden, abonnieren Sie bitte diesen Kanal, wie meine Videos, teilen und kommentieren Sie, wenn Sie diesen Kanal unterstützen möchten. Vielen Dank für das Ansehen.

    For more relaxing videos :

    [4K] Can’t sleep? Heavy Rain and Thunderstorm for deep sleep, insomnia relief,relaxation, meditation

    [4K] Campfire at night. Relaxing cozy sound for sleep or meditation. white and impulse noise. ASMR!

    [4K]Plug into a little zen!Relaxing river-water stream -Sounds for Sleep Relaxation-Meditation-Study

    #sleep #insomnia #mindfulness #meditation#waterfall #4K #birdsong

  • Soothing Constant Roaring Large Waterfall


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Soothing Constant Roaring Large Waterfall · Nature Sounds

    Waterfalls - Sounds of Nature

    ℗ 2012 Hot Ideas

    Released on: 2012-09-25

    Music Publisher: Hot Ideas Inc.

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Christian Morning Prayers, said beside roaring mountain river


    Christian Morning Prayers, said on a glorious morning in the High Sierra.

    I seem to be shadow-banned here on YouTube.
    My BitChute channel

    With 5 subscribers gets more views than my YouTube with almost 5000 subscribers. Heh.



    16 AUG 2019...IN 4K....Shivanasamudra waterfalls, in Chamarajanagar District of the state of Karnataka, India.... a best to be enjoyed in monsoon on its full glory....serene and tranquility ...a treat to visit during the season ...background music courtesy ..bgmusic Stephen sincere thanks go to the artist

  • The Roaring Mountains


    My sixth composition. Finished August 1, 2013, at NYSMF (

    Thank you to Dr Ott for a great session!

    Thank you to the performers (names undisclosed.)

    This piece is about 2 people who venture into a mountain inhabited with strange creatures. They are briefly exposed to the way of life of these creatures. When some of the creatures venture too near to the main characters, they must climb into a nearby vent to avoid being seen. They climb through the vent, eventually finding themselves above a room filled with an army of the creatures. The vent breaks and they fall to their death from the ceiling.

  • Roaring Mountain April 2013


    Just a snippet of Roaring Mountain in Yellowstone National Park. It's so wonderful in the snow.

  • Roaring River waterfall at Alluvial Fan in Rocky Mountain National Park 1080p


    This shows the Roaring River waterfall cascading over the rocks and boulders of the Alluvial Fan in Rocky Mountain National Park in mid-June of 2014. I posted some previous videos of how this place looked in 2008 and it has changed a lot since then, and not for the better. Access was a lot easier before the September 2013 floods. I will be posting another video showing more shots of the Roaring River in lower parts of the Alluvial Fan where it has flattened out a bunch.

  • Roaring mountain



  • The venting sounds of Roaring Mountain, Yellowstone


    This is Roaring Mountain in Yellowstone National Park. You may have to max out your volume to hear the roaring.

  • Roaring Mountain in Yellowstone


    Does the Mountains Speaks to us? Well if are a Nature lover you would say, yes. The Mountains in Yellowstone hisses. Because of multiple fumaroles on the slope back in 1900’s the roar was so loud enough and so the name Roaring Mountain.
    Music Credit - M.M Keeravani (Bahubali 2 OST )

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  • Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail - Great Smoky Mountains National Park | Beautiful America - Ep#18


    Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail helpful travel information for visitors to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the state of Tennessee near Gatlinburg. Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail is a one-way 6 miles long scenic loop inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park near Gatlinburg, TN.

    Topics covered in detail in this useful Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail travel video are below:
    1). Introduction and information on Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail near the city of Gatlinburg, TN which is known as a gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
    2). Information on how to get to Gatlinburg from I-40 in Tennessee and Pigeon Forge, a city famous for hotels, resorts, entertainment, and home of Dollywood.
    3). Things to see and do in the city of Pigeon Forge like Smoky Mountain Opry, Wonderworks, Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede, Titanic museum, outlet malls, and much more on the way to Gatlinburg.
    4). Information on how to get to Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail from Gatlinburg, including a map, and shared our experience going through Gatlinburg.
    5). Information about Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail with history, Entrance fee, hours, things to see and do, and one-way scenic loop road from Gatlinburg, TN.
    6). Detailed Information and experience at Rainbow Falls Trail including parking, Scenic Overlooks, Trillium Gap Trail, Grotto Falls trailhead with parking information for hikers in this area.
    7). Shared our experience hiking on the Rainbow Falls Trail in this Roaring Fork Motor loop road inside Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
    8). Information and experience driving on Roaring Fork Motorway visiting (things to see) Jim Bales Place, Ephraim Bales Cabin, Alfred Reagan Place & Tub Mill, small waterfalls, waterways, dense forest, Place of a Thousand Drips, and more in nature.
    9). Drive through whole Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail from start to end at Ely’s mill.
    10). Travel tips for visiting Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail at Great Smoky Mountains National Park for new visitors in this travel guide video.

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  • Roaring Mountain 1


  • ▶︎Roaring With Lion Prides 2️⃣The Lions Share in Africa National Geographic Documentary 2020 HD


    #lioncubs #lionspride #lions #natureconservation #LionDiary #documentaries
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    Part 2: The Lion’s Share
    Phyre has to be darted to keep the balance in the pride healthy, while Pazza shows off her highly possessive nature with an unsuspecting tortoise. And Milo demonstrates why he wears the pants around here.

    Some skeptics were convinced that captive-bred lions could never be released into the wild. Would the lions be able to fend for themselves? Would their social structures remain intact? Would they be able to successfully hunt? We uncover ALERT, the ground-breaking program to return Africa’s lion population back to its former glory. ❤️

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  • Ed Lapiz - Like A Roaring Lion ???? ed Lapiz Latest Sermon ???? Review Ed Lapiz Latest Sermon New Video????


    By: Pastor Ed Lapiz
    Day By Day Christian Ministries

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    We are so excited about all the wonderful things that God has placed in our hearts to accomplish in Jesus name.

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  • Roaring Mountain in Yellowstone National Park


    Roaring Mountain in Yellowstone National Park.

  • What Does the Future Hold?


    October 11, 2020 Angela January

  • Yellowstone - Roaring Mountain


  • Bucket List - Mountain talks


    Jack and Morgan lay it out. Always a funny pair throughout the film.



    And make quite an unbelievable racket in the process - have a listen. The first big rain storm of Monsoon always brings forth a miracle. -- our small reservoir goes from dead empty to overflowing in a matter of hours. Countless frogs appear seemingly out of nowhere and begin singing their hearts out. They have been hibernating deep in the mud waiting a a very long time for this grand moment to go a'courtin. Though our house is about a mile away from this reservoir, we begin to hear a loud roaring noise that defies description... Have a listen and join in the fun!

  • The Christian Warfare Rev William Macleod


  • Singing sand - Video Learning -


    Whistling sand or barking sand is sand that produces sound. The sound emission may be caused by wind passing over dunes or by walking on the sand.

    Certain conditions have to come together to create singing sand:
    # The sand grains have to be round and between 0.1 and 0.5 mm in diameter.
    # The sand has to contain silica.
    # The sand needs to be at a certain humidity.

    The most common frequency emitted seems to be close to 450 Hz.

    There are various theories about the singing sand mechanism. It has been proposed that the sound frequency is controlled by the shear rate. Others have suggested that the frequency of vibration is related to the thickness of the dry surface layer of sand. The sound waves bounce back and forth between the surface of the dune and the surface of the moist layer, creating a resonance that increases the sound's volume. The noise may be generated by friction between the grains or by the compression of air between them.

    Other sounds that can be emitted by sand have been described as roaring or booming.

    The particular note produced by the dune, between 60 and 105 hertz, is controlled by the rate of collision in the shear band separating the avalanche from the static part of the dune. For spontaneous avalanches, the frequency is controlled by gravity and by the size of the sand grains. The total length of the landform is about 185 kilometres.

    Singing sand dunes, an example of the phenomenon of singing sand, produce a sound described as roaring, booming, squeaking, or the Song of Dunes. This is a natural sound phenomenon of up to 105 decibels, lasting as long as several minutes, that occurs in about 35 desert locations around the world. The sound is similar to a loud, low-pitch, rumble, and it emanates from the crescent-shaped dunes, or barchans. The sound emission accompanies a slumping or avalanching movement of the sand, usually triggered by wind passing over the dune or by someone walking near the crest.

    Wiz Science™ is the learning channel for children and all ages.

    Disclaimer: This video is for your information only. The author or publisher does not guarantee the accuracy of the content presented in this video. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    Background Music:
    The Place Inside by Silent Partner (royalty-free) from YouTube Audio Library.

    This video uses material/images from which is released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0 . This video is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0 . To reuse/adapt the content in your own work, you must comply with the license terms.

    Wiz Science™ is the learning channel for children and all ages.

    Disclaimer: This video is for your information only. The author or publisher does not guarantee the accuracy of the content presented in this video. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    Background Music:
    The Place Inside by Silent Partner (royalty-free) from YouTube Audio Library.

    This video uses material/images from which is released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0 . This video is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0 . To reuse/adapt the content in your own work, you must comply with the license terms.

  • Wildlife 101: Management in the Gunnison Basin


    Wildlife 101: Management in the Gunnison Basin

    Night I -- Thursday 15 February, 2018, 6:30-8:00 pm

    Presented by:
    Western State Colorado University, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Bureau of Land Management

    Sponsors or community network partners:
    This course is possible due to the generous sponsorship of several partners including: Western State Colorado University Department of Natural and Environmental Sciences and the Center for Environment and Sustainability, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the Bureau of Land Management, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Trout Unlimited, Back Country Hunters and Anglers, The Western State Colorado University Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society, Gunnison Trails, Gunnison Wildlife Association, the Gunnison Stockgrowers, Prois, Gunnison County Extension, the Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District, and the Gunnison Sportsmen’s Association.

    Night I -- Thursday 15 February, 2018, 6:30-8:00 pm
    Foundations of Wildlife Conservation and Management

    Lessons from the Badlands: Ranchers, Scientists, and Federal Land Managers Working Together
    Ian Billick, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

    Wildlife management is complex but it is important to get it right. Culture, values, and experience play into management decision making as well as science. Combining all of these and working as a collaborative team leads to better outcomes for wildlife and people.

    Wildlife Management: A Brief History
    Mel Armstrong, Western State Colorado University, Center for Environment and Sustainability, Master in Environmental Management Program

    Values and social movements of our past and present have shaped wildlife management in the United States. A glimpse of international models shows a range of management tactics currently in use. Such approaches are both similar and different from the US system, which is grounded in particular ideals about conservation, preservation, private property and public responsibility.

    The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation: Past, Present, and Future
    Brandon Diamond, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

    Well over a century of wildlife advocacy and political activism, mostly by sportsmen, resulted in the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. The Model continues to provide the scientific foundation for most governmental wildlife management agencies, while ensuring democratic access to wildlife for all North Americans.

  • Snow Ride @ Bear Gap


    This is me trying the icey chute at Bear Gap

  • APUSH 8.3 - Roaring Twenties


    AP US History class note lectures (2 days combined). 1920s social changes

  • Western Balkan Mountains Movie


    Western Balkan Mountains Movie with BG audio.

  • Yesterdays


    Compilation of video taken by the Multnomah County Sheriff's Department, circa 1930s-1960s, narrated in 1982.

    Begins (00:33) with images of the Multnomah County Farm, also known as the County Poor Farm and later Edgefield Manor, now McMenamin's Edgefield.

    The film continues (03:26) to show scenes from the construction of the now defunct Rocky Butte County Jail, a Work Projects Administration Project, 1939-1942, including views from the still standing crest viewing areas built by stone excavated to build the jail. Building was completed in 1945 after the dissolution of the WPA under the supervision of County architect A.J. Dryer and the Road Department.

    Next is historic video from Larch Mountain (07:29), showing images of the Columbia Gorge and Mt. Hood.

    Next (08:09) is video and still images from the Emergency Search and Rescue Squad (E-Squad), formed in 1963, which trained to provide assistance during natural disaster, search and rescue, and civil disturbances. Includes images of training done at David Douglas High School and Multomah County Kennel Club, and of helicopter training done at Kelly Butte with 41st Army Aviation Company.

    Early Years of the Sheriff's River Patrol (10:38) features early images from the River Patrol, showing patrolling of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.

    Search and Rescue Plane Crash Film (12:59) from March of 1966, showing the rescue efforts taken after rescuing the two pilots of a crashed Cessna after striking a 100 ft tall douglas fir.

    Motor Officers Past & Present (18:46) shows early images of the Multnomah County Motorcycle Police. The film ends with a performance of a the Motorcycle Stunt Team, which Sheriif Bob Dylan jumping a motorcycle over 14 or so men, and showing balancing tricks, from an unidentied television show.

    Produced by Sargent Jerry Baumgartner.

  • Illustration Illustration Art during the Roaring 20’s: Salmagundi Artists as Storytellers 20’s


    Lecture by Salmagundi Member Jim Thompson, author of Painting America’s Portrait and proprietor of
    Mr. Thompson has appeared on CSpan History Channel and has spoken at the Virginia Historical Society, the U.S. Naval Academy, Stratford Hall, and Wilton House in Richmond Virginia. Jim has presented lecture series for the University of Virginia, the College of William and Mary, George Mason University, and the University of Delaware.

    Jim has been a Patron Member of the SCNY since 2017 when he presented two programs about Illustration Art during WWI. He pointed out then that several of our Salmagundi Members were prominent in the war effort. Charles Dana Gibson and DeSales Casey managed the Committee on Public Information’s Division of Pictorial Publicity for which they organized hundreds of the nation’s best illustrators to create war and humanitarian posters. Among these were Howard Chandler Christy, J.C. Leyendecker, Edward Penfield, Norman Rockwell, and N.C. Wyeth. Of the eight artist-soldiers who went to France with the American Expeditionary Force, seven were club members, being William Aylward (SC 1915), Harvey T. Dunn (SC 1915), George M. Harding (SC 1912), Ernest C. Pexietto (SC 1898), J. Andre Smith (SC 1911), Harry Townsend (SC 1908) and non club member Wallace Morgan. In his earlier programs, Jim used posters, magazine illustrations, and field art to illustrate the overarching theme of the enterprise: by pulling together, we can accomplish anything- beginning with winning “the war to end all wars”.

    When the war ended, businessmen used this theme to launch one of the greatest booms in the nation’s history. This lecture discusses J.C Leyendecker, America’s leading adman, and Norman Rockwell, America’s leading storyteller. They were friends and neighbors for many years in New Rochelle. Together they produced nearly 650 covers for The Saturday Evening Post.

    Lecture was scheduled for September 30, 2020 6:00pm on zoom presented by The Salmagundi Club. Due to a loss of internet connection the lecture was recorded a few days after.

    The Salmagundi Club, a 501(c)(3) Not for Profit organization, was founded in 1871 by artists for artists. This historic club is located on Fifth Avenue between 12th and 13th Street in New York City in an elegant Italianate brownstone that is a registered landmark building.

  • Seals and killers in the roaring forties with Nico de Bruyn


    Science & Cocktails Johannesburg
    Date: 27 February 2018
    Speaker: Nico de Bruyn (University of Pretoria)

    Seals and killers in the roaring forties
    Sub-Antarctic Marion Island’s Marine Mammal programme

    How does one keep track of marine mammal populations and why is it important to do so? Can we learn about global population trends by studying a specific ecosystem? And why do we need to go to one of the most remote, inaccessible and inhospitable places on Earth to get this data?

    Located halfway between South Africa and Antarctica, Marion island is home to a wide variety of birds as well as marine mammals such as seals and killer whales. Following exploratory research done in the early 1950's, mammal research on Marion Island became a priority scientific endeavour in 1973, leading to the establishment of the Marion Island Marine Mammal Programme in 1983. Precipitous global declines in elephant seal numbers prompted the inception of an intensive mark-recapture programme to better understand the demographics of the elephant seal population on Marion Island in an effort to identify causal mechanisms for the declines there.

    Unparalleled data collected over a 30-year timespan has highlighted both juvenile and adult female elephant seal mortality as the immediate drivers of these declines. Although various other hypotheses persist, it has been suggested that the ultimate driver of the population decline is food limitation.

    Partly driven by these hypotheses and the evidenced recent stabilisation of the population, the past decade has seen intensive research on other mammalian top-predators within the Marion Island ecosystem, such as killer whales and the role they play in controlling the elephant seal population. This has also stimulated parallel investigations into the basic biology of killer whales, with consequent global implications. Furthermore, studies of otariid (eared) seals on Marion island have helped to disentangle questions pertaining to environmental change, interspecific interactions and important oceanographic features of importance to top-predators from this locality in general.

    In this talk, Nico de Bruyn will give us a whirl-wind tour of the research that has driven three decades of scientific inquiry into the population dynamics of mammalian marine top-predators and explain how this research has helped to answer questions of global significance from a region experiencing increased environmental change.


  • Roaring river falls at Kings Canyon


    Roaring river falls at Cedar Grove, Kings Canyon National Park

  • RPG | D&D Ambience - Monster Infested Caves


    RPG | D&D Ambience - Monster Infested Caves
    An ambience of a cave with something or someone running around you, little creatures skittering and giggling, and, somewhere deep, a huge beast is roaring.

    - Email:
    - Facebook:


    The Ambience Channel
    #ambience #rpg #dnd

  • Roaring Run, VA


    Roaring Run is my go to spot for immersing myself in nature. It's close to where I live and you get the full experience of earth, wind and water. This is the place you come to recharge and reconnect. ❤

  • The Cave - Roaring River, Jamaica


    Entering & swimming in the cave at Roaring River, I couldn't see anything in the veiwfinder, o I wasn't sure what I was filming. Got more than I thought, next time....Jamaica. August 2009.

  • Roaring Run Falls, Eagle Rock, Virginia


    Located in Botetourt County, 8 miles northwest of Eagle Rock, an hour away from Roanoke, Va.

    Roaring Run is an excellent hiking trail. The easy, well marked trail begins at an historic iron furnace and winds back and forth along the Roaring Run stream. You will pass rock walls, cascading water, and cross five footbridges before ending at beautiful Roaring Run Falls.

  • John McClain presents: Professional Design Secrets Revealed!


    Interior designer, John McClain, presents Professional Design Secrets Revealed at the Orlando Home and Garden Show at the Orange County Convention Center. John owns his eponymous interior design firm, John McClain Design, as well as his custom furniture showroom, Gilded Home. Both businesses are located in Winter Park, FL. John McClain has appeared in various magazines, on websites and on HGTV.

  • Roaring Run - Cascading Waterfall


    Roaring Run is a popular get-away for escaping the summer heat. It features shady picnic spots, a native trout stream and a 1 ½ -mile scenic loop trail that follows Roaring Run Creek to a cascading waterfall. History buffs will enjoy seeing the historic and iron furnace that operated prior to the Civil War.

    Roaring Run Recreational Area

    Roaring Run Natural Water Slide:

  • The Secret Life of Mountain Lions


    The Secret Life of Mountain Lions ​provides a rare glimpse into the family and social bonds of mountain lions. ​It affirms their rightful place ​in nature and the importance of ​protecting them ​for generations to come.

    Narrated by Chris Morgan (PBS, BBC, National Geographic), this video contains extraordinary footage captured ​with ​motion-triggered cameras from Panthera's Teton Cougar Project.

  • Welcome to Worship - Are You Content? - With Pastor Schoedel


    With Pastor Schoedel & Pastor Ahlersmeyer
    Music from Tinea, Richard and Trish
    This video is about Week 33

  • ব্রহ্মপুত্র নদের, পানির গর্জন, মানে সাউন্ড Brahmaputra river, water roaring, meaning sound


    ব্রহ্মপুত্র নদের, পানির গর্জন, মানে সাউন্ড Brahmaputra river, water roaring, meaning sound

  • Matt McAllister-Roaring Rain


    new single from Matt McAllister album 'stories'
    available on



    It's also available on Spotify and google play

  • Across wild mountains in Albania





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