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The Self-Healing Smartphones!

  • The Self-Healing Smartphones!


    Welcome to 6 of the rarest smartphones around, including foldable and Self-Healing Phones, and why each of them failed!

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    Apple is working on a foldable smartphone with a self-healing display allowing the device to repair dents or scratches covering the screen. The patent for this foldable smartphone explains that this cover layer may include a layer of elastomer that can lose and regain its shape to keep the sensitive inner workings of a device protected.
    By the way, just because Apple has filed a patent doesn't guarantee they are going to launch a foldable smartphone.

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    Galaxy Z Fold 2 B Roll by -

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  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: 3 months later


    The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip isn't the perfect phone or the most powerful phone. It doesn't have the best cameras or battery life. It costs $1,380. And yet its foldable fun has won me over. I've been using it for three months and here's everything you need to know, from durability and the crease to performance and the cameras.

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  • The Only Car That Can Repair Itself


    What will the car of the future look like? Well, a few years ago, some Lamborghini engineers together with researchers at MIT came up with a car design that’s straight out of the far future. The Terzo Millennio, which means ‘third millennium’ in Italian, is a car that’s capable of repairing itself. The CEO of Lamborghini says the Terzo Millennio will allow the company to revolutionize the world of engineering, and he could be right.

    The engineers have also made another breakthrough by designing the car to be all-electric. The Terzo Millennio uses supercapacitors instead of batteries because they can be charged faster and contain more energy. As for the numbers, they’re no less impressive than the Lamborghini’s futuristic abilities. The car is the first product of a three-year, $120 million partnership. So how does the new technology used in the car actually work?


    Preview photo credit:
    Lamborghini Terzo Millennio: By Thesupermat, CC BY-SA 4.0
    Animation is created by Bright Side.

    Terzo Millennio 0:10
    Mazda Concept Vision Coupe 2:28
    Pop Up (it’s both a car and a plane!) 4:28
    Renault Symbioz 6:00

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  • 10 Most Unusual Smartphones


    TechZone ►

    Do you remember the first mobile phones ever created? It all started with these huge black and white receivers that looked like bricks. Then it was all about flip phones and slide phones. But soon after smartphones appeared and know it seems like everyone has one of these. You probably also notice that lately all the phones are starting to look the same. That's why in this video we want to show you unique smartphones that you probably haven't seen before. Each of these phones has a unique design and cutting edge technology. So, let's discover the most unusual and exclusive phones in the world

  • LG G Flex Self Healing Demo!


    LG G Flex Scratch Test & Knife Demo, plus flex action!

    LG G Flex:

    Official LG Demo video:

    Samsung Galaxy Round Review:

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  • The Best Self-Healing Smartphone Skin/Case EVER?


    This amazing Smartphone Skin/Case can protect your phone from scratches, damage, water, shock, and can even heal itself:

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  • LG G Flex 2 Self Healing Back Cover Demo


    Live from CES 2015, PhoneArena presents a video demo of the LG G Flex 2 Self Healing Back Cover.
    The LG G Flex 2 comes with one feature straight out of sci-fi movies: a self-healing back cover. LG set up demonstration booths to convincingly show visitors at CES 2015 that the technology does indeed work and it is very fast.
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  • Materials may lead to self-healing smartphones


    Taking a cue from the Marvel Universe, researchers report that they have developed a self-healing polymeric material with an eye toward electronics and soft robotics that can repair themselves. The material is stretchable and transparent, conducts ions to generate current and could one day help your broken smartphone go back together again.

    Chao Wang, Ph.D.
    University of California, Riverside

    For more ground-breaking science, please check out ACS in the News:


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  • Self-healing screen for your smartphone


    Kurt ‘The Cyber Guy’ Knutsson on a technology that could self-repair smartphone screens.
    Watch Stuart Varney talk about Mobile on Varney.

  • Apples Futuristic Self-Healing iPhone Display


    Clip From Lew Later (The iPhone 12 mini is Going to DOMINATE) -
    LG gram 17 :
    LG gram 17 on Amazon :

  • Self-Healing Fabric


    Links To Sources:






    Arctic Diving:







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  • LG G Flex - Self Healing and Durability


    LG G Flex has a Self Healing cover that helps the device's back recover from light scratches within minutes. Watch the video to find out how long it takes to heal itself and how durable the LG G Flex is. Also LG G Flex's strong durability restores its original curved form even after it is pressed completely flat.

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  • Apple’s Self-Healing iPhone: iPhone Fold


    Apples next big innovation, Apple’s self-healing iPhone: iPhone fold. While this tech giant may seem to be delaying in the trend of foldable phones, it’s coming with one big boost. Apple has applied for a patent on a bendable phone that also has self-healing display technology. Shattered iPhone screens have been a familiar sight ever since the dawn of touchscreens, and Apple’s new self-healing display technology could vanish this complaint into thin air. But this should be taken with a pinch of salt for now as we’re not sure how serious Apple is about this. We will get to how the self-healing works and possible pricing for this huge advancement later in the video.

    Folding phones seem to be the next thing in smartphone tech. With manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei already having folding smartphones in the market. These phones that are available have been found to be susceptible to more screen scratches than regular phones.---------
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  • Tech China: Self-healing, shatterproof and liquid screen protectors


    A new generation of screen protection comes in self-healing, liquid and shatterproof variants, tailored to meet your phone's particular punishment regiment.

  • LG G Flex 2 review - The self-healing smartphone


    With its super-swanky 5.5 inch curved display, the LG G Flex 2 is the perfect handset for movie buffs and gaming addicts. What's more, with an incredible self-healing casing, it can withstand the bumps, dinks and knocks of everyday use.

    Take a closer look...

    0:19 - Curved display
    0:36 - Self-healing properties
    0:54 - Awesome camera

  • Ab se No Scratch on PHONE..???? ????.????. Self healing Technology - Explained


    Jaise aapko chot lag jaati hai ya kahi cut lag jaata hai to aapka shareer khud ko theek kar leta hai.. Kya ho agar aise hi humare smartphone ke glass bhi khud ko theek par paaye...
    aaj ki video me hum isi ke baare me baat karenge..

    ki SELF HEALING MATERIALS kya hote hai..?
    aur vo kaise kaam karte hai..

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  • LG G Flex2 - Self Healing Snapdragon 810 Smartphone Hands On #CES15


    Lg G Flex 2 Hands On We go hands on with the LG Flex2 Smartphone that comes with a 5.5 inch 1080p display and a Snapdragon 810 processor 2GB of DDR4 RAM and a self healing back that only takes 10 seconds to work its magic. Like it's predecessor it comes with a curve, this time it's even more flexed since it has 4 curve axis.

  • LG G Flex Self Healing & Durability


    LG G Flex has a Self Healing cover that helps the device's back recover from light scratches within minutes. Watch the video to find out how long it takes to heal itself and how durable the LG G Flex is. Also LG G Flex's strong durability restores its original curved form even after it is pressed completely flat.

    Watch LG Nordic flex on Instagram

  • The Best Self-Healing Smartphone Skin Case EVER-


    The Best Self-Healing Smartphone Skin Case EVER-

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  • Self Healing Phone!?


    Hey YouTube, TR-TechReviews here and today i will be showing you guys the LG Flex 2 aka~ the self healing phone. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to leave a like and if you aren't already, Go ahead and hit that subscribe button.




  • Self-Healing Phone Screens - You Can Fix in a Literal Pinch. EXPLAIN


    Publish ON - 29 Dec 2017
    Self-Healing Phone Screens - You Can Fix in a Literal Pinch. Explain.Does this mean you will soon be able to repair those cracks in your smartphone with a quick press of the fingers? Or surreptitiously piece together a shattered beer glass dropped after one pint too many?The organic glass, made of a substance called polyether thioureas, is closer to acrylic than mineral glass, which is used for tableware and smartphone screens.

    self healing quries solved :-

    *LG G Flex Self Healing Demo!
    *Motorola Patents Self-Healing Phone Screen
    *Self-Healing Tech Of the Future
    *Self-healing, shatterproof and liquid screen protectors
    *5 Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

    TAGS - LG G Flex,LG Flex,LG,G Flex,Flex,Flexible Phone,Self Healing,Self-Healing,LG G Flex Demo,Self Healing Demo,Test,Knife,Scratch,Scratch Test,self healing iphone,self healing materials



  • LG G Flex 2 Scratch Test: Does the Self-Healing Back Work?


    People find the G Flex 2 interesting because it sports a curved design. Ohhhhh, futuristic. That’s the stuff we dreamed of when we were young. But it’s the self-healing technology we were really anxious to test out. I mean, damaging a device is bound to happen, and there’s nothing worse than seeing a long, deep scratch across a brand new device. That kind of thing shouldn’t happen with the G Flex 2.

    More on the LG G Flex 2:
    G Flex 2 Interview:
    LG Press Conference Recap:
    More from CES 2015: ‪

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  • Self-healing Polyurethane surface effect even at room temperature


    Polyurethane 2K system for creating of high-gloss, self-healing surfaces for various applications, customized according to processing technology and applications. Similar to LG G Flex 2 smartphone!
    Due to the self-releasing property, the using of external release agent is not necessary. Contact: Isotherm AG Switzerland or or

  • Self Healing Cover Film for iPhone


    High Definition and Touch Sensitive
    Made from high quality TPU and PET material
    Bubble-Free adhesive for easy installation and no leftover residue
    Precision cut to specifically fit for iPhone X/8 Plus/8,Full Screen Coverage
    Flexible TPU and PET material allow edge to edge coverage even on curved devices




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    Foldable iPhone: When Will Apple Join the Trend?

    Samsung in 2019 and 2020 unveiled two foldable smartphones, the the Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Flip Z, both of which feature a foldable design that converts from one shape to another.

    The Galaxy Fold transitions from a 4.6-inch smartphone into a 7.3-inch tablet, while the Galaxy Z Flip is a 6.7-inch smartphone that folds in half to be more portable. Other companies like Motorola and Huawei have also released foldable smartphones. The technology is nascent and still riddled with issues, but foldable smartphones are a trend right now, and a trend that Apple might one day adopt.

    Foldable iPhone Patents
    Apple patents all kinds of things that never become finished products so patents aren't necessarily a reliable way to predict what's in development, but Apple has a few foldable ‌iPhone‌ patents.
    Apple's first foldable iPhone patent surfaced in 2016, describing a smartphone that folds in half horizontally using a flexible OLED display and a hinged metal support structure. Both halves of the display remain accessible when the phone is shut, and there are also drawings depicting devices with multiple folds.

    When Will Apple Launch a Foldable iPhone?
    There's no concrete evidence at this time that a foldable ‌iPhone‌ is in the works for a near future launch. A note from a Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst in 2018 suggested a foldable ‌iPhone‌ would come in 2020.

    We're already seeing multiple rumors about the 2020 iPhones and none of those rumors have mentioned foldable ‌iPhone‌ technology. A foldable ‌iPhone‌ is unlikely to come out before 2021 for that reason, if one is in the works at all.

    What Will Apple's Foldable iPhone Look Like?
    With no concrete rumors about a foldable ‌iPhone‌ in the works, there's no word on what form a foldable device might take.

    As reference examples, we've seen foldable smartphones that fold vertically both inwards and outwards from Samsung and Huawei. Apple's patents have featured a device that folds horizontally and is not quite as wide as smartphones from Huawei and Samsung's versions, but Apple's patents are conceptual.

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  • LG G Flex Self Healing: Real-World Torture Test | Pocketnow


    Learn more about the LG G Flex: Check out our full review at Pocketnow! /2013/12/06/lg-g-flex-review-smartphone-of-the-future (Full description below)

    Want a G Flex of your own? Do what we did: visit our friends at Negri Electronics to snap one up:

    The LG G Flex is a curved smartphone with a flexible chassis and a self-healing back cover. We've seen how it reacts under LG's bronze-brush test, but how does it fare under real-world drop, scratch and flex exercises? Watch our torture test to find out!

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    Pocketnow has been a key source of mobile technology news and reviews since its establishment in 2000. With offices on three continents, Pocketnow offers round-the-clock coverage of the mobile technology landscape, from smartphones to tablets to wearables. We aim to be your number-one source for mobile tech news, reviews, comparisons, and commentary. If you love mobile as much as we do, be sure to subscribe!

    LG G Flex Self Healing: Real-World Torture Test | Pocketnow


  • Self-Healing Tech Of the Future


    It would make the ultimate cell phone screen-- one that self-heals if broken. It's not as crazy as it sounds and it hardly ends there! Anthony shows us some of the other amazing self-healing products we can look forward to.

    Read More:
    Micro-capsules and bacteria to be used in self-healing concrete

    A new research project involving researchers from Bath aims to develop novel self-healing concrete that uses an inbuilt immune system to close its own wounds and prevent deterioration.

    Self-Healing Plastic 'Skin' Points Way to New Prosthetics

    Human skin is a special material: It needs to be flexible, so that it doesn't crack every time a user clenches his fist.

    Heal thyself: The 'bio-inspired' materials that self-repair

    The notion of self-healing materials might seem beamed in straight from the plot of one of the Terminator movies -- but the first versions of this technology are destined to hit the market this year.

    Stanford's touch-sensitive plastic skin heals itself

    A team of Stanford chemists and engineers has created the first synthetic material that is both sensitive to touch and capable of healing itself quickly and repeatedly at room temperature.

    Watch More:
    Spray Heals Wounds:

    Origami Kayak:

    Grass Hates You:


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  • OFFICIAL Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus Self Healing Screen Protector Install Guide Review


    S10 Impact Shield (Ultrasonic Fingerprint Compatible) Only $20 Now

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    UAG Camo (My favorite Case)

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  • LG G Flex - Self Healing Back Cover


    Keep your smartphone looking like new for longer with the Self Healing Back Cover of the LG G Flex. Still worried? Protect your G Flex from scratches in style with the Quick Window Cover™.

    Worry less about scratches and access convenience - LG G Flex's Self Healing Back Cover & Quick Window Cover™.

    The self-healing coating on the LG G Flex back cover helps guard it from minor scratches that happen in daily use. The protective material expands over time to minimise the appearance of small scratches, so the rear cover maintains a clean appearance.

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  • Self-Healing glass for smartphone screen|Future Technology


    In this video I have explained you about the new type of glass which can heal itself if it is cracked or scratched .

    Watch this video till the end to enjoy funny scenes.

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  • LG G Flex is curvy, flexy, and self-healing


    Gently arced, equipped with a paint job that repels scratches, and able to flatten down when accidentally sat on, the LG G Flex is a wild new phone currently only available in South Korea. See how it feels on our cheek...and in our pants.

  • Hydrogel Screen Protector - Self healing technology


  • Second test. Self healing test on Rexshield PPF by REDs


    In this video i try Rexshield on my phone. This second video i scratched the shield with iron brush. In this second attempt the shield is still warm, even iron brush hardly makes it scratch!! At last the shield cured 80% but i did not heat it further because i don't want to burn my phone, it's already rather hot to touch. Lol? Rexshield really still self heals percectly!! This is the Paint Protection Film we use for our clients' car door handle, not an ordinary plastic.

    I do not own the song used in this video. It belongs to its original owner.

  • Celular LG G Flex | Auto reparo e durabilidade


    O revestimento da capa traseira com tecnologia Self Healing do LG G Flex, protege contra riscos que são adquiridos no decorrer do uso, mantendo ele com aparência de um smartphone novo. O acabamento, feito de polímero, faz com que riscos e arranhões ocorridos no dia-a-dia (tirar e por no bolso, empurrar o smartphone na mesa, etc) desapareçam após alguns minutos.*

  • Hands-on with Innerexiles Self-Repair Screen Protector for iPhone 6s


    Innerexile's latest self-repair coating can heal scratches on its screen protectors and cases within a second!

    Read More:

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    Technology isn't all about bits and processors. It's the car with no driver, human organs printed in a lab and leisurely flights into space. It's the future and Engadget is here to tell you all about it.

    Since 2004, Engadget has covered cutting edge devices and the technology that powers them. We're looking beyond the gadgets themselves to explore how they impact our lives.

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    • “Dear Veronica” is an advice show for the modern era. Every week, Veronica Belmont will tackle questions from the audience on topics ranging from technology to social etiquette (and everything in between).

  • CNET Update - G Flex smartphone boasts healing powers


    LG compares its curved smartphone to Wolverine, Google may debut a white Nexus 5 this week, and the Nvidia Shield update adds Android games and console mode.

  • LG G Flex2 self healing


    The LG G Flex2 has an improved self-healing coating on its back. For more check out

  • Protection Pro: Self Healing - Italian | ProtectionPro di Madico®


  • Dec. 19, 2017 - Facebook admits it’s bad for your health, self-healing smartphone glass,...


    Facebook admits using the social media site makes you sad but wants you to keep using it anyway, self-healing glass could do away with smashed smartphone screens, and Twitter starts enforcing new rules around violence and hate.

  • Self-Healing Glass Repair your broken phones Display automatically !!!


    Self-Healing Glass Repair your broken phone's Display automatically !!!
    Self-Healing Glass for Phones, Smart Phone Self-Healing Glass,
    iPhone Self-Healing Glass, Samsung Self-Healing Glass,
    LG Self-Healing Glass, Motorola Self-Healing Glass,
    Glass that can repair itself invented,
    This new self-healing glass could make its way to a smartphone
    Self-Healing Glass Could Fix Your Phone
    how works Self-healing glass,
    Phone Self-Healing Glass?
    Self-Healing Glass with iPhone?
    Self-Healing Glass with Motorola?
    Self-Healing Glass with LG
    Unbreakable smartphone screens could become a reality,
    Motorola patented a display that can heal its own cracked screen,
    Scientist of Japan have developed a new type of glass This new self healing glass could fix your Phone's Screen.

  • Worlds first self-healing iPhone case - toughest iPhone case ever from Nissan?


    Is this the best iPhone 4 case? Nissan has taken tech from the Nissan Juke to create the world's toughest iPhone case and is the word first self-healing iPhone case. Does it work? T3 puts it to the ultimate test.

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  • LG Gflex - the self healing phone


    While the LG G-Flex is noted as being the first curved screen phone to hit Singapore, it has another feature up its sleeve - a self healing back panel that heals scratches accumulated from daily wear and tear. So does it work? In this clip we try to scratch the LG G-Flex.
    Catch this and more on

  • Self-repairing Glass Could End Cracked Cellphones


    There is an entire industry of add-ons that are designed to keep your cellphone screen from cracking. And yet broken screens are the main reason cellphones fail. But one Japanese researcher may have solved the problem. VOA's Kevin Enochs reports.
    Originally published at -

  • Inner Exile Hyrda iPhone 6 Self Healing Case Review


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  • Iphone 7 Plus InvisShield Self Healing Screen Protector


    Easy to Paste
    Available for many different models


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    Please watch: Does your Oneplus 5 Dash Charging work with any Type C Cable or Fast Charger?


  • Samsung Galaxy Fold Scratch Test | SELF-HEALING?


    Perhaps I uncovered an interesting side effect of the Samsung Galaxy Fold internal plastic bendable display? Please do not go out and scratch your Samsung Galaxy Fold display's to test this, but I may have found some interesting results! #GalaxyFold #SammyGeek

  • End of the smashed phone screen? self-healing glass discovered by accident


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    End of the smashed phone screen? self-healing glass discovered by accident
    Japanese researchers say they have developed a new type of glass that can heal itself from cracks and breaks. Glass made from a low weight polymer called “polyetherthioureas” can heal breaks when pressed together by hand without the need for high heat to melt the material. The research, published in Science, by researchers led by Professor Takuzo Aida from the University of Tokyo, promises healable glass that could potentially be used in phone screens and other fragile devices, which they say are an important challenge for sustainable societies. While selfhealing rubber and plastics have already been developed, the researchers said that the new material was the first hard substance of its kind that can be healed at room temperature. “High mechanical robustness and healing ability tend to be mutually exclusive,” wrote the researchers, saying that while some hard but healable materials have been developed, “in most cases, heating to high temperatures, on the order of 120°C or more, to re...

  • This Jacket Can Repair Itself


    Windbreaker Jacket -

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  • Tesla India launch, Foldable iphone with self healing display, auto delete on whatsapp messages


    #TrendingTechToday #TrendingTechbyBhavi
    Tesla Inc chief executive Elon Musk indicated on Friday that the US electric carmaker will make a foray into Indian market in 2021.

    Next year for sure, Musk said on Twitter in reply to a post

    An Apple patent application published yesterday reveals an idea for a foldable smartphone that would include a “self-healing” display cover, allowing the device to repair dents or scratches covering the screen. The application, spotted by Patently Apple, was originally filed by Apple in January.

    As Apple wrote in the patent application, the proposed concept’s display would allow the device to repair itself without the user having to manually intervene. In theory, the foldable’s self-healing could activate automatically, such as when the device is being charged or on a predetermined schedule, and it would use heat, light, or electric current to repair a protective layer above the screen.

    The patent application also says the hypothetical device’s screen cover may include a layer of elastomer that can lose and regain its shape to keep the sensitive inner workings of a device protected. In theory, the material for this concept would make the foldable’s overall display cover more durable.

    Whatsapp beta show that soon you will be able to mute group notification for unlimited time and also the auto delete/self vanishing messages are coming to whatsapp. Facebook has already announced the integration and merger of facebook messaging and instagram messenger. Going forward company is planning to merge all three i.e. facebook, instagram and whatsapp

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