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The Timeline of the Universe Illustrated in Minecraft

  • The Timeline of the UNIVERSE


    After over 3 months of planning, building, and animating, I present to you the Timeline of the Universe! I doubt I will have the mental capacity to make a video that took this long again.

    3/4/21 EDIT: im making a video this long again and its pain

    Music (chronologically):
    - Intro (Big Bang): Night Raptor - Recollections
    - C418 - Moog City
    - A.Krishna - Clair De Lune Ethereal Remix
    - TeknoAxe - Synthwave E
    - The Dominator - Aria Math (Synthwave)

    Sources/Read More/Cool Things to Read:
    - First Seconds of the Big Bang:
    - Matter & Antimatter:
    - Late Heavy Bombardment:
    -Type 1,2 & 3 Civilizations:

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  • History of the Minecraft Universe


    History of the Minecraft Universe - Fanmade animation

    This video follows the history of the Minecraft universe (parody of the History of our universe) Starting with Notch who created the Block Bang that created everything, to the formation of Earth, and to life beginning, which eventually evolves to humans, and creates Markus Persson, who then creates Minecraft... and then the End...

    Made by MasterYangLi

    Inspired by UppruniTegundanna's science videos

    NewCraft City built by Sacre

    Music by M83

    Behind the scenes:

    Animated using Blender.
    Also partly animated with Adobe Flash (I use Flash to make 3D animation)
    Minecraft scenes made with Minecraft

    Minecraft Made by Mojang, purchase it from
    Music used in this video belongs to its creators: M83, if you see adverts on this video, they are not added by me but by M83. This video is copyright me of course (Yang Li) so don't reupload it, although I encourage you to share this vid on other sites!
    If you want to narrate this Video or add subtitles in your own language please contact me first, if you would like to use this video in a school project feel free as long as I am credited.

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  • The Scale of the UNIVERSE


    cool video illustrating the massive size differences between different objects in the universe.
    all builds were built by me.

    note: some planets and other important things couldn't be added bc the music is only so long and i want to give people at least some time to read the text

    Inspired By:
    Music: Blueshift by Exurb1a -


  • Timeline Of The Universe


    The Multiverse Creates New Universes

    Do Not Say I Was Born In 2014 Or Comments Will Be Turned Off

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  • History of the WORLD Portrayed by Minecraft Part 1


    History of the World Portrayed by Minecraft Part 1

    Hey bruvs, this is a video on the history of the world, portrayed by Minecraft. I will show different important events, starting with the creation of the Earth, the formation of the Moon, the arrival of water and life, and going all the way to the great bronze age civilizations and their downfall. This is pretty extensive stuff.

    I built every single scene in this video - none of it is downloaded - all created by me or with help from Adamimoka

    I spent a lot of time researching, building the scenes, and recording the clips, so I would appreciate it if you could show your support in any way.

    So, remember to like, comment, and subscribe to be an epic bruv :)

    Thanks to my partner Adamimoka for helping me, as he always does. His channel:

    Music used in the video:
    Rome Total War Barbarian Victory -
    Scourge of God - Total War: Attila -
    Assassin's Creed Origins Theme -
    Sons of Ares - Total War: Rome II -

    0:00 - Intro
    0:03 - Earth created
    0:23 - Early Earth
    0:45 - Moon formed
    1:27 - Water
    1:37 - Microbes
    1:47 - Multicellular life
    2:02 - Life moves to land
    2:21 - Dinosaurs
    2:33 - Dinosaur extinction
    3:39 - First primates
    4:02 - Humans evolve
    4:21 - Humans discover fire
    4:58 - Homo-Sapien tribes
    5:59 - Humans cross into North America
    6:23 - Neolithic Revolution
    7:11 - Bronze tools
    7:57 - Wheel is invented
    8:19 - Mesopotamian civilization
    8:33 - Writing is invented
    9:12 - Egyptian pyramids are built
    9:27 - Indus River Valley civilization
    9:46 - Early Greek civilization
    10:08 - Chinese civilization
    10:36 - Mesoamerican civilization
    11:01 - Bronze Age collapse
    11:33 - End Screen

    Again, remember to subscribe, I would love to reach 100k subs :)

    #Minecraft #PortrayedByMinecraft #Earth

  • history of the world portrayed by Minecraft


    This took about a week, so... Yeah I wanted to do this cause I love space and Earth's history

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  • Timeline of the Universe: From Birth to Death


    In this video, we take a look at the history of the Universe, and its predicted future, right from the big bang all the way until the end of time. Enjoy!

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    Music (In Order):
    The Dark Side of the Sun:
    In the Desert:

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    Made with blender 2.8

  • Comparison: Future of the Universe


    This is what will happen to the universe in the future! Have you ever wondered how long the universe will last before black holes take over? Or how about how long until we have humans on mars? Watch this video to find out!

    This probability comparison/comparison video is made based on community discussions and relevant sources, numbers, and facts listed might not be up to date, valid, or in any specific order.


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  • Scale of Things in Minecraft


    Sizes of stuff in Minecraft!
    EDIT: I've made a part 2 for this video! It's here:

    ANOTHER EDIT: Want to download this Minecraft world? Go here! (It's

    Music - Crusade by Kevin MacLeod

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  • Game Theory: Minecrafts Ending, DECODED!


    What's Diamond Armor Worth IRL? ►►
    Setting a Minecraft RECORD on GTLive ►►
    READ the ending of Minecraft ►

    When Minecraft first came out, players were confused about one thing...THE ENDING. Minecraft's ending is a 10-minute scroll of philosophical text that everyone either wrote off completely or LOVES to HATE. And I'll be honest, when I first saw it, I thought they were right. This weird, philosophical conversation/poem/mumbo-jumbo confused everyone and seemed all wrong for Minecraft, a game that technically is ENDLESS! But looking at it more closely, the ending of Minecraft hides an amazing story about the game, the universe, and how awesome WE are as gamers. After doing this episode, I'm a fan, and I think you will be, too.

    Become a Theorist! ►►
    Twitter: @MatPatGT

    Equip it HERE ►►

    Scary Theories:
    Call of Duty Should Terrify You ►
    Portal's Gruesome Secret ►
    Polybius: The CIA Conspiracy ►

    Mario Theories:
    Can Bullet Bill kill you? ►►
    Mario is a Psychopath! ►►►

    Legend of Zelda Theories:
    What's in Link's Potions? ►
    Majora's Moon ISN'T a Moon ►
    Which Link is the strongest? ►

  • History of Earth Portrayed by Minecraft 1


    History of Earth Portrayed by Minecraft 1

    I am excited to present my first video on the History of Earth and humans on it in Minecraft!

    Since there are no countries or stereotypes, Please Don't Be Offended! There is literally nothing to be offended by here!

    Also, thank you SO much for your guy's support on the channel! It means absolutely everything to me. Once I reach 1000 subs I will (hopefully) get the community tab, so I can interact with you guys more! Can't wait!

    #history #earth #PortrayedByMinecraft

  • Minecraft Size Comparison


    I wrote another Minecraft Visualization tool to compare the sizes of worlds, structures and mobs! So, let's take a look at the biggest, the smallest and the inbetween, and compare sizes in Minecraft! Link to sources is below.

    The values apply to the latest version of Minecraft Java edition, unless otherwise specified. The sizes may be subject to change in future updates.

    Disclaimer: No one is without fault, and although I do my best researching, the sizes in this video may be invalid, incorrect or not up to date. You can find a link that lists my online sources below.


    I wrote this little visualization tool myself as a web app again, though hopefully a bit less laggy than my last Minecraft Probability Comparison video. I once again recorded the result using Mozilla Firefox and OBS, instead of NVIDIA Shadow Play which I normally use to record my Minecraft gameplays.

    It took a really long time to get all the images for this video. For some, like the woodland mansion or the ocean monument, I even had to pretty much excavate them, meaning that I had to remove everything below, above and beside them to get good pictures. That was no fun, I can tell you.

    Anyway, in this video I take a look at Minecraft sizes and compare them, like the sizes of Chunks, the End, the Nether, and worlds in different editions, as well as the sizes of different Minecraft mobs like Giants, Ghasts, Creepers, Spiders, Bees, and more! I also take a look at and compare the sizes of Minecraft structures like end ships, shipwrecks, ocean ruins, fossils and jungle trees!

    #sizecomparison #comparison #ija #minecraft


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    ???? Music: Crusade (Heavy Industry) by Kevin MacLeod


  • History of Humanity Portrayed by Minecraft Part 1


    History of Humanity Portrayed by Minecraft Part 1

    This is Part 1 of a 2 Part series on the history of humanity, and it is portrayed by Minecraft. Watch part 2 here:

    This video took me about 12 hours to make. Yes, 12 hours. I had to do research, build the scenes, gather the clips, and edit the clips and music. It was a pain to make, but I am so proud of the final result, and I believe that you guys will enjoy it and find it educational.

    Also, the music I used is amazing, and although they are not copyrighted, I will link them because you need to hear them!

    Hope you enjoy the video!

    Please share this to someone who likes entertaining educational videos!

    Watch some other videos, because Youtube recommendations forces me to do this: American History Portrayed by Minecraft Viking History Portrayed by Minecraft History of Rome Portrayed by Minecraft Countries Portrayed by Minecraft History of Humanity Portrayed by Minecraft Early Human History

    #history #humanity #PortrayedByMinecraft

  • Minecraft: Oldest Structures Comparison


    What is the oldest structure in Minecraft? How old are dungeons and trees? When did the End City or the Village come into the game? This video answers these questions, and much more! Let's compare the oldest structures in Minecraft!

    I basically compare all generated Minecraft structures in this video, in addition to a sample of natural structures, e.g., trees, and player-manufactured structures, e.g., the nether portal. I excluded terrain features like caves, ravines, lakes, and similar, which some might also describe as structures.

    Disclaimer: I did my best at researching, but the data may still be incorrect or faulty. The age values will also change over time.


    This comparison video is a bit smaller as I'm currently super busy with my studies, but I still wanted to get at least one video out this month! After I already compared the ages of blocks, mobs, and items in Minecraft, I thought it was finally time to compare Minecraft structures! I hope you enjoy it!

    Check out my other age comparison videos!
    Mob Age:
    Item Age:
    Block Age:

    #oldest #comparison #ija


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    ???? Music by C418
    Songs in order: Sweden, Alpha
    Volume Alpha:
    Volume Beta:


  • Minecraft Timeline - On The Road To Ten Years || Minecraft Evolution || AGCraft



    Minecraft turns ten on May 17th, 2019 and there are a lot of stuff going on to celebrate it. The Minecraft Timeline was created by the game's developers and was shown to the public on . Its purpose is for us to realise how much the game has advanced from a simple blocky sandbox game created in 2009.

    ▶ Music:

    ○ Let's Get Off This Planet:

    ○ Red Planet:

    ○ Orion:

    ▶ Stock Footage:

    ○ AGP

    ○ Image Search

    ○ Minecraft

    ▶ Created With:

    ○ Videoshow -

    ○ DU Recorder -

    ○ Photogrid -

    ○ KineMaster -


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    Sup guys! I'm AG Predator and this is AGCraft, my second YouTube channel. Minecraft is my favourite game and I love it because there's just an endless ideas to build and would be better if there's a city! But first, we'll have to learn about the items and mobs in the game and know their abilities and disabilities. In the channel section of my YouTube Home, you can check out my prime, third and forth channels.

  • The evolution of Minecraft


    We asked the guys at Hat Films to make an Evolution video about Minecraft, showing how the game has evolved over time. Like always, the guys delivers pure epicness. This video was first shown at MineCon in front of a live audience of 5000 and live streamed to many more.

    Support the Hat Films stars over at:

    Hat Films Youtube:

    Hat Films Twitter:

    Hat Films Website

  • Minecraft Numbers Comparison


    Let's look at awesome numbers and statistics of Minecraft! How many items are in Minecraft? How many blocks fit into a world? What is the biggest mob in Minecraft? This video answers these questions, and many more! Come with me and compare numbers in Minecraft!

    This video was a collaboration with @Reigarw Comparisons ! He also made a video and compared numbers in Gaming.
    ► Check it out:

    Disclaimer: I did my best at researching, but the data may still be incorrect or faulty.

    ► Sources:

    This comparison video is very compact, but with a lot of cool data, numbers and statistics to compare! I already compared the Minecraft probabilities, Minecraft sizes, Minecraft prices, and Minecraft ages, this video fits in nicely! I hope you enjoy it!

    #number #comparison #ija


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    ???? Music: Mutation by C418


  • Minecrafts History on YouTube


    Since 2009, Minecraft on YouTube has changed DRASTICALLY in the past 11 years. In todays video, we take a deep look back at what it was like in 2009, and we work our way up 2020 to see how Minecraft has changed on YouTube overtime.

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    Instagram: SipoverS

    thanks half day for the idea

    Before YouTubers like Dream, Technoblade, Skeppy, and more, Minecraft on YouTube was instead run by content creators like Skydoesminecraft, team crafted, the yogscast, and more.

  • Evolution Of Minecraft | 1990 - 2021


    Evolution / History Of Minecraft One Of The Most Successful Games Ever | 1990 - 2021

    Minecraft Arcade
    Minecraft PC 1998
    Infiminer Infiminer 2008
    Minecraft Cave game 2009
    Minecraft Early Classic Creative 2009
    Minecraft Multiplayer Test 2009
    Minecraft Survival Test 2009
    Minecraft Late Classic Creative 2009
    Minecraft Indev 2009
    Minecraft Infdev 2010
    Minecraft Alpha 2010
    Minecraft Beta 2010
    Minecraft 1.0 2011
    Minecraft 1.4 2012
    Minecraft 1.6 2013
    Minecraft 1.8 2014
    Minecraft 1.9 2016
    Minecraft 1.11 2016
    Minecraft 1.12 2017
    Minecraft 1.13 2018
    Minecraft 1.14 2019
    Minecraft 1.15 2019
    Minecraft 1.16 2020

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    Hope you enjoyed this #THEPROGAMERJAY video by #PROGAMERJAY

  • The History Of Minecraft On YouTube


    The History Of Minecraft YouTube over 10 years, including interviews with SkyDoesMinecraft, AntVenom, Dream and many more.
    Download and play games in Core for FREE:

    Lets explore the entire of Minecraft's History on YouTube from 2009 to 2020 ft interviews from SkyDoesMinecraft, InTheLittleWood, AntVenom, JeromeASF, RyguyRocky, Dream, Noxcrew, MelonDev & Blockception Leaders. From adventure maps to mod reviews, from new updates, to dead trends to resurgence. How did Minecraft become so big? Why did it resonate with so many? And did it help make youtube what it is today?

    Year Timestamps:
    00:00 - Intro
    03:02 - 2009: Origins Of Minecraft
    06:25 - 2010: The Beginning
    18:19 - 2011: Minecraft YouTubers
    41:26 - 2012: The Age Of Creation
    58:47 - 2013: The Peak Of Minecraft YouTube
    1:06:54 - 2014: Rise Of The Minigame Server
    1:17:57 - 2015: A Wider World
    1:21:37 - 2016: A Kid-Friendly Frontier
    1:25:50 - 2017: The Minecraft Marketplace
    1:33:42 - 2018: Hitting Bedrock
    1:37:58 - 2019: The Minecraft Revival Renaissance
    2:04:57 - 2020: The Tournament Generation

    Channels Interviewed:
    @Sky Does Everything

    Minecraft is a survival sandbox game that we all know and love. We cherish Minecraft, but do we know why? let's take a look at not just Minecraft as a game, but Minecraft as a platform, and how it has evolved over the decade while exposed to YouTube. Enjoy The Entire History Of Minecraft On YouTube.

    Hytale Website:

    C418 - Minecraft Volume Alpha
    Apple Music:

    sweden by c418 except it's kind of sad and very nostalgic -

    C418 - Sweden, but it's composed by Hans Zimmer

    Including snippets from:
    Advait - Subwoofer Lullaby (Minecraft)
    Atlas Eyes - Minecraft - Wet Hands (lofi edit)
    Làtchi - Minecraft Lofi Remix
    MINECRAFT THEME (Trap Remix) - Holder
    Parodies: Form This Way, TNT, Revenge, Fallen Kingdom, Take Back The Night, Don't Mine At Night, Find The Pieces, Through The Night

    #MinecraftHistory #HistoryOfMinecraft #Minecraft #MinecraftYouTuber #MinecraftDocumentary #KweebecCorner

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  • 2020 Portrayed by Minecraft


    2020 Portrayed by Minecraft

    Since the year is coming to an end, I thought it would be a cool idea to make a video portraying some of the different events that took place in 2020. Think of this as Rewind 2020 in Minecraft.

    2020 will be remembered as a trash year. From the Covid-19 pandemic to the Australian bushfires to threats of WW3, this year had many bad things happen. Every time a bad thing happened in 2020, we thought that was as bad as it could get, but then it would just get worse. All we can do is hope that 2021 is a better year. Who knows though, 2021 could be worse....

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video!

    Please like, comment, or subscribe, as that would be very helpful to me :)

    Thanks for all the support bruvs!

    0:00 - Intro
    0:03 - Fires in Australia
    0:33 - WW3 Meme
    1:24 - Brexit
    2:05 - Covid-19 Starts in Wuhan
    2:27 - Covid-19 spreads around the world
    2:52 - Quarantine
    3:29 - Economy Crashes
    4:09 - SpaceX launches humans to ISS
    4:45 - Riots
    5:13 - Murder Hornets
    5:33 - Fall Guys
    5:53 - A M O N G U S
    6:08 - Trump gets Covid-19
    6:27 - US Election
    7:08 - Covid-19 Vaccine Maybe???
    7:35 - End of 2020

    PS, this video is not meant to offend anyone, just in case it does.

    #2020 #minecraft #memes #2020

  • History of Villagers in Minecraft


    The history of villagers in Minecraft, what if Minecraft had a history?

    ▼ Social Media ▼
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    This video shows real life history combined with Minecraft. To create a backstory for villagers and the villages you come across while playing the game. The story is made up, but still includes a lot of our own history, because Minecraft does not have a clear history itself.

  • Now Hiring at Freddys | FNAF Animated Minecraft Music Video


    Get Surfshark VPN at Enter promo code EMOB for 83% off and 1 extra month for free!
    - - - - - - - - - -
    We hope you enjoyed our newest video. We've spent months developing our pipeline, and this project is the first of many more to come with increased quality. It was quite a technical challenge to put this video together, so please share this video with your friends so we can keep making more!

    Buy the Song:

    Company Links:

    ----- Video Credits -----

    Director - Zach & Micah Preciado

    Production Supervisor - Seth Belanger

    Executive Producer - Zach Belanger

    --- Storyboard ---
    Micah Preciado

    --- Layout ---
    Seth Belanger
    Zach Preciado
    Q. Dean Chan

    --- Animation ---
    Animation Supervisors:
    Q Dean Chan -
    Sultan Taha -
    Seth Belanger
    Zach Preciado -
    Micah Preciado -
    Sultan Taha -
    Marcelo Aguirre -
    Jayden Beveridge -
    Irma Gallo -
    Abdoxer -
    Blend Leci
    Fernando Franco
    Gabriel Carmo
    Leônidas Maciel

    Background animation:
    Andrew Millar -

    --- Assets and Rigs --
    Asset Supervisor:
    James Pelter -
    Asset Developers:
    Seth Belanger
    Stephen Tanne -
    Marvin Schurz -
    Ron Cooper -
    Chris Wells -
    Inge Hofstad

    Final Layout Artist:
    Kieran Richardson -

    --- Lighting and Dynamics ---
    Post-Production Supervisor:
    Seth Belanger
    Lighting Artists:
    Seth Belanger
    Alex Bruijniks -
    Antoine B. -
    Jonas Fink -

    Compositing Artist:
    Alex Bruijniks -

    Song by:
    JT Music - song writer, lyrics, instrumental, music production, etc

    Original Live Action Video:

    ----- Additional Information -----

    This video is a standalone story within EnchantedMob's Five Night's At Freddy's timeline/universe, but is not a sequel or a prequel to the main pentology.

    Five Nights At Freddy's is copyright of Scott Cawthon. Get it:
    Minecraft is copyright of Mojang/Microsoft. Buy it:

  • Who is the Best Minecraft Player?


    Out of every player in the world, who is the best overall Minecraft player? Could it be Technoblade, Illumina, Dream, Fruitberries, Gamenight, or any other insane players?

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    There can only be one...
    In this video, I talk about how I was able to determine who the best Minecraft player is, and what makes that person the best Minecraft player. I also mention other players who are very good as well. Also epic funny moment lolol



    Support me on Patreon: On a cosmic time scale, human history is as brief as the blink of an eye. By compressing all 13.8 billion years of time into a 10 minute scale, this video shows just how young we truly are, and just how ancient and vast our universe is. Starting with the big bang and culminating in the appearance of homo sapiens, this experience follows the unfolding of time at 22 million years per second, adhering closely to current scientific understanding.

    Narration by Brian Cox, Carl Sagan, and David Attenborough.

    Concept, music, editing, sound design, and select VFX by melodysheep.

    Soundtrack now on bandcamp:

    Massive thanks to Protocol Labs for sponsoring this video: 

     In addition to custom footage, this video samples a large library of content from many sources, including NASA, Voyage of Time, Cosmic Voyage, Wonders of the Universe, and more. Learn more about this project at

    It can be difficult to fathom how long 13.8 billion years is. The more you watch this video, the more it sinks in just how stunningly old the universe is, and how magnificently tiny we humans are in the grand scheme. I hope seeing this experiment in humility makes you ponder the vast, unwitnessed ages that have passed before we came along, and the brevity of our existence in comparison.

    Every event featured in this video is fascinating on its own, so I highly encourage anybody interested to dig deeper. Start with the Wikipedia page on geologic time and go from there to learn more about all the events featured within.

    Peace and love,


    Watch the narration-free version here:

    Help caption this video:

  • Mighty Reats to The Timeline of the Universe Illustrated by Minecraft


  • Minecraft and Mojangs Ultimate Alternate History


    What if Microsoft never bought Minecraft? Welcome to the alternate history and effected future of Minecraft and Mojang from 2009 and far beyond!

    (this is not a serious video, its entertainment folks)

    #minecraft #minecrafthistory #evolutionof

  • The Timeline of the Universe Illustrated in Minecraft YouTube 13.


    50 abone istiyorum.

  • Made a timeline of 2020 Hope you like it part 3 #Minecraft Topper# wanzie12


  • Cube-Evolution



  • History of the Minecraft Universe - История вселенной Minecraft


  • History of the Minecraft Universe


    The Making And History of The Minecraft Universe!

  • Timeline of 2020 in Minecraft


    Posted byu/wanzie12 on Raddit –

  • The Complete Minecraft Timeline | Minecraft Lore Theory


    A video about my theory on Minecraft's lore

    Music Used :
    Parallel :
    Last Dawn :
    Rapture :
    Ascension :
    No Winners :
    Unstoppable :
    Fall :
    Apocalypse :

    All these songs were created by Ross Bugden ,check him out here :
    Youtube :
    Instagram :
    Twitter :

    If you liked the video ,don't forget to like and subcribe to the channel.
    Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about the theory down in the comments' section

  • История вселенной Minecraft || History of the Minecraft Universe



    Перевел и озвучил Аюши.

    Это видео повествует о истории вселенной Minecraft (пародия на History of our universe). Сначала Нотч создал блоковый взрыв, который породил всё, сформировал землю и дал начало жизни, которая в последствии эволюционировала до людей, и появился Маркус персон, создатель Minecraft... и конец...

    Автор оригинала MasterYangLi -

  • Entire Minecraft Update Timeline


    “Bus Da Blockbuster” Doug Maxwell
    “Etherial Choir Ascends” Doug Maxwell
    “Can-Can” Offenbach

    Overworld by Kubbi

    Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0
    Free Download / Stream:
    Music promoted by Audio Library

    Old textures used in video:

  • The Timeline of the Forms Solar System



  • Timeline of earth illustrated in Minecraft


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  • Minecraft History of the Universe With Narration!


    Okay, This is not my video obviously. All those people flagging should have know that this video has been copied over and over again...
    The original artist of this is a person named: MasterYangLi
    Now be quiet!

  • Our Solar System in Minecraft


  • My Minecraft timeline


  • 6 YEARS SPECIAL!! History Of The Universe in Minecraft



  • Earths History Portrayed By Minecraft


    I saw this trend going around portraying things in minecraft, so I gave it a try!
    Spifey's Video:
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    Music Used:
    Thanks for watching :)

  • History of the WORLD Portrayed by Minecraft Part 2


    History of the World Portrayed by Minecraft Part 2

    Hey bruvs, this is the second part of a series on the history of the world portrayed by Minecraft. This video starts with the spread and common use of iron tools replacing bronze, and ends with the fall of Consantinople, which marks the end of the Medieval Age and the beginning of the Renaissance.

    I built every single scene in this video - except the one world I used for the Crusades which I downloaded - the rest were created by me or with help from Adamimoka

    I spent a lot of time researching, building the scenes, and recording the clips, so I would appreciate it if you could show your support in any way.

    So, remember to like, comment, and subscribe to be an epic bruv :)

    Thanks to my partner Adamimoka for helping me, as he always does. His channel:

    Music used in the video:
    Legions of Blood:
    Assassin's Creed Legion:
    Sons of Ares:
    Assassin's Creed Origins Main Theme:
    Assassin's Creed Valhalla Unofficial:
    Scourge of God:

    0:00 - Intro
    0:03 - Iron spread across Europe
    0:40 - First alphabet invented
    0:59 - Carthage founded
    1:19 - Rome founded
    2:07 - Greek city-states
    2:17 - Peloponnesian War
    2:59 - Alexander the Great
    3:37 - Gupta Empire in India
    4:09 - Punic Wars
    4:54 - Silk Road
    5:23 - Julius Caesar
    6:01 - Christianity created
    6:33 - Christianity becomes main religion
    7:12 - Rome falls
    7:34 - Islam is created and spreads
    8:11 - Viking age
    9:08 - Crusades
    10:01 - The Mongols
    10:28 - Ottoman Empire
    10:42 - Fall of Constantinople
    11:14 - End Screen

    Thanks for the support bruvs.
    Again, remember to subscribe, I would love to reach 100k subs :)

    #Minecraft #PortrayedByMinecraft #Earth

  • History of Earth in Minecraft 1


  • Minecraft timeline of popularity


    made this as both an experiment and a pet project. sorry if its a little short, just wasnt able to explain beyond what i had already written.

  • Minecraft Bedrock : les 3 plateformes... - Disturbed Universe


    Bonjour à tous,
    Aujourd'hui je vous parle un petit peu de minecraft ! Et plus précisément, des différences et similitudes entre les différentes plateforme de la version Bedrock !

    Time line :
    00:00 : Intro
    00:38 : Graphisme
    01:06 : Gameplay de base
    01:53 : Ray-Tracing
    02:29 : Connexion LAN
    02:57 : Redstone
    03:24 : Outro

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    ???? Rejoins nous sur Xbox: Math De, Darkman5124, Azox58
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    Merci de votre soutient !

  • Evolution of Minecraft and Mojang


    The evolution of Minecraft and Mojang throughout history and beyond.

  • Empires Portrayed by Minecraft


    Empires Portrayed by Minecraft

    In this video I will portray different empires from the past in Minecraft.

    I hope you enjoy the video :)

    - - - - - - - - - - - -

    ????Giveaway Details???? (Edit: The giveaway is long over now)

    I am starting my first giveaway today. In the giveaway, I will be giving a copy of Terraria on Steam to 2 lucky winners. To enter, you need to be subscribed to my Youtube channel (easy), and then join my Discord server (also easy). In my Discord I set up a giveaway bot. All you need to do is react to that bot and you will be entered.

    Link to join my Discord:

    Some of you may already have Terraria, so you may be thinking you don't care about this giveaway, but it is till a good idea to enter, because if you win, I will give you another copy of Terraria, so then you can give it to one of your friends on Steam.

    The giveaway will end on Christmas Eve (December 24, 2020) at around 7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT) (Edit: It already ended a looong time ago)

    - - - - - - - - - - - -

    0:00 - Intro
    0:05 - Mongol Empire
    0:41 - British Empire
    1:39 - Japanese Empire
    1:57 - Spanish Empire
    2:57 - Russian Empire
    3:55 - Dutch Empire
    4:26 - Roman Empire
    5:09 - French Empire
    5:41 - Giveaway!
    5:50 - End Screen

    Please remember to like comment, and subscribe, as it took me a while to build the scenes and record the clips, and I would also like to be able to reach 100k

    Thanks for all the support bruvs :)

    #Portrayed #Minecraft #memes

  • History Of The Universe pt. 1


    Hi. I only had 10 minutes cuz I have the free version of bandicam. Also you did very GOOD on your video TriNite.



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