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The whole store and more in one Walmart app

  • Walmart Shoppers Actually Left the House Like That


    These Walmart shoppers looked like they didn't even try when it came to their outfits. The people of Walmart can be funny, scary, surprising or all of the above! If you want to see funny people at Walmart, be sure to watch this whole video. We've caught many people at Walmart on-camera with funny clothes or during embarrassing moments!
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    #angelonthego #clearancecouple #shopwithme #walmart #walmartclearance #hiddenclearance #clearance #walmarthiddenclearance

    We take you on a step by step tutorial to show you how to use the Walmart App. This will help in finding prices and hidden clearance in your local Walmart.

    After you watch and like our video (along with Subscribing) Run to Walmart, because these items wont be there long...

    (Stores may vary)

    Angel On The Go is a channel where we clearance shop and find the best deals. We take you along with us to find all the savings.

    We love finding deals at Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Michaels, Ross, TJ Max, Ikea, Marshalls, Burlington, Hobby Lobby, At Home, Big Lots, 5 Below, Home Goods, Dollar Tree, DD's Discounts, and many more...

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    Instagram: angelonthego0430

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  • 10 SHOPPING SECRETS Walmart Doesnt Want You to Know!


    Save a bunch of money at Walmart with these 10 amazing secrets I discovered! Everyone knows Walmart is a great place to find bargains, but with these tips you will save a LOT more! Find out more here:

    I've been shopping at Walmart for a long time. I often hunt for Walmart Deals and Walmart Freebies so this video is long over due. People always ask me for walmart deals today and for the month. A lot of people think the cheapest stuff is walmart clearance shopping but really these 10 shopping secrets will get you things a lot faster.

    In this video The Deal Guy is showing you the 10 secrets walmart doesnt want you to know. If you wonder what secrets walmart hides from you then this video will interest you. Aside from walmart couponing other hidden secrets videos this video will really help you with some walmart tips and hidden secrets.

    Don't miss these shopping secrets about walmart. I hope you enjoy the video and lean things you didnt know about Walmart.

    #Walmart #WalmartSecrets #WalmartTips #Deals #TheDealGuy

  • Shopping Online: Walmart Part 1


    Join technology instructor Daniel Jones as he shares with you the important information you need to know BEFORE you shop online. In this video he discusses the basic steps of online shopping, as well as secure websites, encryption and more.

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    Welcome back to another Weekly Grocery Haul. This week you are going to get to see a New Walmart Grocery Haul. There will also be a shop with me portion in this video where we go into the store and see what's new. I loved all of the new Walmart Finds this week. I also will have a pretty cool taste test at the end of the video that is so much fun! There is so much more New at Walmart so stay tuned for my next video! Don't forget to stay until the end to guess my grocery haul total :)

    Grocery Total Winner - Nancy Liford 112.60

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  • Walmart Grocery App


    This is a video that shows how to use the Walmart Grocery app and how to pick up your order. The app is super easy to use and this is a great time saver. You will want to share this video with a friend.

    Update: The orange grocery Walmart app has been phased out. Walmart has made the grocery app part of the original blue Walmart app. It works the same way, so this video should still be helpful.

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  • How I Order All My Groceries Online! Walmart Grocery Delivery


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    How I Order All My Groceries Online! Walmart Grocery Delivery

    In this video, I share how I order all my groceries online using Walmart’s online ordering and home delivery. This grocery delivery service is great and has made my life a lot easier! Join me as I walk you through the ordering process and then see the Walmart home delivery truck arrive at our home.

    Feed A Family Of 4 For $150 A Month Without Coupons!

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  • Man says hes grossing millions reselling clearance items from Walmart on Amazon


    Ryan Grant said raiding the discount aisles at big box stores and flipping the items on Amazon started as a side hustle but has since become a booming business. LEARN MORE:

  • Walmart Grocery Pickup Review: How It Works and Tips to Get Started


    Walmart grocery pickup is supposed to be easy and convenient, but how does it work? Team Clark reviews Walmart grocery pickup and shows you how it works so that you can decide whether it’s worth your time to use this service. Our walmart grocery pickup review gives you step by step instructions to guide you through the order and pick up process. So watch our review to see whether shopping online for groceries at Walmart is right for you!
    *UPDATE: You can now access Walmart Grocery directly from the Walmart app and no longer have to download a separate Walmart Grocery app.

    Read more about Walmart grocery pickup here:
    Walmart EBT info:

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  • 1 Hour of Blippi Educational Videos for Toddlers | Learn Fruit for Kids and More!


    Blippi brings you on a Blippi compilation video of fun educational videos for children. Blippi makes educational videos for toddlers where your children will learn things like learn fruit for kids, colors for toddlers, Boats for kids, helicopters for kids and more! Blippi's videos have fun Blippi songs for kids and fun educational cartoons for kids all within them! In this Blippi compilation video you will watch these Blippi videos:
    Raspberries for Kids
    Learn Senses for Children
    LAFD Fire Helicopters
    Boats for Kids

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    Be sure to check out the full Blippi playlist at with hundreds of Blippi videos and Blippi songs

  • Why You Should Never Buy A Rotisserie Chicken From Walmart


    Rotisserie chicken is a big moneymaker for supermarkets across the U.S. — hungry shoppers took home a total of 625 million in 2017 alone, and plenty of those rotisserie chickens had to come from Walmart. After all, the one-stop shop carries everything from household items to clothing to fresh produce, and holds the number one spot in the grocery world. When it comes to Walmart's rotisserie chicken, though, you might want to think twice before you grab another one.

    The low price tag on Walmart's rotisserie chicken can be enticing — especially if it's on clearance! -- but for $4.98 you'll be tossing less than two pounds of chicken into your cart — 1 pound, 13 ounces to be exact. Why settle for less when for the same price you can pick up a larger bird at Sam's Club? Since Sam's Club is owned by Walmart, you might think you're getting the same product — but you're not. A bird from Sam's weighs in at a whopping 3 pounds. Costco's rotisserie chicken also comes in at 3 pounds, and it's just a penny more. Why settle for less?

    Aside from value, flavor is another reason to take your money elsewhere. Reviews on the Walmart product page are hit or miss, with several complaints about Walmart's chicken being either overcooked or undercooked.

    Yeah, off to a bad start, unfortunately.

    Meanwhile, Costco consistently ranks the highest in a long line of rotisserie chicken taste tests. Taste of Home ranked Costco's super juicy and flavorful rotisserie chicken tops, while Walmart came in dead last. Costco also won top honors from Eat This, Not That!, with Walmart again coming in last. Reviewers noted that the Walmart rotisserie chicken was, quote, very fatty, and had too much pepper on the skin, and said it was bone thin. Snack Girl's thorough assessment of Walmart's rotisserie chicken concluded that it tasted like, quote, burnt, salty meat.

    I didn't realize it could be this bad.

    Though Costco's rotisserie chicken does tend to trounce Walmart when it comes to flavor, they don't always edge out other competitors. One Redditor proclaimed,

    I used to be a Sam's member now I'm a Costco member. I can tell you one thing for a fact. Sam's rotisserie chickens crush Costco's rotisserie chickens every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Other than that I'm a Costco guy.

    There is one category where Walmart beats out its competitors without question, though it's not likely one they're proud of — sodium content. For a 3-ounce serving of its rotisserie chicken, Walmart comes in at 690 milligrams of sodium. That's a bit higher than Sam's Club at 550 milligrams, and Costco has even less at 460 milligrams. For a lower sodium option, head to Whole Foods. Though they definitely won't win the value category, as their birds sell for up to $10, when it comes to reasonable sodium, they're a solid choice. The rotisserie chickens from Whole Foods contain just 280 milligrams of sodium per one-quarter of a bird, which is about 3 ounces. It's Publix, though, that puts its competitors to shame, as their rotisserie chicken comes out to just over 200 milligrams for the same size serving. That's almost three-and-a-half times less sodium than in the chicken you'll find at Walmart.

    When it comes to size, value, and flavor, Walmart just doesn't stack up. Whole Foods and Publix are obviously the places to turn if you're looking for less sodium. Wholesale clubs like Sam's Club and Costco deliver larger birds for the same price, and consistently earn rave reviews from taste testers. While it might not be worth getting a membership strictly for the sake of buying your weekly rotisserie chicken, it's certainly a perk if you've already got one.

    As tempting as they may be, instead of in your cart, Walmart's rotisserie chicken should be added to the long list of items to stay away from the next time you head to the superstore.

    Watch the video to see why you should never buy a rotisserie chicken from Walmart!

    #RotisserieChicken #Walmart #MembersMark

  • Walmart Couponing 101: How to Shop Smarter & Get Free Groceries


    ???? Visit for the best Walmart tips and deals!

    ???? Coupon like a boss with The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Couponing:

    ???? Download the free Krazy Coupon Lady app:

    Knowing how to coupon at Walmart is key to scoring the best Walmart deals and clearance — you can even get free groceries when you use our shopping strategy! Follow us and we'll teach you how to navigate the Walmart coupon policy like a money-saving ninja.

    0:28 Walmart manufacturer coupon policy.
    0:54 Make money at Walmart!
    1:31 How to stack rebate apps with coupons to save the most.
    2:18 Coupon redemption rules.
    2:49 THE best time to shop clearance!
    3:09 How to not be overwhelmed as you learn to coupon.
    3:30 Using the markdown date to determine when you should buy.
    3:53 Rollback prices go back up?!
    4:12 Save on produce, meat and bakery items.
    4:28 Using to find in-store clearance.
    5:13 Finding clearance on
    5:32 Can you price match at Walmart?
    5:52 Get FREE deluxe size samples at many Walmarts.
    6:17 Free grocery pickup.
    6:38 Save $10 on your first grocery pickup order with this code!
    7:06 Free next-day delivery.
    7:39 Fill generic prescriptions for less than $5 even without insurance!
    7:56 How to find the best Walmart Black Friday deals.

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    Duddy & Chase are back with INTERESTING NEW UPDATE for HELLO NEIGHBOR, This is the BETA 3 aka Alpha 5 Game and it's got some cool new stuff including Shopping @ Walmart or is it Wall-Mart! :) Thumbs up if you enjoyed this vid!

    ????HELLO NEIGHBOR PLAYLIST (Beta 1, beta 2, Beta 3, Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Alpha 4 & more!):

    Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh!
    ????Family Friendly Youtube Gaming Channel, FGTEEV:

    ????Skylander Boy and Girl Channel:
    ????Our Family/Vlog channel, FUNNEL VISION:

    ????Our Toy Channel: DOH MUCH FUN:


    FGTeeV is a Family Friendly Gaming Channel for all ages to enjoy but primarily focused to the family audience. Dad is known as FGTEEV Duddy & Mom, well, we call her whatever but sometimes it's Moomy. They have 4 children, Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! We play all sorts of games, Thanks for checking us out.


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  • Walmart Grocery Pickup on the App | HOW IT WORKS AND TIPS


    How To Order Walmart Pickup on the App | Walmart Grocery Pickup 2020
    #walmart #walmartpickup #walmartgrocerypickup

    Hey guys! Welcome back! Today I am sharing with you how I order Walmart Pickup on my App. It is super easy to do and I have have the best luck finding open time slots when I order super early in the AM (tips and tricks!). I have been getting most of my order with limited substitutions. Let me know how your shopping is going right now!

    catch ya in the next one!

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    About me: My name is Kathy and I am a single mom of two girls (Emma and Lily). We live in Texas and I work full time. Life is busy, but we make it work + have lots of fun in the process. I enjoy sharing tips with my busy mom tribe in hopes to inspire other women to live their best life. Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out on any videos in the future! I'm so grateful for all your support!! xo TIKTOK: @coffeewithkathym Instagram: @coffeewithkathym Business Inquiries:

  • Walmart Grocery Pickup - How Does Pickup Work and Tips


    Walmart Grocery Pickup - How Does Pickup Work and Tips
    Here's $10 to try Walmart pick-up, my referral link. ????

    Hi, I’m Faith and today I want to show how Walmart pick-up works and my personal experiences using Walmart pick-up. ????

    I'll be honest, I heard about Walmart pickup about a year ago. But I was too scared to try online grocery shopping. Last year, I tried Walmart pick when my little boys got sick and my fridge/pantry desperately needed to be restocked. It was life-changing!

    My Blog Post for Walmart Pickup:

    How does Walmart Pick-up work?
    You can place your order in 2 different ways. Either on the computer or on your phone. I'll show you a step by step instructions on how to order online and on the Walmart Grocery App.????

    That’s how you use Walmart’s pick-up.
    Click the like button if you thought this video was helpful and subscribe to my channel for more homemaking videos. ????

    Thank you so much for watching and have a good day! ????

    Daily Beetle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

    DISCLAIMER: This description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on the product links and purchase the product, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and my family! Thank you!

  • Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Fried Lake Fish with Homemade Tartar Sauce


    My ode to the Friday Fish Fry, a time honored tradition in the Midwest. As a New Yorker, when I moved to Minnesota 30 years ago I was hesitant about fish from the lake. But living here for 30 years, has definitely changed my perspective. Watch this video to learn how to make my favorite fried sigh recipe and to get all my tips and tricks!

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  • 30 Minute Workout | At Home Workouts


    Get ready to BURN calories with this 2 mile walk! You are making the best choice for your day by walking! This workout includes a 2 Mile walk with a bonus Chest and Back strength segment. This workout is from Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan.

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    Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone® is a YouTube channel for at home walking workouts and fitness exercises. Join the Walk at Home crew on mile walk workouts, fat burning workouts, workout plans and more. We also love to post videos on strength training, cardio exercises, fast and easy workouts, firming routines, and more! Make sure you hit the subscribe button and turn on the bell icon ???? for notifications on new workout videos. Say hello in the comments too! ????Happy walking!

  • My Best Tips for Retail Arbitrage | Walmart Edition!


    In this Live Show we will be diving into the best tips and strategies for Retail Arbitrage sourcing at Walmart for your Amazon FBA business! Get those note pads ready and bring all of your RA questions!

  • Sewing machines | SEW IT BEGINS EP 2


    A hands-on sewing machine breakdown, whatever your beginner budget! CLICK TO NEVER MISS AN UPLOAD:
    Giveaway is open to Canada and USA, full details are in the link! This video is sponsored by Sewing Machines Plus and all three machines were supplied by them, as usual all opinions are my own.

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    Hi!! I'm Wendy and I am on a sewing journey via DIY videos that teach you how to sew your own clothes. Subscribe if you'd like to get inspiration and learn the tips and tricks I discover. Thanks for watching! #madewithwendy

  • Target & Walmart Bot Setup! | EVE AIO X



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  • 10 Healthy Grocery Items To Buy At Walmart Supercenter...And What To Avoid!


    The healthy Walmart grocery haul video is here! I traveled just outside of Chicago to check out a Walmart supercenter and pick out about 10 healthy grocery items that you should definitely buy, and a few to stay away from. There are so many healthy grocery items that I was blown away by at Walmart, and the prices are about as good as they get. I was really impressed by the grass-fed beef and bison at Walmart, along with the healthy coking oils and baking items. I was a bit disappointed at the bacon, none of it was sugar free cured, or organic pasture raised. There are lots of Walmart shopping tips in this video, so hopefully you guys love it and share it! Where to next!? Much Love..Bobby, Dessi, & Art XOXO

    Order our Keto Meal Prep Cookbook:

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  • Hard Reset Surf onn tablet from walmart // How to remove password, pattern, Pin


    Surf onn 7 tablet. How to remove forgotten password, pattern or PIN blocking the screen of the tablet, this is a factory reset using external keys or buttons.
    Este tutorial en Español:

  • BEST & WORST INSTANT NOODLES! Trying EVERY Instant Noodle Quest


    Get Surfshark VPN at and enter promo code MIKEYCHEN for 85% off and 3 extra months for free!

    This will be the start of a new series where I will attempt to try EVERY INSTANT NOODLE In EVERY store/market I can find and rate them :-) this will be a happy quest full of flavor, spice, and sodium.

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  • The whole store and more in one Walmart app


    The new Walmart app puts both your store and at your fingertips. Order fresh groceries and your other must-haves from your favorite Walmart, then pick it up curbside or have it delivered to your door. For over a million other items, choose where you’ll also get access to all sorts of time-saving services. Download the new Walmart app. Now it’s twice as easy to get what you want the way you want.
    Save Money. Live Better.

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  • Walmart App Shopping Tutorial 11/2020| VLOG#7


    How to use Walmart app, shop online and select either delivery or store pick-up or both, how to pick-up in-store via Walmart Pick-up Tower.

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  • How to Shop Walmart Clearance & Use the Walmart App!


    Check out our Walmart Inventory Checker Tool -

    Check out all the Walmart Clearance Finds -

  • Walmart Assessment Test 2021 - All You Need to Pass the Test


    Get to know each and every one of Walmart's assessment tests in this video. For more information on Walmart's tests, visit our dedicated page at

    If you apply for a job at Walmart, there is a 100% chance you will be taking a pre-employment assessment test. Walmart's stone-cold hiring policy dictates that if you score poorly in even one of your test sections, you will be immediately eliminated, and will be allowed to retest only in 6 months' time!

    Therefore, get to know the tests in advance and prepare for them properly before taking them
    Below are Walmart's various test sections, which we'll be going through in this video. Each position will require you to go successfully pass some combination of these tests to be eligible for the next stage:

    - Work With Associates / Handle Work Challenges – Presents you with work scenarios you’ll typically encounter as a Walmart employee, and you will be requested to respond.

    - Tell Us Your Story – A biodata questionnaire that also assesses your personality traits.

    - Describe Your Approach – A personality profiling questionnaire, requiring you to self-assess your abilities and preferences.

    - Handle Customer/Member Transactions – Will assess your ability to quickly calculate and distribute change.

    - Manage Your Area / Manage Your Day - These sections highly resemble the type of decision making you’ll do on the real job, and they include task prioritization, working with data and numbers, and more.

    - Run Your Business – Present you with different types of information, such as tables and financial data, to figure out what’s happening in your facility.

    - Check Your Pallet – Will assess your math and counting skills.

    - Work with Information – Will assess your ability to quickly and accurately detect errors.

    To jump to only what you need to know on this video, here are the video's different sections:
    00:27 - Walmart Application and Assessment Test
    00:53 - Behind the Scenes Scores
    01:31 - Most Common Sections
    01:40 - Work with Associates (+Sample)
    02:34 - Tell Us Your Story (+Sample)
    03:05 - A Few Important Tips
    03:20 - #1 Right and Wrong Answers
    03:45 - #2 Personality Has to Make Sense
    04:09 - #3 Give Balanced Answers
    04:40 - Describe Your Approach (+Sample)
    05:49 - More Specific Test Sections
    06:00 - Retail Associate Assessment
    06:33 - Handle Customer & Member Transactions
    07:13 - Walmart TEA & SEA
    07:45 - Manage Your Area & Day (+Sample)
    08:22 - Manager Employment Assessment
    09:00 - Run Your Business Section
    09:31 - Supply Chain Associate VJT
    09:50 - Check Your Pallet & Work with Information
    10:29 - Freight Handle Assessment Sections
    10:52 - More Guidance and Practice

    To find out more about the various assessment for Walmart (and more), check out the following pages:

    - For hourly jobs (cashier & front end, food & grocery, general merchandising, etc.) – the Walmart Retail Associate Assessment (RAA) –

    - For team leaders and supervisors (team lead, hourly supervisor, academy trainer, and department manager) – the Teaming Employment Assessment (TEA) –

    - For maintenance positions –

    - Tips and hacks for a successful application to Walmart –

    - Learn how to write a killer resume for Walmart –

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a direct email at

  • How to Create Walmart Account | Walmart App Sign up


    #WalMartSignup #CreateWalmartAccount
    How to create Walmart account in 2020?

    This video tutorial walks you through the process involved in creating your Walmart account step by step. You can do this on your desktop by going to the official website or you can download the official Walmart app on your smartphone and create an account in it. If you're a frequent shopper, it is highly recommended to download and install the Walmart app for ease of use. So, here are the steps to sign up for Walmart app:
    1. Download and install the app or go to
    2. Tap on the 3 lines from the top left corner of the screen.
    3. Now, tap on sign in, and from that page, click on Create an account link.
    4. Finally, fill up the registration form that requires you to enter your name and email address.

    Is this video helpful? Let us know in the comment section below.
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  • How to use the Walmart App!


    Quick tutorial on how to use the Walmart App!

  • Walmart Zip Code Hack For Online Shopping!


    Walmart is one of the best places to shop for all your essential needs. If you are looking for cheap everyday items at Walmart, you don't want to miss this video. is providing the stuff you see us posting based on in-stock availability for YOUR area. Did you know you CAN ORDER outside of your area while still getting the items shipped to your house! This brings finding those hard to find deals such as LYSOL CLOROX, and HAND SANITIZER, to a whole new level!!!!

    How to Change your Zip Code on your mobile device -
    Top 25 Walmart Deals Today! -
    Walmart Inventory Checker Tool -
    HOT Walmart Clearance -

  • Walmart App , How to Use it


    Update: There has been constant updates to the app. Today, to use Walmart Pay, you have to start by 1) select “Pickup & delivery”, 2) press the “drag down bars” (top left corner), 3) scroll down (with you fingers) to “Services”, under this you’ll see “Walmart Pay”.

    In this video, you’ll see me pickup items, scan the items, and make payment with the Walmart app (or Walmart Pay) in store at the self checkout.

    Press Sign In and Create an account. You don’t have to use your real name if you don’t want to. However, when you enter your card information, enter your real name.

    Go to Account.

    Choose payment methods.

    Up at the corner, Press “+” to add or add more cards. And you can choose any methods or a different card at any time. Even during the check out.

    Once this whole process is done, it would be considered a “Walmart Pay.”

    A little TIP: If you grab a small empty box off the shelf, you wouldn’t have to buy a bag at the check out.

    Now this 1994 QR code is what you going to have to point your cellphone camera at in a second.

    Open the Walmart app, and it will detect what store you’re at.

    You could choose “Walmart Pay” or “Scan codes”. And point the cellphone camera to scan the QR code.

    And immediately, you’ll be promoted to use Face ID or Touch ID or enter your phone passcode for verification.

    Finally, you’ll hear a chime (may be not, if the store is loud).
    And see the confirmation of your purchase.

    Then you’ll see the Payment Summary WITH a barcode which you may need at the Exit for an employee to scan.

    And later if you want to check your receipt, you can do so. Select View Receipt in the Walmart app.

  • Introducing Shopping List & Reorder Benefits on Walmart Best Price Mobile App


    The purpose of this video is to introduce Shopping List & Reorder features of Best Price Mobile App for Best Price members benefits.
    Shopping List : This feature enables members to shop their favorite products in few clicks. Most frequently bought items by members are preloaded in their Monthly/ Weekly Shopping Lists. These are personalized recommendations created basis analysis of Best Price member previous purchase behavior. Weekly list has 25 products already there basis weekly shopping behavior & Monthly List has products selected basis monthly purchase behavior.

    Members can also create their own personalized multiple shopping lists to save products & buy later basis purchase requirements. They can always use these shopping lists to check latest prices & buy the best deals.

    So, what are you waiting for?Use these shopping lists to order more than 30 items in 5 minutes. All you need to do is Download Best Price Mobile App, Open your account, Click on Shopping List, Select weekly or monthly lists. Select few or all items & check for their required quantities & Click on Proceed to checkout to place the final order. Select payment options & your shopping is done in 5 minutes. You can always edit your shopping lists at all stages of order placement.

    Reorder : Click on Reorder and have all the products which you purchased last time in your cart in 1 click. See list of all the previous orders & Select the order you want to place again. Choose the Items you want to reorder and the same quantity will get added to the cart which you purchased last time. You get an option of adding new products, deleting the ones not required & modifying the quantity you want to buy. Click Proceed to Checkout for placing the final order & your shopping is done.

    Buy dozens of your favorite items in just few minutes using Shopping List and Reorder on Mobile App

    This video is available in English, Hindi & Telugu language

    • For English :
    • For Hindi :
    • For Telugu :

    Terms & Conditions Apply

    Download the Best Price Mobile app today from Playstore & enjoy wholesale shopping with few clicks. Click to Download App.

    You can also Visit & Shop online to enjoy wholesale savings.

    About Best Price Modern Wholesale

    Walmart India is the wholly owned subsidiary of Walmart Stores Inc., the world’s leading retailer. It operates 21 Best Price Stores in Cash & Carry format across 9 states with integrated omni-channel shopping facility. To purchase from Best Price Stores, it is mandatory to become a member who can belong to any business category

    Best Price stores are spread over 40,000 - 50,000 sq. ft and has ~5,000 SKUs across various categories ranging from Groceries, Processed foods, FMCG, Electronics, Stationery, Restaurant & Home ware, Fruits & Veg, Dairy to Non Veg items at competitive wholesale prices. Product assortment and price structure allows a member to pass on the savings to end-customer, thereby helping him/her save money and live better.

  • Walmart Hidden Clearance Online Trick! No coupons needed!


    This is hit or miss. It depends on if your store has the Item in stock or not. You have to do the work. Enter the UPCs in the description bar on the Walmart app. Select the In this store tab. If your store has it, Yay!! If not, try another UPC. If you strike out, dont worry, I'll start to do this more often with more UPCs.

  • How to use the Walmart App- Important to know as a Clearance Hunter


    This video will show you guys how to use the Walmart app. How to scan items and how to find SKU numbers.

    Pro Tip: When in Walmart, connect to their WiFi to get a better signal.

    Share, subscribe, like and lets get ready to Walmart's Major Toy Clearance!

  • How To Extreme Coupon at Walmart


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    Watch Joanie and Heather from and learn how to coupon at Walmart.
    More details here:

  • How to Save Money at Walmart -


    This is the easiest way to save money at Walmart. It takes minimal effort. This one simple tip can change the way you spend money at Walmart forever! I hope this video helps so many of you save the money you've worked so hard for!

    In this video we discover a practical way to save money while shopping at Walmart. We also share the deals that are hot at Walmart right this second. Also, for the first time ever, we included a bonus round where we share 20 ridiculous Walmart Clearance deals that you can search from home before even getting to the store.

    Want to use the Walmart app to scan for clearance prices?
    Then check out this video!

    If you want to find deals at various stores - watch this video! It will change the way you save money forever!

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    The enormous support our family has been given by all of you is appreciated more than we can put into words. We are so humbled that so many others believe in our channel / mission to help others save money. Little changes in the way you shop can make a big impact. Thank you all so much for continuing to be here with us. We genuinely think about you everyday. Without you, this channel would not exist. So grateful.

  • Walmart just announced a new technology called Alphabot


    Walmart just unveiled its new technology, Alphabot. The retailer giant is testing it out at its Salem store. The platform uses autonomous carts to retrieve goos shoppers order online. Walmart says it can hold upward of 20,000 items, making the process of picking, packing and delivering grocery orders faster.

    Walmart thinks it has a technological weapon that will enable it to pick, pack and deliver shoppers’ online grocery orders faster as the company tries to strengthen its foothold as America’s largest grocer.

    The big-box retailer on Wednesday unveiled a platform called Alphabot, which it has stealthily been testing at one of its Supercenters in Salem, New Hampshire, since the middle of last year. Walmart says the Salem store will continue to serve as Alphabot’s “home,” while the new picking and packing process is analyzed again and again, and improvement are made. It says it will eventually assess plans for a broader rollout across the U.S.

    “Groceries [are] playing a great role in e-commerce growth,” Tom Ward, senior vice president of central operations, told CNBC in an interview. “We’re seeing that customers really enjoy using the service and that’s why we keep trying to innovate in the space. ... We’re really pleased with what we’ve seen in the last 12 months.”

    Walmart’s grocery business has been on fire, especially online. That’s good for the retailer: Grocery sales account for 56% of Walmart’s total U.S. revenue.

    But the company is facing more and more competition in the space from Amazon, which bought Whole Foods in 2017, and traditional players in the category like Costco and Kroger who are also adapting to consumers increasingly shopping online.

    In its latest reported quarter, Walmart said it was a strong grocery business that played a “meaningful” role in helping boost its digital sales by 41%. It said grocery comparable sales climbed a mid-single-digit rate, better than general merchandise. Total revenue was up 2.5% to $127.99 billion, from $124.89 billion a year earlier.

    Walmart has been investing in the space to reap these gains. It is trying to make it easier and more appealing for customers to shop for food on the internet.

    Today, it has nearly 3,100 pickup locations for online grocery orders across the U.S., with more than 1,400 stores offering same-day grocery delivery and about 1,400 pickup towers.

    It also currently offers an “unlimited” option from 1,400 locations — where customers can pay $98 annually, or $12.95 monthly, for unlimited grocery deliveries. And it has started testing delivering groceries directly to customers’ refrigerators in three U.S. cities, which costs users $19.95 a month. It has said it plans to scale this offering “aggressively.”

    Still, Walmart, Amazon, Kroger and others in this business know the concept of ordering groceries online is still in its early stages, especially in the U.S. The trend has hardly gotten its legs off of the ground, analysts say.

    A mere 3% of grocery spending takes place online in the U.S., according to Bain & Co. research. Meanwhile, in regions such as the U.K. and South Korea, online grocery penetration can be as high as 15%.

    But online grocery sales are expected to capture as much as 20% of total grocery retail by 2025, reaching $100 billion, based on a separate study by the Food Marketing Institute conducted by Nielsen. That gives Walmart, and Alphabot, a lot of room to run.

    The technology was developed solely for Walmart by a start-up based in Massachusetts called Alert Innovation. The two have been working together since 2016.

    Alphabot itself spans about 8,000 square feet and operates inside a roughly 20,000-square-foot space that looks like a mini warehouse and has been built onto the back of Walmart’s Salem store. It took roughly two years to construct. Walmart isn’t disclosing the cost of this technology or of the construction.

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  • Panic Grocery Shopping At Walmart & Trader Joes - Is Anything Left?!


    We went grocery shopping at Walmart and Trader Joe's yesterday to see how crazy the stores were and how much food was left after all of the panic buying. First we went to Walmart, which was pretty low on food, but surprisingly still had some really good options. it seems like the more premium and healthy options were still available. Trader Joe's meat was completely sold out, but many of their other healthy items were still available. Even in a panic buying scenario, you still want to get healthy and nutrient dense food if it's available, and I saw lots of it on the grocery store shelves. Mad love..Bobby, Dessi, Rose, and Art! XOXO

    Check out our Keto Cookbook:

    Bobby Approved Ebook shopping guide:

    The guide is only a kindle book, all you need to do is download the kindle app to any device and buy the book on Amazon and send it to your device. For some reason you can't but the book on the Amazon app, it's gotta be on the browser version of Amazon.

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  • BEST Way to get the PS5 from Walmart


    This is the easiest way to get the PS5 from Walmart and I can almost guarantee that if you follow these steps to a T, you will end up with a brand new PS5!

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    Banhammer - Streambeats
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    Outro Music: Brasko – Tradewinds

  • Walmart Canada: Walmart Online Shopping Store Pickup Review & My Experience ???? | Good Or Bad?


    This video is about my experience with Walmart Online Shopping.

    Try out walmart online:

    In this video, I explain my personal firsthand experience with Walmart online shopping in Canada, and how it all worked.

    I go into an unboxing of a very cool Stubbs sauce that I couldn't find anywhere else in Canada and both Sobeys and Superstore and Pete's Frootique in Bedford, NS all declined to order in for one of their repeat customers.

    Me! ????????????


    Walmart grocery haul and includes the Stubbs Green Hatch Chile Sauce. The Bomb!
    Walmart Canada - Hope you enjoy this walkthrough of the Walmart Canada Online Order process!

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  • Best Store Cards | Walmart Credit Card Vs Target Credit Card


    In this video, I would like to do a comparison video with the New Walmart Credit Card and The Target Credit Card. This is inspired by the fact that I believe the Walmart card is trying to compete with the target card that has been around for some time now. People compare the two store all the time so why not compare the credit cards. Below are the deals for the Walmart card and the Target card, if you wanted to now all the details of the cards without watching the whole video. If you want to know my opinion on which card is better, then you will have to watch the video. I hope that you enjoy the video and I earned your like on this video. Also consider subscribing to the channel for more videos like this one.

    Matthew G Perry Store:

    Amex Referral Link:

    Walmart Card
    • $0 Annual Fee
    • 5% back on purchases at and items purchased through the Walmart app.
    • This includes items you order online (including items you buy online for in-store pickup as well as for Walmart Grocery Pickup and Delivery).
    • 2% back for in-store purchases, including those made at Murphy USA and Walmart gas stations.
    • 2% back at travel and restaurants.
    • 1% back on all other purchases.

    Target card
    • $0 Annual Fee
    • 5% off virtually anything in-store or online
    • Free two-day shipping on all purchases
    • Exclusive offers such as “buy two, get one free” books
    • An extended return period (30 extra days) on all eligible items
    • 15% off and free shipping on subscriptions for select brands of formula, diapers and wipes
    • Close Loop Card

    Walmart card, Target Card, Walmart credit card, Target credit card, Capital One Walmart card, Target Red Card, Walmart vs Target, Walmart credit card vs Target credit card, New Walmart credit card, Capital one Walmart credit card, Credit card, credit cards, best store cards, best store credit cards,

  • Whats Left at WALMART? My Grocery Haul


    Another update on the situation going on right now. We stop at Walmart for a few things and show our vegan grocery haul. Here is what we found. March 14
    Zombie Crew Apparel:

    Preparedness Info:


    ANIBrand Footwear $5 donated to Mercy for Animals: ZOMBIEKICKS

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    The Vegan Zombie
    PO Box 2194
    Liverpool, NY 13089


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    2nd Channel



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    Our KIDS wanted to try using the Walmart App to scan for Walmart Secret Hidden Clearance Deals. So we went to Walmart for a Walmart Grocery Haul and let them use the Walmart app on their phones to help can and look for amazing clearance deals and hidden clearance items.

    Yesterday’s Vlog:

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  • Curbside pickup is easy!


    Getting fresh groceries and more is easy with curbside pickup. Place your order on or in the app.

    Save Money. Live Better.

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  • Walmart Today: Connecting Customers to Convenience


    In this episode, we get a tutorial on Walmart Pay, see how grocery pickup is making shopping easier, and hear from Neil Ashe, CEO of Walmart Global eCommerce and Technology.

  • Grocery Shopping on a Budget Tips! | How to Stick to Your Budget ????


    Grocery shopping doesn't have to be stressful! If you need grocery shopping on a budget tips, then watch this video on what to do BEFORE you go grocery shopping.

    In today's video I'm sharing the steps I take before I go grocery shopping to make sure I save money on groceries!

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  • Scan & go | Fast, contact-free, and as easy as 1,2,3


    Good news! With new Scan & go, swinging by Walmart for whatever you need just got even easier. How does it work? Scan products with your phone while you shop, pay with the Walmart app, and use the QR code at self-checkout to get your exit pass. It’s that easy and contact-free. Try it out and make your next trip even quicker with Scan & go.

    Save Money. Live Better.

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  • Best cash rewards credit card 4 social distancingEasy Wealth Building


    Best cash rewards credit card for social distancingeasy wealth building

    To effectively stop the spread of corona virus, the best way is social distancing. During the social distancing period of time, the best way of shopping is online. Easy Wealth Building found the best cash rewards credit card for you to shop online during social distancing and to earn high cash rewards while social distancing. Earning high cash rewards is another way for easy wealth building. Watch the video you will find which cash rewards credit card is.

    Tags: #easywealthbuilding, #bestcashrewardscreditcard, #socialdistancing

    To join M1 Finance and to receive $10 CASH reward after signing in with my referral link and fund your account with $100, please click:

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    DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial or investment advisor, brokers or dealers. I do not give any financial or investing advice. I am not here to tell anyone where to or how to invest their money. Investing is risky. You must do your own research and due diligence and consult a financial advisor or a tax professional before investing. I make videos merely to share my own opinion and experience with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments.

  • Waltonomics: Walmart & Society


    Is Walmart good or bad for the economy? Is it good or bad for the communities in which it does business? The preponderance of evidence suggests that Walmart makes people--the poor especially--better off. Samford University economist Art Carden explains Walmart's costs and benefits and discusses the implications for public policy in this Capitalism and Society lecture.

  • Expanding Amazon Success to


    This is the year of e-commerce evolution. Due to the pandemic and extreme shifts in consumer behavior, many brands are leaning on e-commerce to keep their businesses alive.

    At Marketplace Strategy, our strategists are experts on Amazon. And, during 2020, we've supported clients as they've embraced additional marketplaces, including

    The opportunity brands have when they sell on Walmart is greater than ever before. In Q2 alone, Walmart's US e-commerce sales grew by 97%.

    Watch now to learn how your brand can leverage its Amazon strategy and apply it to Walmart. We take a deep dive into how to make adjustments and share more about what's most important on Walmart specifically.



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