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This Tree LOVES FIRE (Longleaf Pine) - #TeamTrees Behind the Scenes

  • Why Trees Are Out to Get You


    Want to help plant 20M trees by 2020? Go to #teamtrees
    Huge thanks to all the YouTubers who organized this. My apologies for the repost.
    These videos are from 2012 so my interest in trees goes back a long ways. I think these videos discuss two of the most interesting and amazing facts about our leafy friends: they are made mostly of CO2 (which comes from us breathing out amongst other sources) and they can transport water up a tube higher than any we can currently manufacture. So trees are out to get you. But we do much worse to them so we owe it to them to plant some more. 20 mil is a good start.

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  • Mr. Beast Plays Dead at our Wildlife Sanctuary! SWC Joins #TeamTrees & Plants A Lot of Trees!


    Hello! Come along and check out our wildlife sanctuary property and see Mr. Beast play dead, Kaden Fumblebottom fly through the air, and Speedy & Albert the flamingo, I mean the chipmunk, race for freedom, all in the name of #TeamTrees !! This video is our fun way of introducing our fans and subscribers to our wonderful Willowview Wildlife Sanctuary and also supporting the mission of planting 20 Million trees by 2020, and they're almost there!! Please consider donating to the project and passing this video along as well!! Everything we do there is for the animals, for the trees, and for nature! Thanks so much! Katy & Brad

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  • This Tree LOVES FIRE - #TeamTrees Behind the Scenes


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    A more in depth look at the longleaf pine and how fire factors in to the ecosystem can be found on the second channel here:

    Check out all the other Team Trees videos made by other creators by clicking here:

    Huge thank you to Dr. Kush and Dr. Barlow at Auburn University's School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences.

    Another huge thank you to Ashlyn and Bob at the EO Wilson Biophilia Center! Their efforts and education activities were incredibly helpful to let me understand the ecosystem.

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  • #TeamTrees Planting Update | 1 Year Anniversary


    #TeamTrees began just one year ago today! Take a look back at how it all started, where we've been planting and what's ahead for 2021!

    To learn more about the projects seen in this video go to

    #TeamTrees is powered by you and the support of more than 800,000 people from all around the world. Together, we've raised over $22 million to plant 22 million trees on 6 continents. Together with the help of Arbor Day Foundation, we're putting millions of trees in the ground.

    Follow our story or plant a tree at

  • r/Trees - Hmm... Something Aint Right Here... #TeamTrees


    Today we look at a totally innocent subreddit that is totally about trees... yeah.

    Anyway, the whole point of this video is to get people together to plant 20 MILLION trees by 2020! Every $1 donated will plant 1 tree! I have already donated $20! You can donate too at


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    A cultural and natural history of the South's ancient primeval forest.

    Towering stands of old-growth longleaf pine (pinus palustris) once covered over 90 million acres while stretching from southern Virginia to eastern Texas. Today, the total acreage is about two million, with only about two thousand of that considered old growth. As the South was settled and Northern timber supplies were exhausted, this incredible natural resource was very nearly extirpated from the South's landscape and collective consciousness. LONGLEAF: THE HEART OF PINE is a cultural and natural history of the South's ancient primeval forest and how it might still be saved.

  • What If We Could See Nature In Infrared?


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    Why are trees and other plants green? Seems like a simple question. But the answer is full of surprises. Using a special camera that can pick up light just beyond the visible range, into the near-infrared, you’ll get to see trees like you’ve never seen them before. And these other-worldly images can teach us not only why trees are green on Earth, but what color photosynthetic life on other planets might be.


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  • VFX Artist Creates 20,000,000 Trees with CGI


    What does 20 Million trees all in one image look like?! #TeamTrees

    Realistic Tree Asset Pack:




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  • An Important Video About Trees - #TeamTrees


    We need to plant more trees!
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    Hello! I am Ezlambry! I make videos about gaming and other things that I think you guys might be interested in.


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  • #teamtrees teaser


    Help save the planet by donating to $1=1 tree planted by the Arbordayfoundation our video feature on Invasive species is comings to help protect nature and our new trees.

  • Live Stream #187: Fractal #TeamTrees with Physics


    To learn more about Brilliant, go to and sign up for free. The first 200 people that go to that link will get 20% off the annual Premium subscription.
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    0:00 Start!
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    32:23 Setting Up
    49:42 Code! Team Trees Coding Challenge!
    1:31:10 Brilliant (*sponsor)
    1:42:29 Break
    1:52:08 Return From Break
    2:01:49 Code! Adding Physics To The Branches
    2:50:50 Code! Microphone Interaction
    3:06:00 Conclusions and Goodbyes

  • How to plant 20,000,000 Trees #TeamTrees


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  • SciFact: Worlds Most Dangerous Tree #TeamTrees


    The Murder Tree: Machineel Tree.

    Team Trees is trending on YouTube, and there are a whole lot of people donating to meaning there are a lot of trees being planted! So, what’s one of the craziest trees that I’ve nicknamed the “Murder Tree”? Watch this tree SciFact to find out!

    Link to donate for #TeamTree

  • Plant a Tree! #teamtrees


    Hi! I’m joining the challenge to plant 20,000,000 trees by 2020. Our planet and all living things are in need of more air purifiers (trees). Plant a tree today or donate to
    Every dollar donated will mean one tree planted somewhere in the world. Let’s all do our part for the sake of our children. Thank you to all youtubers who put this challenge together.

  • #TeamTrees / Make A Difference!


    Go to to help plant trees in a part of the world that needs it! The goal is 20,000,00 and you can help by donating one dollar for every tree you want planted.

    Special thanks to Hydaihyde for acting in this skit and to J_the_Knight for filming it.



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  • 2020 Longleaf Prescribed Burn


    5 year old Longleaf planted in cutover.

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  • Trees A Tree Video #TeamTrees


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  • Feel about Tree



  • Playing level 1-1 for 10 hours straight... LIVE! #TeamTrees


    Today, I am going to be playing level 1-1 of the original Super Mario Bros... for 10 hours straight. This started out as a fun experiment, but it just turned into something bigger. All donations will be going to help plant trees through For more information about the idea behind this, check out Mr. Beast's video below.

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  • Planting a bunch of trees #TeamTrees


    Another video is here, yay this is a serious one though. donate to the

    team trees website:

  • Our Mistakes dont Define us. I used to think otherwise. #TeamTrees


    I thought we all needed to go extinct only because it's OUR fault the environment has been destroyed. Here is what made me think otherwise.

    Save the planet at

    And in case you're all wondering, I actually donated $100 to plant 100 trees.

  • #TeamTrees


  • Planting 20 Million Trees in Minecraft #TeamTrees


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    GoFundMe: CleanEnergyProject

  • planting 20 million trees live


    #DURecorder #live
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  • #TeamTrees: Eaten alive by Beetles


    The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive species has killed hundreds of millions of trees across North America.

    #TeamTrees is a global fundraiser partnership with the Arbor foundation brought to you by the largest YouTube collaboration in history.

    #EmeraldAshBorer #Canada #TeamTrees

  • #TeamTrees Animation


    #TeamTrees #SaveOurPlanet

  • DIY Mic Flag 3D Printed! #TeamTrees


    Let's get 20 million trees planted by 2020 - #TeamTrees
    I get to talk with A LOT of people, and my microphone is boring. It's time to model and 3d print a MIC FLAG. In this episode, I show you how to do that, PLUS, talk about troubleshooting the failed prints.

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  • #TeamTrees: Lets Craft 20 MILLION Trees Together!


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  • Planting 10,000 trees in minecraft! #TeamTrees


    Planting 10,000 trees in minecraft! #TeamTrees
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  • Burning down a forest for #teamtrees


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  • The Team Trees Song ! #teamtrees


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  • Planting 20 Million Trees in GTA 5 #TeamTrees


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  • Why Wildfires Are Often Good!


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    Smokey's message is clear now: don't start a forest fire. He makes no judgment about whether or not the fire itself is good or bad. That's because we know how important fire is for the ecosystem.

    In this video I walk you all through the intricacies of fire and explain why fire really is an integral part of the system.

    Most of the credit here needs to go to the smart people (the scientists) at the US Forest Service for their years of work to advance our understanding of fire. It's also kinda cool that we can change our ways for the better when we figure out the science.

    Special thanks to:
    Louise Loudermilk
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  • Team Trees


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  • I hate trees



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  • The Moment Mr. Beast Made Youtube History!



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    20 Million Dollars Donated In Less Than 5 Months.

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  • Planting 20 Million Trees In Minecraft #teamtrees



  • I wrote a song for #TeamTree


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  • Feel Good Friday - ITS BEEN A PRODUCTIVE WEEK! LETS HAVE FUN #teamtrees - Rise of Kingdoms


    To donate and help save the freaking world! Donate here! I will match any donation that comes in during this stream to this project!

    Discord Tag : Dragothien#6671
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    #StrategyLivesHere #RiseOfKingdoms #teamtrees

  • Pine tree trimming


    Sheila trimming pine trees

  • Planting 100 trees for 100 subscriber #treesena #treamtree


    It's a video to request something to Mr. Beast and as a message to all indian
    #treesena #teamtree

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