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Timber Wolf: The Grizzly’s Bane

  • Timber Wolf: The Grizzly’s Bane


    Go to PetTreater and treat your furry companion to a box of toys and healthy snacks. Get 50% off the first month of your subscription by going to and using the code: animalogic | Timber wolves are some deadliest predators on the planet. They can take down moose, bison and even grizzly bears, and this week, Danielle gets to feed some.

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    Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
    Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
    Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
    Edited by: Jim Pitts
    Story Editor: Cat Senior
    Writer, Associate Producer: Andres Salazar


    Examining the nature of the beast.

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  • Grizzly Bears vs. Wolves in Yellowstone | National Geographic


    In Yellowstone National Park, gray wolves — reintroduced in 1995 — compete with grizzly bears for resources. Amid this clash of predators, not only do fewer elk calves survive to adulthood ... but grizzlies and wolves target each other's young as prey.
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    National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible.

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    Grizzly Bears vs. Wolves in Yellowstone | National Geographic

    National Geographic

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  • Timber wolf spotted in UK ????????


    Northwestern Wolf or Canadian Timber Wolf

  • The Grizzly Bear’s Biggest Natural Predator? The Grizzly Bear.


    No one can match the power of the greatest predator south of the arctic, the Grizzly Bear. | Check out our friends at Terra Mater! They make amazing content on nature and the environment and have new uploads every Friday. Check them out and subscribe here:

    Special thanks to BC Wildlife Park for having us. Check them out here:

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    Animalogic Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
    Executive Producer, Director, and Director of Photography: Dylan Dubeau
    Host: Danielle Dufault
    Editors: Jim Pitts and Cat Senior
    Writer, Researcher, Associate Producer, Camera Operator: Andres Salazar

    Examining the nature of the beast.

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  • Following the Tundra Wolf Robert Redford


    Offers a look at the tundra wolf of the Canadian Northwest Territories and examines the relationship of this predator with his principal prey, the caribou.
    Narrator: Robert Redford ; Host: Curt Gowdy
    Producer: Neil Goodwin ; Writer: John Lord
    Directed and Photographed by John Borden, Neil Goodwin
    Film Editor: Peter Honess; Consultant: Thomas E. Sternberg
    Camera Plane Pilot: Perry Linton; Sound Mixer: Dick Voriseck
    Additional Photography: Robert Eather, D'Arcy Marsh, Dr. L. David Mech; Special Thanks: The Government of the Northwest Territories of Canada, The Canadian Wildlife Service, The Community of Bathurst Inlet, Dr. Michael W. Fox, Frank Galvin, Fred Harrington, Dr. Erich Klinghammer, Bill Mason, Dr. L. David Mech, Glenn Warner, Trish Warner.
    by: Robert Redford, Peace River Films., Vestron Video (1992 VHS), John Borden, Neil Goodwin, Films Incorporated

  • Kangal Acıkmış Kurt Yiyiyor - shepherd dog eats wolf




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  • Platypus: The King of Weirdos


    In the finale of Season 4 of Animalogic, Danielle ventures into Victoria’s Otway ranges in search of a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; the Platypus.


    This episode was shot earlier this year before the mandatory lock down.


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    Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
    Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
    Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
    Edited by: Jim Pitts
    Story Editor: Cat Senior
    Associate Producer, Research, and Camera Operator: Andres Salazar


    Examining the nature of the beast.

  • 15 Extinct Animals That May Still Be Alive Today


    The Earth is home to many animals, and plants that have gone extinct. Sometimes though, a supposedly extinct animal may still be alive. And it’s not that uncommon; we have even given them a name: Lazarus creatures. These previously extinct animals who were rediscovered are crucial to our environment. There are even prehistoric animals that could still exist. If we find one of these extinct species roaming the Earth, there may still be hope for its population. Today we countdown 15 extinct animals that may still be alive today. Are you ready.... Hold on... I think I just saw a T-REX in my backyard!

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    Number 15 The Honshu wolf

    They identified the Honshu wolf in 1839 as a gray wolf subspecies. It was also known as the Hondo wolf, the yamainu, and the mountain dog. It lived on the Japanese islands of Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu primarily in remote mountain areas. The Honshu wolf was the world’s smallest wolf, standing just over a foot at the shoulder and measuring 35 inches from nose to end of the tail. They had short wiry hair and a thin dog-like tail that was rounded at the end. Their legs were shorter in relation to their body length. It resembled dogs, coyotes and jackals much more so than its Siberian wolf ancestors. Although it is presently classified as a gray wolf subspecies, many argue that its physical differences are enough to consider the Honshu wolf to be its own species. Some believe it may not have even been a true wolf. The Honshu wolf was known to have preyed on deer, wild boar, and smaller pests. Farmers praised the wolf for keeping down the number of animals that might otherwise damage their crops. Honshu wolves were abundant in Japan until 1732, when rabies was introduced to the island. It was rabies, deforestation of the wolf’s habitat, and conflict with humans that led to their extinction. The last specimen was officially killed in 1905 in Nara Prefecture on Honshu Island, Japan. Although there have been many sightings claimed since then, none of them have been verified. The Honshu could be on the warpath!

    Number 14 - Omura’s Whale

    A smaller member of the rorquals whale family, which also includes blue whales and humpbacks, Omura’s whale has now been spotted in tropical and warm temperate waters in every ocean basin on Earth except the central and eastern Pacific. The filterfeeding baleen whales frequent coastal waters, where they appear to feed primarily on krill and zooplankton. Like all other rorquals, they have long grooves along their throats that allows their mouths to expand while feeding. When Japanese whalers caught Omura’s whales in the 1970s in the eastern Indian and western Pacific oceans, scientists initially mistook them for Bryde’s whales, though their smaller size led to the conclusion that they were some pygmy Bryde’s whale. Omura’s whales are typically between 33 and 38 feet long, whereas Bryde’s whales can reach as much as 45 feet. A team of researchers examined DNA evidence from eight whaling specimens and one stranded animal in 2003 and determined that the whales represented a species new to science. Omura’s whale occurred in just three locations: It wasn’t until 12 years later that scientists could observe live Omura’s whales in the wild. Salvatore Cerchio led that team of researchers and described spotting Omura’s whales 44 times between 2011 and 2014. The researchers also captured and released the first video ever taken of the whales which alerted marine biologists, ecotourists, and marine wildlife enthusiasts from around the world to be on the lookout for Omura’s whale. Over one hundred sightings of the species, once believed to be the mythical “ghost whale,” have now been reported.

    Number 13 - New Caledonian Crested Gecko

    Crested Geckos, also known as Eyelash Geckos and were first discovered in the 1800s in the islands of New Caledonia in the Coral Sea. Thought to be extinct, they were re-discovered on the Isle of Pines after a hurricane in 1994. They took a limited number out of the country between 1994-1996 and mostly the thousands in captivity today are descendants of these original geckos. They have fascinated breeders because of their ability to produce a wide range of colors and patterns, and their ability to breed in captivity.....

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  • Black Widows Are Killer Queens


    Learn more about The Great Courses Plus and start your FREE TRIAL now!
    Go to → | Black Widows are killer queens, and really are something to marvel at. This is the Black Widow film you need in 2020.

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    Animalogic Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
    Directed, and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
    Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
    Edited by: Jim Pitts
    Story Editor: Cat Senior
    Associate Producer, Camera Operator: Andres Salazar
    Written by Emily Richardson


    Examining the nature of the beast.

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  • NBA Mixer Break 5/2/21


    BallTown Breaks
    NBA Mixer Break 5/2/21

  • Kangaroo Boxing Matches Are Epic


    Don't mess with the roo crew.

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    Animalogic Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
    Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
    Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
    Edited by: Jim Pitts
    Story Editor: Cat Senior
    Associate Producer, Camera Operator: Andres Salazar
    Written by Emily Richardson


    Examining the nature of the beast.




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  • Blackout-A Timber Wolf Productions Film


    Blackout was our entire Advanced Class Project for the 2017-2019 school year. Writing began August 2017 and Post-Production wrapped up in October of 2018. This was our most ambitious project to date! Every member of our class was involved in some way to create this goofy film, and we are extremely proud of it.

    Directed by: Amber Mongelli, Riley Ahart, Joe Davis, and Kailey Rocha.
    Written by: Diana Altenhof, Natasha Adamson, Ashley Jackson, and Josh Poore.
    Edited by: Andrew Kendrick
    Produced by: Amber Mongelli, Andrew Kendrick, and Michael Hallinan
    Thanks, Guinea Pigs!

  • Wolf - Timber Wolf


  • False Allegations from Timberwolf and his new crew


    I hoped never to have to make a video like this but after a recent fallout with Timberwolf and his new crew, I had to learn from multiple sources of a false allegation of racism against myself and good friend that was made by Timberwolf and members of his new crew. All of this over a uniform in game, and a foolish argument outside of the game. In this video I am making logs available to people to see for themselves some of what happened previously. In this video folks are going to see what happened and how things went down. I considered it solved until this allegation. The only one of their crew who has not said anything is the admin mentioned in the video. I hoped not to bring any kind of drama to this channel but that couldn't be helped. In the interest of transparency here it is for everyone to see.

  • Timber Wolf released from trap NW Minnesota


  • 10 Wolves You Won’t Believe Exist


    10 Wolves You Won’t Believe Exist


    Like and subscribe right now or this spider will jump on your face while you sleep! Wolves have been a part of mythical stories just as much as they are a part of our reality. With the growing fame of Game of Thrones, nearly every next person wishes to own a wolf. Did you know that there are many unusual kinds of wolves that are not featured on a regular basis ?
    Here are the 10 Wolves you won’t believe exist. There’s all sort of surprising wolves down the list, even the most dangerous one!

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    00:00 - 10 Wolves You Won’t Believe Exist
    00:33 - Pet wolf
    1:21 - Werewolf
    2:26 - Dog/Wolf hybrid
    3:13 - Long-legged maned wolf
    4:02 - Black wolf
    4:54 - White wolf
    5:43 - Heterochromia wolf
    6:36 - Red wolf
    7:29 - Mackenzie Valley wolf
    8:32 - Wolf pack

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  • Grizzly Bane


    Leash movement and...go! ???? #pieceittogether #promotingyourtiktokvids

  • Introduction to Work Tuff Gear Wolf Pack- Timber Wolf and Red Wolf Knives


    A quick look at the Work Tough Gear Timber Wolf and Red Wolf Knives. Starting a fire with the Red Wolf and carving a stake.

  • Aslan, the Dire Wolf


    This video is about Aslan, the Dire Wolf

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  • Timber wolf


  • 20 Amazing Facts About Gray Wolves


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  • Baking with Brūe


    Brūe was called in to help watch the kids while their parents go out! Who doesn’t love sugar cookies?

  • wolf in the street clip 720P AND 1080P


    Thanks for watching.....
    for more video clips visit my channel playlist

  • Timber Wolf Attack


  • Timberwolf™ Legends™


    Timber Wolf is back for a howling good time. In the Classic version players can win 12 free games. By playing the Deluxe version with the ante bet, they can choose 6, 8, 12, 16 or 21 free games and different multipliers.

  • Timberwolf TV- Thankful Edition


  • Memphis Grizzlies vs Minnesota T-Wolves Full Highlights | January 13, 2021 | NBA Season 2020-21


    See full team highlights from the Memphis Grizzlies 118-107 road victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves setting a new franchise record with 80 points in the paint on Wednesday, January 13, 2021.

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  • How to make Wood Divider


  • Sea Wolves


    Sea wolves or coastal wolves are a breed of not so well known wolves
    that have a liking for fish and sea food hence their name.

    Narrated by Joe -

    Video footage and special Thanks to

    Coastal wolves pictures licensed by

  • Why you should always refurbish your wood floor with Timber Wolf Dust Free System


    Sanding with Dustfree System.
    Application of Waterbased coating system.
    Smart system.

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  • Eastern Timber wolves


    Nys fair 2015

  • facts of wolf ????


  • Timber Wolf Pups Bonding at Fort Rickey


    Bonding with New Wolf Pups. 8-10-18

  • Paint It // TIMBER WOLF Lastest painting technology in Cambodia.


    Project : PEPE CAMBODIA

    Renovation works in Cambodia.
    Using the stain of the art painting system to finish the work fast, simple and elegant.

  • Alpha Male Timber Wolf


    I came upon this pack of Wolves at work, and was surprised to see them, especially the Alpha Male to stick around. Showed no fear whatsoever!

  • Sounders beat the Timber’s postgame show! A crazy game comes down to missed PK shots! #MLS #Sounders


  • Tag for timber wolf


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    8.if a unicorn walked up to you and handed you an orange, what would you do?
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  • Northwestern Wolf | Canadian Wolf | Top 10 Most Unusual Animals in the World | Information Forge


    Nature surprises us in many ways through its unique and mind-blowing creations.

    Even the most experienced researchers are stunned by the vast amount of new species discovered on earth almost every day.

    In today's video, we are going to show you the most unusual animals in the world that will excite you even more!

    Check Out our Latest Uploads:


    The Existence of These Couples is Hard to Believe | Unusual love couples

    Is LeBron James Truly The Greatest Basketball Player Of All Time?

  • 5 Last Ever Photos & Video Footage of Now Extinct Animals


    Sometimes all we are left with after an animal has gone extinct are photographs and videos...

    To make a donation to help the Mundo Latino Channel:

    Extinct animals may be cloned one day, or some of them at least. But one way we can see them again is to watch videos like the ones featured here. They show the last Tasmanian tiger in captivity, as hopeless zoo keepers know he is the last of his kind. They show the Baiji dolphin - a species once thought of as river goddess by local fishermen but now thought to be extinct in the wild. They show the worlds most rare creature, the last pinta island tortoise. Watch the full video to see all these and so much more.



    Animals/plants Extinct since 1900

    1901 - Pig-footed bandicoot
    1902 - Rocky Mountain locust
    1905 - Honshu wolf
    1909 - Tarpan
    1910 - Usambara annone (tree)
    1911 - Newfoundland wolf
    1914 - Passenger pigeon
    1918 - Carolina parakeet
    1924 - California grizzly bear
    1925 - Kenai Peninsula wolf
    1930 - Darwin's rice rat
    1932 - Heath hen
    1933 - Cry pansy (plant)
    1934 - Indefatigable Galapagos mouse
    1935 - Desert rat-kangaroo
    1935 - Mogollon mountain wolf, Southern Rocky Mountains wolf
    1936 - Thylacine
    1937 - Bali tiger
    1938 - Radula visiniaca (a species of liverwort)
    1939 - Toolache wallaby
    1940 - Cascade mountain wolf
    1942 - Texas wolf
    1942 - Barbary lion
    1952 - Caribbean monk seal
    1952 - Bernard's wolf
    1956 - Crescent nail-tail wallaby
    1962 - Red-bellied gracile opossum
    1965 - Turgid-blossom pearly mussel
    1966 - Arabian ostrich
    1969 - Mexican grizzly bear
    1970 - Caspian tiger
    1972 - Mason River myrtle (plant)
    1974 - Japanese sea lion
    1979 - Javan tiger
    1981 - Green-blossom pearlymussel
    1985 - Platypus frog
    1989 - Golden toad, Atitlán grebe
    1990 - Dusky seaside sparrow
    1994 - Saint Croix racer, Levuana moth
    1997 - Hainan ormosia (a species of legume)
    2000 - Pyrenean ibex
    2006 - Baiji dolphin
    2008 - Liverpool pigeon
    2010 - Alaotra grebe
    2011 - Eastern cougar
    2011 - Western black rhinoceros
    2012 - Japanese river otter, Pinta Island tortoise
    2013 - Cape Verde giant skink, Formosan clouded leopard, Scioto madtom
    2014 - Acalypha wilderi (a species of spurge), Bermuda saw-whet owl

  • He helped the wounded wolf 5 years later this happened


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  • Analysis of ancient DNA reveals details about the dire wolf inspiration


    An extinct species of wolf, which served as inspiration for a mythical creature in the popular television show Game of Thrones, had little in common with the gray wolves that roam North America today, new research has found. Known as Canis dirus, meaning fearsome dog, it had been thought that dire wolves were simply a beefier version of the gray wolf. However, a new study published in the journal Nature has revealed just how different they really were. The prehistoric carnivores roamed North America until they went extinct some 13, 000 years ago. Dire wolf fossils are among the most common recovered at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles.The going narrative has been that gray and dire wolves were very closely related, like sister or cousin lineages, or perhaps the same animal, lead study author Angela Perri, an archaeologist at Durham University in the United Kingdom, told CNN via email.We were pretty comfortable with that assessment for 150 years, as that's what the similarities in their skeletons suggested. Now the genetics have revealed that they are only very distantly related, having split from each other around 6 million years ago, Perri added. For the first time, experts sequenced DNA from five dire wolf fossils, which were found in Wyoming, Idaho, Ohio and Tennessee, respectively. They date back to over 50, 000 years ago. Analysis showed that unlike many doglike species that seemingly migrated between North America and Eurasia over time, dire wolves evolved solely in North America for millions of years. The animals' stark divergence from gray wolves, researchers believe, places them in an entirely different genus.This is surprising because we have thought they were closely related for so long. Their skeletons and teeth are very similar -- it is clearly a case of convergent evolution, Perri said. We also learned that they were so genetically distinct from each other that there is no evidence they could interbreed and produce offspring, she added. Dire wolves overlapped with coyotes and gray wolves in North America for some 10, 000 years before their extinction -- but still, there is no evidence that they interbred with these species. The dire wolves were ill equipped to adapt to the changing conditions at the end of the ice age due to their evolutionary differences, experts believe. The animals were also very different from their glamorous TV counterparts. Unlike real dire wolves, the mythical direwolves depicted in Game of Thrones were shown to be the size of small horses and associated with the coldest environments in Westeros. In the show, a litter of six direwolf pups were adopted by the Stark children, whose house sigil is that of a direwolf.On average dire wolves are roughly 20% larger than the average gray wolf today.

    All data is taken from the source:
    Article Link:

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  • KANDANG BAWAH TANAH TIMBER WOLF !! #11 - Planet Zoo Indonesia


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  • His wolf brought a mans entire leg when he knew where it come from he was shocked


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  • Big Wolf ATTACKS human in Alaska


    Wolf tries to catch a human in the forests of Alaska

  • A Day at the Tree Farm with The Timbers


    A day at the tree farm with The Timbers! We are felling and peeling logs to build our future log cabin and thinning out the planted trees to encourage new natural growth and so the remaining trees grow stronger, bigger, and happier. Winter is the best time of year to harvest trees since the sap wont start flowing in full speed until the spring and the wood will be stronger and dry quicker.

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  • Hangin with NaVi at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.


    Up close and personal with a Timber Wolf.

  • Animal Stories: Tools of the Trade


    Creativity and technology come together in this ANIMAL STORIES clip, with Luciano, Chelsea and Geeta talkin' 'bout tools of the trade. Hear how we develop tools for our talented artists, the strength of our automation system and the joys of learning Houdini on the job.

  • Coastal Black Bears: When Bears Go To Sea


    Is the Coastal Black Bear the best bear? | Go check out our friends at Terra Mater. They make great content on nature and the environment and have new uploads every Friday! Check them out and subscribe here:

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    Animalogic Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
    Executive Producer, Director, and Director of Photography: Dylan Dubeau
    Host: Danielle Dufault
    Editors: Jim Pitts and Cat Senior
    Writer, Researcher, Associate Producer, Camera Operator: Andres Salazar

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    First Five Steps
    The Affairs Of Bears
    Shootout At Dawn
    Arid Lands
    Night Crawler
    Ballet of the Bears
    March Of The Bears
    Curiosity Shop


    Examining the nature of the beast.

  • Taste of the Tour: Keeping wolves at bay in Alps


    When members of the cheese-making Bricard family say they're working to keep wolves from the door, they mean it literally. (July 27)

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