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Timeline of the Universe: From Birth to Death

  • Timeline of the Universe: From Birth to Death


    In this video, we take a look at the history of the Universe, and its predicted future, right from the big bang all the way until the end of time. Enjoy!

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    Made with blender 2.8

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  • TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time


    Support my work on Patreon: | Get the soundtrack: | How's it all gonna end? This experience takes us on a journey to the end of time, trillions of years into the future, to discover what the fate of our planet and our universe may ultimately be.

    We start in 2019 and travel exponentially through time, witnessing the future of Earth, the death of the sun, the end of all stars, proton decay, zombie galaxies, possible future civilizations, exploding black holes, the effects of dark energy, alternate universes, the final fate of the cosmos - to name a few.

    This is a picture of the future as painted by modern science - a picture that will surely evolve over time as we dig for more clues to how our story will unfold. Much of the science is very recent - and new puzzle pieces are still waiting to be found.

    To me, this overhead view of time gives a profound perspective - that we are living inside the hot flash of the Big Bang, the perfect moment to soak in the sights and sounds of a universe in its glory days, before it all fades away. Although the end will eventually come, we have a practical infinity of time to play with if we play our cards right. The future may look bleak, but we have enormous potential as a species.

    Featuring the voices of David Attenborough, Craig Childs, Brian Cox, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michelle Thaller, Lawrence Krauss, Michio Kaku, Mike Rowe, Phil Plait, Janna Levin, Stephen Hawking, Sean Carroll, Alex Filippenko, and Martin Rees.

    Big thanks to Protocol Labs for their support of this creation:

    And to my Patreon supporters: Juan Benet, Kalexan, Laine Boswell, Holly, Dave & Debbie Boswell, Abraxas, Alina Sigaeva, Aksel Tjønn, Daniel Saltzman, Crystal, Eico Neumann, geekiskhan, Giulia Carrozzino, Hannah Murphy, Jeremy Kerwin, JousterL, Lars Støttrup Nielsen, Leonard van Vliet, Mitchel Mattera, Nathan Paskett, Patrick Cullen, Randall Bollig, Roman Shishkin, Silas Rech, Stefan Stettner, The Cleaner, Timothy E Plum, Virtual_271, Westin Johnson, Yannic, and Anna & Tyson.

    Soundtrack now available: and coming soon to iTunes/Spotify/Etc

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    Concept, music, writing, edit, and visual effects by melodysheep, with additional visual material sourced from:

    NASA Goddard
    Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking
    BMW X1
    Journey to the Edge of the Universe
    How the Universe Works
    Deep Impact
    Wonders of the Universe
    Moon raker vfx reel
    Voyage of Time

    if you found the text hard to read, check out the large text version:

    Voice sample sources:

    Attenborough Davos Speech
    Craig Childs - Long Now Talk
    Brian Cox - Wonders of the Universe Episode 1
    Neil deGrasse Tyson interview with Bill Moyers
    How the Universe Works - Season 3 Episode 2
    Will The Universe Ever End with Lawrence Krauss
    Janna Levin TED Talk
    A Brief History of Time (1991)
    What Happens in the Far Far Future
    Sean Carroll TEDxCaltech
    Alex Filippenko - TEDxSF
    To Infinity and Beyond: The Accelerating Universe
    Martin Rees interview

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  • Timeline Of The Universe


    The Multiverse Creates New Universes

    Do Not Say I Was Born In 2014 Or Comments Will Be Turned Off



    Support me on Patreon: On a cosmic time scale, human history is as brief as the blink of an eye. By compressing all 13.8 billion years of time into a 10 minute scale, this video shows just how young we truly are, and just how ancient and vast our universe is. Starting with the big bang and culminating in the appearance of homo sapiens, this experience follows the unfolding of time at 22 million years per second, adhering closely to current scientific understanding.

    Narration by Brian Cox, Carl Sagan, and David Attenborough.

    Concept, music, editing, sound design, and select VFX by melodysheep.

    Soundtrack now on bandcamp:

    Massive thanks to Protocol Labs for sponsoring this video: 

     In addition to custom footage, this video samples a large library of content from many sources, including NASA, Voyage of Time, Cosmic Voyage, Wonders of the Universe, and more. Learn more about this project at

    It can be difficult to fathom how long 13.8 billion years is. The more you watch this video, the more it sinks in just how stunningly old the universe is, and how magnificently tiny we humans are in the grand scheme. I hope seeing this experiment in humility makes you ponder the vast, unwitnessed ages that have passed before we came along, and the brevity of our existence in comparison.

    Every event featured in this video is fascinating on its own, so I highly encourage anybody interested to dig deeper. Start with the Wikipedia page on geologic time and go from there to learn more about all the events featured within.

    Peace and love,


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  • The Timeline of the UNIVERSE


    After over 3 months of planning, building, and animating, I present to you the Timeline of the Universe! I doubt I will have the mental capacity to make a video that took this long again.

    3/4/21 EDIT: im making a video this long again and its pain

    Music (chronologically):
    - Intro (Big Bang): Night Raptor - Recollections
    - C418 - Moog City
    - A.Krishna - Clair De Lune Ethereal Remix
    - TeknoAxe - Synthwave E
    - The Dominator - Aria Math (Synthwave)

    Sources/Read More/Cool Things to Read:
    - First Seconds of the Big Bang:
    - Matter & Antimatter:
    - Late Heavy Bombardment:
    -Type 1,2 & 3 Civilizations:

  • Timeline of Universe


    The Big Bang Theory is one of the most accepted theories that can explain the formation of the Universe.

    You, me, our planet and this entire Universe have evolved from a singularity.

    Watch this video to get a brief idea about the past and the beginning of our expanding Universe.

    Music: Deep Space by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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  • History and Future of the Solar System


    Music in the credits.
    Watch the Solar System unfold!
    Events document:

  • Universe Sandbox 2 - The Evolution of Solar System


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    Hello and welcome to What Da Math!

    In this video, we will talk about the evolution of the solar system and the birth and death of our sun.
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  • Comparison: History of the Universe


    These are the KEY EVENTS that happened in the universes history ranked by when they happened! Have you ever wondered how long ago the Big Bang was? Or what about when the first ice age happened? Watch this video to find out!

    This probability comparison/comparison video is made based on community discussions and relevant sources, numbers, and facts listed might not be up to date, valid, or in any specific order.


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  • The Entire History of the Universe in 8 Minutes


    How did the Universe begin? When the Big Bang occurred, for some time, there was nothing but very hot matter flying in all directions at the speed of light. Very shortly, though, the first star appeared. Its name was Methuselah, and for a long time, it confused astronomers who believed it might be older than the Universe itself.

    Soon after, on a cosmic scale, of course, the first black holes started forming. Scientists believe they’re what’s left of exploded stars, but that’s not for sure even today. At the same time, cosmic dust and matter began ionizing, helping to form new stars. In the end, it led to thousands and then millions of stars appearing in space. The Universe, left cold after the initial enormous explosion, started heating up again. But how did galaxies form? How were stars born? And why is the Universe still expanding?


    The earliest galaxies 0:01
    When the Milky Way began taking shape 1:53
    The formation of the Sun 7:14

    Music by Epidemic Sound

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  • Naked Science - Birth of the Universe


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    Where does a cup of coffee come from? In this film, it’s not Starbucks, it’s stars busting. We go right back to the beginning of time to show where the ingredients in your cup of coffee were born.

    The main ingredient is hydrogen; it makes up most of the water in your cup. And that formed in the big bang. How it got from there, into your cappuccino is one of the most dramatic stories in science. It has taken thousands of scientists to track its trail. We follow it through stars and galaxies, exploding supernovae, and giant clouds of gas to show just how it reached your cup.

    But that isn’t the end of the story. For where it goes in the future, depends on the fate of the universe. Will it carry on expanding for ever, or tear itself apart?

  • The Beginning of Everything -- The Big Bang


    How did everything get started?

    Has the universe a beginning or was it here since forever? Well, evidence suggests that there was indeed a starting point to this universe we are part of right now. But how can this be? How can something come from nothing? And what about time? We don't have all the answers yet so let's talk about what we know.

    Also, we try to make this one not depressing. Tell us if we succeeded.

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    The Beginning of Everything -- The Big Bang

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  • Timelapse of the Universe, Earth, and Life


    The History of the Universe, Earth, and Life shows the most important events and the main stages of the development of the planet Earth from the moment of its formation to the present day.

    We start out with the beginning of everything - the Big Bang, which gave rise to the Universe 13.8 billion years ago.

    Then comes the Story of Earth which summarizes almost 4.54 billion years of our history and history of our universe.

    Fiery wasteland, a hellish, molten planet hostile to life, yet somehow, this is where we got our start. Amazing don't you think? But how? How did the universe, galaxies, stars, our planet, how did we ourselves come to be? How did the first sparks of life take hold here? These questions are as ancient as human curiosity itself.

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  • Origins of the Universe 101 | National Geographic


    How old is the universe, and how did it begin? Throughout history, countless myths and scientific theories have tried to explain the universe's origins. The most widely accepted explanation is the big bang theory. Learn about the explosion that started it all and how the universe grew from the size of an atom to encompass everything in existence today.
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    About National Geographic:
    National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible.

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    Origins of the Universe 101 | National Geographic

    National Geographic



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  • Universe Size Comparison 2020


    From the smallest measurable distance to the potentially infinite Universe, in this video we take a look at the size of... pretty much everything. Enjoy!

    Thanks to Savfk for his incredible original score:
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    Thanks to Rowan Steyn 3D for his planet generators:

    Made in blender 2.82

  • History of the Star Wars Universe


    You've been asking for this for a while now, I finally got around to it. This version includes the latest movies and is far more describing and accurate. Hope you enjoy!

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  • BBC. The Story of Maths. The Language of the Universe


    BBC The Story of Maths. The language of the universe from the BBC.
    A documentary with subtitles. Episode 01

    Acquainted with the fundamental mathematics in our lives, Marcus du Sauto explores the mathematics of Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece.

    In Egypt, he discloses the use of a decimal system based on ten fingers, while in the former Mesopotamia, two arms were counted to 60.

    In Greece, he considers the contributions of some of the giants of mathematics, including Plato, Euclid, Archimedes, and Pythagoras, who are credited with starting the transformation of mathematics from a tool for counting into an analytical subject that we know today.

    Chronology of the history of mathematics:
    1:32 - The first signs of mathematics can be found in ancient Egypt
    8:34 - Egypt: papyrus help and practical mathematics
    11:41 - Egypt: Circles, the game of Mankala and Pi.
    14:06 - Egypt: Pyramids - wonders of the world, symmetry and the golden ratio

    19:38 - Babylon: mathematics is a school.
    21:44 - Babylon: calculation on the fingers - a six-decimal number system.
    25:19 - Babylon: The Babylonian calendar and zero.
    27:05 - Babylon: quadratic equations for agriculture.
    29:24 - Babylon: Passionate Players - Playful Math
    31:26 - Babylon: The Babylonians are the discoverers of a right triangle.

    35:30 - Mesopotamia: Greeks and the power of evidence.

    37:25 - Greece: Pythagoras and his famous theorem.
    43:01 - Greece: Plato Academy.

    45:37 - Alexandria: Euclid and his axioms of mathematics.
    49:23 - Alexandria: Archimedes and the discovery of the meaning of Pi.
    52:59 - Alexandria: Hypatia is an inventive female mathematician and a tragic victim.

    #math #history #bbc #language #universe #documentary

  • The Yugas: The Great Time Cycles of the Universe


    Time. What is it? This is such an odd question to ask. But to never inquire into the nature of time is even more strange. We are all subject to time and its process of birth, life, decay, and death. This linear process makes us believe that the nature of time is just linear and something we don’t need to explore. But is it linear or something completely different and a lot greater than we have first considered? Time is something we never consider just like fish don’t consider the water in which they live. But in one of the longest enduring cultures in the world, they didn’t just consider time, but they also mapped its birth and relationship to the nature of consciousness itself. In this documentary, you will learn about the Yugas, one of the most unique perspectives of time known to humanity. Be prepared to have your worldview and perspective of time turned upside down.

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  • Timeline of Solar System: From Birth to Death


    Our Solar System was formed 4.6 billion years ago from the giant molecular cloud. Gravity and collisions played a major role in shaping the Solar System.
    Also, 5.5 billion years from now, Sun will expand into a Red giant star. That would be the beginning of the death phase for our Solar System.

    Watch the video to know about the Timeline of the Solar System: From its birth to its so-called death.

    Music: Deep Space by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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  • Timeline Of The Universe


    in this vid you will see about the timeline of our universe
    #space #science

  • Timeline of the Universe: From Birth to the Present



    This video follows the Big Bang Model of the Universe.

    1st music: Action Time by Ender Guney

    2nd music: Deep Voice by Ender Guney

    3rd music: Milky Way by Ender Guney

    Graphics: ESA/Hubble, ESO


  • A Timeline of the Universe | From Beginning to End


    The universe is an interesting place. There are objects orbiting other objects. Sometimes we call them protons and electrons and sometimes we call them planets and stars. We observe them all the time, but will they be this way forever? Everything must come to an end, but when something reaches oblivion, another reaches reality. With death comes life.

  • Timeline of the Universe: From Birth to Death


    footage cut from the final video

    original video:

  • The Complete Timeline of Saturn and its Moons: From Birth to Death


    This is an animation that shows the complete history and future of Saturn & its moon system, from their birth to death. The previous version had several errors that made it kind of deceptive, so I deleted it and made this revised version.
    Music: Endgame, MachinimaSound (

  • The Timeline of the Universe : FROM BIRTH TO DEATH #brainerbrain #timeline #universe #nasa #isro #bb


    This is the timeline of uñiverse from birth to death.
    #nas #isro #india #knowledge #lockdown #astrophysicist #astronomerastronomy #education #alleducationtopicsonyourdemand #brainerbrain

  • Timeline of the Universe: From Birth to Death || Confused Scientist


    In this video, we take a look at the history of the Universe, and its predicted future, right from the big bang all the way until the end of time. Enjoy!

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  • History of the Minecraft Universe


    History of the Minecraft Universe - Fanmade animation

    This video follows the history of the Minecraft universe (parody of the History of our universe) Starting with Notch who created the Block Bang that created everything, to the formation of Earth, and to life beginning, which eventually evolves to humans, and creates Markus Persson, who then creates Minecraft... and then the End...

    Made by MasterYangLi

    Inspired by UppruniTegundanna's science videos

    NewCraft City built by Sacre

    Music by M83

    Behind the scenes:

    Animated using Blender.
    Also partly animated with Adobe Flash (I use Flash to make 3D animation)
    Minecraft scenes made with Minecraft

    Minecraft Made by Mojang, purchase it from
    Music used in this video belongs to its creators: M83, if you see adverts on this video, they are not added by me but by M83. This video is copyright me of course (Yang Li) so don't reupload it, although I encourage you to share this vid on other sites!
    If you want to narrate this Video or add subtitles in your own language please contact me first, if you would like to use this video in a school project feel free as long as I am credited.

  • The Birth and Death of the Sun - Universe Sandbox²


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    Hello and welcome to What Da Math!
    In this video, we will talk about the birth and death of the closest star to us - our Sun.

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  • History of the Universe Part 1: From Big Bang to the Present Day


    On this episode we’ll cover the formation and evolution of the universe, based on big bang cosmology, beginning from Planck epoch to the current Stelliferous era.


    (Book) The primordial universe
    Edited by P. Binetruy, R. Schaeffer, J. Silk, and F. David

    (Book) Remarkable Discoveries!
    By Dr Frank Ashall

    (Book) Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos
    By Michio Kaku

    (Article) Recombination Era


    Long Note Four by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

    Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

    Chris Zabriskie - Fly Inverted Past a Jenny

    Chris Zabriskie - Mario Bava Sleeps In a Little Later Than He Expected To by Chris Zabriskie

    Chris Zabriskie - Chance, Luck, Errors in Nature, Fate, Destruction As a Finale by Chris Zabriskie

    Chris Zabriskie - Unfoldment, Revealment, Evolution, Exposition, Integration, Arson

    Chris Zabriskie - Oxygen Garden

  • History of The Universe in 13,799 Dominoes


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    If you set up a row of dominoes as a timeline of history from the Big Bang to now, and had each domino represent 1 million years it would stretch over 300 meters long. I know because thats what I did for this video. The universe is very old.

    Here is some making-of-dominoes footage, if you're wondering how this universe came to be:

    If you want to expand your brain, check out the book 'Forces of Nature' by Brian Cox:

    You can use this link to get free access to Audible books for a month. They have way more books than I have dominoes:

    You can also find me across the internets on...

    #DominoUniverse #timeline #history

  • Timeline of the universe


    After making the ultimate size comparison, I made the timeline of the universe. It shows from the birth to the death of the universe. Enjoy!

  • Timeline of the Universe


    The universe is very old and even planet Earth has only been around a relatively short time. Humans are insignificant! Have a look at the key milestones from the big bang to the heat death of the universe with a special look at the evolution of life on Earth.

    Dark Times, Dark Dance, Phantasm, Wizardtorium
    by Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


    Evolution of the Species Image:




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    The famous American writer Ursula Le Guin (lə ˈɡwɪn/ expresses her own thoughts through a character in her book to this effect: For a word to be heard, there should be silence. Before the word and after.
    The phrase has to do with the birth and death of all that exists. Every object in the universe has its beginning and its end.

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    #UNIVERSE #Space #Kosmo

  • Timeline of the Universe 2017


    Space is not only big, but old. But it's young as well. In this video, we briefly cover the history and future of The Universe. Enjoy!

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    Music - 'Far the Days Come' by Letterbox.

  • Origin of the Universe - The Big Bang Theory - Timeline of the Universe - Timeline of Big Bang


    The video explains How the universe was created. This documentary is based on Origin and evolution of the universe. You will know how the universe came into existence 13,7 billion years ago after the big bang and before the big bang our universe was just a singularity but within fractions of a second the universe grew tremendously.
    This all has been explained in the video as timeline of the universe from its beginning to the present time.
    There was no time or space before 13.7 billion years ago. Suddenly NOTHING changed into EVERYTHING.

    The universe came into existence with Big bang around 13.7 billion years ago. Actually nothing existed before the big bang not even the time. Contrary to common belief, big bang was not really an explosion. In big bang the space itself expanded.
    The Big Bang model states that before the big bang, the whole universe was in the form of a point of infinitely small size, infinite density and also infinitely high temperature. This is called as the Singularity.

    Cosmic Inflation Era
    Within first millionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second after the big bang, the universe grew really big!!! There was an exponential expansion of the universe in this extremely small span of time. This inflation era lasted from 10^-36 seconds to around 10^-32 seconds only.
    Therefore this phase of the universe is known as the Cosmic Inflation era.

    Formation of the first atoms
    A few milliseconds after the big Bang the temperature of the universe was about 5 trillion degrees Celsius. At this level of temperature elementary particles like Quarks and Gluons mixed up to form a soupy primordial fluid that spread throughout the cosmos. Protons and neutrons are made up of Quarks and...Gluons act like glue to combine Quarks together so that protons and neutrons can be formed.
    When the universe was just 3 minutes old,
    Protons and neutrons fused together. This fusion process formed an isotope of hydrogen called as deuterium and also helium. But this process stopped as the temperature decreased.
    Finally after 380 thousands years after the big bang the temperature dropped to a level that was suitable for hydrogen and helium to combine with free electrons and in this way first neutral atom came into existence.

    The Dark ages
    This was a very long duration of time that lasted nearly 100 million years, when there was no source of light in the universe. Therefore we call it The Cosmic Dark Ages.
    As most of the knowledge about the universe is obtained almost entirely from the light of stars, this makes it very difficult to get insight into this phase of the universe where stars were yet to form.

    Formation of stars
    After the long dark ages, formation of stars started in the universe. This phase started by around 180 million years after the big Bang and continued for around 500 million years after the beginning of the universe.
    Because of gravitational force clouds of gases were pulled together and formed large sized spherical structures. At high enough temperature and pressure in the core of the spherical shapes, fusion reactions were triggered.
    In the fusion reaction two atoms of hydrogen fused together to form a single atom of helium.
    The fusion reactions in the stars generated large amounts of energy that lit up the universe. With the passage of time our universe filled with such shining stars. This stage in the evolution of the universe is known as the 'Cosmic Dawn' or 'reionization'.

    Merging of galaxies and formation of black holes
    Large sized galaxies started to form by the merger of smaller galaxies. Nearly 1 billion years after the big bang, supermassive black holes formed at the centers of the galaxies.
    Galaxies also grouped together due to attractive force of gravity and formed galactic clusters containing hundreds to thousands of galaxies.
    The brightest things in the universe was also formed called as Quasars. In this way the universe continued to evolve for billions of years.

    Birth of the Solar System
    Nearly 4.5 billion years ago clouds of gases collapsed down in a galaxy known as the Milky way. In this galaxy formation of a medium sized yellow star (Sun) took place under the influence of attractive force of gravitation. The star having 9 rings around it coalesced into 9 planets.
    The 3rd planet from the Sun was at the right distance from it that provided suitable conditions for the life to flourish. That planet was our home planet, the earth.
    Here on our planet different types of life forms evolved ranging from microbes and tiny creatures to gigantic Dinosaurs. As time passes various other species of plants and animals also appeared on the planet.
    And finally about 200 thousands years ago from the present time, the most intelligent life...humans evolved on earth.
    So this was the journey of our universe from its beginning to the present time.

    Credits and Source:

  • Timeline of the Universe


    This one took a while... for my first timeline.

    Thank you guys for 1000 views! :D
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    -Hans Zimmer - Time
    -Trevor DeMaere - Opening Stargate


  • Time lapse of the universe from birth to death


  • Birth And Death Of The Universe


    ... Hubble Space Telescope - 15 Years of Discovery (Episode 8): Birth And Death Of The Universe.

    In the 15 years that the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has orbited Earth, it has taken three-quarters of a million photographs of the cosmos.

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    In many ways Hubble is the most successful scientific project in the World, and this event is not likely to go unnoticed. The European Space Agency, ESA, has decided to celebrate this anniversary with the production of a Hubble 15th Anniversary movie called Hubble - 15 Years Of Discovery.

    The movie covers all aspects of the Hubble Space Telescope project: a journey through the history, the trouble and the scientific successes of Hubble.

    This portrait of one of the biggest scientific projects of all time contains large amounts of previously unpublished footage in uncompromised quality.

    With the beautiful backdrop of Hubbles visual image treasures running as a red line through the movie, the light and dreaming style tells the most interesting stories about our fascinating Universe and about the change of vision that Hubble has brought us.


    The Hubble Space Telescope (HST), named after Edwin Powell Hubble (1889-1953) who was one of the great pioneers of modern astronomy, is a collaboration between ESA and NASA. It is a long-term, space-based observatory. The observations are carried out in visible, infrared and ultraviolet light.

    In many ways Hubble has revolutionised modern astronomy, not only by being an efficient tool for making new discoveries, but also by driving astronomical research in general.

    During 15 years of viewing the sky, Hubble has taken more than 700000 exposures of more than 22 000 celestial objects. The spacecraft itself has whirled around Earth nearly 88 000 times, travelling more than 4000 million kilometres.

    The orbiting observatory generates enough data every day - about 15 gigabytes - to fill more than three DVDs, and in total it has produced 23 terabytes of data, equal to the amount of text in 23 million novels.

    Over 3900 astronomers from all over the world have used the telescope, and compiled a long list of scientific achievements, published in more than 4000 papers, such as:

    - calculating the precise age of the Universe to be 13 700 million years old);
    - confirming the existence of a strange form of energy called dark energy;
    - detecting small proto-galaxies that emitted their light when the Universe was less than a 1000 million years old;
    - proving the existence of super-massive black holes;
    - seeing a comet hitting Jupiter; and
    - showing that the process of forming planetary systems is common throughout the galaxy.


  • Timeline of MARS


    Mars is one of the most interesting planets of our Solar System. It is the only planet apart from Earth that lies within the habitable zone of Sun.

    Many research works have shown that Mars once had water and even LIFE! This video tries to explain the past of Mars using all available information about the same. The past of Mars would have been very interesting. Also, humans would make the future of Mars interesting too.

    To know how watch the Video!


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    Note: The information in this video is based on available information/theories about the history of the planet and isn't related to any organisation/agencies. With research, these facts may change with time. We do not claim that the information in the video is 100% true and has been proved certainly.

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    Original Video Clip Credits:

    1. Video Clip at 0:33 -
    Animation Credits
    Michael Lentz (USRA): Lead Animator
    Aaron E. Lepsch (ADNET Systems, Inc.): Technical Director
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    2. Video Clip at 1:04 -
    Visualization Credits
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    3. Video Clip at 1:16 -
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    Planetary Scientist
    Narrator (Spanish)

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    Assistant Editor

    Aaron E. Lepsch (ADNET Systems, Inc.):
    Technical Support

    Images and Videos used for illustration purposes only.

  • Timeline of Earth


    Earth has been around for almost 5 billion years, and has undergone many changes during that time. This video attempts to cover the most important of those events, and also to show what is likely to happen to our planet in the future. Enjoy!

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    Music: 'Their Finest Hour' by Savfk

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    Made with Blender 2.79

    All animations were made by the uploader.

  • Timeline of Universe Formation


    This video gives a chronology of events from the Big Bang to the forming of Earth.

    For the details see:

    The music is made by:
    Hans Zimmer (Angels and Demons, intro theme)
    Edvard Grieg (Morning Mood)

    I do not own any of this music.

    This is part 1 of my timeline series.

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  • Timeline of the universe


    A tour through the early universe to today!!

  • Timeline and future of the universe


  • Timeline of the Universe



  • Timeline: The Age of the Universe


    This video tries to give some perspective on the age of the universe. The song is 13.75 minutes long, or one minute for each billion years.

    (Note: the channel address at the beginning appears to have been appropriated by someone else. Try

    Remixed / remastered mp3:

    General outline:
    0:12 - The Big Bang
    1:12 - The Era of Galaxies
    3:44 - Heavy Metal Stars
    5:00 - The Milky Way
    7:00 - 6000 vs 13.75 Billion Years
    9:23 - The Earth
    13:57 - Now

  • Is There A Timeline in DC?! New 52, Rebirth, DC Universe! - Comics Experiment | Comicstorian


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  • Timeline of the Universe


  • Timeline of the universe explained in 2 minutes


  • Timeline of the Future of Entire Universe


    Outer space is big places

    Universe will happen in Future

    Universe Be new form in Future

    Universe is getting old

    Universe is big place

    In Future New Big Bang To new New form Entire universe and Entire Galaxy and entire solar system and entire Planets and moons and stars too New rocks of Dust new second gas of disc Before Second Exploded goes Second supernova New second Solar Nebula to new form entire Star system, Before New form our Galaxy also Call it milkomeda

    How will the universe change in the future?
    Observations suggest that the expansion of the universe will continue forever. If so, then a popular theory is that the universe will cool as it expands, eventually becoming too cold to sustain life.

    What is the future of universe?
    If it continues at its current rate, the entire universe will have declined in dark energy in about 100 billion years. If dark energy is growing and dark matter is evaporating, we will end up with a big, empty space in the universe with almost nothing in it.



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