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  • Where did the coronavirus come from? | COVID-19 Special


    Where did the virus behind COVID-19 come from? It's a question that's dogged researchers since the early days of the pandemic. Most maintain it jumped from bats to humans in a Chinese market. Some claim it could have other origins – in particular, a breakout from a lab working with viruses.
    Getting answers hasn't been easy. China has been guarded. And scientists warn that the window to finding COVID's true origin is closing fast.
    The debate that has turned highly-political, at times threatening to overshadow management of the pandemic itself.
    Solving the puzzle is still critical. Determining the origin of Sars-Cov-2 could help outbreaks of new diseases, and stop future pandemics before they start.
    A new US-intelligence report also fails to settle on an origin theory. But it does give a small peek into the ongoing debate. An unclassified summary of that report says outright that it's unlikely the virus was developed as a biological weapon, or that Chinese officials even knew about the virus. Most intelligence agencies in the US still think it was a transmission that occurred outside of the lab. But the report doesn't dismiss the lab-accident theory, saying one agency concluded that account was more probable, while two other agencies said they couldn't reject the idea.
    The report said more evidence is needed, in particular early clinical samples of the virus. That appears unlikely to happen, and it means the debate over origin will continue.


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  • 360 VR Hyperlapse to space | The world’s first hyperlapse spaceflight in 360° with GoPro Fusion


    A 360° video hyperlapse of a journey into space, this video is a world first. We sent an extensively modified GoPro Fusion 360° camera into space over Great Britain to film a journey into space in 360 degrees. We manually stabilised the footage to lock the horizon in place, creating a 360° hyperlapse that can be viewed in VR. A hyperlapse is a 360 timelapse where the camera position is periodically moved to create a dynamic view of the passage of time. 360 timelapses and 360 hyperlapses are rare, and this is the first 360 spaceflight hyperlapse ever created, a unique feat only possible with our unmatched flight setup. For best results, view using Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or similar VR headset technology for the ultimate immersive spaceflight experience. It’s a completely novel visual treat that allows you to truly feel what it’s like to take a virtual space walk above our planet. See what an astronaut experiences when conducting a spacewalk from the International Space Station.

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    Sent Into Space are the Near Space experts. We use lighter-than-air gas balloons to travel to the upper stratosphere into Near Space, where you can see the curvature of the Earth (Flat Earth believers need not reply!), the black vacuum of space and the thin blue line of the Earth's atmosphere on the horizon. This is more than just a GoPro on a weather balloon. We build a bespoke launch vehicle for each flight utilising the latest in camera technology and long-range radio and satellite communications. We film HD video of the Earth from space for stunning images of the curvature of the Earth.

    With over 500 successful flights over the last 8 years, we're the only company to go to when you want to launch something into space.

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