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Tornadoes 4 the Quarantine - Nearly 2 Hours of Nonstop Tornadoes



    Big, small, violent, weak, photogenic, ugly. Chaos, calm. Can you find and count them all?

    0:00 May 24, 2011 Canton, OK
    0:07:05 June 17, 2010 Conger, MN
    0:43:36 June 12, 2017 Carpenter, WY
    0:57:16 May 17, 2017 McLean, TX
    1:01:04 may 16, 2015 Elmer, OK
    1:13:37 June 22, 2015 Harmon, IL
    1:18:02 June 5, 2015 Cope, CO
    1:35:04 May 25, 2016 Chapman, KS
    1:56:37 May 24, 2016 Dodge City, KS
    2:43:30 May 18, 2013 Rozel, KS
    3:11:12 May 19, 2013 South Haven, KS
    3:19:07 October 4, 2013 Wayne, NE
    3:28:32 May 28, 2019 Waldo, KS
    3:39:03 June 7, 2008 Chicago, IL
    3:42:20 May 22, 2010 Bowdle, SD
    3:54:40 May 28, 2013 Bennington, KS
    4:10:38 June 16, 2014 Pilger, NE

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  • 3 Hours of Tornadoes


    No fluff, just tornado in the frame for three hours with most of the original audio intact. Maybe this will help if you're stuck in quarantine and want to binge, or maybe you just want something on in the background while you work or study. These shots span 2007 to 2019, and included are a bunch of extended cuts and unreleased footage.

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  • *CLOSE RANGE* The Dalton/Ashby, MN EF4 Tornado - Full Chase and Life Cycle - July 8th, 2020


    Whoah, where do I begin?

    After hours of editing here are 11 savory minutes of photogenic tornadoness all nicely put together - well at least as nicely as I can make it. It was honestly a dream chase and one of the best chases I’ve ever been on in my 10-year career. It was amazing to witness this slow-moving photogenic supercell that produced a drill bit photogenic tornado that was on the ground for over 31 minutes! It just doesn’t get any better than that!

    Unfortunately, there is the dark side to nature’s beauty. It’s hard being in a hobby where you are sometimes the active watcher in other people’s dismay. It’s a tension that not only myself but I know a lot of other storm chasers have wrestled with over the years. No, we do not want to see property or lives being destroyed, yet we are mesmerized by the power weather can do. All of that to say, I love weather but wrestle with its destructive nature. And within that wrestling, learning to just trust God with what's going.

    I hope you enjoy the video though - as you can tell from the video and the description, it was a very bitter-sweet experience for me but is one that I will never forget.

    GoFundMe Update: The GoFundMe link has been removed - thank you for all that supported the families and those that were affected!

    Details of the Tornado:
    The National Weather Service has officially rated the tornado as an EF4 with winds up to 170mph. It was on the ground for 40+ minutes and tracked 11 miles near the towns of Dalton and Ashby, MN.

    - There were several other people in front of me that checked on the homes that had damage before I got there.
    - Because I know someones going to say something about it - No, I didn’t stop completely at that stop sign, yes I definitely looked all the ways before crossing.

    Check out my Instagram for personal video highlights from the chase.
    Instagram: livingforhim1 -

    Contact Brett Adair with Live Storms Media to license.

    #LivingInTheTension #TrustingGod

  • Storm Chasing During the 2020 Pandemic


    The 2020 storm chasing season was a train wreck of uncertainty due to the pandemic, mishaps, and dismal, uncooperative weather. Events featured include:
    March 28 - Illinois Moderate Risk and tornado warned supercells
    April 12 - Mississippi Moderate Risk tornado outbreak and Brooksville, EF2
    May 17 - Decatur, Illinois localized tornado event and chase mishap
    May 23 - Northern Illinois tornadic supercells and Coleta, EF1
    July 15 - Central Illinois tornadoes and Waverly, EF0 close encounter

    Sources stats for cited stats: NOAA Storm Prediction Center and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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    Full NBC News NOW Coronavirus Coverage - May 18 | NBC News Now

  • Tornadoes 4 the Quarantine - Nearly 2 Hours of Nonstop Tornadoes


    A large collection of nearly 2 hours of nonstop tornado footage to help you pass the time during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

    Follow me on twitter for more adventures @Stasischasing

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  • Very Strong Rare EF-4 TORNADO!! RAW FULL Chase Footage Dalton to Ashby MN!


    RAW footage of the entire life cycle of an EF-4 tornado, from birth to rope out. I partnered with Brad Nelson to chase this day and followed this violent tornado for it's entire life cycle of 9 miles and just over 30 minutes. Along with other chasers, we called in the first funnel to the National Weather Service which helped initiate a tornado warning on this storm. Experience what it's like to be on the road chasing a long-lived tornado. July 8th, 2020.

    - Melanie Metz
    - Contact me:

  • Tornado people 2021


    Look at me cousins shoes every year

  • 11/30/16 Storm Chasing Georga


    11/30/16 Storm Chasing Georga

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  • 2020 TOP storm chases of the early season! Includes the April 22 outbreak and more


    45 minutes of storm chasing insanity from the 2020 early season, including Dixie Alley chases and the April 22 outbreak in eastern Oklahoma. Beautiful storm structure, many errors resulting in missed tornadoes, but some decent forecasting like on the April 19 event. This also includes the gorilla hail event of April 10. Hours of storm chasing footage on the way as part of the 2020 recap series. Never stop chasing.

  • 2020 STORM CHASING highlights! Peak season insanity in Tornado Alley


    Check out the third part of my massive 2020 storm chasing highlight series, this time focusing on the peak season in Tornado Alley! This includes the Post, Texas tornado during late May 2020 after a dust storm at the Dominator house near Paducah, TX in the morning. We then intercepted a bunch of mothership supercells from KS to the Red River region to the Rio Grande, and ended with a noodle tornado in Kansas before returning to the high plains for big late season push (part 4). Never stop chasing.

  • Vernon, TX AMAZING Tornadoes!!! 4/23/2021


    Video of 2 incredible tornadoes that occurred just south of Vernon, TX on April 23rd, 2021.
    For licensing email me at
    #tornado #txwx

  • tornado alley ultamate part 5



  • Tornado Siren Alarm 10 hours


    Ten hours of tornado siren alarm alert, sounds effects loop non stop, warning alert system for tornados.

  • Tornado | Wray, Colorado | Saturday, May 7, 2016




  • 2020 VIOLENT EF-4 TORNADO!! Ashby/Dalton, MN | Basehunters Chasing


    Scott Peake's incredible capture of the Ashby, MN drillbit tornado!! This is the full-length chase footage showing the up-close evolution of the tornado. Watch as it intensifies!! There are no lockdowns or social distancing from this violent drillbit tornado!

    #tornado #Ashby #MN #2020

  • 1 Hour Visual In Full HD / nr.127 / Tornado Storm Visual VJ Graphics Mix


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  • Tornado with a bottle, Easy Science for kids


  • Hehr Farms 500 N 500 W Tornado Kokomo Howard Co, In 24 Aug 2016


    Hehr Farms 500 N 500 W Tornado Kokomo Howard Co, In 24 Aug 2016

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  • Ashby/Dalton, MN EF-4 Tornado Chase - Watch how a Tornado Forms, Tornado Drone Video -July 8th, 2020


    A deadly EF-4 tornado occured in west central Minnesota on July 8th, 2020. The tornado began in northern Grant county north of Elbow Lake, MN and quickly intensified near Interstate 94 and crossed into southern Ottertail County. The tornado crossed Highway 82 halfway between Ashby and Dalton.

    The tornado unfortunately struck an occupied workshop where 30 year old, Seth Nelson, and a coworker were working. Sadly, Seth did not survive.

    I included times and locations, hoping that people familiar with the area have a better idea of when and where everything happened.

    The vehicle being driven, a 2003 Buick Century, was sadly retired due to old age shortly after this chase. I chased five full seasons in it and made countless memories witnessing mother nature's most extreme conditions in the northern US. It was a tank of a vehicle, absorbed the strongest winds, stayed glued to the road in the worst winter storms. In 2016 it took a direct hit from a tornado, stretching the entire suspension and body vertically, but the wheels stayed on the ground. Pic of car in link:

    For a detailed description of the Ashby/Dalton tornado event check out the review done by the National Weather Service in Grand Froks at this link:

  • Major tornadoes in the last 24 hours in live videos!


    #tornadoes #hurricane #usa
    Major tornadoes in the last 24 hours, stunning images, follow the channel leave your like.

  • May 7, 2016 - Wray Colorado Tornado,


    May 7, 2016, Wray Colorado Tornado

  • Tornado en Gualeguaychú


  • Kakuza Fantasy - The 1991 Dornado


    A plasti-dipped shit-drop that has a rear mounted, 3900cc V6 with twin turbies, and it pushes 493 torque and 506 horses. Grand. Oh, and manual, with awd. More grand. The 90s were fun.

  • Hackleburg @ Phil Campbell 2011-12 Part 21


    Phil Campbell basketball

  • New Cases Of Novel Coronavirus Confirmed In Santa Clara County


    Juliette Goodrich reports on new cases of coronavirus confirmed in Santa Clara and San Benito counties (2-2-2020)

  • TORNADO. Terbesar..


  • Tornado Warning Time-lapse 11-10-20


    Time-lapse of a tornado-warned storm near Waterford WI. from my view I could not see a tornado. After the rotation crossed the road there were no signs of tornado damage.

  • GMSA Weekends : Mar 29, 2020


    The KSAT 12 News Team provides a look at local, regional, statewide and national news events and the latest information on local traffic and weather issues.

  • Tornado, Wray, Colorado. 7th May 2016.


    I was with the Netweather team, I changed my flight to leave a day earlier. So glad I did. Just made it to Colorado in time to see the most stunning tornado I have ever seen.

  • Tornado on New year 2021 sports day at Molpi


    Dust devils are usually harmless, but can on rare occasions grow large enough to pose a threat to both people and property. They are comparable to tornadoes in that both are a weather phenomenon involving a vertically oriented rotating column of wind.

  • Eclectic Security Footage 12-27-2004


  • Tornado formation on the coast


    Tornado formation on the coast

  • Scud Cloud


    Here is a classic example of a Scud Cloud...NOT a Tornado!

  • Tornado


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    Today's video was supposed to be a fun light hearted Day in the Life of a Mom. But at 1am we were woken up by tornado sirens and an alert on our phones. We immediately got up, turned on the news and saw that there was in fact a tornado and it was coming our way. Seeing the images and listening to the reporter saying every street name surrounding us was terrifying. We immediately put our shoes on, grabbed Martin, and went into our half bathroom for shelter. I was able to keep Martin asleep until I needed to put his bike helmet on him. Then he woke up and said Mommy we ride bikes on the potty? I couldn't help but giggle. I couldn't stop praying for my baby as I held him as close as possible. I could hear the intense wind and non stop thunder. We were truly blessed and did not suffer any damages, but I cannot say the same for my neighboring community. Nashville and some surrounding areas were hit HARD!!! A state of emergency has been declared in Tennessee. My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost during this horrible storm.

    Ways to Help:


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  • Live Life and Chase 2020: Storm Chasing Documentary


    Emmy-awarded meteorologist and storm chaser Nick Stewart takes you through tornado alley in this fourth edition of Live Live and Chase.

    View photos and more at

    Dates include the active final weeks of May featuring the May 21 obscene supercell structure near Ulysses and Sublette, Kansas.

    On May 22 in North Texas, multiple dusty tornadoes hit near the Wichita Falls, Texas area.

    Finally on May 23 in west Texas near the town of Post, Texas, a photogenic tornado and flash flooding in the Caprock Canyons.

    Intro: Stars Align - The 126ers
    May 21 Theme: After You - Dan Lebowitz
    May 22 Theme: Everything You Wanted - Dan Lebowitz
    May 23 Theme: Sweet Release - Dan Lebowitz

    0:00 Intro
    1:00 May 21
    16:19 May 22
    25:08 May 23
    34:56 Conclusion

  • Tutorial la dornado


  • LIVE Central Illinois Storm Chasing - 3/30/2017


    Jesse Walters is live streaming from the storms near the middle of Illinois as the severe weather potential is ramping up in the area.

    Live GPS tracking link:
    Copyright 2017
    *** Contact for Licensing ***

  • Snow in Puyallup


  • Parmer County, Texas Tornado May 26th, 2019


    #Shorts #Shorts #ParmerCounty #Texas #Tornado on May 26th, 2019. Don't forget to subscribe for future updates. Don't forget to subscribe for future updates. Don't forget to subscribe for future updates. .
    Also don't forget to hit the bell.

  • MONSTER TORNADO IN ROBLOX!????????????????????????????????????


    this was recorded in storm chasers reborn 6 patch 6 great game!

  • Tornado Warning 5/3/20


    I was outside filming photographing the storm that was coming in. I start filming and start hearing this roar. I’m so sorry for the redneck, corn picking, sound that is coming from my mouth. I am from the south. Anyways I would not have left my spot but unfortunately we lost power so I did not have a way to see if there was an actual tornado on the ground. Again sorry for the talking.

  • Tornado


  • Dwayne The Rock Johnson Pens Heartwarming Note For Daughters Birthday


    Dwayne The Rock Johnson is a total softie when it comes to his three girls! The actor took to Instagram to wish his tornado of love Tiana a very special birthday. (Heart) is full of gratitude for a beautiful birthday weekend with our lil’ 2 year old tornado of love, strength & wit, baby Tia, he wrote alongside a pic of the little tot digging into a tasty cake.

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  • The tornado


  • Tornado ???? story ????????????


    Hope you enjoy my crazy story






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