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WHITE GHOST | William Katt | Full Length Vietnam War Movie | English | HD

  • Common Tiger Stripe Camouflage patterns used by the U.S. during the Vietnam War


    There were numerous different variations of the Tiger Stripe camouflage pattern used during the Vietnam War by both the South Vietnamese and U.S. troops. In this video we will look at a few of the most commonly worn variants by U.S. Forces.

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    This website sells a lot of quality reproductions of vintage camouflage patterns, including Tiger Stripe:

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  • Best Vietnamese Movies | Heavenly Flowers | Full English & Spanish Subtitles


    Best Vietnamese Movies | Heavenly Flowers | Full English & Spanish Subtitles
    “Heavenly Flowers”, directed by Do Minh Tuan in 1995, is a movie about the serene daily life of children in a Vietnamese countryside during a war-torn time. Each person in the village had a different fate. Ki (Tran Van Ty) was a country boy who is always ashamed of his father. He was often called the son of a traitor. Gam, on the other hand, was a spoiled son of the village head, Say, and he took after his father in his arrogance. The two boy often clashed and fought each other. Lan Anh (Luu Ha) was a refugee evacuated from the city. Her family lived in Ki’s house, and she became friend with Ki. Their friendship was a beautiful throwback to the harsh wartime when civilians had to share their meager rice and sleeping mat with each other.

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  • We Were Soldiers HD


    We Were Soldiers movie clips:
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    Combat starts between American soldiers and the North Vietnamese when U.S. Army helicopters arrive in Vietnam.

    Screenwriter Randall Wallace, a specialist in sweeping historical epics, steps behind the camera for this fact-based Vietnam War drama that reunites him with his Braveheart (1995) star Mel Gibson. Gibson is Lt. Col. Hal Moore, commander of the First Battalion, Seventh Cavalry, the same regiment fatefully led by George Armstrong Custer. As part of the Pleiku Campaign of late 1965, Moore is assigned to an action at Landing Zone X-Ray in the Drang Valley, an area that would come to be known as the The Valley of Death. Moore soon finds himself and his men contained to an area about the size of a football field, surrounded by more than 2,000 enemy troops and engaged in the first major battle of the war. Heroism becomes the order of the day as men like Moore, chopper pilot Bruce Crandall (Greg Kinnear), and Lt. Henry Herrick (Marc Blucas) refuse to yield, in spite of heavy losses of life. The film co-stars Madeleine Stowe, Chris Klein, Keri Russell, and Sam Elliott. We Were Soldiers is based on the book We Were Soldiers Once...and Young by Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore (retired) and UPI reporter Joe Galloway (played in the film by Barry Pepper).

    TM & © Paramount (2002)
    Cast: Mel Gibson, Greg Kinnear, Duong Don
    Director: Randall Wallace
    Producers: Eveleen Bandy, Bruce Davey, William Hoy, Jim Lemley, Stephen McEveety, Randall Wallace, Danielle Lemmon Zapotoczny, Stephen Zapotoczny, Arne Schmidt
    Screenwriters: Harold G. Moore, Joseph L. Galloway, Randall Wallace

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  • Panfilovs 28 Men | Full Action Movie


    Panfilov's 28 Men (2016). Full action movie.

    Armed with little more than their courage and wits, a doomed brigade of Soviet soldiers prepare for the Moscow invasion of Nazi German tanks in 1941.

    Director: Kim Druzhinin, Andrey Shalopa
    Cast: Maksim Abrosimov, Sergey Agafonov, Pavel Aseev

    All movies are licensed by the respective distribution companies.

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  • Rain | Full Movie | Susan Dey | Scott Cooper | Pamela Moore Somers | Robert J. Wilson


    Watch Rain (2001) Full Movie on Films 4 You

    Set in 1968, German Shephard Rain is enrolled by his family in a training program that will send him to serve the American soldiers in Vietnam. Even though Rain is wounded, he saves many lives, bonding with a young soldier who learns much from this very special dog.

    Director: Robert J. Wilson
    Writers: Martin Kitrosser, John McGowan
    Starring: Susan Dey, Scott Cooper, Pamela Moore Somers

  • Storm Riders | Full History Drama Movie


    ***This film is under non-exclusive license from ITN Distribution. All rights reserved.***

    Storm Riders - South African wilderness 1800's. Five years after their mother died, Rachel, a girl on the cusp of adolescence and 5-year-old Jamie find themselves on their way to the virgin gold fields with their father, Herman, as he tries to start a new life. When Jamie goes missing in a freak snow blizzard, Rachel braves the storm to look for her little brother.

    Stars: Marius Weyers, Sandra Prinsloo, Charlie Bouguenon

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  • 15 Strangest Things Recently Discovered In Thailand


    Thailand is a very ancient country and also one which is filled with mysteries and strange things. This is surely one of the most fascinating countries in Asia, and even in the entire world. From the magnificent beast that has made a dramatic return to the archaeological find which gave us a look at the life of a prehistoric giant, here’s the 15 Strangest Things Recently Discovered In Thailand!

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  • Today : US Warns China with missile against aggressive moves in South China Sea


    Today: US Warns China with missile against aggressive moves in South China Sea

  • SUBMARINE ALERT | Richard Arlen | Full Length War Movie | English | HD | 720p


    Nazi spies use a stolen shortwave transmitter prototype to broadcast top secret shipping info to an offshore Japanese sub. To nab the spy ring, the Government has the West Coast's top radio engineers fired and shadowed to see if the Nazis recruit them to complete work on the prototype radio.
    Richard Arlen - Lewis J. 'Lee' Deerhold
    Wendy Barrie - Ann Patterson
    Nils Asther - Dr. Arthur Huneker
    Roger Pryor - G.B. Fleming
    Abner Biberman - Cmdr. Toyo

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  • Ugly Carnival


    Immediately after world war 2, the French people cut hair of French women who had relationships with Nazi soldiers and humiliated them. Some of these women were raped by Nazis. These pictures remain from those sad memories.

    The song Pensive Piano by the Audionautix artist is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license (

    Also these may be of interest to you:

    Transgender Nazis (Cross-Dressing):

    Hitler's Girls (Lebensborn) :

    Japanese Propaganda in India (World War 2):
    (Part 1)
    (Part 2)

    Instagram :

    Nazi Propaganda Posters Part 2 :


  • IDENTITY UNKNOWN | Full Length War Movie | English | HD | 720p


    A soldier survives a bombing in which his three fellow soldiers were killed. When he recovers he discovers he has amnesia, and since his companions' bodies were burned beyond recognition, the army doesn't know which one of the four he is. He goes AWOL and searches out the families of the three dead soldiers, hoping to find out his own identity.
    Richard Arlen - Johnny March
    Cheryl Walker - Sally MacGregor
    Roger Pryor - Rocks Donnelly
    Bobby Driscoll - Toddy Loring

  • OUTPOST IN MOROCCO | George Raft | Akim Tamiroff | Marie Windsor | Full Length War Movie | English


    After escorting an Emir's daughter to her father's stronghold, French Foreign Legion Captain Gerard's unit joins an isolated Moroccan outpost facing imminent attack by rebel Bedouin tribes.
    George Raft - Capt. Paul Gerard
    Marie Windsor - Cara
    Akim Tamiroff - Lt. Glysko
    John Litel - Col. Pascal

  • Submarine Command 1951 War William Holden, Don Taylor, Nancy Olson


    Submarine Command 1951 War William Holden, Don Taylor, Nancy Olson

    Holden is cast as Commander White, who during an enemy attack orders that his submarine dive to avoid destruction[3] and thereby loses the captain of the boat on the last day of World War II. The bulk of the movie follows his career in the Navy after the war as his doubt and guilt wear on his marriage. Then, just as he is about to resign from the Navy to escape the ghosts of his past, the Korean War begins and concludes as an action thriller.[4]

    William Holden as Cmdr. Ken White
    Nancy Olson as Carol
    William Bendix as CPO Boyer
    Don Taylor as Lt. Cmdr. Peter Morris
    Arthur Franz as Lt. Arnie Carlson
    Darryl Hickman as Ens. Jack Wheelwright
    Peggy Webber as Mrs. Alice Rice
    Moroni Olsen as Rear Adm. Joshua Rice
    Jack Gregson as Cmdr. Joshua Rice
    Jack Kelly as Lt. Paul Barton
    Don Dunning as Quartermaster Perkins
    Jerry Paris as Sgt. Gentry
    Charles Meredith as Adm. Tobias
    Philip Van Zandt as Gavin
    Gordon Polk as Ralph


  • 15 Unbelievable Bear Attacks And Interactions Caught On Camera


    Bears are scavengers and feeders who take advantage of opportunities. When given the chance, bears will take advantage of any available food source. Have you ever seen a bear hunt an elk? What about a bear chasing a skier? If you want to see some unreal footage where bears take the front stage, keep watching, as we count down 15 unbelievable bear attacks and interactions caught on camera.

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    Bear Vs Cows & Bulls

    Bears, both black and grizzly, are known to prey on cattle of all ages, as well as swine and sheep. Due to their size, grizzlies may feed on larger animals, such as adult cows. In our first video, this black bear is interested in getting to know this bull. The two smell one another through this fence. I’m not sure if the bear wants to be friends, or if it just wants to have lunch. It tries grabbing the bull through the fence several times and is seen at the end of the video climbing the fence. Next, a fairly large bear is trying to bring down this cow, but the cow is extremely strong and keeps walking all the way onto the street with the bear on its back.

    I don’t know if the bear ends up making the kill, but if it does, it couldn’t have been easy. In our next video, you can see this grizzly bear chasing a cow through the forest. At some point, it looks like the bear has made the kill, and is eating its prey, but suddenly, the cow gets up and keeps fighting. Cows are tough cookies. Finally, this bear is drinking water and I don’t think it’s aware that some sort of bison is standing right next to it. The bear keeps drinking, that is, until the bison slams its horns into the bear and then the bear looks at it and takes off.

    Bear Vs Boar & Pig

    Bears will hunt wild boar, but the animal is not the first item on the bear’s menu. This bear is trying to get something done with this wild hog, but it’s having a hard time pulling its way. The boar is strong and is pulling its own weight. The advantage the bear has is its strong jaws and paws. In our next clip, this bear is sharing a watering hole with a huge wild hog. The bear makes a move, but the hog runs off, only to return and drink moments later. The bear doesn’t bother with the hog. In this night vision clip, a huge bear snatches a young hog, and this hunt is over in seconds unless the bear wants to play with the baby hog.

    Next, this black bear is wrestling with a wild boar, and the people filming the incident honk to try and scare the bear away, but I think the bear is so focused on the boar, it doesn’t even hear the horn as the bear continues to pound the boar. This young bear chases two black boars across the forest. I don’t think the bear will catch up to them, but you never know. Finally, watch this bear try to kidnap a pig from its pen. The other pigs are ignoring the matter, even though they hear their friend squealing like a “mother brother”. The bear is pulling on the pig's back, ripping some of its skin off, but the pig is so heavy, the bear isn’t able to lift it up and bring it over the fence. I wonder why the people filming doesn’t intervene because this isn’t happening in the wild. This bear is attacking a farm and its pigs.

  • GO FOR BROKE! - Full Movie - Captioned


    A young officer commands a special World War II combat team made up of Japanese Americans. Sent to fight in Europe, they prove their bravery and loyalty. Based on a real attack force and includes some of the actual soldiers from that group. Public domain film.

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  • He threw his wife in the forest but what the bear did was amazing!


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  • This Alligator Will Die From 860 Volts


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    One creature that’s developed a shocking but effective defense mechanism is none other than the electric eel, able to spontaneously generate high-voltage pulses of electricity.

  • Drone Captures What No One Was Supposed to See #2


    You never know what you’re going to get when you break out your drones at these heights, in these fascinating locales, or in the face of danger. The great thing about this technology is it really gives us a birds eye view of some extraordinary things - even if we’re not meant to - like into volcanos or soaring over a field in a bathtub. But you also get to see army’s of drones advertising video games in the sky in China - a symphony of unmanned aerial excellence. And just try to unsee an alligator eat one. Drone Captures What No One Was Supposed to See #2

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  • Secrets Your Parents Never Told You About Adrienne Barbeau


    Secrets Your Parents Never Told You About Adrienne Barbeau

    We bet you didn’t know that Rizzo from Grease was originally played by Adrienne Barbeau. Shocking, right? Well, what if we tell you that this actress had more secrets hidden up her sleeve?

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  • Norm Macdonalds Moth Joke


    (Original airdate: 08/31/09) Norm MacDonald talks about taking jokes from his drivers and tells a moth joke.

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  • Greatest Recorded Speeches in American History


    America's major events told through the words of its leaders, since the widespread adoption of the film camera as a communication tool. Through the speeches of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to Martin Luther King, Jr. to Barack Obama, a look at the major moments that have defined the modern history of the United States.

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    Watch the full speeches:
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    March 4, 1933
    “The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself”

    December 8, 1941
    Pearl Harbor, “A Date Which Will Live In Infamy”

    Harry Truman
    August 6, 1945

    Dwight Eisenhower
    January 17, 1961
    The Military Industrial Complex

    John F. Kennedy
    January 20, 1961
    JFK's Inaugural Address

    June 26, 1963
    “Ich Bin Ein Berliner”

    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    August 28, 1963
    “I Have A Dream”

    Lyndon Baines Johnson
    March 15, 1965
    LBJ’s Voting Rights Speech

    January 12, 1966
    Vietnam War

    April 3, 1968
    “I’ve Been To The Mountaintop”

    Robert F. Kennedy
    April 4, 1968
    RFK Announces MLK’s Passing

    Richard Nixon
    August 9, 1974
    Nixon Resigns Amid Watergate

    Ronald Reagan
    January 28, 1986
    Challenger Disaster

    Ronald Reagan
    June 12, 1987
    At the Berlin Wall: “Tear Down This Wall”

    George H.W. Bush
    January 17, 1991
    The Gulf War Against Saddam Hussein and Iraq

    Bill Clinton
    January 27, 2000
    The 2000 State Of The Union

    George W. Bush
    September 14, 2001

    Barack Obama
    November 4, 2008
    2008 Grant Park Victory Speech

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  • Superman Cast: Then and Now


    Superman - Real Name and Age;
    You`ll see how actors of the movie Superman have changed. You`ll know their original names and age. I will show you how they looked then, in 1978, and what`s with them now, in 2020.
    Superman Then and Now 2020;
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    Grease Cast: Then and Now (1978 vs 2020)

    Top Gun (1986 vs 2020) All Cast: Then and Now

    Baywatch (TV Series) Cast: Then and Now

    Superman is a 1978 superhero film. It is the first installment in the Superman film series. An international co-production between the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Panama and the United States, the film stars an ensemble cast featuring Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman, Christopher Reeve, Jeff East, Margot Kidder, Glenn Ford, Phyllis Thaxter, Jackie Cooper, Trevor Howard, Marc McClure, Terence Stamp, Valerie Perrine, Ned Beatty, Jack O'Halloran, Maria Schell, and Sarah Douglas. Disguised as reporter Clark Kent, he adopts a mild-mannered disposition in Metropolis and develops a romance with Lois Lane whilst battling the villainous Lex Luthor.
    Superman Cast: Then and Now (1978 vs 2020)

    Alive - Ikson

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  • We Now Understand Why Frank Is No Longer On American Pickers


    Watch the video to see why Frank is no longer on American Pickers!

    #AmericanPickers #Frank #RealityTV

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  • Spec Ops REACT to Splinter Cell: Blacklist | Experts React


    Spec-ops Cameron and Israel return to Experts React to review Splinter Cell: Blacklist. They talk about crawling through vents as a matter of stealth and how much force it takes to break a neck. Cameron thinks back to drone attacks and long marches without a toilet break and Israel wants to learn more about knife fighting AND create world peace.

    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist is an action-adventure stealth video game, in which players assume control of series protagonist Sam Fisher as he seeks to stop a terrorist group called the Engineers.

    Two years after Third Echelon is dissolved, Sam Fisher takes up work as a contractor for Paladin 9 Security – a private military corporation run by his friend Victor Coste. While assigned to a USAF base in Guam, terrorists assault the installation, executing its commander and killing hundreds of service members, while heavily injuring Coste. A faction known as the Engineers publicly takes responsibility for the attack, announcing it will launch a series of weekly Blacklist attacks on the United States until it recalls its troops deployed abroad. U.S. President Caldwell assigns Sam and his colleagues – tech expert Charlie Cole, CIA operative Isaac Briggs, and technical analyst Anna Grímsdóttir – in to the newly formed Fourth Echelon, a new top secret special-ops and counter-terrorism unit which operates out of a converted military cargo plane known as the Paladin.

    Cameron Fath:
    His merch:
    Israel Wright:
    His twitch channel:
    0:00 Intro
    0:27 What's Up
    0:49 Gameplay
    1:12 Close Quarters Sniping
    2:09 Die Hard (again)
    2:32 Breaking Necks
    2:58 Drone Attacks
    3:31 Advanced Interrogation
    4:50 Tunnel Vision
    5:56 Biohazard suits and toilet breaks
    7:26 The worst way to die
    8:07 Artistic Killer
    9:10 Zapping people in the army
    9:27 Knife stuff
    10:32 Conclusion
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    Spec Ops REACT to HITMAN 3 | Experts React

    The Spec Ops playlist:

    Thanks to StealthGamerBR ™ and Swifty Unknown for the gameplay:
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    Swifty Unknown:
    Up In My Jam (All Of A Sudden) by - Kubbi
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  • Bullies Call My Son An Alien : EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE


    IF You Want To Help This Baby To Get Advanced Treatment, PLEASE CLICK HERE :

    This Is The Story Of A Son Whose Bullies Call Him An Alien

    Note : Original Video created in Kinyarwanda by Afrimax Ltd which means we own its right 100% as long as we are the one who produced the original one and this is English Version Please subscribe for more Afrimax English Videos

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  • 10 JAW-DROPPING NEW Games Nobody is Talking About


    Looking for something a bit different? Something not talked about? Here are some upcoming games that have flown under the mainstream radar.
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    Lost Soul Aside

    Platform : PS4, PS5, PC

    Release Date : TBA


    Platform : PC

    Release Date : TBA


    Platform : PS4, Xbox One, PC

    Release Date : July 2021


    Platform : PC, PS4

    Release Date : 2021


    Platform : XSX|S, Xbox One, PC

    Release Date : August 2021


    Platform : Xbox One PS4 PC PS5 XSX|S

    Release Date : TBA

    Necromunda: Hired Gun

    Platform : PC PS4 PS5 XSX|S Xbox One

    Release Date : June 1, 2021


    Platform : PC

    Release Date : Q2 2021

    Atomic Heart

    Platform : Xbox One PS4 PC PS5 XSX|S

    Release Date : TBA

    No More Room In Hell 2

    Platform : PC

    Release Date : TBA

  • 17 Rare Photos From the Past That Will Stun You


    Check out 17 historical shots that represent different eras and manage to perfectly capture life at that time. We’ve found some rare pictures of stunning Audrey Hepburn, young Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway boxing and the creators of The Simpsons themselves. Believe it or not, someone even managed to capture a woman born in the first half of the 18th century on a real photograph.

    Preview photo credit:
    The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald (1977 film): By American Broadcasting Company (ABC),
    Animation is created by Bright Side.

    The always young and beautiful Audrey Hepburn 0:12
    This fake city that was built on the roof of The Boeing Factory in Seattle during World War II to strategically deter the Nazis. 0:35
    650 officers paying tribute to animals that died during World War I 0:57
    This photo was made in 1840. Hannah Stilley is the woman depicted in it — she was born in 1746. There is no other person captured by photograph who had been born earlier than her. 1:21
    A young boy that had just stolen his father’s car and crashed it, takes one last puff on his cigarette before facing the consequences. 1:44
    Tramcarrier in Leningrad, 1979 2:07
    The creators of The Simpsons in the writing room, 1992 2:27
    A girl from Mariyka, Ukraine in a wedding dress 2:54
    Ernest Hemingway boxing in Africa 3:14
    A selfie in the year 1920 3:36
    A young Winston Churchill 3:57
    Feeding polar bears concentrated milk 4:21
    Winter, 1967 4:43
    Children going to school in Italy, 1959 5:05
    A couple sleeping in a shelter in case of a bombing during World War II 5:29
    Lovers tend to look like this in every era. 5:52

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  • 13 Examples Of Hygiene Habits During The Wild West


    Welcome back to Facts Verse. In this video, we have some interesting hygiene routines and hygiene tips from the wild west. Yeah, that's right,we're talking about Dirty Dan. Life in the wild west was some weird history, but with these wild west photos, we'll show you what hygiene in the old west was like. Check out these 13 examples of hygiene habits in the wild west. Subscribe to Facts Verse for more American history!

    13 Examples Of Hygiene Habits During The Wild West
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  • Jaws | Movieclips


    Jaws movie clips:
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    Quint (Robert Shaw) reveals to Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) and Brody (Roy Scheider) the chilling shark-infested nightmare of his past.

    Based on Peter Benchley's best-selling novel, Steven Spielberg's 1975 shark saga set the standard for the New Hollywood popcorn blockbuster while frightening millions of moviegoers out of the water. One early summer night on fictional Atlantic resort Amity Island, Chrissie decides to take a moonlight skinny dip while her friends party on the beach. Yanked suddenly below the ocean surface, she never returns. When pieces of her wash ashore, Police Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) suspects the worst, but Mayor Vaughn (Murray Hamilton), mindful of the lucrative tourist trade and the approaching July 4th holiday, refuses to put the island on a business-killing shark alert. After the shark dines on a few more victims, the Mayor orders the local fishermen to catch the culprit. Satisfied with the shark they find, the greedy Mayor reopens the beaches, despite the warning from visiting ichthyologist Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) that the attacks were probably caused by a far more formidable Great White. One more fatality later, Brody and Hooper join forces with flinty old salt Quint (Robert Shaw), the only local fisherman willing to take on a Great White--especially since the price is right. The three ride off on Quint's boat The Orca, soon coming face to teeth with the enemy.

    TM & © Universal (1975)
    Cast: Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw
    Director: Steven Spielberg
    Producers: Richard D. Zanuck, David Brown
    Screenwriters: Peter Benchley, Carl Gottlieb

    The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans.

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  • Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom | Dinner Party! - Full Episode | Kids Adventure Cartoon


    Keep up with new Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom episodes! Check out what they are up to this time...
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    ☆ Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom is a tiny land where flowers and grass rise above the tallest towers. Holly is a young fairy princess who is still learning how to fly and her magic doesn't always go to plan. Her best friend, Ben Elf, doesn't have wings and he doesn't do magic. But elves are very good at making things - especially toys.


    #BenandHolly #BenandHollycartoon #littlekingdom #cartoon #cartoons #cartoons2019 #cartoonforkids #cartoonsforkids #animation

  • Ancient Aliens: Secret Vatican Archives Contain Explosive Revelations | History


    Watch all new episodes of Ancient Aliens, returning February 12 at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite The HISTORY Channel shows at

    The secret Vatican archives located in Italy contain explosive revelations and untold evidence pertaining to extraterrestrial communication, in this clip from Season 5, Aliens and Cover-Ups. #AncientAliens
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    Ancient Aliens explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

    HISTORY® is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive, and entertaining manner across all platforms. The network’s all-original programming slate features a roster of hit series, premium documentaries, and scripted event programming.

  • Venom 2 : Let There Be Carnage Teaser TrailerTom Holland, Tom Hardy Marvel Studio Concept


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  • Enemies. Russian Movie. Drama. English Subtitles. The Rock Films. StarMediaEN


    Belorussia, summer 1942. The war has moved on, far off to the east. The life of a small town where the German authorities of the region have set themselves up is getting back to normal. The Germans study Russian, flirt with the local girls, the women wash their clothes and feed them. They have to carry on somehow... But suddenly the teenage son of the film’s heroine decides to run away to the partisans and blows up a German train so that they could accept him. He gets caught and the Germans have to execute him in order to teach others a lesson. That’s the order and it can’t be disobeyed. The Germans know that this execution will bring an end to their peaceful lives. The local commandant understands this better than anyone as he is already involved in a close relationship with the boy’s mother. But he can’t ignore an order from his commanders ...

    Director: Maria Mozhar
    Screen Play by: Maria Mozhar
    Director of Photography: Alexander Smirnov
    Art-director: Andrey Vasin
    Costume designer: Alena Nikolaeva
    Make-up artist: Ludmila Seregina
    Sound Director: Sergey Sokolov
    Composer: Pavel Karmanov
    Editor: Gleb Nikulskiy, Elena Andreeva
    Starring: Julia Aug, Elena Yatsko, Aksel Shrik, Gennady Garbuk, Olesya Pukhovaya
    Producer: Alexey Uchitel
    Production: Rock Films, BELARUSFILM with the support of the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography and the Belorussian Culture Ministry Cinematography Department
    Country of production: Russia, Belorussia
    Genre: Drama
    Time: 87 min

    Watch Online Free The Best Russian Movies:
    Dreaming of Space -
    Kill Stalin -
    The Romanovs -
    Trouble in Store -
    Night Swallows -
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    Once Upon a Time in Odessa -

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  • TOMBSTONE Clip - Doc Holiday meets Johnny Ringo Val Kilmer


    TOMBSTONE Clip - Doc Holiday meets Johnny Ringo (1993) Val Kilmer

    Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell) and his brothers, Morgan (Bill Paxton) and Virgil (Sam Elliott), have left their gunslinger ways behind them to settle down and start a business in the town of Tombstone, Ariz. While they aren't looking to find trouble, trouble soon finds them when they become targets of the ruthless Cowboy gang. Now, together with Wyatt's best friend, Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer), the brothers pick up their guns once more to restore order to a lawless land.
    Release date: December 24, 1993 (USA)
    Directors: George P. Cosmatos, Kevin Jarre

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    #Tombstone #ValKilmer #DocHoilday

  • Support Your Local Sheriff!


    James Garner stars in this rollicking western spoof that has him taking on the job of a frontier town sheriff who must fend off villains (led by Walter Brennen) from every direction...all without breaking a sweat or dirtying his shiny black boots!

  • Hidden Camera Captures A Young Sasquatch! | Finding Bigfoot


    The team goes to Virginia in order to investigate if a hunter has captured a young sasquatch with his hidden camera.

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  • Horrible, US Troops Blow Up TLB controlled Armory in Kabul


    US Troops Blow Up TLB-controlled Armory in Kabul

    TLB militants have fought American war planes and armoured vehicles with mostly Kalashnikovs, improvised explosives and ground missiles.

    #Aghanistan #Kabul #USarmoury

    But with the fall of Kabul they have a new armoury, and it's mostly care of the United States.

    The US spent billions supplying the Afghan military with the tools to defeat the TLB, but the rapid fall of Kabul and other major cities has left most of that weaponry.

  • Courage To Love Vanessa Williams ????


    In pre-Civil War New Orleans, Vanessa Williams portrays the African American daughter of a plantation owner. This inspiring true story of heroism and love illuminates the extraordinary life of Henriette Dalille, the first African-American saint. PG-13

    Director: Kari Skogland
    Stars: Vanessa Williams, Gil Bellows, Karen Williams

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  • What happened to Otto Warmbier in North Korea? | DW Documentary


    US student Otto Warmbier was sentenced to 15 years in a North Korean labor camp in 2016. Warmbier was released the following year, but he died of brain damage shortly after his return to the United States. Was he really the victim of torture?

    Otto Warmbier was sentenced to 15 years hard labor in 2016 after being convicted of attempting to steal a propaganda poster during a trip to Pyongyang. Just over a year on he was dead, having been sent home to the US in a vegetative state. US President Donald Trump tweeted that he had been tortured beyond belief in North Korea. The US president blamed both the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the Obama administration for Warmbier’s death - and Trump appeared before the media with the student’s parents. This was at the peak of the North Korean missile crisis. Later, as relations between Trump and Kim Jong Un became warmer, the US president changed his tune. In 2019 Trump said that he believed that Kim did not know what happened to the US student much to the consternation of Warmbier’s parents.

    What really happened to Otto Warmbier in North Korea? Veteran foreign correspondent Klaus Scherer sets out to try to find out. In the documentary, Scherer interviews a number of people with knowledge of the case who have been largely unheard up to now. He shows that a US court investigating a liability case against North Korea brought by Warmbier’s parents also ignored important witnesses, who continue to cast doubt on the torture allegations. These include the coroner in Cincinnati who examined Warmbier’s body. She believes that the account given by North Korean doctors is credible. They claim that Warmbier had inadvertently been given too high a dose of sedatives by prison staff. This, the medics say was the cause of his state of unresponsive wakefulness. Could Trump’s initial torture charges simply have been motivated by political opportunism?


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  • What Greta Thunberg does not understand about climate change | Jordan Peterson


    After listening to him I realized that we often take pleasure in criticizing the government and its because its easy. it's easier than working. things are complicated and if you can't help it then at least don't criticize.

    Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world - JP

    #climatechange #globalwarming #jordanpeterson #gretathunberg


    Jordan Peterson | Cambridge Union

    In full: Climate activist Greta Thunberg rebukes world leaders | A New Climate

  • Blaze Saves The Day Compilation! | Blaze and the Monster Machines


    30 Minute compilation of Blaze and his Monster Machine friends saving the day! Get ready for an action packed time as Blaze transforms to keep Axle City out of trouble!

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  • Harry Styles - Adore You


    Listen to Harry Styles’ new album ‘Fine Line’ now:

    Listen to “Adore You” now:

    Listen to “Watermelon Sugar” now:

    Listen to “Lights Up” now:


    Follow Harry Styles:

    Directed by Dave Meyers
    Written by Chris Shafer & Dave Meyers
    Starring Harry Styles
    Narration by Rosalía
    Score by Kid Harpoon
    Produced by Nathan Scherrer
    Line Produced by Jo Coombes, Ellen De Faux, & Tom Gardner
    Cinematographer Scott Cunningham
    Production Designer Laura Ellis Cricks
    Mr. Styles Styling by Harry Lambert
    Cast Styling by Verity May Lane
    Edited by Alyssa Oh
    Telecine Stefan Sonnenfeld
    VFX by Mathematic
    Sound Design Chris Afzal at Wave Studios
    Post Produced by Adam Parker & Nathan Scherrer
    Video Commissioner Bryan Younce

    A Freenjoy Production

    Full Stop Management
    Columbia Records
    Content Creative

    Audri Kenley
    LS Productions
    Entire cast and crew


    Walk in your rainbow paradise
    Strawberry lipstick state of mind
    I get so lost inside your eyes
    Would you believe it?

    You don’t have to say you love me
    You don’t have to say nothing
    You don’t have to say you’re mine

    I’d walk through fire for you
    Just let me adore you
    Oh honey
    I’d walk through fire for you
    Just let me adore you
    Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do
    Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do

    Your wonder under summer skies
    Brown skin and lemon over ice
    Would you believe it?

    You don't have to say you love me
    I just wanna tell you something
    Lately you’ve been on my mind

    I’d walk through fire for you
    Just let me adore you
    Oh honey
    I’d walk through fire for you
    Just let me adore you
    Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do
    Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do

    It’s the only thing I’ll ever do

    I’d walk through fire for you
    Just let me adore you
    Oh honey
    I’d walk through fire for you
    Just let me adore you
    Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do

    I’d walk through fire for you
    Just let me adore you
    Oh honey
    Oh honey

    I’d walk through fire for you
    Just let me adore you
    Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do

    #HarryStyles #AdoreYou #FineLine

  • You Wont Believe Who Jack The Ripper Is - New 2019 DNA Test Reveals His Identity



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  • The Untold Truth Of They Live


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    John Carpenter's 1988 opus They Live is a scathing indictment of capitalism and the culture of greed masquerading as a B movie about invading aliens. It stars professional wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper as a homeless laborer whose world is turned upside down when he finds a box of special sunglasses that allow the wearer to see the truth about subliminal messaging forcing humanity to OBEY. It’s one of Carpenter's greatest films, but grab a pair of Hoffman lenses for yourself to see the truth that even hardcore fans may not know about They Live...

    H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Nelson, and Richard Armitage | 0:33
    The Man With No Name | 1:43
    The most brutal brawl in cinema history | 2:39
    He's all out of bubblegum | 3:28
    Sticking it to Reagan | 4:15

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  • CGI 3D Animation Short Film HD POILUS by ISART DIGITAL | CGMeetup


    CGI 3D Animated Short Film POILUS by ISART DIGITAL. Featured on

    The “Poilus” are waiting to leave for the battlefield.
    Among them, Ferdinand, a young hare, is playing the harmonica.
    A whistling signal is given, the attack begins.
    It’s on the no man’s land that he first encounters his enemy, a horrible creature.

    Animated Short, Graduation Film, School : ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School

    3D Animation : Guillaume AUBERVAL, Léa DOZOUL, Simon GOMEZ, Timothé HEK, Hugo LAGRANGE, Antoine LAROYE and David LASHCARI
    Music & Sound Design : Aina ANDRIAN, Paul BARRET, Gabriel DALMASSO, Auriane FATON, Elio GERMANI and Lesly VERDEROSA

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    CGI 3D Animation Short Film HD POILUS by ISART DIGITAL | CGMeetup


  • When a former Nazi meets a Holocaust survivor


    What happens when a Holocaust survivor and former Hitler Youth Leader meet for the first time? Erika Jacoby, 89, and Ursula Martens, 88, find out.

    Video by Tess Cutler
    During their fateful meeting, special thanks to David Mower (videography) and Chelsea Cutler (interviewing).

    Read more:

  • This Brady Bunch Photo CANT be Unseen! | Crazy Brady Bunch Facts


    The Brady Bunch is one of the most beloved shows of all time.

    Do you think you know a lot about The Brady Bunch? Try our quiz and enter to win $500!
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    Check out some of the awesome Brady Bunch merch you can add to your memorabilia collection!

    This is thanks to the lovable cast, and specifically Marcia Brady, who remains one of the most recognized and favorite cast members. But, there's a lot of Brady Bunch action that went on behind the scenes without your knowledge. In this video, we're going to share some little-known Brady Bunch facts that might just change how you feel about the show. These Brady Bunch Photos, Brady Bunch bloopers and Brady Bunch secrets will surely have you coming back for more!
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  • GODZILLAS Atomic Breath vs ATTACK ON TITAN: Size Comparison 2021 | Godzilla Animation Cartoon


    GODZILLA'S Atomic Breath vs ATTACK ON TITAN: Size Comparison 2021 | Godzilla Animation Cartoon
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  • The Legend of Genji Explained



    While the brand new Avatar Studio project has been revealed by creators Michael Dante Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko, fan-made projects of what would follow The Legend of Korra have been popping up across the interwebs. Even here at CBR we’ve been exploring and expanding on the possibilities of future Avatars beyond the two canonical series. We’ve been through a few new bending powers like woodbending, and created a whole new tribe of elemental benders living peacefully with lion turtles somewhere at the east of the Avatar map.

    Today I want to introduce to you one project in particular that is ongoing, and looks quite promising: The Legend of Genji. Genji takes place after a tragedy struck Avatar Korra, when she saved the city of Ba Sing Se from an apocalyptic surge of spiritual energy. In the prologue to the new fan project, Korra prevented the city from literally exploding by using energybending and redirecting the energy skyward, which sadly ended up creating a blast that took her life. The slightly animated web comic series introduces the next Avatar in line: an earthbender, with a preference for sandbending, named Genji. When the series starts, he doesn’t know he’s the next Avatar, since the White Lotus believe they found the heir to Raava’s power in a young man named Yun.

    In today’s video I’ll go over the project, introduce its cool new characters, and finally start a discussion on the future of the Avatar franchise.

    00:00 Intro
    00:35 What isThe Legend of Genji?
    03:35 The Characters
    07:10 Avatar Studio and a Sandbender Avatar

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    Written by: AGV
    Narrated by: Justin Freitas @JustinFreitasVO
    Edited by: Umair G.

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  • The Innocent Girl | Drama Movies | Full Length Romantic Movie | English & Spanish & French Subtitles


    The Innocent Girl | Drama Movies | Full Length Romantic Movie | English & Spanish & French Subtitles
    Pao is a beautiful innocent girl. She always questions about what happens in her family: Why does her adoptive mother suddenly disappear by the stream? Why does not her biological mother live with her and her younger brother?
    On the journey to find the story of her life, Pao has also discovered her mothers secret...

    Director: Ngo Quang Hai

    Cast: Do Thi Hai Yen, Nhu Quynh, Do Hoa Thuy, Ly Thanh Kha

    Golden Kite Award of Vietnam Film Festival in 2006
    Special Award at the Asian Film Festival - Pacific in 2006
    The Silver Lotus Award at the 15th Vietnam Film Festival

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