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Watch Monty Roberts put first saddle, bridle and rider up in 30 minutes on Corona

  • Watch Monty Roberts put first saddle, bridle and rider up in 30 minutes on Corona


    While tracking wild mustangs in Nevada as a boy, Monty observed a nonverbal communication between the horses, a silent language he would later call Equus. Monty incorporates Equus into his nonviolent training approach called Join-Up®.

    Monty first developed Join-Up® to stop the cycle of violence typically accepted in traditional horse breaking. Convinced there must be a more effective and gentle method, Monty created these consistent set of principles using the horse's inherent methods of communication and herd behavior. The result is a willing partnership in which the horse's performance can flourish to its full potential, rather than exist within the boundaries of obedience. These principles are valuable tools to understanding what motivates horse behavior and increasing effectiveness in any application.

    Join-Up training methods are most simply expressed in the process of starting raw horses. Without the use of pain or force the trainer persuades a raw horse to accept a saddle, bridle and rider. Working in a round pen, one begins Join-Up® by making large movements and noise as a predator would and begins driving the horse to run away. She then gives the horse the option to flee or Join-Up®. Through body language, the trainer will ask, Will you pay me the respect due to a herd leader and join and follow me? The horse will respond with predictable herd behavior: by locking an ear on her, then by licking and chewing and dropping his head in a display of trust. The exchange concludes with the trainer adopting passive body language, turning her back on the horse and without eye contact, invites him to come close. Join-Up occurs when the animal willingly chooses to be with the human and walks toward her accepting her leadership and protection. This process of communication through behavior and body language and mutual concern and respect, can be a valuable tool to strengthen all other work with horses.

    Experienced horse people, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, have called Monty's method incredible. Two-time, World's Greatest Horseman winner, Ron Ralls uses Monty's methods in the foundation for his training work as well.
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  • Monty Roberts explains Join-Up® with Equus, the horse


    Watch as Monty points out the gestures of communication in the horse's language, Equus, somewhat like signing for the deaf. Often called the original Horse Whisperer, Monty Roberts has demonstrated these methods since the 1940s but was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II in 1989 for his lifetime body of work. His autobiography The Man Who Listens to Horses (1996) became a New York Times bestseller and remained there for 58 weeks.

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  • Equine Affaire Educational Program - Monty Roberts performs Join-Up with a Wild Horse


    Equine Affaire exclusive clinic with world renowned Monty Roberts performing Join-Up with a wild horse.

  • Monty Roberts young horse breaking Equitana 2019


    Monty Roberts training a young horse at Equitana 2019, using his famous Join Up method.

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  • Monty Roberts 86th birthday riding Nice Chrome


    Freedom of Choice in Learning

    Horses will always seek a safe place. — Monty Roberts

    The concept of choice is the heart of my training system. Horses will always seek a safe place, and once you understand this basic tenant of what motivates horses, which is survival, you can set up training situations that allow the horse to learn through freedom of choice.

    One should never force the horse, but allow the horse a choice. It is not right to say “you must” to the horse, but to request. Using my methods, it is absolutely essential that the horses are allowed to move of their own free will. For example, I use a Dually Halter to encourage the horse to stay with me, but I do not restrain it by tying. In every way I attempt to treat the horse in such a way so that I cause as little elevation of adrenaline as possible.

    Let’s take, for instance, the number one remedial problem on earth, where horses are concerned. Every horseman has experienced a time when it seemed impossible to get a horse to load on a trailer (float). Wherever I go on the face of this earth, I will find people agonizing over this issue.

    More than ninety percent of the horsemen of the world feel that they can pound a horse into submission. They are of the opinion that they can frighten the horse sufficiently so that he chooses the trailer rather than the whip. The fact is, they do. It takes a good deal of time, stresses the relationship the person has with the horse and usually leaves them in an unhappy state.

    In demonstrations, I show people that, with the use of their language and an intrinsic approach, requesting instead of demanding that the horse enter the trailer I can usually accomplish this procedure in a matter of a few minutes. When completed, the horse chooses to load himself and is in a contented frame of mind.
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  • Groundwork for Horses - The First Thing I Teach


    Groundwork for Horses -The First Thing I Teach | In this video, I would like to share with you the first thing I teach my horses on the ground. This is used every time I do groundwork. It is used in groundwork exercises for young horses, groundwork exercises for spooky horses and I even use it in groundwork games for horses. Groundwork for horses is a part of basic horse training and something you should take the time to learn.

    Don't forget to download my FREE guide - 3 Principles to help you train your horse with ease. You will find it here -

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  • How to Clean Saddles Bridles, and Tack for Trail Riders


    How to clean saddles, bridles, bits, and other leather horse tack. Trail riders depend on their gear and maintenance doesn't have to be hard.

  • The Movement 2019 April 29-30 featuring Monty Roberts + 7 presenters


    A journey with horses to learn how mindfulness and horses help us better learn, lead and live better!
    in Solvang CA. Mon-Tues.
    Join us for a one of a kind experience, long term effects and goosebumps included.
    Whether it’s a clinical science trial, a training method or individual interactions, non-violent communication and a mindful approach are essential to build trust and significantly improve all aspects of relationships. We will explore the unique power of mindfulness and the unique power of horses during two days of keynote presentations from outstanding speakers, live demonstrations with horses and meaningful discussions and discoveries. Whether you are a horse expert or you never interact with horses: We promise you will love what you will bring back into your life - and so will your friends (human and equine), family, peers and team members.
    Presenters are:
    Monty Roberts, horse trainer, Join-Up concept founder
    William Miller Ph.D., Co-Founder Motivational Interviewing, author
    Kris Robins, Motivational Interviewing Trainer, Veterans Program
    Dr. Veronica Fowler, Research Principal Investigator
    Dave Mochel, Mindfulness Coach, TED Talk contributor
    Christy Counts, President The Right Horse Initiative
    Dr. Robert Miller, DVM Founder of Foal Imprint Training
    James Oliver, award winning photographer, veteran, addiction counselor

  • What to do when riding a horse that gets out of control


    This clip is from the retraining of an explosive 17.1 hand Andalusian. This is the start of the first ride after going through all the groundwork, and is posted here in response to the question What do you do on an out of control horse?

    Warwick has hundreds of FULL LENGTH, real time training sessions done with a variety of breeds and disciplines. You can train your own horse!

    Listen to The Journey On Podcast with Warwick Schiller, a conversation about horse training and personal development and the journeys that life takes us on. Listen on:

    Our Website:


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  • 2021 The Movement with Katie Cunningham


    Katie Cunningham Pokorny is a British Ex-Pat who is a life long equine enthusiast and advocate for human and animal welfare.
    In 2012 Katie was awarded a certificate by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth for her efforts to reduce violence in the training of horses in Guatemala. This acknowledgment led to the creation of Lead-Up International, Affiliate Program of Join-Up International.
    Katie is Co-Founder of Lead-Up International, a certified Lead-Up Instructor, Program Manager of Lead-Up Guatemala and temporary Program Manager of Lead-Up International. Katie is also Co-Founder of Lead-Up Vocational Program and Head of Communications for Champions Cafe Guatemala. on the non-profit Lead-Up program

  • How to make a horse a friend. One cowboys partnership with horses


    Jimmy Anderson, a cowboy and colt-starting champion, says that this meeting of minds between humans and horses is key. “Horses are really amazing at how much they will be a partner. They try a crazy amount, and I want to try that same amount back for them.” #TheNatureOfThings #Equus

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    We know that horses are social creatures and recent research shows that they use up to 17 different facial expressions to communicate with each other. We’ve also discovered that they’re able to interpret the expressions in our faces, which enables them to form bonds with humans.

    Anderson doesn’t believe in breaking horses; instead he “starts” them. In Equus: Story of The Horse, we see Anderson work his magic with Shiver, an “unbroke” two-year-old colt. Within a single morning, Anderson puts a saddle on Shiver, climbs on without any bucking, and takes him for a ride.

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  • How to Gun Break a Horse


    Double 6 Ranch's Open Forum: Gun Breaking Horses. SAFETY FIRST! If you don't have firearms experience, please get someone who does. We advise using blank-fire first before progressing to live ammunition. We hope this video helps you in the process of gun breaking!

    We provide this video as informational only; Double 6 Ranch is not responsible for negligence on viewers' part.

  • Saddle a horse for the first time.


    Craig Cameron on introducing the saddle to a horse.

  • Clinton Anderson: Foal Training - Downunder Horsemanship


    Horse trainer Clinton Anderson is a firm believer about working with young horses and earning their trust and respect from the get-go.Subscribe to our channel In this training session, you'll learn all about his approach to training foals, weanlings and yearlings and how the right start ensures a fun, enjoyable partnership between you and your horse.

    Learn more about Clinton's approach to horsemanship and the Downunder Horsemanship Method on our website

  • Riding Your Young Horse for the First Time


    Craig Cameron walks you through the steps of riding your young horse for the first time.

  • Horse Training - First Ride, First Mount, Difficult Horse


    Horse first ride, saddling, mounting, and riding. Watch as our trainer takes Tell through the numerous steps of setting him up for a successful first ride. Tell is an 11 year old Appaloosa Thoroughbred 17HH who needed a restart after he had become very complex and dangerous. Trainer: Remount Horsemanship Pittsboro, NC

    Check out this great read on ways to become a better natural horseman

    Help Make Tell a better horse:

    Yanasa Ama Ranch formerly the Rankin Ranch of NC is a family Homestead in North Carolina.

  • Monty Roberts Mindful Dressage with Steffen Peters Equus Online U


    Monty Roberts, Steffen Peters and Legolas share top tips on Monty's Equus Online FUNiversity in Del Mar, California

    Harmonious training is possible if we remove pain and force. Breakthrough performance can be achieved without breaking spirits - horses or people. Please share this free daypass to my Equus Online University

  • First Steps To Starting Your Horse, How To Start Your Horse In A Safe and Progressive Manner


    Find Jack Lieser at an event near you!



    In this video I show you how to properly saddle and bridle a horse western style. I hope you guys learned something new!

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  • Saddle Breaking a Young Horse


    In this video, I show you how I put a saddle on a horse that's never had anything on their back!

    Hi there! ???? I'm Carmella. I’ve been obsessed with horses for as long as I can remember, and I make videos about all things horse training, horseback riding, and living an equestrian lifestyle. New videos are uploaded EVERY WEEK so subscribe now for more horse videos.

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  • Kelly Marks and Jim Goddard - First rider


    Watch as horse trainer Kelly Marks and Recommended Trainer Jim Goddard work with a young horse
    Filmed by Simon Palmer - Into the Lens

  • Veterans Thank Monty Roberts and the horses


    Monty Roberts has a program for Veterans with stress injuries he calls Horse Sense and Soldiers based on the work he has done all his life helping horses, and people, to better manage stress, communication and trust. Monty calls it Join-Up®. Our heroes are applauding this breakthrough therapy. See more at and

  • Chancer experiences his first saddle, bridle and long lines TRAILER


    This is a trailer for a video which can be found here
    - -

    Equine behaviourist Laira Gold introduces Chancer to his first saddle, bridle and long lines using the principles of Monty Roberts' training. Chancer quickly learns that the 'sweet spot' is at the centre of the round pen. He also finds out what life is like on the perimeter, when Laira sends him off with body language that imitates a predator. After successfully 'joining up', Chancer is swiftly saddled, bridled and prepared for long-lining. Within minutes, he has learned to drive and turn on command and has given Laira the four key gestures she is looking for. This effective demonstration of natural horsemanship contains many useful ideas!

  • Spooky to the MAX


    Max doesn't do plastic and definitely WON'T do clippers.How can MAX go from super-spooky to accepting the buzzing clippers in less than an hour? Its not magic - its Equus. Join me and learn their language at or in California live March 4-8 on Flag Is Up Farms. Depressa! Viagem para a Califórnia para aprender com Monty Março 4-8 2014 Hospedado e tradução Português ao longo
    or live in England or Germany

  • Promise - First Saddle, Bridle & Rider


    Watch through Anna's eyes with the exclusive Reach Out to Horse's Trainer's-Cam as the inspirational horse, Promise, has her first ride with Helen Dryland. Despite her physical condition and impaired vision she accepts her first rider in only 30 minutes!

  • Monty Roberts and Chester


    Free Emailed Monty's Training Tips: In this video clip, Monty trains Chester, a horse who is terrified of bicycles, and helps him overcome his fear.

  • MONTY ROBERTS live --- Equitana März 2019


    Trailer zur Live Show auf der Equitana im März 2019

  • How to Fit a Dressage Saddle


    It's important to fit a dressage saddle properly on a horse because it has a direct effect on the progress of a rider's training. Discover why a saddle needs to be fit gently on a dressage horse with helpful advice in this video on horse training and dressage.

  • Tara Jones-- Valencia Under Saddle- The First Steps


    Tara Jones from Pieceful Solutions is putting her mare Valencia under saddle for the first time. Watch as she demonstrates how she goes through the steps.

  • Monty Roberts - Dirty Starter with the Ardall Rider - Horseworld, Sydney


    Read the full article in the September issue of The Stable Magazine - Australia's FREE Online Horse magazine -

    'Dirty Starter' - with his first rider - the Ardall!

  • How to Train a Horse to Stop Bucking


    How to Train a Horse to Stop Bucking. Part of the series: Horse Training. Training a horse to stop bucking requires completing progressive exercises in the round pen using lunge lines and a saddle before ever riding him. Help a horse adjust to the idea of being ridden with tips from a professional horse trainer in this free video on training horses. Read more:

  • Whats in a Name? A horse called Lunatic


    Lunatic goes from being suspicious of everything around him to trusting Monty with tarpaulins. Monty introduces his training technique for spooky horses he calls Centaur Man. Find out how Monty helps this horse during his demonstration in Berlin, Germany.

  • First saddle Indy


  • The Round Pen


    Tony Eyler talks about using the Round Pen.

  • Monty Roberts Willing Partners™ Celebrity SugarDaddy for sale


    Born in 2009, Celebrity SugarDaddy is a grullo roan Quarter Horse gelding. He was started in training at Flag Is Up Farm using Monty's force-free horsemanship methods, and he is part of the Willing Partners™ Program.
    For those interested in owning a Willing Partners™ horse for pure riding pleasure, our training covers the graduates accepting pigs, goats, sheep, llama, deer, tarpaulins and hundreds of scary, spooky objects, as well as be a trained driving horse for carriages and other vehicles.
    In order to accomplish all of these requirements, we have trainers who are experienced, gentle and whom Monty oversees as the horses progress. Monty continually suggests further training challenges that demand many months to complete. Most graduates have logged over 30 months of training to accomplish relaxed and safe individuals throughout the testing procedures mentioned above.
    Feel free to come and see the horses at Flag Is Up Farms and get to know the extent to which we work to achieve our intended goals. We care about our horses, but most of all we care about the people who will ultimately enjoy them. We have gained a reputation for excellence through word of mouth. For contact information and directions to Monty and Pat's farm:

  • Monty Roberts and Freddie the non-loader at Hartpury College


    Monty Roberts and Freddie the non-loader at Hartpury College (2013)

    Please visit my website/blog for full description:

  • Handling the Spooking Horse


    Charles helps rider Alana to work through her horse's fear and flight reaction to an obstacle in the arena.

  • How to Introduce a Horse to Saddling - Horse Training Series #11


    Shop Horse Stall Mats Now:

    See the complete Horse Training Series:

    When looking to saddle your horse for the first time follow these tips from 2017 Greatmats National Horse Trainer of the Year Kelly Murphy-Alley
    - Go Slow and Play it Safe
    - Introduce the Pad
    - Secure the Girth
    - Secure the Back Cinch
    - Secure the Breast Collar

    #GreatHorseTraining #BeGreat

  • Monty Roberts Demonstration Join-Up - First Saddle


    A demonstration clip from the Monty Roberts UK Tour at Brooksby College, Leicestershire on 17th February 2006. This clip shows Monty working with a pony and he has just put the pony's first saddle on, very excited pony!!

  • MREM Talks - Monty Roberts - The real Horse Whisperer


    A talk with Monty Roberts, the 82 year old american cowboy considered by many the best horse trainer in the world. A conversation about success, mistakes, goals and life lessons.

  • Monty Roberts talks about the Ardall Safety Rider


    This revolutionary new product will transform the lives of the riders and trainers who use it, and of the horses they command. Designed to resemble a human torso, the Ardall is simply mounted onto the back of an untrained horse (or of a horse that has not been ridden for some time) to gently accustom the horse to the sensation of being ridden.

    The Ardall also brings an added dimension to the training of performance horses by emulating for them the sensation of being ridden during the long-reining and lunging processes. Robust and re-usable, the Ardall is the sure way to eliminate danger and stress from the training of horses and to ensure safety at all times

  • PROMO: Monty Roberts Interview


    Monty Roberts is a world-renown promoter of natural horsemanship training. His book The Man Who Listens to Horses has sold over six million copies. Laurie Hood encourages Monty to reflect on his lifetime of accomplishments promoting non-violence, asks him what it's like to chat with the Queen of England on a regular basis, and talks to Monty about having been a father figure to James Dean.

    For more information go to:

  • How to saddle and bridle a horse


    For agriscience modules

  • First Days Ride


    Ray Ainsworth demonstrates his approach to the First Day's Ride, as part of his No Nonsense Horsemanship program. The horse is a two-year Appaloosa Philly.

  • Mara Leme Martins conversa com Monty Roberts


  • 4 Common Signs Your Saddle Does Not Fit


    Want More Resources?

    1 – Get the book I referenced in the video above, The Pain Free Back and Saddle Fit Book by Dr. Joyce Harman. Click Here to view on Amazon

    2 – Read this article from Angelo Telatin on how to work through girthy behavior through training.

    2 – Watch horses that I have in training here at the farm, and how I work through identifying and solving behavior problems.

    Check Out Training Journals for real training sessions, horse care mini courses, and more! Click Here to Learn More:

  • From Monty Roberts and mustang Shy Boy for children!


    TWO children's books written from the perspective of the little American mustang adopted by Monty: SHY BOY. He loves children and wants to share his experiences of being born and raised in the wild western United States.
    The Little American Mustang is for ages 3-8
    I'm Shy Boy: Here's My Story is for ages 9 and up and for all horse lovers!

  • Horse Whisperer Monty Roberts


    For more information contact

  • Blushing ET - Monty Roberts


    Monty Roberts Equus Horse Training

  • How To Put On A Western Saddle


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