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Watch What Happened 10 Minutes After the Dinosaurs Disappeared

  • Watch What Happened 10 Minutes After the Dinosaurs Disappeared


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    And, here you are. On Earth. 66 million years ago. It’s one of the warmest periods in the planet’s history. There are no icecaps yet – everything is lush and green. Dinosaurs roam the Earth. Massive sauropods peacefully chew on flowering plants and trees, their young ones following closely by their side. But what is that bright spot in the sky? It grows bigger, brighter. This is the asteroid! Little do the great reptiles know: today marks the beginning of one of the largest mass extinction events in Earth’s history – ¾ of life on our planet will be wiped out...

    So what happened after the asteroid hit the Earth 66 years ago? The cosmic monster falling toward the Earth was the size of Mount Everest. At least 6 miles wide and weighing 460 trillion tons, the meteor was coming in hot…and fast. 12 miles per second, heading right for the Yucatan Peninsula in present-day Mexico. At that speed, it could travel from LA to New York in under 4 minutes!


    5 seconds before impact 0:55
    Impact 1:31
    5 minutes after impact 3:53
    10 hours after impact 4:08
    1 month after impact 4:22
    What’s left in the wake 5:41
    Did they have a fighting chance? 6:50
    Could humanity survive a meteorite impact like that? 7:54

    Music by Epidemic Sound

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  • What happened In The First Minutes After The Dinosaurs Disappeared?


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  • What If the Asteroid Had Been 10 Seconds Late


    You wake up because the ground is shaking. Ah, nothing new - a Diplodocus has just passed by your house. You look out of the window - oh, no! Nope, you haven't somehow come round in Jurassic Park. That's what your life would’ve been if the asteroid had hit Earth just several seconds later.

    Yep, the very asteroid that collided with our planet about 65 million years ago, causing havoc across the globe and wiping dinosaurs out. It turns out that if this asteroid had fallen a mere 10 seconds later, you wouldn't recognize Earth these days. Let's see what your day in this new (even though only for you) world would look like!

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    Your vision would be much sharper 0:48
    How about a pet dino? ???? 1:36
    Many animals didn't appear at all! 3:29
    Dinosaurs with a surprisingly big brain 5:03
    No dairy products in supermarkets ???? 5:58
    That ill-fated asteroid 7:26

    #asteroid #dinosaurs #brightside

    - Dinos had a color vision, and it was more difficult for them to blend in. Most dinos were multicolored, which helped them to hide in the environment they lived in.
    - But dinos being so great at camouflaging themselves made human vision much sharper. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to notice well-disguised animals.
    - In the real world, before the asteroid hit Earth, the biggest part of the planet was covered with tropical forests. Vegan dinosaurs roaming there were huge, slow, and clumsy.
    - In our imaginary world, the asteroid let dinosaurs live to see the in nutritious plants evolve into something much better — flowering plants, berries, and fruit.
    - They were becoming smaller and smaller until a big part of them moved to live on trees and started to drink nectar.
    - People managed to tame some of these miniature animals — that's where the pet you found under your bed comes from!
    - By following their evolutionary route, dinos prevented mammals from evolving and developing. That's why in the dino-world, people appeared much later than in our real world.
    - Even though the asteroid was several seconds late, the planet was developing pretty much in the same way. As for the hoofed animals, mammals, and most predators that live on our planet today, they didn't appear at all.
    - There are tiny dinos that spend most of their time in holes and burrows, just like our moles and lizards. Some dinosaurs lost their plumage and grew fur.
    - You can't help but notice some other difference between life in our world and the one in the world full of dinosaurs. For example, since there are no cows and other hoofed animals, and dinos can't produce milk, there are no dairy products in supermarkets.
    - By crashing into Earth, the asteroid caused an abrupt temperature drop and the disappearance of three-fourths of all animal species that were living on our planet at that time.
    - But if the asteroid had fallen several seconds later, it would have landed in the deep ocean. The water would have taken the edge off the collision, and the hit wouldn't have had such dramatic consequences.
    - It hit the ground at the speed of 20 miles per second and blew clouds of dust, soil, and rocks into the air. This debris not only went up to the upper layers of the atmosphere but also reached space.
    - Sea inhabitants were more protected from the disastrous after-effects of the collision. But not for long. Plankton couldn't live without sunlight, and when it disappeared, small fish that fed on it didn't survive either.
    - Those animals who were hibernating during the moment of impact or lived in burrows survived, but they also had a hard time trying to fend off hunger.

    Music by Epidemic Sound

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  • First Minutes After the Dinosaurs Disappeared


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    You probably remember the popular children's animated series The Land Before Time, about a group of little dinosaur friends looking for the Great Valley after a major earthquake. In ancient times, natural disasters happened much more often than today, and at some point they put an end to the whole race of giant reptiles. This happened 66 million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous period. It was then that dinosaurs, as well as sea reptiles and flying lizards, completely disappeared from the face of the Earth. But do you know what happened after they went extinct? If not, you've found the right place: today we will be looking into that.

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  • Watch What Happened 10 Minutes After the Biggest Eruption Ever


    It happened around 8.7 million years ago. All of a sudden, vast grasslands started to open. Clouds of volcanic gas and ash covered the sky. Flows of lava streamed down the hills and across the plains. Within minutes, black volcanic glass started to rain from above, wiping out animals, crushing plants. It didn't take long before the land caved in, opening giant pits filled with red-hot magma.

    It was the greatest eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano. This giant, which is actually one of the largest active volcanic systems on the planet, wasn't named SUPERvolcano for nothing. Spreading deep underground and extending for hundreds of miles, supervolcanoes are complicated structures. Experts are still unsure what processes can trigger these fire-breathing monsters and lead to super eruptions.


    A year before the super eruption 2:37
    What was happening right before the disaster 3:48
    The most dangerous consequences of the eruption 5:04
    The most recent super eruption 6:36
    What's hiding under Yellowstone Park 7:58
    Does it present any danger these days? 9:17

    Music by Epidemic Sound

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  • What Happened to Asteroid After It Wiped Out Dinosaurs


    We all know that an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs long time ago. But what happed to It afterwards? Why can't we see parts of that asteroid in any museum?
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  • Dinosaurs Can Come Back in the Near Future


    Could the dinosaurs ever come back? The idea that people could bring dinosaurs back someday is both exciting and scary. But it's no joke. Your childhood dream of a real-life Jurassic Park could actually come true in 30 years! And, yes, scientists were initially inspired by the famous movie. They wanted to find a mosquito stuck in amber and extract dinosaur DNA from it.

    But real-world scientists came across a big problem: the oldest DNA sample they were able to get was only 1 million years old. “Only” because all the dinosaurs went extinct some 65 million years ago! So instead of looking for dinosaur DNA hanging out in the belly of an ancient mosquito, they decided to take DNA from the closest descendants of these reptilian giants.

    Closest descendants of dinosaurs 0:39
    Mini-tyrannosaurus! 1:40
    Will a world shared with dinosaurs be cool? 2:34
    Why we couldn’t let them live free in the wild 3:51
    What if the dinosaurs had never disappeared? 4:27

    #dinosaurs #giants #brightside

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    Who Is the Largest on Earth?

    Music by Epidemic Sound

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  • What exactly killed the Dinosaurs? + more videos | #aumsum #kids #science #education #children


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    Most people believe that an asteroid killed all dinosaurs, but that wasn’t the only reason. Dinosaurs were already declining due to volcanism, far before the asteroid impact. Super volcanic eruptions spewed out lava, dust, soot and various gases into the atmosphere. This triggered a drastic climate change, slowly reducing the dinosaur count.

    Then, around 66 million years ago, a 6-mile-wide asteroid crashed into the earth in Yucatán Peninsula.

    How do we know?

    Scientists found a layer in rocks, called K-PG boundary. It is rich in Iridium. Iridium isn’t found on earth’s surface, but is abundant in asteroids, proving that an asteroid crashed the earth. This caused large rocks to blast into the air and fall back as molten rocks. Huge tsunamis worsened the condition, eventually making dinosaurs extinct.

  • Experience the Disaster that Wiped Out Dinosaurs


    When the dinosaur-killing asteroid struck Earth, most of the impact energy was directed outwards and upwards into space. Only 1% of the force traveled down into the ground, but it was enough to ring the planet like a bell and wipeout species around the globe. Only those creatures able to seek shelter from the intense heat on the surface survived.

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  • What Really Killed The Dinosaurs | BBC Earth


    We explore the question of what really killed the dinosaurs.


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    Wild Thailand:

    Welcome to BBC EARTH! The world is an amazing place full of stories, beauty and natural wonder. Here you'll find 50 years worth of astounding, entertaining, thought-provoking and educational natural history content. Dramatic, rare, and exclusive, nature doesn't get more exciting than this.

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  • What If Dinosaurs Were Still Alive Today?


    About 66 million years ago an asteroid the size of Mount Everest traveling at 45,000 miles per hour hit what is now the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. We can’t change the past, but still: what if that asteroid had missed? What would the Earth look like today if dinosaurs were still alive?
    Some scientists say that the dinosaurs’ numbers had already been steadily declining for thousands of years before the asteroid hit, so they may have died out on their own without a mass extinction event. Still, the environment might not have suited early mammal populations, and they might not have been able to adapt quickly enough.

    Background info on Earth in times of the dinosaurs 1:38
    What happened after the asteroid fall 2:44
    What if all of that didn’t happen? 7:00
    What would happen if the dinosaurs hadn’t gone extinct? 7:58

    Music: End of Time . Ugonna Onyekwe
    Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (by Mozart) . Mozart

    -Dinosaurs existed in the late Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods during the Mesozoic era, which encompassed 180 million years. Earth at that time had a very warm climate with mild seasonal changes and no polar ice. The supercontinent Pangea had only just started to break down into smaller land masses that would millions of years later become the seven continents we know today.
    -This infamous asteroid, basically an enormous space rock, became a fireball when confronted with friction and gravity in the Earth’s atmosphere, and it collided with a force of 100 million megatons. Smaller species living in the western hemisphere were able to survive the heat it all caused underground. But the big guys, like the triceratops and t-rex, were baked alive.
    -The asteroid could’ve continued on its path without getting sucked in by the Earth’s gravitational pull, missing the planet completely, and letting the dinosaurs live out the rest of their natural lives in peace.
    -In the purely hypothetical situation where dinosaurs never went extinct, their brains would’ve continued to adapt and evolve along with their bodies. Some scientists say that the dinosaurs’ numbers had already been steadily declining for thousands of years before the asteroid hit, so they may have died out on their own without a mass extinction event.

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  • Experts Drilled Into the Crater That Killed the Dinosaurs and Made an Incredible Discovery.


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    chicxulub crater

  • How Asteroids Really Killed The Dinosaurs - Part 2 | Last Day Of The Dinosaurs


    Did you know that if the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs from the face of the Earth would have hit another location, they may still be alive? The shallow waters of the Gulf Of Mexico instantly vaporized as the asteroid hit, causing absolute destruction. This was the Last Day Of The Dinosaurs.

    Asteroid Day is celebrated every year on the 30th of June.

    Watch Part 1 here:

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  • The Day the Mesozoic Died: The Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs — HHMI BioInteractive Video


    Ever wonder why the dinosaurs disappeared? HHMI BioInteractive investigates the cause of the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period—and the clues come from paleontology, chemistry, physics, and biology.

    This three-act film tells the story of the extraordinary detective work that solved one of the greatest scientific mysteries of all time. Explore the fossil evidence of these prehistoric animals, and other organisms that went extinct, through this lively educational video.

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  • Last days of Dinosaurs


    Here's a look at what might have caused the extinction of Dinosaurs approximately 65 million years ago.

  • How Dinosaurs became Extinct | Dinosaur Extinction | Dinosaurs video


    Let's learn about How Dinosaurs became Extinct with this video.

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  • Extinction of Dinosaurs Documentary


  • What happened In The First Minutes After The Dinosaurs Disappeared? In Telugu | KranthiVlogger



    What happened In The First Minutes After The Dinosaurs Disappeared? In Telugu | KranthiVlogger

  • How Asteroids Really Killed The Dinosaurs - Part 1 | Last Days of the Dinosaurs


    In the clip from Last Days of the Dinosaur we learn how the asteroids really killed the dinosaurs...

    Asteroid Day is celebrated every year on the 30th of June.

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  • Why the Dinosaurs’ Extinction is an Ongoing Puzzle | Nat Geo Explores


    Dinosaurs ruled the world for roughly 140 million years—until they suddenly disappeared. While decades of research point to an asteroid impact at Chicxulub crater as the end of the dinosaurs' reign 66 million years ago, scientists weren't always so sure what happened to these mesmerizing creatures. Theories varied wildly throughout the twentieth century as the field of paleontology grew, but it wasn't until the 1980s that one theory emerged as a major breakthrough in the extinction mystery. Today's scientists continue to piece together the puzzle with discoveries that give us a clearer picture of what happened to the dinosaurs.
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    Why the Dinosaurs’ Extinction is an Ongoing Puzzle | Nat Geo Explores

    National Geographic

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  • How a Meteor Killed the Dinosaurs and How we Know it Happened


    In the Cretaceous rock layer 66 million years ago fossils of non avian dinosaurs are abundant but then after it, in the blink of a geological eye they had all but vanished and in the following period the Palaeogene, mammals were much larger and more diverse. It is common knowledge now that the cause of this dinosaur disappearance was a giant meteor the size of a mountain, but how was this actually found out. And how did it change the earth in such a long and far reaching way.

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  • 10 Dinosaurs Caught on Camera in Real Life



    Are you ready for some mystery? No, today we're not going to discuss the existence of UFOs or see some ghosts caught on camera. We've prepared something much better for you. Have you ever thought that dinosaurs could have lived until today? Yeah, it does sound scary and unreal, but some people managed to catch these ancient lizards on tape. Or maybe they just leveled up their editing skills… Anyway, it's up to you to decide whether these videos are real or not. So, here are 10 dinosaurs caught on camera

  • How Modern Animals Would Look As Dinosaurs ????????


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    A huge weird-looking animal runs out of the bushes and straight toward you! It's....a dinosaur dog! The playful (but still toothy!) thing is jumping around, wagging its long scaly tail, and barking at you. Do you pet it? ???? Imagine a world where cats, dogs, rabbits, all the animals of today are dinosaur versions of themselves! T-Rex becomes Bird-Rex, Pterodactyl now has the regal grace of a Swan, and plenty more! ????????????


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  • What If Dinosaurs Never Went Extinct?


    How cool would it be to see a real life T-Rex? If only that one fatal asteroid never hit Earth.

    Would dinosaurs still be alive today? Would they have evolved? Would humans have survived this long? Could we ever learn to co-exist?

    Until 66 million years ago, dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes roamed the Earth. Intelligent, adaptable, and sometimes weighing as much as two jetplanes, it’s hard to believe that it only took one rock to wipe them all out. Of course, this was no ordinary rock.

    Sources and more:
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  • How The Dinosaurs Died


    66 million years ago an asteroid hit the planet. Now an expedition is underway to drill 1500m into the crater it created - the Chicxulub asteroid impact crater, aiming to unearthing the secrets that killed the dinosaurs.

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  • What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?


    What wiped out the dinosaurs? Most of us were taught it was a killer asteroid—which is true. But it turns out there was more than one disaster movie playing at the cineplex that was Earth 66 million years ago.

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  • Guns N Roses - Estranged


    Music video by Guns N' Roses performing Estranged. (C) 1993 Guns N' Roses under exclusive license to Geffen Records

  • Our Planet | From Deserts to Grasslands | FULL EPISODE | Netflix


    Experience our planet's natural beauty and examine how climate change impacts all living creatures in this ambitious documentary of spectacular scope.

    In this episode: Cameras follow desert elephants seeking sustenance, bison roaming North American grasslands and caterpillars living the good life underground.

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    Our Planet | From Deserts to Grasslands | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

  • Down by the Bay + More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs - CoComelon


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  • Down By The Bay | + More Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs


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    Down By The Bay is a super fun, and super silly, song for kids. Come sing along, and then enjoy many more of our most popular children's songs and nursery rhymes.

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  • Dinosaurs for Kids | Learn about Dinosaur History, Fossils, Dinosaur Extinction and more!


    Dinosaurs for Kids is a fun and comprehensive look at dinosaur history. In this video we highlight the various kinds of dinosaurs, talk about how they receive their names, famous dinosaur fossils, and we talk about the people who find dinosaur fossils: Paleontologists.

    We think that one of the most fascinating creatures to ever roam the Earth was the dinosaur. You most likely have heard of dinosaurs, seen pictures of them on TV or the Internet, or may have seen their bones in a museum. Dinosaurs are an interesting group of animals that no longer exist, meaning they are extinct. Dinosaurs evolved, meaning they changed, over millions of years.

    In this dinosaur for kids video we also talk about how the dinosaurs’ extinction took place about 66 million years ago and 75% of all life on Earth died. There are many theories or guesses as to what may have happened leading to the extinction. They include worldwide volcanic eruptions, changes in the Earth’s climate, or perhaps a meteorite from space smashing into the Earth.

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  • Queen - Another One Bites the Dust


    Taken from The Game, 1980 and Greatest Video Hits 1.

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    Queen - Another One Bites the Dust (Official Video)

  • FlightReacts Watch What Happened 10 Minutes After the Dinosaurs Disappeared!


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  • What Happened Right After The Dinosaurs Disappeared?


    About 66 millions of years ago, at the end of the cretaceous period, the planet lost its dinosaurs. 
    But how did dinosaurs went extinct?
    Of course, this happened because of a global catastrophe, but do you know what happened right after the mass extinction?
    If we could go back in time for a while, we would find a world completely different than we're used to thinking today: we would find a planet that was almost destroyed by a meteor strike.A suffering planet. A desolate planet.
    The same planet that learnt how to get back on track.
    Our planet Earth.

    Follow me on this journey back to 66 millions of years ago, to find out what happened in the first minutes after the dinosaurs disappeared: I promise you'll be amazed.
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    The Mesozoic (middle life) is one of three geologic eras of the Phanerozoic Eon, preceded by the Paleozoic (ancient life) and succeeded by the Cenozoic (new life). The era is subdivided into three major periods: the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous, which are further subdivided into a number of epochs and stages. 
    A HUGE ASTEROID COME AND CRUSHED INTO THE EARTH (even if scientists still argue about this).
    It might be the size of the city of Washington DC.
    Such a collision couldn't pass without a trace: the world changed in an instant.
    This is how dinosaurs died.
    Actually, around 75% of Earth's animals, including dinosaurs, suddenly died out at the same point in time. 
    So how was it all caused by a rock hurtling into the coast of Central America? 
    Let's explain it in a better way.
    The asteroid hit at high velocity and effectively vaporised.
    A huge blast wave and heatwave went out and it threw vast amounts of material up into the atmosphere.
    Like dominos, this trailed up the food chain, causing the ecosystem to collapse.
    The reduction in plant life had a huge impact on herbivores' ability to survive, which in turn meant that carnivores would also have suffered from having less food available.
    The blame can't solely rest on the asteroid. Before its crash landing, Earth was experiencing a period of climate change. This was making things harder for life on our planet.
    CHAPTER V: Surviving and recovering
    These events were indescribably destructive. The asteroid impact that ended the Cretaceous period shut down photosynthesis for years and caused decades of global cooling. Anything that couldn’t shelter from the cold, or find food in the darkness – which was most species – perished. Perhaps 90% of all species disappeared in just a few years.
    Could the dinosaurs have survived? 
    There is research to suggest that if the impact had occurred elsewhere on the planet, the fate of life on Earth could have been very different.

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    Some of our visual content is under an Attribution-ShareAlike license. ( in its different versions such as 1.0, 2.0, 3,0, and 4.0 – permitting commercial sharing with attribution given in each picture accordingly in the video.

    Credits: Mark A. Garlick /
    Credits: Ron Miller
    Credits: Nasa/Shutterstock/Storyblocks/Elon Musk/SpaceX/ESA
    Credits: Flickr
    Credits: ESO

    #InsaneCuriosity #Massexctinction #historyofdinosaurs

  • Watch What Happened 10 Minutes After the Dinosaurs Disappeared by BRIGHT SIDE


  • What happened 5 Minutes After The Dinosaurs Disappeared In Hindi?


    What happened 5 Minutes After The Dinosaurs Disappeared In Hindi?
    Dinosaurs one of the largest animals ever existed on the planet but 66 million years old but there they saw the leap of faith in which the large asteroid size of the white house it earth and nearly extinct 75% of earth population include plant and animals 

    This event is one of the biggest asteroid collision ever knew so do you know what happens after 5 min of colloids how plant and animals revive and how humanity came into existence all the question will be answered in this video


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    dinosaur documentary

    why dinosaurs extinct?

    dinosaurs went extinct,

    how did dinosaurs become extinct how 

    how did dinosaurs became extinct in hindi

    what if the dinosaurs never went extinct 


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  • What Happened to the Dinosaurs?


    Jessi and Squeaks love science mysteries, and today they've teamed up with their friend, Dino, to try and solve one of the biggest mysteries of all: what happened to the dinosaurs?

    Photo Credit: Plaza Grande, Mérida, Mexico by Niek van Son

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  • Life After the Dinosaurs


    The world after the extinction of the non-avian dinosaurs, when giant birds hunted mammals before they ruled the earth

  • What Happened In The First Minutes After Dinosaurs Disappeared ?


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  • Could Aliens 65 Million Light Years Away from Earth See Dinosaurs Alive?


    If aliens were really far, far away, could they see dinosaurs? Join us today in our exploration, in this episode of the Infographics Show, Could aliens 65 million light years away from earth see dinosaurs alive? ⭐SUBSCRIBE: ⭐

    ORIGINAL ARTICLE by Dr. Matt Caplan:

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  • The Real Reason The Dinosaurs Became Extinct // Gacha Club #Shorts


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  • What happened the day After Dinosaurs Died? The Giant Reptiles Once Dominated This Planet


    In a time known as Mesozoic Era, where the all continentals were part of single mass. That world was dominated by living giant reptiles. We called them Dinosaurs. But at the end of the cretaceous period, a global catastrophe caused a sudden mass extinction of three-quarters of the plant and dinosaur species on Earth. Scientist called this the Cretaceous Paleogene extinction event. Everyone knows how dinosaurs died.

    But what happened, the day after the mass extinction?

    Today we will be looking into that.
    #dinosaurs #extinction #Asteroid #Chicxulub
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    UFO IS REAL! The US NAVY Admitted These Footages and Their Technology is Way Far Beyond Us

    What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared? Planet Earth Without Human

    The Earth is Flat | Why People Believe In This and The Number Is Growing?

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  • What happened In The First Minutes After The Dinosaurs Disappeared,ডাইনোসর বিলুপ্তির ঠিক ১ মিনিট পর


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    #DinosourMising #AstoriodComingToEarth #EarthDestroy

  • What happened In The First Minutes After The Dinosaurs Disappeared | Explained in Hindi


    What happened In The First Minutes After The Dinosaurs Disappeared | Explained in Hindi

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  • And the dinosaurs are gone for 10 minutes


    Belongs to Bill Wurtz.

  • Book Review: The Story of Dinosaurs in 25 Discoveries


    Donald Prothero tells us about 25 dinosaurs through the lives of the people who discovered them. William Bucklund, Gideon Mantell, Baron Franz Nopsca, Barnum Brown, O.C. Marsh, and E.D. Cope are among the stories explored here. We also see about what was thought of the dinosaurs in the past and what we know about them in the present. A great book for anybody interested in dinosaurs and history.

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    Stomp! Stomp your feet,
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    Swing! Swing your tails,
    swing, swing!
    Move like the dinosaurs!
    Oh, yeah!

    Move like the dinosaurs!
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    Move like the dinosaurs!

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    Roar! Roar loudly,
    Rrrrrrrr! Rrrrrrrrr!

    Move like the dinosaurs!
    Oh, yeah!

    Move like the dinosaurs!
    Woo, woo, woo, woo!
    Move like the dinosaurs!

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    Learn how dinosaurs went extinct #dinosaurs #funny dinosaurs for kids
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    10 Things You Didn't Know About Herbivorous Dinosaurs

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