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What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day By Day

  • What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day By Day


    After being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19, it can take as few as two and as many as 14 days for symptoms to develop. Cases range from mild to critical. The average timeline from the first symptom to recovery is about 17 days, but some cases are fatal. Here's what it looks like to develop COVID-19, day by day.

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    What Coronavirus Looks Like, Day By Day

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  • Recognizing Day to Day Signs and Symptoms of Coronavirus


    Before proceeding, please note that this general overview is compiled for initial self-assessment only and may vary for each individual. If you're not feeling well, you should immediately consult a medical practitioner to have an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment of COVID-19.
    The typical daily symptoms are concluded from the study of 138 patients at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University and another study involving 135 patients from Jinyintan Hospital and 56 patients from Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital.
    These symptoms are broken down into:
    DAY 1 TO DAY 2
    The beginning symptoms are similar to the common cold with a mild sore throat and neither having a fever nor feeling tired. Patients can still consume food and drink as usual.
    DAY 3
    The patient's throats start to feel a bit painful. Body temperature reads at around 36.5° celsius. Although it's uncommon, other symptoms like mild nausea, vomiting or mild diarrhea are possible to set in.
    DAY 4
    Throat pain becomes more serious. Other symptoms like feeling weak and joint pain start to manifest. The patient may show a temperature reading between 36.5° to 37° celsius.
    DAY 5 TO 6
    Mild fever starts. The patients show a temperature reading above 37.2° celsius. The second most common symptom, dry cough, also appears. Dyspnea or breathing difficulty may occur occasionally. Most patients in this stage are easily feeling tired. Other symptoms remain about the same. These four symptoms are among the top five key indications of COVID-19 according to the final report of the initial outbreak conducted by the joint mission of China and WHO.
    DAY 7
    The patients that haven't started recovering by day 7 get more serious coughs and breathing difficulty. Fever can get higher up to 38° celsius. Patients may develop further headache and body pain or worsening diarrhea if there’s any. Many patients are admitted to the hospital at this stage.
    DAY 8 TO 9
    On the 8th day, the symptoms are likely to be worsened for the patient who has coexisting medical conditions. Severe shortness of breath becomes more frequent. Temperature reading goes well above 38°. In one of the studies, day 9 is the average time when Sepsis starts to affect 40% of the patients.
    DAY 10 TO 11
    Doctors are ordering imaging tests like chest x-ray to capture the severity of respiratory distress in patients. Patients are having loss of appetite and may be facing abdominal pain. The condition also needs immediate treatment in ICU.
    DAY 12 TO 14
    For the survivors, the symptoms can be well-managed at this point. Fever tends to get better and breathing difficulties may start to cease on day 13. But Some patients may still be affected by mild cough even after hospital discharge.
    DAY 15 TO 16
    Day 15 is the opposite condition for the rest of the minority patients . The fragile group must prepare for the possibility of acute cardiac injury or kidney injury.
    DAY 17 TO 19
    COVID-19 fatality cases happen at around day 18. Before the time, vulnerable patients may develop a secondary infection caused by a new pathogen in the lower respiratory tract. The severe condition may then lead to a blood coagulation and ischemia.
    DAY 20 TO 22
    The surviving patients are recovered completely from the disease and are discharged from the hospital.

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  • What Coronavirus Recovery Looks Like, Day By Day


    As of April 30, over 1 million people have officially recovered from COVID-19. Unofficially, that number is probably much higher. But the road to recovery isn't always a smooth one. The timeline differs from person to person, but generally, the sicker they are, the longer it takes to get better. Here's what recovering from COVID-19 looks like, day by day.

    What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day By Day

    What Could Be The Fastest Way To End The Coronavirus Crisis?

    Can You Get The Coronavirus Twice?


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    What Coronavirus Recovery Looks Like, Day By Day

  • CORONAVIRUS SYMPTOMS TIMELINE | Day by Day | What Its REALLY Like To Have Covid-19 | Very Sick


    The development of my Covid-19 symptoms day by day, for the first 7 days. I experienced symptoms roughly 5 days after I was exposed to someone I later found out tested positive for Coronavirus. I'm not a medical pro and I'm not offering any Covid-19 advice -- just telling my own story! BELOW ARE THE THINGS I USED WHILE SICK WITH COVID-19:

    Peppermint Oil:
    Burt's Bees Lip Balm:
    Tissues w/ Lotion:
    Daily Multivitamin:
    Vitamin D:
    Immune System Support Drink:
    Chamomile Tea:

    UPDATE: -- Post-recovery from Covid-19, when I got my senses of taste & smell back, lingering symptoms, and more.

    INSTAGRAM: @oak_abode


    AUDIBLE: Get your first month free and TWO free books by going to

    0:00-1:24 - Intro & Disclaimer
    1:25-2:44 - Day 1
    2:45-3:26 - Day 2
    3:27-4:16 - Day 3
    4:17-6:24 - Day 4
    6:25-7:20 - Day 5
    7:21-7:59 - Day 6
    8:00-8:30 - Day 7
    8:31-9:52 - Other Symptoms
    9:53-12:02 - Final Thoughts

    We are NOT medical professionals, so we always recommend talking to your doctor for the best info & advice regarding Covid-19. This post and comments below may contain affiliate links, which may lead to a small commission if purchased. This comes at no extra cost to you. Thanks!

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  • COVID-19 Day by Day Symptoms Timeline: My First Seven Days of Coronavirus Symptoms | COVID Symptoms


    Seven days ago I had my first COVID 19 symptoms, and six days ago I received a positive COVID test. My husband also has the coronavirus. In this video, I go through my coronavirus symptoms day by day, and then compare them to my husband's COVID symptoms timeline.

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  • What are the early symptoms of Omicron variant of COVID-19? Heres what one doctor has seen


    Dr. David Winter at Baylor, Scott & White in Dallas said some early symptoms of Omicron variant are different than other variants of COVID-19.

    The ultra-contagious omicron mutant is pushing cases to all-time highs and causing chaos as an exhausted world struggles, again, to stem the spread. But this time, we're not starting from scratch.

    Vaccines offer strong protection from serious illness, even if they don't always prevent a mild infection. Omicron doesn't appear to be as deadly as some earlier variants. And those who survive it will have some refreshed protection against other forms of the virus that still are circulating — and maybe the next mutant to emerge, too.


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    After I tested positive for coronavirus, so many people asked me questions; What were my covid 19 symptoms day by day? What was it really like to have covid? Did I lose my sense of taste and smell? Today I am answering these questions and more.

    Please remember that I am not a doctor, just someone sharing her own experience. If you are unwell, please speak to your doctor. For the latest advice about coronavirus, please visit the NHS and government sites.

    ???? NHS -


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  • What COVID-19 Feels Like: My Day-to-Day Symptoms


    Working in a Skilled Nursing Facility, I always knew my chances of becoming infected with the COVID-19 virus was high. So, after a huge outbreak at my facility, and me testing positive, I decided I would talk about my day-to-day symptoms of COVID-19 and what I did to feel better.
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    (0:00) Intro
    (1:17) Day 1
    (1:55) Day 2
    (2:53) Day 3
    (4:15) Day 4
    (5:53) Day 5
    (8:09) Day 6
    (9:17) Day 7
    (10:19) Day 8
    (12:20) Information for Caregivers

  • COVID-19 Day by Day Symptoms Timeline: My First Ten Days of Coronavirus Symptoms | COVID Symptoms


    In this video, I go through my covid symptoms day by day. Eleven days ago I had my first COVID 19 symptoms, and seven days ago I received a positive COVID test. My first test was negative, the second, positive.

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  • Flu, Pneumonia & COVID-19: Do you know the symptoms?


    All three are respiratory diseases. There are both similarities and differences in symptoms among the three. For more information visit

  • COVID-19: Your guide to new symptoms


    COVID-19 patients are witnessing new symptoms as new variants of the virus emerge. Here is your quick guide to the new symptoms.

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  • I have COVID-19


    Covid-19 symptoms via CDC: see link above. My Covid Toolkit:
    massage gun:
    pulse oximeter

    Update Video:

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  • Omicron, Common cold symptoms


    the medical people I interact with at the hospital are far more optimistic than I've seen them since this all began in April last year

    Nobody want's to tempt fate or speak to loudly just yet ,,,its like walking on egg shells at the moment –

    But there are open beds and they're not filling up just yet - in fact there are 2 more beds now than last weekend.

    Kind regards,

    Dr. Anthony Fauci

    When you have a larger number of people getting infected, the total amount of hospitalizations is going to be more. That's just simple math

    Omicron and cold-like symptoms rapidly taking over in London

    Data up to 11th December 2021

    In people with at least two doses in the UK

    Currently 27,000 new daily symptomatic cases

    An increase of 6% from 25,411 new daily cases last week

    London is currently seeing a rapid rise in positive cases

    Driven by omicron

    Prevalence in the UK

    One in 57 currently have symptomatic COVID

    ZOE’s predicted Long COVID incidence rate

    1,418 people a day will go on to experience symptoms for longer than 12 weeks

    Omicron symptoms

    Initial analysis of symptom data from positive cases in London

    To compare Delta and Omicron symptoms

    London data was selected from a week in October

    With the most recent week ending 10th December

    This initial analysis found no clear differences in the early symptoms (3 days after test) between Delta and Omicron.

    The top five symptoms reported in the ZOE app

    runny nose


    fatigue (either mild or severe)


    sore throat

    SA Patients presentations

    Blocked or runny nose



    Scratchy or sore throat

    Body aches

    NHS official symptoms

    The main symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are:

    a high temperature

    a new, continuous cough

    a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

    Professor Tim Spector

    Omicron is set to be the dominant strain in the UK by Christmas,

    and in the New Year cases could hit a peak higher than anything we’ve ever seen before.

    Hopefully people now recognise the cold-like symptoms which appear to be the predominant feature of Omicron.

    Ahead of Christmas, if people want to get together and keep vulnerable family members safe,

    I’d recommend limiting social contact in the run up to Christmas,

    and doing a few Lateral Flow Tests just before the big family gathering.

  • I HAD COVID-19 - My Symptoms and Recommendations


    #covid19 #coronavirus

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    Oral manifestations associated with  Top 5 oral manifestations of COVID-19 COVID TONGUE: Oral manifestations of COVID‐19 disease: A review article
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  • COVID-19: What are the new symptoms?


    Infectious diseases specialists Dr. Danielle Martin and Dr. Zain Chagla answer questions about COVID-19, including how to recognize and respond to new and evolving symptoms.

    00:00 How to tackle the Omicron variant
    00:39 What if someone in your house gets COVID?
    01:23 What are the symptoms of COVID-19 now?
    02:12 How should we interpret rapid test results?
    03:29 Can you swab your throat with a rapid test?
    04:10 How is COVID-19 being treated now?


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  • Tracking disease progression of COVID-19


    Let's take a look at the common three stage progression of disease with COVID-19 — the viral response phase, the pulmonary phase, and the hyper inflammation phase.
    Within those stages, we also review how the infection starts, what happens after the virus is transmitted and enters the patient's body, hospitalization needs, and briefly the recovery.

    Speaker: Franz Wiesbauer, MD MPH
    Internist & Founder at Medmastery
    Check out our course library and register for a free trial account:
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  • Omicron symptoms totally different from Delta COVID-19 variant: South African doctor


    As more research is done into the newly discovered Omicron COVID-19 variant, some evidence is emerging to suggest that it might not present the same way as other strains of the disease.

    Patients infected with the Omicron COVID-19 variant look very different than those infected with previous variants like Delta, says the chair of South Africa’s medical association.

    “It’s totally different from the Delta,” Dr. Angelique Coetzee told Global News Morning on Tuesday.

    She said that these patients aren’t displaying the same loss of taste and smell, need for supplemental oxygen or elevated pulse rate that doctors noted with Delta patients.

    “It’s very much like a cold or flu type of symptoms,” she said, adding that patients are reporting headaches and body aches, and a slight sore throat.

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  • 5 symptoms that may mean you were infected with COVID-19 omicron variant


    A new list is out of the symptoms you’re likely to feel if you’ve been infected with the newer omicron variant of COVID-19:
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  • How To Treat Mild Coronavirus Symptoms From Home


    While one early study found that 80% of confirmed COVID-19 cases are considered mild, the definition of mild can include a range of symptoms and still be painful, even if they don't require hospitalization. According to Dr. Rishi Desai, the chief medical officer at Osmosis, there are some ways you can mitigate your mild coronavirus symptoms from home.

    What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day By Day

    What Could Be The Fastest Way To End The Coronavirus Crisis?

    How Coronavirus Affects People With Diabetes, Cancer, And Other Conditions


    #Coronavirus #Symptoms #ScienceInsider

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    How To Treat Mild Coronavirus Symptoms From Home

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    Hello! Thank you for watching my video, I know it's quite different from what I usually post, but I wanted to talk about my experience having had Covid-19. I hope you stick around for my upcoming videos!


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  • COVID variant Omicron: What are the main symptoms? | Al Jazeera Newsfeed


    As the new COVID variant fuels a new wave of infections around the world, here’s what we know so far about Omicron and its symptoms.
    @Al Jazeera English

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  • Unique symptoms associated with the omicron variant


    Doctors at hospitals and urgent cares are seeing more patients are coming in reporting newer symptoms associated with the omicron variant of COVID including night sweats.

    “Night sweats. I got night sweats, which I did not know was a symptom of COVID. I went and looked online to see if that was a symptom. And it turns out that it is,” said Jason Borgmann, an Escondido father.

    Doctors say night sweats weren't a common symptom with previous COVID variant cases but are with omicron.

    “Since the beginning of this pandemic with COVID 19 it's always been a bucket of crazy symptoms,” said Dr. Davey Smith, UCSD Chief of Infectious Diseases and Global Health.

    Full story at

  • COVID Symptoms, Headache and fatigue



    Headache and Fatigue

    Dark Horses of COVID Symptoms

    Most commonly experienced early symptoms are:

    Headache, 82%

    Fatigue 72%

    This is the case for all age groups

    9% of COVID-positive adults aged 18 - 65 didn’t experience headache or fatigue

    1% of people who reported fatigue and/or headache tested positive for COVID

    3% of people who tested positive had headache and fatigue alone


    Having either or both of those symptoms alone is unlikely to be indicative of COVID.

    The Classic Three are Still Key

    Cough, fever, loss of smell

    40% of all age groups, fever in the first seven days


    British association of dermatologists

  • Coronavirus Symptoms & Myths | Dr. Rajib Paul Apollo Hospitals


    Know More about #Coronavirus Symptoms and its myths along with the preventive measures to be taken with Dr. Rajib Paul | Internal Medicine Physician, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad. #nCoV #ApolloHospitals #AskApollo

    To Book Appointment with Dr. Rajib Paul Visit
    Read Our Blog -

  • Omicron presents only mild symptoms for now: Doctor who first spotted the Covid variant


    Dr. Angelique Coetzee, a Private Practitioner and Chair of the South African Medical Association, joins Worldwide Exchange to discuss the omicron Covid variant, after being one of the first doctors to spot the symptoms. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

    Covid symptoms linked to the new omicron variant have been described as “extremely mild” by the South African doctor who first raised the alarm over the new strain.

    Dr. Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South African Medical Association, told the BBC on Sunday that she started to see patients around Nov.18 presenting with “unusual symptoms” that differed slightly from those associated with the delta variant, which is the most virulent strain of the virus to date and globally dominant.

    “It actually started with a male patient who’s around the age of 33 ... and he said to me that he’s just [been] extremely tired for the past few days and he’s got these body aches and pains with a bit of a headache,” she told the BBC.

    The patient didn’t have a sore throat, she said, but more of a “scratchy throat” but no cough or loss of taste or smell — symptoms that have been associated with previous strains of the coronavirus.

    Coetzee said she tested the male patient for Covid, and he was positive, as was his family, and then said she saw more patients that day presenting with the same kinds of symptoms that differed from the delta variant.

    This prompted her to raise the alarm with South Africa’s vaccine advisory committee, of which she is a member.

    Other patients Coetzee had seen so far with the omicron variant had also experienced what she described as “extremely mild” symptoms, and she added that her colleagues had noted similar cases.

    “What we are seeing clinically in South Africa — and remember I’m at the epicenter of this where I’m practicing — is extremely mild, for us [these are] mild cases. We haven’t admitted anyone, I’ve spoken to other colleagues of mine and they give the same picture.”

    Investigations ongoing

    The WHO has said it will take weeks to understand how the variant may affect diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines.

    Coetzee’s initial observations are only based on a very small number of cases and experts are worried about omicron’s large number of mutations. Preliminary evidence suggests the strain has an increased risk of reinfection, according to the WHO.

    Early data suggests that the variant is spreading in South Africa more rapidly than previous strains did and that the variant, known formally as B.1.1.529, could be starting to trigger a new wave of infections, according to analysis by the Financial Times.

    It could take a while to fully understand what specific symptoms, if any, are attributable to the new omicron variant on a wider scale.

    Covid symptoms have changed since the virus first emerged in China in late 2019. The “alpha” and “delta” variants, first discovered in the U.K. and India, respectively, were seen to cause different symptoms, for example, with the latter causing more headaches, sore throat, runny nose and fever.

    The U.S. CDC has highlighted the variety of Covid symptoms that have been reported, noting “anyone can have mild to severe symptoms” that may appear two to 14 days after exposure to the virus.

    On the list of symptoms from the CDC are fever or chills, a cough, fatigue, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or a runny nose, nausea or vomiting and diarrhea.

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  • Coronavirus Patient Explains The Worst Symptoms | NBC News


    Carl Goldman shares what it's been like to be diagnosed with coronavirus while aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship and life in quarantine since.
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    Coronavirus Patient Explains The Worst Symptoms | NBC News

  • How To Identify Early Symptoms Of COVID-19 | NBC News NOW


    President Trump said that anybody who wants a COVID-19 test can get one. NBC News’ Alexa Liautaud explains the step-by-step process to getting tested for the virus, and why some people are hitting roadblocks.
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    How To Identify Early Symptoms Of COVID-19 | NBC News NOW

  • What are symptoms of omicron variant? | ABC7 Los Angeles


    How do the symptoms of omicron differ from other COVID-19 variants? Dr. Anthony Cardillo answers this question and examines how treatments for the virus are changing as omicron becomes the most dominant variant.

  • What Are Mild Symptoms Of Coronavirus?


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    - What Are Mild Symptoms Of Coronavirus?

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  • What Are the COVID-19 Delta Variant Symptoms?


    For more information on the latest COVID-19 variants and mutations, please visit

    Many of the symptoms for the delta variant are the same as the previous variants, including cough, runny nose, and fever. Some people are experiencing loss of taste and smell are more common with the delta variant.

    #CovidUpdate #DeltaVariantCovid #CovidVariant

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  • Delta Plus: What Are The Symptoms Of This COVID19 Variant? | NewsMo


    The Delta Plus variant is causing clusters of symptoms that were not previously associated with COVID infection. If experts to be believed, the Delta plus variant of Coronavirus is making patients become sicker & their condition deteriorate faster than in cases of infections caused by previous variants. Watch to find out more.

    #newsmo #symptoms #covid19 #deltaplus #deltaplussymptoms #coronavirus #IndiaToday

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  • What are the symptoms of the Delta COVID-19 variant?


    The more transmissible Delta COVID-19 variant has delayed reopening plans in the United Kingdom and raised concern in Canada, as cases have been identified in all 10 provinces and one territory.

    The Delta variant or B.1.617.2 sub-lineage, which was first discovered in India late last year, was recently classified as a variant of concern in Canada. The first cases were detected in the country back in April and have since been rising.

    As Eric Sorensen reports, some British researchers say the variant symptoms are looking like a “bad flu” in younger people, with the number one symptom being headache.

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  • COVID-19 New Symptoms: Dry Mouth To Pink Eye, New Symptoms Emerge With Fresh Strains Of Virus


    According to the National Institute of Health, oral symptoms of the infection have been found in half of the COVID-19 patients. Watch the video to find out what are the new symptoms of COVID-19.
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  • Tested Positive for COVID? Know About Omicron Symptoms, Treatment | The Quint


    What are the symptoms of Omicron variant of COVID-19? What should you do if you test positive? What's the treatment plan? Dr Pinank Pandya, Senior intensivist at Jaslok Hospital, answers your questions. #omicron #omicroninindia #omicronsymptoms

    00:16 Omicron vs Delta: How they're different
    00:54 Symptoms of Omicron
    1:24 How is it treated?
    1:37 Drugs and treatments that are no longer prescribed

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    In this video, we will explain you Corona virus symptoms look like, day by day. This video also tells about confirmed cases of COVID - 19,
    Stages of COVID - 19 and their explanation,
    Day to Day severity of COVID - 19,
    Early Symptoms of COVID - 19,
    Mechanism of action of virus causing inflammation in the lung cell,
    Symptoms appear due to inflammation,
    Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome ARDS,
    Cause, treatment and goals of ARDS,
    Causes of most COVID _ 19 deaths,
    and How to reduce your risks of COVID -19 infection

    Previous parts of medical terminologies:

    part 3 medical terminology
    part 4 medical terminologies
    part 5 medical terminologies
    part 6 medical terminologies
    part 7 medical terminologies
    part 8 medical terminologies
    PART 9 medical terminologies

    part 1 central nervous system
    part 2 central nervous system
    part 3 central nervous system
    part 4 central nervous system

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  • COVID 19 symptoms| COVID 19 Day to Day Signs| What makes some patients so much sicker than others?


    COVID 19 Day to Day Signs and symptoms

    ???? Learn how to survive and thrive in a post-Covid-19 World????:
    ????Get Your Coronavirus Ultimate Guide ????:

    Contents Chapters:
    0:00 COVID 19 Day to Day Signs and symptoms
    6:00 COVID 19 Emergency symptoms
    7:03 Two newly FDA approved treatment for coronavirus
    7:48 What makes some COVID-19 patients so much sicker than others?

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  • Monitoring Coronavirus symptoms day by day is crucial for recovery from COVID-19 | Pace Hospitals


    Monitoring coronavirus symptoms day by day and timely detection can help in early treatment and fast recovery. Worldwide strains of coronavirus are actually very common and usually only cause mild symptoms similar to Cold, Flu and Seasonal allergies. Upper respiratory symptoms, like runny nose and sinus congestion, are very uncommon in COVID-19.

    ▬ Chapters of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

    0:00 What is Coronavirus (COVID-19), Symptoms and Precautions?
    0:33 Most sommon symptoms
    0:45 Less common symptoms
    1:03 Serious symptoms require medical attention
    1:29 Precautions for Coronavirus (COVID 19)
    1:38 How to properly wear a mask?
    2:15 Practice social distancing
    2:43 Incubation period of Coronavirus (COVID 19)
    3:07 Coronavirus symptoms in children

    Due to increased number of cases, researchers were able to determine that COVID-19 symptoms often start in a certain order. People may be sick for 2 to 14 days before developing any symptoms.

    ✅ An incubation period is the duration between when you have ever been in close contact with any COVID infectious person or suspect asymptomatic case and when your symptoms start.
    ✅ There is significant variation in the duration that it takes people to develop mild symptoms.
    ✅ The average #incubation period of COVID-19 is roughly 3 to 6 days long in people with mild / moderate / critical / severe infection. Generally observed 2 to 14 days after exposure to the virus.
    ✅ In asymptomatic case there are no symptoms to count the period.

    #Coronavirus lasts in the body depends on the person to person and severity of infection. People who tested positive for COVID-19 should isolate themselves for a certain period to avoid transmission:

    ???? #Asymptomatic patients can transmit within 10 days after tested positive
    ???? Mild or moderate patients can transmit within 10 days after symptoms appear, and after 24 hours with no fever (without using medications)
    ???? Severely infected patients can transmit Up to 20 days after symptoms appear

    As per CDC adults with mild to moderate COVID-19 remain infectious no longer than 10 days after symptom onset. Most adults with more severe to critical illness or severe immunocompromised likely remain infectious no longer than 20 days after symptom onset.

    However, the virus may remain in the body up to 3 months after diagnosis. This may mean some people get a second positive test result even after they recover, although this does not necessarily indicate the virus is still transmissible.

    ▬ What should I do if my child has symptoms of COVID-19?

    Home Quarantine Treatment for Coronavirus (COVID-19) positive patient:

    Coronavirus - How to treat COVID-19 at home isolation | Self Care Treatment Guidelines:

    Coronavirus: What is asymptomatic, mild and moderate COVID -19?:

    COVID - 19 Treatment Facility in Hyderabad | Pace Hospitals:

    Reinfection of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), is it possible?:

    COVID-19 vaccination registration - Schedule an appointment at Covid Vaccine Centre.

    Pace Hospitals
    Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    T: 04048486868

  • What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like Day-By-Day


    What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like Day-By-Day

    After being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19,
    It can take as few as two and as many as 14 days for symptoms to develop.
    Initially, the symptoms will be similar to normal cold and flu.
    Patients will experience Fever/mild throat pain
    People with weakest immunity may experience diarrhea or nausea (vomiting)

    At Day 8 to 9
    Severe difficulty in breathing every-time the patients breathes.
    Chest becomes very heavy.
    Coughing, headaches and joint pain increases more.
    Body temperature raises above 38º centigrade.

    Emergency warning signs for COVID-19 are:

    Difficulty in breathing
    Pain in chest
    Bluish lips or face

  • COVID-19 Delta variant symptoms: What we know and what to look for | FOX 5 DC


    A surge by the rapidly spreading COVID-19 Delta variant is swamping hospitals, leading to new mask rules and is prompting mandatory vaccinations across the U.S. LATEST:

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  • A day by day Symptoms of Coronavirus



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  • Day To Day Symptoms Of Coronavirus | Coronavirus Symptoms 2021


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  • Answering your COVID Questions | COVID Day by Day Symptoms Days 7-10


    I answer your questions about my experience with COVID. I also document days 7-10 symptoms.

    #covid19symptoms #covidsymptomsdaybyday

  • COVID or a cold - How to interpret your kids symptoms


    As children return to classrooms this month, pediatricians said the symptoms of a common cold, allergies, flu or COVID-19 often overlap, making testing for the coronavirus important for parents to consider if their child gets sick.

    Doctors said more children are getting infected with COVID-19, and they said those symptoms often look like other common illnesses. They recommend calling a pediatrician if they get sick this fall to see if they need a COVID test.

    A major thing to watch out for is a fever, especially if it’s over 100.4 degrees. Doctors said parents should also watch for other symptoms, like loss of taste or smell or a lot of coughing. If the child does not have a pediatrician to schedule a test, doctors say parents can turn to local county health departments to find a place.


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  • What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day By Day


  • Day to day symptoms of coronavirus in body


    First of all, I request you to note that this is a general overview and the symptoms may vary from person to person. Consult a doctor immediately if you are not feeling well for the exact diagnosis and appropriate treatment of COVID-19. This video provides a general overview of symptoms that occur day by day in the human body in case of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) infection.

  • day to day symptoms of coronavirus in body| day 1 to day 27|COVID-19 symptoms|corona diagnosis


    day to day symptoms of coronavirus in body| day 1 to day 27|COVID-19 symptoms|corona diagnosis

    To know whether we should get vaccinated or not, Side effects of corona vaccines and which corona vaccines are better, watch video in this link

    Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.
    Most people who fall sick with COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment.
    The virus that causes COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales. These droplets are too heavy to hang in the air, and quickly fall on floors or surfaces.
    You can be infected by breathing in the virus if you are within close proximity of someone who has COVID-19, or by touching a contaminated surface and then your eyes, nose or mouth.

  • Covid-19 Day by Day Symptoms TimeLine: My first 10 Days of Coronavirus Symptoms


    #covidsymptomsdaybyday #covidsymptoms #positivecovidtest #ididn'talmostdie

    Day 1 & 2
    Fever 99.6-100.7
    Slept 48 hours = 90% of the time
    Took Covid Test in the morning.
    Day 3
    A Positive Test result is given.
    Fever had subsided
    Obvious nostril and lung problems - the really bad symptoms lasted several hours, but they went away.
    Day 4
    Pink Eye
    Puffy Eye = I used drops/please see your doctor.
    Day 5-10
    Puffy Eye
    Minor irritation of nose and throat.

  • Delta variant symptoms: How theyre different from regular COVID-19


    The highly contagious Delta variant continues to spread across the country and some health experts say it could be a threat to reopening plans. There are confirmed cases of the Delta variant in the Carolinas, but the symptoms aren't necessarily the obvious COVID-19 symptoms.

    People with Delta don’t have the typical loss of smell and taste doctors immediately associated with COVID-19. Many have a runny nose or sore throat, which could get complicated in the fall during cold and flu season.

    The Delta variant is different in many ways.

    “This virus more efficiently binds to these cells then enters those cells and may in some ways eludes immune system more effectively,” Dr. David Priest with Novant Health said. That's what makes it more contagious and more likely to do damage in communities with lower vaccination rates.

    Top officials with the World Health Organization warn the United States may be moving too quickly and lose control.




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