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What If Earth Suddenly Lost Its Atmosphere?

  • What If Earth Suddenly Lost Its Atmosphere?


    Would we still be able to breathe? Could our atmosphere ever come back?

    Just how important is the atmosphere to our planet? It's absolutely vital. It protects us from asteroids and solar radiation. It regulates our climate. It makes life on Earth possible!

    Our nearest neighbor, Mars, lost most of its atmosphere some 4 billion years ago, and look what's become of it... Once warm and wet, it ain't the planet it used to be.

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    This video was in part inspired by Randall Munroe's book What if: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions. Get it here:

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  • What if Earth Lost its Atmosphere? | #aumsum #kids #science #education #children


    Sound travels to our ears by vibrating air molecules which are present all around us. Now no atmosphere means no air. Hence, there would be complete silence.
    Secondly, no atmosphere means no oxygen, life on land would not last for more than 5 minutes. But life inside oceans might continue for some time as fishes will use dissolved oxygen to survive. Eventually even that supply will run out.
    Thirdly, no atmosphere means no clouds, our sky would lose its magnificent blue color, it would look just as black as outer space.
    Fourthly, unfortunately birds can't fly in vacuum, they will drop down to earth.
    Lastly, without any atmosphere, days would be shorter by 4 minutes while nights longer as atmospheric refraction advances sunrise by 2 minutes and delays sunset by 2 minutes.


  • What If the Sun Suddenly Disappeared?


    Imagine yourself waking up one morning at the crack of 10 a.m., pulling back the bedroom curtains with your usual aplomb and finding yourself staring into cold, bleak darkness.

    If you were living in an area affected by the polar night this might not seem like a big deal. If you were situated in a slightly more temperate region where one would expect to see something besides pitch-black, your spider-sense might start tingling as you started to realize that something just wasn’t right.

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    About What If:
    Presented by INSH and Hashem al Ghaili

    What If asks some of the most provocative hypothetical questions in science — and then tries to answer them with the help of established scientific theory and the latest research.

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  • What If Your DNA Suddenly Disappeared?


    Every day you move, breathe, eat. About 37 trillion cells are working hard inside your body to keep you going. These cells are contantly replicating, living and dying, as directed by your deoxyribonucleic acid — your DNA. What if one day you suddenly lost it? When would you notice? Would you feel anything at all? How long could you stay alive?


    About What If:
    Presented by INSH

    What If asks some of the most provocative hypothetical questions in science — and then tries to answer them with the help of established scientific theory and the latest research.

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  • What if Humans suddenly Disappeared? | #aumsum #kids #science #education #children


    Firstly, all the animals on the planet will be one happy lot. They will surely have one great after-party.
    Secondly, global warming will be a thing of the past, global temperatures will slowly but surely return to pre-industrial revolution levels.
    Thirdly, domesticated animals all around the world will be sad as days of free food will definitely be over.
    Fourthly, nature will reclaim its rightful place, trees and bushes will start shooting out of buildings, factories and bridges.
    Fifthly, although plastic might stick around for a long amount of time, stock markets will drop to zero, GDP will not matter anymore, money will just be another piece of paper.
    Lastly, rats and cockroaches will miss the trash which we humans used to generate everyday.

  • Would We Notice If the Sun Suddenly Exploded?


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  • What Would Happen If The Sun Suddenly Disappeared? | Unveiled


    What Would Happen If the Sun Suddenly Disappeared?

    Voice over:

    No one really knows for sure exactly what would happen if our Sun suddenly disappeared. But if you use science to look at some of logical things that would likely happen, you would get a fairly accurate idea of the chain of events that would take place if our Sun suddenly disappeared from our solar system.

    It should be made clear that the Sun can’t be suddenly snuffed out like fire. Nor will it simply stop burning one day. However, it’s an interesting concept to go through the stages of what would happen next.

    So if you’re curious what life on Earth would be like, and what would happen to the Earth if the sun suddenly vanished, then keep watching.

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  • What if Sun suddenly became Half its Size? | #aumsum #kids #science #education #children


    Firstly, there would be no need of freezers or air conditioners any more. Everything on earth would completely freeze.
    Secondly, assuming that earth is still orbiting at the same distance, earth will find itself out of the habitable zone of the Sun, thus slowly but surely wiping out all life on it.
    Thirdly, stocks of solar energy companies would completely tank as extremely less sunlight will reach earth's surface.
    Fourthly, as there would be extreme scarcity of sunlight, plants in order to perform photosynthesis would probably turn blackish or darkish green in order to absorb as much incident sunlight as possible.
    Lastly, as sun's gravitational pull would greatly reduce, outer planets of the solar system, namely Uranus and Neptune may drift away into space.

  • Who are the Rose Croix? Part 2 -- Ingrid Young


    In this video, longtime Rosicrucian Ingrid Young describes the journey of H. Spencer Lewis, the co-founder of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, to the south of France in August 1909 and his discovery of the Rose Croix. Enter the Hall of the Illustrious in Toulouse and view the beautiful painting under which he stood. Consider the meaning of the Golden Isis and how the Rose City (Toulouse) is important to the Rosicrucian Tradition. Finally, explore your role as part of this Tradition in a special meditation exercise.

    Who are the Rose Croix? - Part 1:

    Rosicrucian Digest:

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  • The Cross of Christ by A. B. Simpson - Chapter 7-9


    A. B. Simpson
    The Cross of Christ dated 1910

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  • 17 FM: The Builders Paradise feat. FIREMAGE TMA20AC 2nd Place


    Authors: prepare for your master - FireMage - who was so kind to spend some time with us to give us some inside view on his 2nd Place Contest Mission The Builders Paradise. After listening to, what he has achieved in terms of design, programming, reusing stock sources etc. you might rethink your rating - we sure did. Thanks to FireMage for your interesting views on your outsanding work!

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  • The Destruction of Sin: A Revelation of Truth Part 5 - The Final Destruction


    Camp 2020 presentation by Elder O. Newton.

  • What if Humans were the Size of a Wasp? | Size Matters | Free Documentary


    Size Matters: Is Small Beautiful? - What if Humans were the Size of a Wasp? | Science Documentary

    Is Bigger Better? -

    In this episode, Earth shrinks to half size causing altitude sickness and a cosmic disaster and the sun gets as small as a sun can be. We also see what happens to a man who shrinks to the same size as a wasp. Along the way, we find out why small creatures have superpowers, meet Jyoti Amge, the world’s smallest woman and learn why a smaller planet would mean earth turning into Mars.

    Why are insects small and planets big? What if Earth was the size of Jupiter or people the size of mice? Size Matters is a larger-than-life two-part special that looks at the science of size and how it affects our world. Combining amazing special effects and real-life science, we see what happens to an average Joe who lives in a parallel universe just like ours – except in this one, we can change the size of things just to see what happens.
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    Free Documentary is dedicated to bringing high-class documentaries to you on YouTube for free. With the latest camera equipment used by well-known filmmakers working for famous production studios. You will see fascinating shots from the deep seas and up in the air, capturing great stories and pictures from everything our beautiful and interesting planet has to offer.

    Enjoy stories about nature, wildlife, culture, people, history and more to come.

  • New Bible of Archeology, Dinosaurs, Ancient People, Sunken Islands & The Masons: Oahspe Podcast #2


    Podcast # 2: Sunken Islands, Oas, Five Ships, Races of Man and Ancient Man 78000 years ago
    BOOK OF JEHOVIH. Page 21. In His own words; Who He is; His creations; how He createth worlds; their ages, destinations and dissolutions; His etherean heavens; habitations of angels; the origin of life on a planet (Se'muan period); the origin of man;what he was like. The chief of the angels named God. Ashars, guardian angels and Lords.

    BOOK OF SETHANTES, SON OF JEHOVIH. Page 34. First God of the earth and her heavens, in His own words. Teaching man to walk on two feet; teaching him words of speech; providing him with guardian angels and Lords. God established the first heaven of the earth. He visits the earth. The loo'is, the masters of generations. End of sub-cycle. God's successor. Marriage in heaven. Ascent of the first God of earth with his harvest for the
    higher heavens. Drujas.

    FIRST BOOK OF THE FIRST LORDS. Page 71. The I'hins, the druks, the Yaks, the A'su. See plate, comparative size. Another heavenly kingdom established and named Yeshuah; origin of the words Ieue and Iesu on earth. Origin of saying mass.

    BOOK OF AS’SHONG, SON OF JEHOVIH. Page 78. Second God of the earth and her heavens, in His own words. The beginning of villages and cities; the beginning of wearing clothes.

    SECOND BOOK OF LORDS. Page 92. In their own words.

    SYNOPSIS OF SIXTEEN CYCLES. Page 95. Of three thousand years each, in the words of Jehovih's angel Embassadors. Submersion of the continent of Pan in the Pacific Ocean, commonly call, THE FLOOD. This brings history to twenty-four thousand years ago.
    BOOK OF APH, SON OF JEHOVIH. Page 102. In his own words. His charge, breaking the crust of the earth, sinking the continent; how he ccomplished it; and why; establishing the earth's second heavens; appointment of five new Lords; three thousand years.
    THE LORDS’ FIRST BOOK. Page 130. In their own words. The great and high state of civilization man attained; the earth covered over with three times more people than at present; then the fall of civilization; its cause; and the earth became again a barren wilderness; three thousand years.
    BOOK OF SUE, SON OF JEHOVIH. Page 140. In his own words. Re-peopling the earth; periods of war succeeding; deformities of the races of men; the earth overrun with monstrosities; three thousand years.
    BOOK OF APOLLO, SON OF JEHOVIH. Page 157. In the words of Jehovih's angel Embassador. The changing of monstrosities into well-formed men; how it was done; why this labor fell to Apollo; his establishing of new heavens for the earth; three thousand years. 11 .
    THE LORDS’ THIRD BOOK. Page 175. In their own words. Their method of dealing with mortals; the beginning of monogamic marriages; man regaining the use of his vocal organs; three thousand years.
    BOOK OF THOR, SON OF JEHOVIH. Page 180. In his own words. A period of miracles; angels again walking the earth with mortals.
    BOOK OF OSIRIS, SON OF JEHOVIH. Page.196. Revelations of the stars, the sun, moon and other planets; instruments for measuring the same; an age of disbelief; no angels appearing for more than three thousand years.

  • Want Shalom? Take Authority Over Chaos!


    This teaching is from Yolanda McCune at a Sunday Morning gathering where she explains the power in uniting together in prayer to fight against the chaos of the world around us and how we can take authority over it! If you enjoyed this video and want to see more like it don't forget to click to subscribe button and like this video!
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  • Plum Village in Conversation with Bill McKibben


    We hope you enjoy this conversation between Plum Village and Bill McKibben, featuring Br Phap Luu, Br Phap Linh, Phoebe Tickell, Felipe Viveros, Naima Ritter, and Pablo Jenkins.

    The renowned environmental leader Bill McKibben, founder of the climate campaign group, author of “The End of Nature,” and “Falter,” joins Plum Village monastics and friends from the Wake Up Movement for a meditative dialogue and session of deep-looking into our collective present moment, with all its possible futures.

    We ask: with so much fear and uncertainty in the media and in our consciousness, how can we find the courage and stubborn optimism to build communities of resistance and plant seeds of hope, confidence and joy for our children and all future generations?

    This dialogue can help us to embrace our fears and our concerns as well as water seeds of compassion and determination in our consciousness. Members of our international community share their experience of working in environmental activism and ask questions of the heart to Bill. We end with a short guided meditation to help us deepen our love and trust in Mother Earth and our connection to the cosmos.

  • Top 20 Songs of 2017


    It took AGES re-listening to the incredible amount of music that's gone out in 2017. I kinda feel like this list is much more languid/poppy and less experimental/jazzy/proggy than my taste usually is but I'm still very happy with my picks and would rather make a list I can justify than be safe/lazy with my choices.

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  • BIOL3468 Vulnerability to Extinct and the Evil Quintet Lecture 6


  • What Would Happen If The World Suddenly Stopped Spinning


    What would happen if the world suddenly stopped spinning

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  • Resistance is Fruitile | Drawing a Still Life of Fruit


    Drawing Together, with Artists Network - Episode 49: Resistance is Fruitile | Drawing a Still Life of Fruit

    I just couldn't resist this simple still life of fruit for today's lesson. We'll keep it simple here and focus on the fundamentals: Line, Shape, Value, Form, Texture, Proportion, and Composition. Follow along using this reference image:

    We want to see your drawings! Share your finished pieces and any tips with us on the episode pages at Artists Network here:

    Today, I'm working with:
    * Cotton Rag Drawing Paper
    * Charcoal pencils (HB, 4B and/or 6B)
    * Kneaded and Rubber Erasers
    * Shading Stumps

    In this session, we'll cover:
    * Drawing and sketching a Still Life
    * Drawing Texture
    * Realistic shading techniques

    Join artist Scott Maier, every Monday and Wednesday at 3PM EST.

    ArtistsNetwork understands the power of art and we're committed to providing resources for artists at every step in your journey. Learn more at and find more video resources at

    This series is designed to provide useful drawing tips for beginners and artists of all levels learn how to draw in charcoal, graphite, chalk, and more! We'll cover topics such as: how to draw a realistic eye, drawing eggs, rose drawing, drawing landscapes, how to draw hair, drawing portraits and faces, how to draw hands, and more!

  • What If Earth Suddenly Lost Its Atmosphere?


    We need to be really careful with this thin, fragile layer of air !!!

  • Lockdown Learning - Jupiter and Juno


    A talk by Affelia Wibisono

  • what would happen if humans suddenly disappeared from earth in Hindi


    #ReimagineReality #pti29
    welcome to your channel physics tv India
    Imagine that all people suddenly disappeared from the planet. The reason is irrelevant, just imagine the result. Now we are going to tell what is going to happen after we are gone.

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    time travel in past and their cases Hindi

    what would happen when we travel inside a black hole

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    Please watch: Length Contraction Explained in Hindi with Mathematical proof | Part 1


  • What would happen if gravity disappeared suddenly?


    You would think that we would enjoy in 0 gravity ,but we will face many problems.

  • Call the world to worship and know God


    This sermon was preached on 8.9.2020. For more information, visit

  • Upside Dash - Free Dash Game for Android


    Dash gaming can be chilled and relaxing but is usually much more satisfying at a really fast pace. That's why most of the best dash games run at peak speeds that feel like 100 miles per hour.

    You'l need lightning reflexes and expert time management if you're to come out a winner in the latest dash games of 2019, as running like a cheetah or rushing through levels at warp speed dodging the hurdles as you go can be all over in the blink of an eye. Speed and agility really is of the upmost importance when it comes to being quick enough to take on the records speeds and distances set by real gamers who take dash gaming a lot more seriously then the average player.

    It doesn't matter whether you start out playing at a moderate speed or you become a cheetah-like thrill seeker in an instant, if you're a true dash gamer then eventually the need for speed will grow, as you slowly but surly become hungry to become the most agile and rapid moving dash machine of all-time, rushing around like crazy to find the secrets that some of the most experienced players used to rise to fame and conquer the fastest games of 2019.

    It's a well know fact that being able to skip and replay your favorite music tracks when running a race can be a good strategy when it comes to winning, especially when they have a really fast tempo.

    This can also be applied to certain game genres, setting the scene for a really intense and addictive experience especially when the sound effects are fired on time with the music.

    Rapidly hammering the screen maybe all it takes to compete but if a one millisecond response can make the difference of winning or loosing then it's safe to say this kind of gaming is not for the faint-hearted, as it takes extreme skill and reflexes to tackle the obstacles presented by the challenges awaiting in these games.

    Snappy movement and rapid game-play can be hard to master but when it comes to achieving these skills, there really is no short cut. Hitting the road now will certainly get you there quicker but it depends if you're up-to the task. So perhaps it's time to get a little hasty and bolt through the atmosphere at a light-speed pace, just be sure to add a little bit of caution and a whole lotta dash gaming.

    Feel like getting trigger happy against the machines in a hybrid genre mashup?

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  • Tea with Tes: Lets Talk Anxiety


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  • Podcast 5: The Fireball Network with Dr. Martin Towner


    #astroHunters #Holman2019 #lighthouseSF

  • How to Create the Right Ambience and Keep up Your Focus during Yoga


    If you are struggling with maintaining your focus during a yoga or meditation practice and are looking for a way to gain more benefits from your practice then this video will be interesting for you! The kind of atmosphere we create both outside and internally are very important for our practice of Isha Hatha Yoga. If you have questions, please leave a comment below!



    Translated by Bashir Nazir

    “WHEN LIFE BEGINS” is the English translation of the famous Urdu novel titled “Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi” by Abu Yahya.

    The book provides a comprehensive sketch of the world and life in the hereafter in the form of an interesting novel.

    The first book of its kind which was read by Millions of readers.

    “When Life Begins” by Abu Yahya has changed many lives and has now become a movement in its own right.

    A writing that will strengthen your belief in God and the Hereafter.

    An unforgettable tale and a life-changing Book!.

    The book has been translated in English, French, Hindi, Sindhi and many other languages.

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    ◼ Summary & Translation of Quran by Abu Yahya

    ▶ About Inzaar Trust: Inzaar Educational and Charitable Trust (“Inzaar”) is an educational and reformatory institution. Its aim is to strengthen the understanding and importance of faith and good morals and help people succeed in this life and in hereafter. Inzaar aims to develop and inculcate in people qualities like faith, morality, patience, knowledge, research, integrity, rationality, positive thinking, chastity and modesty.
    Inzaar is a platform where volunteers contribute their time, energy and money to promote the fundamental message of Islam i.e. preparation for the life after death on the basis of Quran & Sunnah. You can also join this noble mission by providing your practical and financial support to us.

    ▶ About Abu Yahya: Abu Yahya is a Pakistani scholar. His book “Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi” has become the “most read” urdu book of the modern times. He performs the duty of Dawah (Invitation to Faith) and reformation through electronic Media, Newspapers, and public gatherings. Abu Yahya is a founder of Inzaar. He is author of many books and also editor of monthly magazine “Inzaar”.

    ▶ Connect with Inzaar:
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  • All About the Earth | Earth Facts Documentary


    Welcome to the SciGraphic Show! Today we are gonna talk about the Earth. This video is made simple for those looking for Earth facts in motion graphics animation.

    1. Formation of the Earth (0:16)
    2. Why are planets round (0:54)
    3. Plate tectonics (1:17)
    4. The highest place on Earth (1:38)
    5. The deepest place on Earth (1:44)
    6. Depth of the Ocean (1:52)
    7. Layers of the Earth- Crust Mantle and the Core (2:00)
    8. Earths Mass and Gravity is distributed unevenly (2:48)
    9. Earths rotation is slowing down because of the Moon (3:16)
    10. Speed of the Earth (3:46)
    11. Why can't we feel the moving of Earth (4:06)
    12. Earth composition (4:26)
    13. Ground rocks and soil are recycled (4:33)
    14. Pangea and Panthalassa (5:31)
    15. Where is Gondwana and Laurasia (5:50)
    16. Theory of Lemuria (6:21)
    17. Layers of Earths Atmosphere- Troposphere Stratosphere Mesosphere Thermosphere and Exosphere (7:00)
    18. Where is Space (7:40)
    19. Hottest place on Earth (8:00)
    19. The coldest place on Earth (8:25)
    20. The highest point above sea level (8:35)
    21. Lowest point above sea level (8:44)
    22. Deepest point on the Earth (8:54)
    23. Distance between Earth and the Sun | What is Astronomical Unit (9:00)
    24. Direction of Plates (9:11)
    25. Earths Magnetic field (9:46)

    This video is made possible by SciGraphic Show !

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    Media Credits:-
    . Adventures by A Himitsu
    . Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0
    . Music released by Argofox
    . Music provided by Audio Library

  • The Days of Noah


    mp3 Download Link:

    VIDEO: The Days of Noah
    Date Recorded: April 28, 2018
    Teacher: Jerry Robinson

    Video Description: Christ warns us that the days leading up to His return to judge the living and the dead will be similar to the days of Noah. In Noah’s day, people were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage, and they “knew not” until the rain began to fall and until the waters of the deep began to rise all around them.

    Their judgment was sudden.

    It was quick.

    It was a sunny day, not a cloud in the sky.

    And then suddenly…

    Additionally, the Bible tells us in Genesis 6:5 regarding the “days of Noah”:

    “The LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

    That man’s wickedness was so great is interesting when you consider that, during His earthly ministry, Christ warned his disciples that the atmosphere on earth just prior to His return would specifically resemble “the days of Noah.” (Matt. 24:37) Put simply, Christ is clear that man’s wicked nature would reach its peak right before His Second Coming.

    If it is true that Christ’s return is days, months or years away (as opposed to centuries away), then it is also true that man’s present state of wickedness is at, or near, its peak while every intention within man’s heart is “only evil continually.” What does this mean and how can God’s people be prepared for Christ’s sudden return?

    In this challenging, but vital, prophetic teaching, Jerry Robinson explores the importance of Christ’s warning in a world that is getting darker by the day.

    If this teaching blesses you, please share it with someone else who you think might appreciate it.


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  • Jubilee Jewels ORCHADIO Premiere Show - 11th Aug


    Presented by the students of ORCHIDS The International School - Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

  • First Friday Astronomy - Dr. Paul Verhage - Sub-Orbital Ballooning


    Aug 7 - Boise State's First Friday Astronomy event on sub-orbital ballooning with Dr. Paul Verhage -

  • Astronomy Unit 2 Vcast 01 Ancient Astronomers Part 1


    Aristotle, the Geocentric Model, Ptolemy

  • Distant Earths - November 2013 UofT Astronomy Public Tour Talk by Ari Silburt


    November 2013 University of Toronto Astronomy Public Tour Talk
    Distant Earths

    In recent years with the launch of the Kepler Space Telescope there has been an rapid explosion in the number of planets discovered outside our solar system. For the first time ever we are able to explore questions such as how many habitable planets are out there?, and where should we look for life?. This talk will outline what the next steps are for finding life elsewhere in the universe as well as highlight a few of the noteworthy habitable exoplanets discovered to date.

    Speaker Bio - Ari Silburt: Since entering the Astrophysics program at the University of Toronto, Ari has been passionate about exoplanet research. Having already conducted research on KIC1255, a disintegrating exoplanet, as well as investigating selection biases within the Kepler data, Ari plans to work on 3D simulations of habitable planets for his PhD thesis. Ari graduated with an Honours Physics degree from Mount Allison University, where he also spent time conducting nuclear physics research at the Mainzer Microtron particle accelerator in Mainz, Germany. In his spare time, Ari plays sports such as basketball and hockey, enjoys swing dancing, and also records, mixes and produces solo and collaborative music projects.

  • greenhouse effects, and acid rain;biodiversity and its conservation


    Paper: Environmental Biotechnology

  • Урок английского языка для продвинутого уровня по книге На Западном фронте без перемен. Часть 2


    Представляем Вам вторую часть урока по книге Э.М. Ремарка На Западном фронте без перемен на английском языке!

    Тренируйте ежедневно свои навыки по владению английским языком, читая полезные фразы и интересную литературу с параллельным переводом по слайд методу AMONAG! Читайте по слайдам громко и четко, вслух - это главный секрет ускоренного освоения английского языка!

    AMONAG CLUB ( - это сервис ускоренного освоения иностранных языков.

    Хотите быстро и эффективно выучить английский язык? Специально для Вас мы разработали эффективную слайд методику изучения иностранных языков, которая поможет Вам освоить любой из 20 наиболее популярных в мире языков.

    Вам больше не придётся скучать за учебниками и на устаревших языковых курсах. Вы сможете учить английский язык быстро и удобно!

    Переходите на сайт в котором данные уроки удобнее читать с персональными настройками на английском или другом интересующим вас языке.
    «На Западном фронте без перемен» (нем. Im Westen nichts Neues — «На Западе ничего нового») — роман Эриха Марии Ремарка, вышедший в 1929 году. В предисловии автор говорит: «Эта книга не является ни обвинением, ни исповедью. Это только попытка рассказать о поколении, которое погубила война, о тех, кто стал её жертвой, даже если спасся от снарядов».
    Мы в социальных сетях:

  • Greenhouse effect


    Subject;- Chemistry
    Paper Name;-Environmental Chemistry
    Content Writer;-Dr. Bani Roy

  • Class 1. Symmetrical Faults PART I


    SHORT CIRCUIT ANALYSIS. Symmetrical Faults
    This chapter introduces the most basic concepts of short circuit and calculating method for symmetrical short circuit (three-phase)

    Definition of Power System States and Control Actions
    Causes Abnormalities in Power Systems
    Faults in Power Systems: Classification
    Short Circuit: Definition, causes and consequences
    Short circuit: Classification
    Dynamic behaviour of a RL series circuit
    Three-phase short circuit: Calculation methods
    EMF Method
    Thevenin Method
    Sources of Short Circuit Current
    Short circuit specifications


  • Restoring The Foundation | Episode 15


    Welcome to “Restoring the Foundation”! In this episode, Paul Wilbur shares more on the Aaronic Blessing and how you should pray this over your family everyday.

    To donate and give towards reaching the nations with this message of the Messiah, please go to

    To receive the Selah album go to our online store or digitally

    Please leave your feedback and testimonies in the comments below as we enjoy hearing from you. If you would like us to agree with you in prayer, please email

    #MondayMotivation #MondayMotivation #PaulWilbur #BryanSchwartz #Inspiration #Foundation #Restore #Restoration #Ministry

  • Scientific Miracles in the Quran—A: Outer Space—3: August 9 , 2020



  • Unless the Lord Builds the House 08 09 20


    Join us for worship. Living Faith Church, Exeland, Wisconsin
    10:00 AM - 1237 N Highway 40



    DIRECT MAIL: Living Faith Church PO Box 65, Exeland, WI 54835

    Music in this video

  • Lecture 14: Stars: Single and Binary


  • One step back, two steps forward: is sustainability suddenly within reach? Paradigm Shift panel 2


    As offices, cities, and entire countries shut down, we’re getting a unique view into humanity’s impact on the environment. Suddenly, Los Angeles has the cleanest air in the U.S., India is seeing blue skies clearer than they have in years, and emissions in China have fallen by as much as 25 percent. It’s evidence that our environment is adaptable and that we may be able reverse the damage we’ve done to the planet. But can we sustain these changes once governments lift the lockdown? Is it possible to rebuild the economy without destroying the environment? Only if enterprises lead the charge by rethinking business models and investing in their supply chains. Join us as we ask if it’s possible.

    Gerry Baker, Editor-at-Large, Wall Street Journal (moderator)
    Gert Sylvest, Co-founder & GM of Frontiers, Tradeshift (panelist)
    Jenny Davis-Piccoud, Head, Global Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Practice, Bain & Co. (panelist)
    Bertrand Badré, Founder and CEO, Blue like an Orange (panelist)

  • The five truths of Bhagavad Gita - Part 2


    Part 2 of 2 part series

  • TNTL!! Playing So Funny With Mommy But Suddenly Judy Fall Asleep With Very Big Yawning


    Hello guys!

    TNTL!! Playing So Funny With Mommy But Suddenly Judy Fall Asleep With Very Big Yawning
    ???? ???? ???? ???? ????
    Thanks for visiting our channel and we love to see your comment/input regarding how we take care and protect our poor baby monkey that was just rescued from a group of wolves in the deep mangrove​​ ​jungle in Koh Kong province.

    Luckily, I was able to meet a farmer by chance while visiting there and god bless that the monkey was survived even though he had some panic with him. My heart was broken to see how painful and scaring she was in a ​fluttering condition and then I asked the farmer if he could allow me to adopt her. In short, he said Yes.

    Anyhow, the baby was just with me a few days and I think she is a bit better now though she's still struggling to her new environment. I promise I'll try to tame her to the new atmosphere to get accustomed to human beings and many many other thing that I could introduce her.

    Regarding how we call her, I love the name KoKo as it's what written on TukTuk remorque which transported both of us from the deep jungle out to the town and so, I just give her this name to memorize what we had been through. I also prefer your input to any potential name if you wish :p

    #monkeyjudy #funnybabymonkey #babyjudyyawning

    Last but not least, we also love to see your comment, like and a share. Subscribing worth us even more a million of love. Love you all guys!

    Don't Miss an Update From Us

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    Enjoy our journey with the daily monkey routine altogether from now onward..

    Best regard,
    Monkey Judy

  • A Social History of Feminist Literature - Part 2


    A Student Documentary on Feminist Literature - Part 2
    By Emily Murphy and Austen Aquino
    Naperville North High School - History Independent Study

  • CHAPTER XXIII - Far From The Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy


    CHAPTER XXIII: EVENTIDE--A SECOND DECLARATION. Free audiobook of Thomas Hardy's Far From The Madding Crowd. Audio courtesy of Librivox.



    For the shearing-supper a long table was placed on the grass-plot beside the house, the end of the table being thrust over the sill of the wide parlour window and a foot or two into the room. Miss Everdene sat inside the window, facing down the table. She was thus at the head without mingling with the men.

    This evening Bathsheba was unusually excited, her red cheeks and lips contrasting lustrously with the mazy skeins of her shadowy hair. She seemed to expect assistance, and the seat at the bottom of the table was at her request left vacant until after they had begun the meal. She then asked Gabriel to take the place and the duties appertaining to that end, which he did with great readiness.

    At this moment Mr. Boldwood came in at the gate, and crossed the green to Bathsheba at the window. He apologized for his lateness: his arrival was evidently by arrangement.

    Gabriel, said she, will you move again, please, and let Mr. Boldwood come there?

    Oak moved in silence back to his original seat.

    The gentleman-farmer was dressed in cheerful style, in a new coat and white waistcoat, quite contrasting with his usual sober suits of grey. Inwardy, too, he was blithe, and consequently chatty to an exceptional degree. So also was Bathsheba now that he had come, though the uninvited presence of Pennyways, the bailiff who had been dismissed for theft, disturbed her equanimity for a while.

    Supper being ended, Coggan began on his own private account, without reference to listeners:--

    I've lost my love, and I care not, I've lost my love, and I care not; I shall soon have another That's better than t'other; I've lost my love, and I care not.

    This lyric, when concluded, was received with a silently appreciative gaze at the table, implying that the performance, like a work by those established authors who are independent of notices in the papers, was a well-known delight which required no applause.

    Now, Master Poorgrass, your song! said Coggan.

    I be all but in liquor, and the gift is wanting in me, said Joseph, diminishing himself.

    Nonsense; wou'st never be so ungrateful, Joseph--never! said Coggan, expressing hurt feelings by an inflection of voice. And mistress is looking hard at ye, as much as to say, 'Sing at once, Joseph Poorgrass.'

    Faith, so she is; well, I must suffer it! ... Just eye my features, and see if the tell-tale blood overheats me much, neighbours?

    No, yer blushes be quite reasonable, said Coggan.

    I always tries to keep my colours from rising when a beauty's eyes get fixed on me, said Joseph, differently; but if so be 'tis willed they do, they must.

    Now, Joseph, your song, please, said Bathsheba, from the window.

    Well, really, ma'am, he replied, in a yielding tone, I don't know what to say. It would be a poor plain ballet of my own composure.

    Hear, hear! said the supper-party.

    Poorgrass, thus assured, trilled forth a flickering yet commendable piece of sentiment, the tune of which consisted of the key-note and another, the latter being the sound chiefly dwelt upon. This was so successful that he rashly plunged into a second in the same breath, after a few false starts:--

    I sow'-ed th'-e ..... I sow'-ed ..... I sow'-ed th'-e seeds' of' love', I-it was' all' i'-in the'-e spring', I-in A'-pril', Ma'-ay, a'-nd sun'-ny' June', When sma'-all bi'-irds they' do' sing.

    Well put out of hand, said Coggan, at the end of the verse. 'They do sing' was a very taking paragraph.

    Ay; and there was a pretty place at 'seeds of love.' and 'twas well heaved out. Though 'love' is a nasty high corner when a man's voice is getting crazed. Next verse, Master Poorgrass.

    But during this rendering young Bob Coggan exhibited one of those anomalies which will afflict little people when other persons are particularly serious: in trying to check his laughter, he pushed down his throat as much of the tablecloth as he could get hold of, when, after continuing hermetically sealed for a short time, his mirth burst out through his nose. Joseph perceived it, and with hectic cheeks of indignation instantly ceased singing. Coggan boxed Bob's ears immediately.

    Go on, Joseph--go on, and never mind the young scamp, said Coggan. 'Tis a very catching ballet. Now then again--the next bar; I'll help ye to flourish up the shrill notes where yer wind is rather wheezy:--

    Oh the wi'-il-lo'-ow tree' will' twist', And the wil'-low' tre'-ee wi'-ill twine'.

    But the singer could not be set going again. Bob Coggan was sent home for his ill manners, and tranquility was restored by Jacob Smallbury, who volunteered a ballad as inclusive and interminable as that with which the worthy toper old Silenus amused on a similar occasion the swains Chromis and Mnasylus, and other jolly dogs of his day.