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What If We Had Working Warp Drive Technology?

  • What If We Had Working Warp Drive Technology?


    If you could travel faster than the speed of light, where would you go? Mars?

    The nearest star system Alpha Centauri? The distant stars in far galaxies? Does faster-than-light travel have its limits?

    For all we know, nothing can travel faster than light. Lightspeed seems to be the universal speed limit for everything that’s moving in space.

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    Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere. — Carl Sagan

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  • How Close Are We To Star Treks Warp Drive?


    Can travelling at the speed of light become more than just fantasy?

    Can Planes Ever Be Environmentally Friendly►►►►
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    Space and Time Warps

    In science fiction, space and time warps are a commonplace. They are used for rapid journeys around the galaxy, or for travel through time. But today's science fiction, is often tomorrow's science fact. So what are the chances for space and time warps.”

    Warp Drives May Come With a Killer Downside

    “Planning a little space travel to see some friends on Kepler 22b? Thinking of trying out your newly-installed FTL3000 Alcubierre Warp Drive to get you there in no time? Better not make it a surprise visit — your arrival may end up disintegrating anyone there when you show up.”

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  • Alcubierre Drive: Warp Speed - Star Trek fantasy or plausible?


    Alcubierre warp drive - faster than light travel? Is Warp speed possible? Enterprise from Star Trek can go 9000 times the speed of light. By comparison, the fastest manmade object, the Juno probe goes 0.0002 times the speed of light. At this rate, it would take 20,000 years to reach the nearest alien planet, which with the Enterprise, would take only 4.5 hours.

    But isn’t faster than light travel forbidden by Einstein’s special theory of relativity? There is a loophole. Mexican physicist, and Star Trek fan, Miguel Alcubierre published a paper on “The warp drive”. He manipulated Einstein’s equations of general relativity to make a warp field emerge - regardless of whether other laws of physics would allow it. But his equations are mathematically consistent solutions to Einstein’s equations.

    And this is how Alcubierre’s warp drive would work: Take a space ship and put a bubble of space around it. If you can compress space in front of the bubble, and expand space behind the bubble, then you can make the bubble of space along with the space ship, move. This would be like riding a wave on a surfboard. This is where the loophole is in Einstein’s speed limit, that nothing can move faster than the speed of light. This speed limit only applies to objects traveling within space, not the movement of space itself. Space can move at any speed.

    So that bubble of space in Alcubierre’s geometric solution can move at any arbitrary speed, theoretically, even 9000 times the speed of light. But Can space really move at faster than light speed? Yes.

    Space is being expanded in the back of our spaceship, and being contracted in front of it. Can space expand and contract like this? Yes, Space is allowed to do both. Space is contracting around you and earth right now. That’s what gravity is. Similarly, Space can expand too. It is expanding right now on a cosmological scale.

    Alcubeirre’s warp drive, creates a bubble around the ship, which is like the surfboard. The ship sits within this bubble. Your ship does not move within the bubble itself, so Einstein’s laws are not violated. To make space warp locally around a spaceship like this requires a lot of mass or it’s Energy equivalent via E=MC^2. And this is not just regular mass or regular energy. This is negative mass and negative energy.

    How do you get anti-gravity? You need negative matter – or exotic matter. This is something that would have negative gravity. The problem is Negative matter is not known to exist. Note that negative matter is not anti-matter. Antimatter does not have negative gravity. It has positive gravity. You could substitute the energy equivalent of negative matter, and that is negative Energy. But again, what the heck is negative energy? This is not the same as an absence of energy. It is energy with a value less than 0 that would allow you to expand space-time. But Antigravity has never been seen in a lab.

    However, anti gravity, negative mass, and negative energy are not forbidden in Einstein’s equations. Could this mean that if we are clever enough, could we create it? Let’s presume that we could. There is group at NASA called the Advanced Propulsion Team, also known as Eagleworks, who is working with this assumption. Harold White’s calculations show that a 10 meter diameter ship could go at 10 times the speed of light.

    White’s team has even tested the feasibility of warping space by doing a very small scale table top test. They have attempted to slightly warp the trajectory of a photon, changing the distance it travels over a fixed length. The first test was done in 2013 and was inconclusive.

    Is negative energy even realistic? What about the Casimir effect displaying negative energy? This is a quantum mechanical phenomenon that occurs when two conducting plates are brought very close together. When this is done, a certain proportion of the virtual particle frequencies between the plates are excluded, because not all frequencies will fit between the 10 nm space.

    Frequencies with wavelengths higher than 10 nanometers will be excluded, whereas, all frequencies will fit outside the plates. The pressure outside the plates is greater than the pressure inside the plates. This creates is a real mechanical energy that can be measured.

    Some scientists have proposed harnessing this negative energy of the vacuum on a large scale. But this is flawed, because the energy between the plates is not negative. No energy be harnessed to make a warp drive using the Casimir effect?

    There is one observational phenomenon that should give us hope that negative energy or anti gravity may exist. 70% of our universe is made of this. It is expanding space. It is possible that sometime in the future, if we can develop a better understanding of dark energy, we can learn to harness it, and use it to power the warp engine.


  • What If We Had Warp Drive Technology for Interstellar Travel? | Infiniti Pioneer


    #warpdrive #interstellar #nasa

    Earth's Magnetic field is Weakening NASA

    What Happens If You Fall Into A Near-Earth Black Hole? Scary!

    What if we build World's Biggest Telescope on the Moon!


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  • The Alcubierre Warp Field and Anti Matter 2020


    Checkout Engineered Labs

    The Alcubierre Warp Field and Anti Matter [2020]

    The Alcubierre warp field as described by Miguel Alcubierre would help us surpass the speed of light many times which means that if we had a ship that could go 10 times the speed of light, it would take only 153 days to reach Proxima Centauri.
    Much more reasonable I would say. But building a warp drive is not an easy task.

    Miguel Alcubierre is a theoretical physicist famous for the Warp Field theory.
    In May 1994 he published a paper titled “The Warp Drive: Hyper-fast travel within general relativity” however, his goal with this paper, contrary to popular belief had little to do with warp drives, it was to show that a distortion of space and time is indeed possible within the realms of general relativity, and therefore we could travel faster than the speed of light.


    NASA Video Space Expansion Credit
    NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

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  • warp drive in hindi


    In many sci-fi movies we have heard of the fact that due to human behavior earth is now not suitable for living that's why we had to search for a new planet so that human species would survive for this we had to do space travel in movies we had many advance technology like teleportation, wormholes, warp drive but in real life we are not that much of advance but in future there are chances that we would we able to develop warp drive technique in this we would made a spacecraft in space and this work on the expansion and contraction of space for the travel we will contract the space forward and expand the space backward without wasting much of our fuel . So actually what is Warp Drive and how we will do it we will learn in this video. So watch this full video till the end to know more about it.

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    Dark fluid theory-

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    #warpdrive #ScienceAndMyths

  • The Science of Warp Drives


    Warp drives, negative mass, exotic matter - these all sound like the stuff of science fiction. But MIT explains how our stranger-than-fiction universe could be explained by actual physics!
    Alcubierre Warp Drive visualization courtesy of Sergiu Ikarus
    Earth image courtesy of NASA
    NASA's Is the Warp Drive Real?
    Negative mass:
    Find us online!

    made with love at MIT
    Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-SA, MIT

    Written by: Elizabeth Choe ‘13 with Isaac Yandow ‘15
    Additional scripting: George Zaidan ‘08
    Content review: Cooper Rinzler, MIT Allanore Research Group

    Produced by: Elizabeth Choe ‘13
    Director: George Zaidan ‘08
    Editor: Per Hoel
    Special effects: Loren Sherman ‘16
    Production assistant: Ceri Riley ‘16
    Hosted by: Isaac Yandow ‘15
    Special thanks: Nika Hollingsworth

  • WHAT IF....we could travel at WARP SPEED : Star Trek


    WHAT IF....we could travel at WARP SPEED : Star Trek

    Inspired by ECHenry









    Intro / Outro
    8-Bit March by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

  • Is Warp Speed Really Possible?


    We all want to boldly go where no man has gone before, and for many, space travel is dependent on getting things like Warp Engines in Star Trek. Join us as we explore whether that's fantasy, or a reality.
    8. What Really Is Warp Speed?
    Set a course, Mr. Crusher...Warp 9!
    Ok, we all know the phrases, and depending on which Star Trek series or movie you're watching you likely know the various numbers of Warp Drives. But for simplicity sake let's talk about the most used ones in the series, mainly, the Warp Drives that could deliver Warp 1-9. But, even though we KNOW that they can travel vast distances via the Warp Drive and going Warp 9, what exactly does it mean to go Warp? How fast are they really going?
    Well, even at the most basic of Warp Factors, in this case Warp Factor 1, they're basically going faster than light, which is a feat that humanity honestly can't hope to accomplish at this point in time. Sure, we can create things and objects that move faster than light, but not in the way that it can power an entire spaceship without causing massive problems. You know, like
    To give a more concrete factor, in an episode of Star Trek Enterprise it was stated that at Warp Factor 2 it would take the Enterprise 10 years to travel 130 light years. So, by doing basic math, that means that even at Warp Factor 2 they're going 13 times the speed of light. And there's 8 levels of Warp higher than that.
    What's more, each Warp Factor does NOT follow a linear path. For example, in regards to Warp Factor 5, it's stated that it's basically 200 times the speed of light. No easy path takes us from 13 times to 200 times.
    By the time you get to Warp 9, Mr. Crusher? That's about 840 times the speed of light given by references in Star Trek.
    So as you can see, the people in Star Trek REALLY aren't playing around. They can go really fast, and that's why they're able to do so much in regards to the exploration of space. They can just get there a heck of a lot faster. Unlike...
    7. Where Are We At Right Now, Exactly?
    Sadly, when it comes to where we are right now as a space-faring (in potentia) race, we aren't even close to getting to where the Warp Drive is. Mainly because we just don't have the technology that is allowed to do the wondrous things that the ships in Star Trek. It's just not possible right now.
    Now, before you start complaining about how the future is a lie, you need to remember that Star Trek really is in the future. So much so That right now it's about 240+ years away (the original Star Trek is set in 2265). So technically, we do have time to figure everything out, it's just that when you look at where we are now, to where Star Trek is in 200 years, you can understand the skepticism that we'll make it that far. Especially when you consider the fact that right now...we're struggling just to get to another planet with people.
    Now sure, we've done a lot with the technology we've got. We've sent probes like the Voyager into the solar system and gotten very far with them. We've set up telescopes that can look into the far reaches of space. We've been to the moon several times and are aiming to get back there. But in terms of traveling to other worlds? Yeah, we're really not advancing well on that front. Not that we're not trying! But rather...we're not succeeding as well as you might think.
    6. Current Travels
    You'd think that with all the computer technology and advancements in things like weapons and lasers that we'd make a ship that could easily take us to Mars, which is very much our goal right now in terms of space travel.'s not. Even with geniuses like Jeff Bezos (creator of Amazon) and Elon Musk (creator of Tesla) making their own private engines to push humanity to colonizing the red planet, it's not easy, or fast.
    For example, the estimates of the craft that we know about in terms of their engines state that to get from Earth to Mars would be about 150-300 days. This is of coursed based on estimates about the distance between the planets at the point of launch, the maximum velocity of the ship, course alterations, etc.
    So let's be generous and say that SpaceX (who at this point are the likeliest candidate to reach Mars first) is able to make a spaceship that is able to get to Mars in 150 days. That's 5 months to travel 54.6 million kilometers. And that's just one way, so getting a round trip out of the deal would take about 10-11 months give or take. That's not fast, and that's the real problem with space travel right now for the world. We're using things like fossil fuels to try and get us to the stars, and that's just not reliable. We need something better, and fast, we need the Warp Engines...

  • Warp Drive Explained in Hindi - प्रकाश की रफ़्तार से ज्यादा तेजी से चलने वाला यान


    This video explains Ward Drive in Hindi and answers questions like, What is Warp Drive, How it works? What are the limitations of Warp Drives etc.

    Warp drive is a faster-than-light (FTL) spacecraft propulsion system in many science fiction works, most notably Star Trek. A spacecraft equipped with a warp drive may travel at speeds greater than that of light by many orders of magnitude. In contrast to other FTL technologies such as a jump drive or hyper drive, the warp drive does not permit instantaneous travel between two points but involves a measurable passage of time which is pertinent to the concept. Spacecraft at warp velocity theoretically continue to interact with objects in normal space. The general concept of warp drive was introduced by John W. Campbell in his 1931 novel Islands of Space.[1]

    Einstein's theory of special relativity states that energy and mass are interchangeable, thus, speed of light travel is impossible for material objects that weigh more than photons. The problem of a material object exceeding light speed is that an infinitely increasing amount of kinetic energy is required to attempt moving as fast as a massless photon. This problem can theoretically be solved by warping space to move an object instead of increasing the kinetic energy of the object to do so.

    (1) Voiced by - Samar Singh (

    (2) Written and Edited by - Ravi Kumar

    (3) Background Music Credit - Audioblocks

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  • The Truth About Warp Drive


    Join us for a trip into the SciShow Space News Debunker, where we explore the rumors that NASA has created a warp drive.

    Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • A Detailed Breakdown of an Alcubierre Warp Drive Coil


    A Detailed Breakdown of an Alcubierre Warp Drive Coil

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    Further reading:

    Time Travel and Warp Drives by Allen Everett and Thomas Roman

    Related Wikipedia articles

    Warp Field Mechanics 101

    Warp Field Mechanics 102

    Advanced Propulsion Physics: Harnessing the Quantum Vacuum

    The general concept of the warp drive was first introduced by John W. Campbell in his 1931 novel Islands of Space. Since then it has captured the attention of many science-fiction writers.

    As with many technologies found within the pages of a good novel, a great number of them eventually find their way into reality. And that’s because of this little something we call—inspiration.

    Alcubierre was no exception—having been inspired to mathematically work out a model for a potential real-life warp drive enduring an episode of Star Trek.

    Though he never intended to develop it further, he did, however, inspire others including NASA and us.

    From day one the drive has been primarily associated with FTL travel. But most of you are probably not aware that the warp drive has multiple functions.

    In about 50 years we will be able to travel FTL, but until then we can still benefit from the warp drive tech today, and in a moment I’ll tell you how we can do just that.

    But first, let’s provide you with a detailed explanation of the warp drive and how it actually distorts or curves spacetime.


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    AsteronX (In-house)

  • Did Miguel Alcubierre time travel to explain warp drive theory to Star Trek writer Gene Coons?


    Did physicist Miguel Alcubierre time travel back to 1967 to explain his warp drive theory to Star Trek writer Gene Coons?


    As part of our look at how two versions of Star Trek starships engines address speed of light limitations as they cross the universe, Dr. Ethan Siegel, theoretical astrophysicist and author of, Beyond the Galaxy, and Treknology: The Science of Star Trek from Tricorders to Warp Drive breaks it down for us. 

    Guest List: Dr. Ethan Siegel Theoretical Astrophysicist

  • Are Warp Drives Actually Practical?


    Are Warp Drives Actually Practical? AsteronX

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    Building a warp drive… It’s an exciting topic if for no other reason than the fact that we are close.

    How are we close?

    Our understanding has crossed the threshold of limitation.

    Pretty all that remains is the physical development—assembly—and testing of such.

    That may sound easy—and to a limited degree it is relatively easy—but that’s only one third the equation.

    Much supportive infrastructure is required first.

    That’s means in order to build a warp drive starship, we must first also develop and build the necessary infrastructure—or at least lead, and/or pave the way for others to do so instead.


    This video—an updated version of our original video—Building a Warp Drive—has been brought to you—in part—by our incredible Patrons—and their continued support of our endeavors—thank you.

    In our very first video, the Alcubierre-White Warp Drive—we explained how a warp drive works—at least in theory—but how about in practice?

    Alcubierre’s original concept made use of negative energy in the form of unknown exotic matter or energy.

    However, Dr. White found that exotic mass was unnecessary—that the warp bubble could be produced using positive—that is—normal matter or energy.


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    AsteronX, SpaceX, Elon Musk, Warp drive, warp drives, Alcubierre, Alcubierre-White warp drive, time travel, gravity, anti-gravity, antimatter, fusion, drive, spacetime, sublight, faster-than-light, interstellar travel, starship, FTL, STL, How to build a warp drive, Space travel, Extra dimensions, warp bubble, shields, Can we build a warp drive, warp ring



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  • Is The Alcubierre Warp Drive Possible? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios


    Is mankind capable of achieving warp speed?

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    Inspired by Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek, physicist Miguel Alcubierre set out to transform one of the cornerstones of science fiction iconography, the Warp Drive, into reality. But is it even possible? Can we warp the fabric of reality so that we can break the speed of light? And why is NASA actually exploring this potentiality? Join Matt on this week’s episode to learn the physics of what's physically possible!

    “What Happens At The Edge of the Universe”:



    Renato Grigoli (Chopin)




    Un Disclosed

    Simon Martin



    Alcubierre 1994

    Krasnikov 1995

    Van Den Broeck 1999

    Krasnikov 2002

    Harold White, Warp Field Mechanics 101

    Harold White, Warp Field Mechanics 102


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  • Warp Speed Comparison


    Ever wonder how fast the ships in Star Trek actually are? How about relative to one another?

    The limited use of the copyrighted clips and music in this video for analysis and commentary are in line with fair use principles in US copyright law.
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    Josh Nesmith
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    Music: Kevin MacLeod,

  • How Warp Drive Works?


    විශ්වය තුල එක සැනින් ගමන් කරන warp drive එක වැඩ කරන්නෙ කොහොමද? සරළවම තේරුම් ගන්න.

    මොකක්ද මේ කාල-ආවකාශ රෙද්ද? -
    පැතලි විශ්වය -

    මෙවැනි තවත් විද්‍යාත්මක වීඩියෝ පහල ලින්ක් වලින්.

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    Interstellar traveling with speed of light doesn't get far. Distance between places in the universe is unimaginably so far.
    So scientist have to figure out a way to go faster than light. But the problem is as you learn at school you can't travel faster than speed of light. However if you understand the space time carefully, you can't travel space through faster than light, but space can do what ever the speed it can get breaking the light speed barrier.
    The idea of Warp drive invented assuming the concept of moving the space faster than light.

  • Can You Build A Warp Drive ?


    David Pares is building a warp drive. In his garage. Using parts from Radio Shack and Home Depot. Can he actually build a warp drive? Could an Alcubierre drive be physically possible? What the heck is a warp drive??

    Special Thanks to:

    Dave Pares and Space Warp Dynamics

    Matt O'Dowd and the crew at PBS Space Time

    5 Possibilities For Interstellar Travel

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    Einstein in front of board, Ferdinand Schmutzer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons,

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    Miguel Alcubierre, By Campus Party Mexico powered by MoviStar (alviseni) (Flickr: Momento Movistar: Miguel Alcubierre) [CC BY 2.0 ( via Wikimedia Commons,
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    NASA Lab Scientist, Courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech,

    Sonny White, By Robert Markowitz - National Aeronautics and Space Administration [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons,

    Sonny White at the interferometer, By NASA, Dr. Harold White [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons,

    observable universe, By Unmismoobjetivo (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( via Wikimedia Commons,

    Pares in the 80s, Space Warp Dynamics,

    Map of the World,

    David and Bruce, Space Warp Dynamics,

  • Could Humanity Build a Warp Drive?


    #physicsunsolved #ep02

    An Examination of Warp Theory and Technology to Determine the State of the Art and Feasibility, J. Agnew (2019):

    My favorite new book on quantum physics…Something Deeply Hidden by Sean Carroll. About an 11 hour listen, really worth it imo. Free audiobook with Audible trial:

    (affiliate link)

    Episode 02: Hacking Spacetime with a Warp Drive

    Today, we return with a new episode of Physics Unsolved on something that is slowly gaining more attention in mainstream physics: the warp drive, or Alcubierre Drive. First proposed in the 1990s, this theoretical device would allow a ship to travel between two points faster than light without actually breaking any rules of general relativity. How?

    By traveling in a warp bubble. This would allow a ship to travel with space as it moved. As Joseph Agnew of University of Alabama in Huntsville explains (whose paper is linked below), the ship is relocated by the expansion and contraction of spacetime.”

    The math works out on this and has been advanced by a handful of noteworthy physicists over the years, but we're still searching for ways to create the actual warp. The detection of gravitational waves confirms spacetime can warp, it's just a matter of figuring out (1) how to cause a warp artificially, (2) how to control the warp so a ship or drone could be placed in it and (3) how to control the direction and velocity of the warp.

    As discussed in the video, there are several promising areas of research that may shed light on how to create warps.


    Metamaterial-based model of the Alcubierre warp drive, Igor I. Smolyaninov (2011):

    How Current Loops and Solenoids Curve Space-time, Andre Fufza (2015):

    The warp drive: hyper-fast travel within general relativity, Miguel Alcubierre (1994):

    It's Bloody Science! LLC created the narration and editing of this video. All other images, sounds, music and video clips are freely available in the public domain or Creative Commons licenses, or are licensed via Powtoon software or the YouTube Audio Library.

    Several clips from Caltech media archive, available for public use:

    Additional Creative Commons credits:

    Water wave analog of Casimir effect:

    Alcubierre warp visualization:

    Select visualizations via NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Joy Ng:

    Thumbnail is a still image of a Powtoon licensed video.

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    Song no. 2: Nevada City, Huma-Huma — freely available for use and monetization in the YouTube Audio Library.

    Song no. 3: Dusk, DivKid — freely available for use and monetization in the YouTube Audio Library.

  • An explanation of the Alcubierre-Froning Warp Drive part II


    An explanation of the Alcubierre-Froning Warp Drive part II

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    In this video we continue our discussion about how the Alcubierre-Froning Warp Drive (another variant of the Alcubierre drive) works.

    As of April 4th, 2018, we are actively in the process of creating individual technical pages on our website for each of our videos.

    Technical Publications:

    Fast space travel by vacuum zero-point field perturbations:

    H. David Froning on ResearchGate:

    ResearchGate is built by scientists, for scientists.

    Preliminary Simulations of Vehicle Interactions with the The Zero-Point Vacuum by Fluid Dynamic Approximations:

    An Interstellar Exploration Initiative for Future Flight:

    Quantum Vacuum Engineering for Power and
    Propulsion from the Energetics of Space:

    Special relativity with a preferred frame and the relativity principle: cosmological implications: Warp drive energy calculator based on the Alcubierre-White version:

    Song: After the fall

    Song: The Grand Fairytale Adventure
    Song: Michael Jorns Epic Theme 3

    An explanation of the Alcubierre-White Warp Drive | AsteronX:

    The Alcubierre-Froning Warp Drive part I | AsteronX:

    Additional reading material:

    Back in 1998, Dr David Froning and Robert W. Bussard worked together on a fusion rocket proposal called: Aneutronic Fusion Propulsion for Earth-to-Orbit and Beyond:

    Experiments involving specially conditioned EM radiation, gravitation and matter:

    Combining MHD Airbreathing and IEC Fusion Rocket Propulsion for Earth-to-Orbit Flight:
    Intense laser experiments provide first evidence that light can stop electrons:

    Electromagnetic phenomena not explained by Maxwell's equations:

    Symmetry-protected collisions between strongly interacting photons
    Research Laboratory of Electronics (

    Higher gauge theory and a non-Abelian generalization of 2-form electrodynamics
    Cornell University (

    The strange topology that is reshaping physics (

    Eight things you might not know about light (

    It may seem like such optical behavior would require bending the rules of physics, but in fact, scientists at MIT, Harvard University, and elsewhere have now demonstrated that photons can indeed be made to interact:

    Observation of three-photon bound states in a quantum nonlinear medium:

    Observation of three-photon bound states in a quantum nonlinear medium:

    Steering electrical current with spinning light:

    Manipulation of photons through by means of altering an aspect of light—symmetry. Observation of an Effective Magnetic field for Light:

    Light polarization modulated rapidly by gold nanorods

    SU(2) × U(l): A gauge theory of weak interactions?

  • An explanation of the Alcubierre-White Warp Drive | AsteronX


    A simple explanation of how a real warp drive could work | AsteronX

    In this video we discuss how warp drives work.

    Alcubierre Drive, NASA's Warp Drive


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    Warp Field Mechanics 101

    Technical Publications:

    Eagleworks Laboratories:



    Alcubierre Drive

    Warp-field experiments

    White–Juday warp-field interferometer

    The warp drive: hyper-fast travel within general relativity

    Hyper Fast Interstellar Travel Within General
    Relativity:The Alcubierre and Natario Warp Drive
    Spacetimes:From Science Fiction to Science Fact

    Warp Drive Basic Science Written For ”Aficionados”.
    Chapter I - Miguel Alcubierre

    Dr. Harold Sonny White - Eagleworks Laboratories: Advanced Propulsion | NASA's Ames Research Center
    Warp drive energy calculator:

  • How to build a Warp Drive


    It is our dream to be able to reach for the stars, but how could we actually accomplish this? here is one of the possible ways!

    If you have any projects you want to suggest next, feel free to leave them in the comment section below!!!

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  • Dr. Erin Macdonald Explains Warp Drive | Star Trek


    asked the 'tattooed gravity queen' astrophysicist (and massive Star Trek fan) Erin MacDonald if warp drive could actually work. Her answers surprised us! #Warpdrive #StarTrek #trektech

  • The NASA Warp Drive: Science or Fiction?


    A video report on Dr. Harold White's warp drive currently in development by Eagleworks Labs out of NASA's Johnson Space Center.

    Full disclosure: I am an astronomy student, not a sci-tech reporter. This video was produced as a class project. All sources are cited at the end of the video.

  • Warp Drive and Aliens: Bryan Gaensler Public Lecture


    In his live public lecture at Perimeter Institute on February 5, 2020, astronomer Bryan Gaensler (Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Toronto) explored the latest thinking on interstellar travel and on the search for alien life – including why he believes the frontiers of current research may be more exciting and visionary than any fictional stories we can imagine.

    Perimeter Institute (charitable registration number 88981 4323 RR0001) is the world’s largest independent research hub devoted to theoretical physics, created to foster breakthroughs in the fundamental understanding of our universe, from the smallest particles to the entire cosmos. The Perimeter Institute Public Lecture Series is made possible in part by the support of donors like you. Be part of the equation:

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  • The Best Documentary Ever - Is Warp Drive Physically Possible?


    Description of Alcubierre Warp Drive in Context of General Relativity: The physics of .

    Is mankind capable of achieving warp speed? Tweet at us! @pbsspacetime Facebook: Email us! pbsspacetime [at] gmail [dot] com .

    Can travelling at the speed of light become more than just fantasy? Can Planes Ever Be Environmentally Friendly▻▻▻▻ Sign Up For The .

    Space the final frontier these were the voyages of the..cough. Sorry about that I couldn't resist. Hello all my Theorist and welcome back to another What If .

  • Hyperspace vs. Warp Drive


    Will it ever be possible for mankind to utilise the two methods of faster than light travel featured in Star Wars and Star Trek?

    By David Slade & Iain McGonigal

  • Alcubierre Drive | The Real Warp Drive


    This video goes over faster than light travel and the Alcubierre Warp Drive Hypothesis. The Warp Drive doesn’t brake Einstein’s theory of General Relativity

  • Are Warp Drives Actually Practical? - Q&A #1


    Are Warp Drives Actually Practical? - Q&A #1

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    We calculate the energy required to power a warp drive based on a single warp event—once we’re moving through space, there are other ways to power the drive directly from space itself. But that’s a more complicated topic for another video.

    A typical nuclear fission reactor produces on average about 14,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) over a 24 hour period. The energy required to power the Alcubierre-White Warp Drive for one warp event is roughly 18 billion megawatt-hours.

    To put this into perspective, the Voyager spacecraft, weighing in at 721.9 kg—should you convert its mass into energy—would provide you with the energy required for one warp event: approximately 18 billion MWh.

    Therefore, the warp drive would require some 1.3 million fission reactors running for 24 hours—simply to power it for one warp event. So, no, fission reactors are useless.

    Another potential method for powering the warp drive:
    Powering Starships with Compact Condensed Quark Matter:
    Powering Starships with Compact Condensed Quark Matter:
    Atomic Rockets website:

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    The Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan
    by Chris Zabriskie


    AsteronX (In-house)

  • Alcubierre Warp Drive Explained In HINDI Future Friday


    Can We Travel Faster Than Light? with Dr. Miguel Alcubierre

    Alcubierre Drive: Warp Speed - Star Trek fantasy or plausible?

    An explanation of the Alcubierre-White Warp Drive | AsteronX

    In this Ep, we will talk about warp drive
    a brief overview of FTL
    what started it all
    Harold G. White's support
    what is the science of it
    How will it work
    Can it be done?


  • Could We Build A Real Warp Drive?


    Ever since humans have looked up at the stars, we've dreamed of taking our place among them. But there's just one small problem, and it's a big one- those stars are insanely far away. Science fiction writers have solved the problem with the warp drive, which allows future humans to travel faster than light, crossing the vast emptiness of space. But, sadly, it's purely a thing of fantasy... Or is it?

    Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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  • Warp Speeds with NO Warp Drives


    Most species in Star Trek utilise Warp as their faster than light travel, but not all.
    Some have created impressive alternatives to warp drive, such as catapults arrays and even sail ships.
    This video looks at the practicality for Starfleet to adopt any of these methods of travel, their potential pros and cons.

    If you liked this, maybe:
    Borg Transwarp:
    Coaxial Warp:

    Music from, and
    Star Trek Online developed by Cryptic Studios and Perfect World.
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    Star Trek Films are owned and distributed by Paramount Pictures
    This Video is for critical purposes with commentary.

  • WARP DRIVE IN TELUGU || Space Ship Developing by NASA || Telugu ALCHEMIST | space in telugu


    WARP DRIVE IN TELUGU || Space Ship Developing by NASA || Telugu ALCHEMIST

    hello space lovers in this video am going to discuss about Most famous WARP DRIVE in telugu , warp drive technology is about space ship which is used to travel with light speed using anti gravity so space lovers do watch full video and enjoy
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    space facts

  • Have you ever imagined how interstellar travel could work? | Ryan Weed | TEDxDanubia


    Meet a true explorer who might lead humanity to make interstellar travel a reality by developing the world’s first antimatter rocket. Through his fascinating speech at TEDxDanubia, you will have an understanding on how positrons meet electrons to reach an energy level to travel faster and farther than you could ever imagine.

    The 31‐year‐old Air Force pilot is Co‐founder and CEO of Positron Dynamics, the company that is pioneering the use of antimatter in space propulsion. He has a BA degree in Physics from Wesleyan University in Connecticut, a BSc in Engineering & Applied Physics from Columbia University, New York, a PhD
    from the Centre of Excellence in Antimatter Matter Studies at the Australian National University and is one of 13 fellows at WIRED 2015 Innovation Fellowships recognized for his work in antimatter propulsion.

    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

  • Alcubierre Warp Drive- Alcubierre Drive- Warp Drive- Warp Drive NASA- Faster than Light


    Alcubierre Warp Drive also known as Alcubierre Drive or Warp Drive has been discussed here. There are various ways like teleportation, wormholes and warp drive, that can be used to travel at very high speed, even faster than the speed of light. Here in this video I will discuss the concept of warp drive. The idea of warp drive is highly fascinating which is based on distorting the fabric of space and time to achieve a speed many times more than that of the light.
    According to scientists, it is possible to travel faster than light
    with the help of Alcubierre warp drive. The Alcubierre warp drive was proposed by Mexican theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre and is based on a solution of Einstein's field equations in general relativity.
    But how is it possible and what are the requirements for warp drive? Since we know any object having mass, cannot travel faster than light as it will go against the laws of Physics. Since to achieve this speed infinite energy is required, which is practically not possible. Then how it is possible with warp drive to travel faster than the speed of light?
    Actually in warp drive a spacecraft does not have to travel faster than light within a local reference frame. The spacecraft would traverse distances by contracting space in front of it and expanding the space behind it. This mechanism results in effective faster-than-light travel. In this way The Alcubierre warp drive shifts the space around an object.
    So it's more like pulling the destination towards it while pushing its starting point back, instead of actually traveling faster than light.
    This makes it possible for the object to reach to its destination faster than light would in normal space. Therefore no laws of Physics are broken.
    But now the basic problem is, how to contract and expand the space time fabric that is required for the warp drive.
    So let's discuss how this can be done.
    According to great physicist Albert Einstein, any object having mass can create curvature in space time fabric. In other words, it can contract the space. Larger the mass, more it can contract the space. But we need extremely large amount of mass, equivalent to the mass of a black hole to contract the space so that it can be used in warp drive practically.
    So we need to construct an engine, powerful enough to control a small black hole. This engine can be placed in the front part of the spacecraft so that the Space in front of the spacecraft can be contracted.
    As I have discussed earlier that for warp drive we need to contract the space in front of the spacecraft and expand the space behind the spacecraft. Now we know that we can use very large mass to contract the space. But we do not know how to expand the space.
    But it is not impossible. As We know, our universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. According to scientists, dark energy and dark matter are considered responsible for this expansion. So one possible method to expand the space is using dark energy or dark matter for warp drive.
    There is one more technique that we can use for the expansion of space. As I just told you that a normal mass i.e. positive mass can be used to contract the space. It Means, if we could find a negative mass, then it will do just opposite to it. So a negative mass would cause expansion of the space. We can use this system in the back side of the spacecraft, that will help in expanding the space that is present behind the spacecraft and hence warp drive will become possible.
    There is one interesting theory, known as dark fluid theory. The dark fluid theory combines the concept of dark matter, dark energy and negative mass. If we could find the dark fluid somehow, the warp drive would become a reality and traveling faster than light would not be impossible.
    So friends, How many of you think that warp drive is possible in future?

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  • Travelling faster than light | Warp drive | Tamil | MN


    While Travelling at the speed of light is impossible, the theory of Alcubiere Warp drive suggest a way to travel faster than light with the help of Eisenstein's theory of relativity. A technology of Warp drive allows a spaceship to form a space time bubble around it, using exotic matter, and to warp the space time around it by contracting in front and expanding in the rear to move the space time bubble in fotward. Another method of very science fiction, Hyper drive, allows a spaceship to travel faster than the speed light by jumbing into a hyper space time and re-emerging again in the normal space time.

    Videos Related einstein theories
    First Black hole image ever

    How gravity bends light

    Warm hole

    How star becomes black hole

    Newton vs Einstein

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    #WarpDrive #FasterThanLight

  • Learning to Survive at Warp Speed | Tom Jepson | TEDxChelmsford


    Tom is a self-confessed tech-a-holic who loves all things technology but that brings with it a heavy price. How can we manage all the technology when it is all competing for the same limited amount of attention we can give it. Tom explains his personal journey through tech, how it affected him and what he, and you, can do about it. With a self-confessed obsession in how things work and understanding human behaviour, Tom bridges the technical, analytical, and creative. Professionally, Tom has supported hundreds of businesses, from start-ups to FTSE 100 global enterprises in their endeavour to succeed online. He is also an educator for the UK's Department of International Trade, multiple regional growth hubs, and collaborates with a number of UK universities, delivering guest lectures to a range of students. Tom is a director at Footprint Digital, a husband, and the proud father of two beautiful girls; the centre of his world. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

  • Işık Hızından Daha Hızlı Uzay Motorları


    Her gün en yeni eğitim videolarını ilk izleyen olmak için kanalımıza abone olun. Daha fazlası ve ders videolarını sıralı izlemek için:

    Matematikten sanat tarihine, ekonomiden fen bilimlerine, basit toplamadan diferansiyel denklemlere, ilkokul seviyesinden üniversite seviyesine her yaş için binlerce ücretsiz ders videosu, interaktif alıştırma ve daha fazlası, dünyanın en büyük ücretsiz öğrenme platformu Khan Academy’de.

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    The science of warp drives

  • How do we Achieve Warp drive? When will that happen Theory


    Space the final frontier these were the voyages of the..cough. Sorry about that I couldn't resist. Hello all my Theorist and welcome back to another What If Theories and the Question today is will Warp Drive be Possible. Okay So when we all think about warp drives the typical image of the Star Trek Enterprise pops up in your mind. The ship moving faster and faster as warp 1 then 2 and 5. However what does a warp drive mean. Most of us brush it off as Fun Sci fi however that is where Scientist get their greatest ideas. Now being 2016 more things have gone from Science Fiction to Science Fact. More discoveries are made where impossible theoretical idea's then become plausible.

    The man who has been trying to make Warp speeds plausible is theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre. They even named the Warp Drive the Alcubierre drive and with good reason. In a 1994 paper that he published with the Alcubierre equation that would make warp drive possible. It was then mathematically proven that within the laws of physics that you could Warp Space/Time. Imagine this. You are standing on an escalator and you aren't physically moving however you are moving to a different point. This is the basic concept of how a Warp field works is by compressing space in front of a spaceship while rapidly expanding space behind it.

    So we got the math and the concept seem to work and it's 2016 the hold up is... Well... Energy... That pretty important factor that we aren't so great at yielding yet. On top of that it's a Exotic form of energy called Negative Energy. The theory of quantum mechanics predicts that empty space is actually constantly shimmering with microscopic pulses of energy as particles pop in and out of existence. To make negative energy you have to find a way to surpress this constant chatter. An Atomic physicist Steve Lameroux has been hard at work for over a Decade working on this problem. Steve set out in his Lab to create Negative energy for the first time. In order to do this he set up 2 plates in a vacuum chamber that have to be perfectly flat down to the atomic level. As these plates get closer and closer to each other the forces around the plates in Free Space Known as Zero point energy start to force them together. When the plates get extremely close this force grows stronger and stronger and the forces outside are stronger then the forces between the plates. Or the negative energy
    between the plates is expanding space around them which is also known as the Cassimir Effect.

    This is the first time ever Negative energy has been recorded the only problem is the amount detected was so small it would be equilivant to a Red blood cell in the earth gravitational field. So we need much much more. However if you start adding up 1,000's of these plates like in the experiment you can generate a much more measurable force. Okay let's start stacking plates!! However we realized not enough force could be generated. First thoughts are we still need enough Negative energy equal to the mass of the foreseeable Universe which is impossible. However recently revisited Chris Van Den Broeck worked on some of the math and Van den Broeck detailed this by saying that the total energy can be reduced dramatically by keeping the surface area of the warp bubble itself microscopically small, while at the same time expanding the spatial volume inside the bubble. However, Van den Broeck concludes that the energy densities required are still unacheivable. The important part noting here is that there is some real math and workings inside physics proving what is needed even though at the moment unacheivable.

    Which is just fine with me as long as we are advancing or civilization and making progress to boldly go where no man has gone before. It's just at best estimates doing so with a Warp drive is most likely 100's of years away if not more.

    Van den Broeck mathematics

    Alcubierre drive

    Dnews star trek warp video

    PBS space time

    Negative energy

    Casimir effect

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  • What happen we had a warp drive technology?


    What happen we had a warp drive technology?

  • Warp Drive Technology In Malayalam | വാർപ്പ് ഡ്രൈവുകൾ |


    A warp drive is a theoretical superluminal spacecraft propulsion system in many science fiction works, most notably Star Trek and much of Isaac Asimov's work. A spacecraft equipped with a warp drive may travel at speeds greater than that of light by many orders of magnitude

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  • NASA May Have Invented a Warp Drive - IGN News


    The EmDrive, an experimental propulsion device, may be producing a warp field.

    Read more here:

  • Warp Drive vs Project Starshot - Which Is Better?


    #spacetravel #interstellar Scientists are working on making interstellar travel a reality. How close are they?

    Curious about the world? Me, too. Let's explore it together.

    Videos presented by Jon Deer.

    Watch our vlogs about making this episode:


    Some of the sources for this episode:

    NASA plan

    80,000 years to alpha centauri at current speeds.

    Latest Curious Jon: Is Reality an Illusion?


  • Warp Drive: Is Warp Travel Possible?


    Is it possible to travel faster than the speed of light? How would it work? Harold White is a physicist in charge of NASA’s advanced propulsion team. He says that Einstein’s theory of general relativity establishes a universal speed limit. It’s states one cannot go faster than the speed of light. But the same theory also provides two loopholes: namely wormholes and space warps, that might possible be used to make an interstellar trip, maybe in weeks or months. By these methods travel occurs by never going locally faster than the speed of light or getting out of time with clocks on board the ship or at home. The idea comes from the ability of space to expand and contract at any speed. Space doesn’t have a speed limit. What might effectively happen is that space compresses and expands, resulting in space-time shifting around the ship. So the ship arrives at a different place only by having the outside space change. So possible in theory maybe, but can it actually work? NASA says they’re studying warp technology in the lab and have decided to move it from impossible to feasible. They say more work needs to be done. In the meantime positive results have been reported in tests of an Electromagnetic propulsion unit. First proposed 15 years of by British Engineer, Roger Shawyer, the drive produces propulsion by bouncing microwaves around inside a closed container. Despite seeming to fly in the face of Newton’s Third Law of motion, three independent tests have shown propulsion to be produced. The final test was done in a hard vacuum by a NASA lab. If successful, it is proposed that a working EM drive could propel us to the Moon in 4 hours, and Mars in 70 days. Interstellar travel may require something with a little more oommpph.

    Thanks for watching Warp Drive: Is Warp Travel Possible?

    Image and footage attribution:

  • Warp Drive Physics: Prepare for Warp Speed


    Online Course

    A warp drive is a theoretical faster-than-light (FTL) spacecraft propulsion system. A spacecraft equipped with a warp drive may travel at speeds greater than that of light by many orders of magnitude. In contrast to some other FTL technologies such as a jump driveor hyperdrive, the warp drive does not permit instantaneous travel between two points, but rather involves a measurable passage of time which is pertinent to the concept. Spacecraft at warp velocity would continue to interact with objects in normal space.

    In this course we realistically entertain the notion of warp drive and explore the current scientific advances in the field.

  • Futurestalgia: Will we ever get a real warp drive?


    Ever wish you could travel vast distances in seconds, hurtling toward the promise of an undiscovered solar system? Then you’re going to need a Warp Drive. Capable of blowing past the universe’s known speed limit — the speed of light — a Warp Drive is the essential technology for interstellar space travel. And on this episode of Futurestalgia, you’ll find out why science may be closer to engaging warp speed than you ever thought.

    Futurestalgia is a Fusion original web series that combines our nostalgia for the big ideas of the past and our interest in the real science of the future. In every episode, we’ll look back at an awesome future-tech object from pop culture, imagine a world where it exists, and then reveal, using hard science, why we don’t have it yet.

  • Scientists Are Starting to Take Warp Drives Seriously, Especially One Specific Concept


    Scientists Are Starting to Take Warp Drives Seriously, Especially One Specific Concept?
    It's hard living in a relativistic Universe, where even the nearest stars are so far away and the speed of light is absolute. It is little wonder then why science fiction franchises routinely employ FTL (Faster-than-Light) as a plot device.
    Push a button, press a petal, and that fancy drive system – whose workings no one can explain – will send us to another location in space-time.
    However, in recent years, the scientific community has become understandably excited and skeptical about claims that a particular concept – the Alcubierre Warp Drive – might actually be feasible.
    This was the subject of a presentation made at this year's American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Propulsion and Energy Forum, which took place from August 19th to 22nd in Indianapolis.
    This presentation was conducted by Joseph Agnew – an undergraduate engineer and research assistant from the University of Alabama in Huntsville's Propulsion Research Center (PRC).
    As part of a session titled The Future of Nuclear and Breakthrough Propulsion, Agnew shared the results of a study he conducted titled An Examination of Warp Theory and Technology to Determine the State of the Art and Feasibility.
    As Agnew explained to a packed house, the theory behind a warp propulsion system is relatively simple.
    Originally proposed by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre in 1994, this concept for an FTL system is viewed by man as a highly theoretical (but possibly valid) solution to the Einstein field equations, which describe how space, time and energy in our Universe interact.

    In layman's terms, the Alcubierre Drive achieves FTL travel by stretching the fabric of space-time in a wave, causing the space ahead of it to contract while the space behind it expands.
    In theory, a spacecraft inside this wave would be able to ride this warp bubble and achieve velocities beyond the speed of light. This is what is known as the Alcubierre Metric.
    Interpreted in the context of General Relativity, the interior of this warp bubble would constitute the inertial reference frame for anything inside it. By the same token, such bubbles can appear in a previously flat region of spacetime and exceed the speed of light.
    Since the ship is not moving through space-time (but moving space-time itself), conventional relativistic effects (like time dilation) would not apply.
    In short, the Alcubierre Metric allows for FTL travel without violating the laws of relativity in the conventional sense. As Agnew told Universe Today via email, he was inspired by this concept as early as high school and has been pursuing it ever since:
    I delved into mathematics and science more, and, as a result, started to become interested in science fiction and advanced theories on a more technical scale. I started watching Star Trek, the Original series and The Next Generation, and noticed how they had predicted or inspired the invention of cell phones, tablets, and other amenities.

    I thought about some of the other technologies, such as photon torpedoes, phasers, and warp drive, and tried to research both what the 'star trek science' and 'real world science equivalent' had to say about it. I then stumbled across the original paper by Miguel Alcubierre, and after digesting it for a while, I started pursuing other keywords and papers and getting deeper into the theory.

    While the concept was generally dismissed for being entirely theoretical and highly speculative, it has had new life breathed into it in recent years. The credit for this goes largely to Harold Sonny White, the Advanced Propulsion Team Lead for at the NASA Johnson Space Center's Advanced Propulsion Physics Laboratory (aka. Eagleworks Laboratory).
    During the 100 Year Starship Symposium in 2011, White shared some updated calculations of the Alcubierre Metric, which were the subject of a presentation titled Warp Field Mechanics 101 (and a study of the same name).
    According to White, Alcubierre's theory was sound but needed some serious testing and development. Since then, he and his colleagues have been doing these very things through the Eagleworks Lab.
    In a similar vein, Agnew has spent much of his academic career researching the theory and mechanics behind warp mechanics. Under the mentorship of Jason Cassibry – an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and a faculty member of the UAH's Propulsion Research Center – Agnew's work has culminated in a study that addresses the major hurdles and opportunities presented by warp mechanics research.
    As Agnew related, one of the greatest is the fact that the concept of the warp drive is still not taken very seriously in scientific circles:

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