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What If the Kraken Was Real?

  • Giant Squid Caught on Tape for First Time for Discovery Channels Monster Squid: The Giant Is Real


    Discovery and NHK captured the legendary giant squid on film deep in the Pacific Ocean.

  • Raw: Giant Squid Makes Rare Appearance in Bay


    A giant squid made a surprise appearance in Toyama Bay, central Japan, last week. Giant squids normally inhabit the deep sea rather than coastal areas. (Dec. 30)

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  • 360 Kraken eats a Ship: Virtual Reality Sea Monsters scary 360 Video for VR Box, Oculus Go, Gear VR


    A 360 Kraken emerges from the ocean and eats a ship:
    a virtual reality scary 360 video from OniricFlow VR.
    The kraken is a legendary sea monster of giant size similar to a giant octopus that for centuries is said to be seen near Norway and Greenland seas.
    Ancient legends say that the kraken eats ships and men.
    Be careful: the sea is populated with all kind of scary and dangerous sea monsters like the megalodon, a giant prehistoric white shark.
    In other languages the kraken is called 크라켄 , Кракен , クラケン or Kura Ken.

    You can view this 360 video with a virtual reality headset for smartphone like VR Box, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream View or any other Google CardBoard viewer.
    You can also use a standalone VR headset for desktop PC like Oculus Rift or the new Oculus Go.

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  • BECOME THE KRAKEN IN VR | Kraken VR - HTC Vive Gameplay


    In Kraken VR we take control of a disgruntled mythical squid squashing our way through three of histories greatest nautical civilizations, to restore peace and quiet to the seas.
    If you ever wanted to become a giant sea monster, this is your chance! Or Octodad in VR XD! Virtual Reality is awesome right!

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  • GTA 5 Kraken Monster Easter Egg Location!


    Join me in Grand Theft Auto V GTA 5 Easter Eggs and Secrets hunt for Finding the Location of The Kraken!. A mythical Legendary Sea Monster of Giant Size Squid Octopus lurking in the Abyss of GTA 5! Headphones Recommended!

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  • Kraken Project; In search of the Giant Squid | Full Documentaries - Planet Doc Full Documentaries


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    This documentary narrates the campaign launched by a group of Spanish in search of the legendary Kraken, in northern Spain, in the depths of the Carrandi pit.

    The appearance of a giant squid in the Asturian coast was the starting point of this project. The goal was to be the first to film in the wild the mysterious Architeuthis, which the Norwegian sailors called Kraken, the legendary giant squid.

    The Architeuthis is the animal with the highest rate of growth in the animal kingdom. Thanks to the statoliths, we now know that these squid grow around 1 cm a day, which rapidly turns the tiny larvae into the largest invertebrates on Earth. And, as the detective work progresses, each new discovery in the bodies found helps us to approach the challenge of entering the world of the Kraken and trying to see it alive.

    The first images showed a black, empty world as the camera descended. But, after long minutes, the lights began to be reflected. The descent was coming to an end. It was an emotional moment. We were discovering a new world and these were the first images.
    That same night, we would receive surprising confirmation that our camera was indeed in the right place. A trawler brought on board a giant squid caught at barely 300 metres from the outer limit of our first buoy. This squid, 6 m in length, would represent quite a find, as it turned out to be a male, much less frequent and smaller than the females.

    Now, we were working with just two cameras. One of them remained in the water column, at around thirty metres from the sea bed, while the other rested on a surface of silt where, beneath the infra-red light, stealthy fish and crustaceans prowled around our lures.
    Before submerging our little remote-control robot, we planned to bait the ocean depths in order to attract the greatest possible number of species, especially the potential prey of the Architeuthis.
    On the night of the 24th, our spirits began to fail. The Architeuthis had still not appeared and time was running out. And then, from the Calypso, the alarm rang out. We all came out of our cabins and headed towards the Calypso knowing that that alarm could be our last opportunity to film a giant squid.

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  • Sea of Thieves - TOP 5 Legendary Sea Monsters


    Ahoy folks!

    This is a top 5 video showcasing/speculating what legendary sea monsters could be implemented into the final game. We already know that we are getting the Kraken, hence it not being on the list.

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  • Minecraft vs Real Life: How to Kill a Kraken!


    Minecraft vs Real Life: How to Kill a Kraken! (RLCraft #3)

    Minecraft RLCraft is a new mod pack that is built to be as realistic as possible! This real life minecraft mod pack creates for some of the hardest survival ever!

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  • 5 Kraken Caught on Camera & Spotted in Real Life


    Kraken Caught on Camera & Spotted in Real Life, Kraken Caught on Tape, Kraken in Real Life, Kraken Sightings!
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    Original video:
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  • Kraken CEO Jesse Powell speaks with Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal


    Kraken CEO Jesse Powell speaks with Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal about the intersection of macroeconomics and bitcoin.

  • GTA 5 - Finding the Kraken


    In this episode we find something strange in the ocean of GTA 5

  • 360 Video VR KRAKEN ROLLER COASTER Ride | 4K Virtual Reality Experience


    Video VR 360 Krake roller Coaster vr RIDE
    #3DVR360VIDEOS #360video #VR360 #VRvideos #RollerCoaster
    Hi guys welcome to the best virtual reality channel “Feel Virtual”
    In this video 360 VR you will experience an amazing Kraken Roller Coaster
    Move around, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride!!
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    What is virtual reality?
    Virtual reality is an environment of scenes and objects of real appearance. You are going to have an immersive experience as if you were there.

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  • What If The Kraken Was Real?


    What If The Kraken Was Real?
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    The Kraken is a giant monster squid from Jules Verne’s iconic book, 20 thousand leagues under the sea. It also has its roots in fisherman’s tales from Norway and Greenland. The scary thing about the Kraken, if you can’t see it coming. It waits under your boat in the dark water. Legend has it that if you start catching too many fish, you should away row for your life, because the Kraken might be under your boat, scaring the fish so they swim up to the surface. As far as we know, the Kraken is just a legend. But let's imagine for a second…if it wasn’t

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  • History of Kraken


    A Zoologist at the Smithsonian Institution shares the history of the Kraken.

  • Giant Squid Spotted in US Waters


    Last week, Dr. Nathan Robinson (, alongside Dr. Edie Widder (@team_orca_), captured the first-ever footage of the giant squid in US waters. This is only the second time the giant squid has been filmed in the wild (the first time was from #alucia, in Japan, 2012). But sighting the #giantsquid wasn't the only notable event that day... Hear how they could've lost it all. Mission and scientific research by the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration, the Cape Eleuthera Institute, and the Ocean Research & Conservation Association (Team ORCA). #oceanx


  • Giant Squid: Caught on Camera


    **Voting has now closed but you can check out the top 5 at

    Discovery UK is 20 years old this year and to celebrate Robert Lewellyn is asking you to pick your favourite ever Discovery show. There is an incredible list to choose from including Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch, Crocodile Hunter and American Chopper.

  • Kraken Attack: Gulf of Mexico 2018


    Kraken attack – a drama in three acts...

    Well, not actually a kraken. While exploring an unidentified shipwreck on Friday the 13th during the second dive of the Gulf of Mexico 2018 expedition, we encountered two octopods, Muusoctopus johnsonianus, at ~1,880 meters depth.

    The first encounter was a fairly large individual crawling across the sediment as the remotely operated vehicle was transiting to the shipwreck. When we arrived at the wreck and explored it, the arms and suckers of another octopod were visible beneath some of the planks. Later during the detailed examination of the wreck, an octopod (presumably the first one) crawled up to the wreck and attempted to enter the space which already had an octopod occupant. The occupant did not seem pleased and, after a brief scuffle, drove the intruder away. In the final act of this drama, the intruder swam several meters away from the wreck and landed on the sediment. There it started writhing all of its arms. Some shallow-water octopods do this to bury in the sediment. If that was its goal, it wasn’t very successful, perhaps because cloud of stirred-up sediment drifted slowly away rather than covering the octopod. Alternatively, maybe all of that arm waving was just a temper tantrum after having lost the Battle of the Shipwreck.

    Video courtesy of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Gulf of Mexico 2018.

    Learn more about the expedition here:


  • What If The Kraken Existed Today?


    What If The Kraken Existed Today?
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    Be not afraid of whirlpools, of strong winds, and murky waves. Fear the creature that dwells in the darkest depths, the ice-shackled Kraken, that threatens to surface and your soul to keep. This is a quote from erna Grcic’s book, beneath the surface. But are krakens truly as terrifying as fiction has made it out to be? Would they threaten human life? Or would they let us live undisturbed. Today I will attempt to answer these questions, as we learn all about the kraken.

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  • BREAKING NEWS // The Kraken has been spotted


    La côte Belge a été ravagée par le monstre des mers Kraken. Attention, Le Kraken peut frappé très brutalement et sans pitié. #KrakenRum #ReleaseTheKraken

  • Worlds largest sea creature/What If The Kraken Was Real ?/ दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा समुंदरी जीव



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    The kraken is a legendary cephalopod-like sea monster of giant size that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. Authors over the years have postulated that the legend originated from sightings of giant squids that may grow to 13–15 meters (40–50 feet) in length. The sheer size and fearsome appearance attributed to the kraken have made it a common ocean-dwelling monster in various fictional works.
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  • The Kraken Revealed!


    Join the Vancouver Aquarium and Dr. Edith Widder to learn about glow-in-the-dark creatures and how they helped Dr. Widder lure the giant squid, “the kraken”, out of hiding, and are helping her to find and stop ocean pollution.

    More info:

  • Kraken Mystery Solved? Paleontologist Posits Real-Life Scenario for Mythical Monster


    The Internet is abuzz over the possibility that the kraken, one of Hollywood's favorite mythical monsters, might be real.

    Paleontologist Mark McMenamin announced his theory after seeing a bizarre arrangement of ancient marine reptile bones in Nevada. The pile of ichthyosaur bones seemed to mimic the debris that the modern day octopus uses to camouflage its den.

    There is no direct evidence of a kraken-like creature, but McMenamin says that?s because the soft tissue of the kraken would not last long enough to fossilize.

    The kraken, which terrorized the Pirates of the Caribbean and was featured in Clash of the Titans, is imagined as a 100-foot long predator that would kill its prey, including school-bus sized ichthyosaurs, by breaking their necks.

    Fellow paleontologists are skeptical about McMenamin?s conjecture, but the Mount Holyoke researcher isn't phazed, saying, We have a good case.

  • What If Void Krakens Were Real?


    What If Void Krakens Were Real?
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    Void Krakens are some of the scariest creatures you can ever run across while drifting through outer space. We all know how scary a Kraken of the ocean can be, now try to imagine a Kraken that can fly from space, straight out of the void. Today on Life's Biggest Questions, we are proud to bring you; What If Void Krakens Were Real?

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  • Diver Mauled in Squid Attack | Man-Eating Super Squid


    An expert diver gets mauled by several squids and records the entire event. | For more Man-Eating Super Squid, visit

    Watch the full special! |

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    ???? NEW update Fortnite Chapter 2 and Season 11 news! Giant KRAKEN Tentacles are found floating in water as player prepare of the incoming Monster Kraken Attack event for chapter 2 season 11. These Fortnite locations are changing. Watch *NEW* GIANT KRAKEN TENTACLES *FLOATING* IN WATER CONFIRMING MONSTER KRAKEN ATTACK! CHAPTER 2 UPDATE! and see if we can uncover Chapter 2 Kraken live countdown and Season 11 leaks!

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  • What If The Kraken Was Alive Today?


    What If The Kraken Was Alive Today?
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    The Kraken we all know so well today likely originates from a 13th century Norse legend about the hero used to resemble something more like a crab, with long spindly appendages instead of tentacles, but over time the most common iterations transformed into Cephalopods. But what if this creature actually existed and was alive today?
    #whatif #thekraken #seacreatures #lifesbiggestquestions

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  • समुद्र का सबसे बड़ा दानव What If The Kraken Was Real?


    It's time to release the kraken! Did you ever think, What If The Kraken Was Real? This is the legendary sea monster. It's massive, terrifying and hungry. For centuries people have spun tales of sea monsters with giant tentacles that drag people to their doom. Is there any truth to the stories? The squid does have one advantage. Its eyes are the largest of any animal. This sounds like a terrifying ordeal. But none of it is proof that giant squid are active predators. there is little evidence of a truly monstrous squid living in the ocean today.

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  • The Kraken Rum: Existence


    DOES THE KRAKEN EXIST? Critics question eyewitness accounts. But the evidence of Kraken existence is beyond uncanny. Release The Kraken -

  • 10 Amazing things about the KRAKEN


    Link to BE AMAZED Channel

    The history of the Kraken goes back to an account written in 1180 by King Sverre of Norway. As with many legends, the Kraken likely originated based on sightings of a real animal, the giant squid. Back then the any encounter with an unknown animal could gain a mythological edge from sailors' stories. After all, the tale grows in the telling, especially when that tale involves a slimy dangerous sea creature that has been known to attack humans and boats - Even as recently as 2003 one attempted to take down a french sailing yacht! However, as giant squid aren’t likely to surface, others claim that volcanic activity is a better explanation for these myths. Underwater volcanic activity is common around the Norwegian Sea, creating bubbles and dangerous currents which can easily be interpreted as a monster in the depths.

    The legend developed
    As word grew, the kraken legend evolved with hearsay. Many tales talk of the Kraken, but sometimes there are stories that mention multiple giant cephalopods. They worried about Krakens making whirlpools in the sea that could suck their ships down. Norwegian natural history books even claimed that sailors would foresee a krakens approach with fleeing sea-life and they apparently also used Kraken faeces to attract fish, but then the Kraken itself would appear and eat the fish.Because of its sheer size, the kraken is interpreted to have magical powers, but it didn’t originally.

    Scientists believed it existed
    Prior to the 1870s, scientific opinion held such creatures as nothing more than ridiculous myths, on par with mermaids or sea serpents. Despite this, investigations into the existence of the legendary Kraken took place as early as the 1840s. The Kraken myth grew so strong that it could be found in Europe’s first modern scientific surveys of the natural world in the 18th century such as in the first edition of the ground breaking Systema Naturae (1735).

    It was believed to sink ships
    Another Zoologist, Pierre Denys de Montfort, stdies giant cephalopods in the 1700s after hearing accounts form captains of giant tentacles being discovered and went on to cite old pieces of artwork and ship disappearances as evidence of these beasts. After 10 ships went missing in 1782, de Montfort made the bold assumption that the Kraken was to blame. The boats were truthfully lost in a hurricane and his reputation was ruined.

    Google Earth Kraken
    Swimming off the coast of deception island near Antarctica, some have claimed there is kraken-like creature visible using google earth that seems to be 120m long from head to end with an abdomen similar to that of a giant squid. The google ruler measures the abdomen as around 20 to 30m long squid, meaning the creature is likely far larger than any giant squid can reach. However, even though it looks deceptively similar to a kraken from a birds eye view, on closer inspection, this is just a huge rock. Similarly, older Legends also tells of sailors that mistook the creature for an island but instead of simply debating the picture online, they were said to sailtowards it.

  • | KRAKEN | What If The Kraken Was Real? | Explained In Urdu




    SLOGAN: Think Unique To Earn Name.

    || Time to Now About Monster ||
    What If The Kraken Was Real?
    It's time to release the Kraken!
    This is the legendary sea monster. It's massive, Terrifying and hungry. For centuries people have spun tales of sea monsters with giant tentacles that drag people to their doom. Is there any truth to the stories? Most Scary thing about the Kraken, if you can’t see it coming. Actually, It waits under your boat in the Dark water.
    The squid does have one advantage. Its eyes are the largest of any animal. This sounds like a terrifying ordeal. But none of it is proof that giant squid are active predators. there is little evidence of a truly monstrous squid living in the ocean today.

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  • The Kraken - Chapter 3: Myth


  • The LEGO Kraken


    A noblewoman has been kidnapped by pirates so an Imperial Ship has been sent to save her! But what else might be lurking in the sea?

    Behind the Scenes:
    Build your own Kraken!:

    Fun facts:
    This video took 2 months to make
    It is the first video I ever made with a DSLR camera!

    Can you find the top hat minifigure?
    Hint: He is extremely difficult to find in this video, only part of his body is visible! Good luck :P

  • Giant Squid: The Real Kraken - Deepsea Oddities


    Throughout the world, old mariners had told legends of tentacled beasts attacking ships. What if these legends were rooted in truth?

    Music by CO.AG:

    What else lurks within the abyss?

  • Kraken Spotted on River Thames


    Breaking news from the River Thames: a fearsome beast has been spotted on a riverboat. Who's near the river today - have you seen the beast? #ReleaseTheKraken

  • Proyecto Kraken. En busca del Calamar Gigante | Documental Completo - Planet Doc


    El Proyecto Kraken es un documental que narra el viaje en busca del legendario calamar gigante. Un monstruo del océano conocido como el Kraken (Architeuthis).
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    Esta historia comenzó en el año 2001. El aviso de la aparición de un nuevo calamar gigante en las costas asturianas fue el punto de partida definitivo para un proyecto tan ambicioso como apasionante: intentar ser los primeros en conseguir imágenes de un calamar gigante vivo en su medio natural. Nadie hasta la fecha lo había conseguido pero este nuevo varamiento en las costas asturianas nos decidió a emprender la campaña en busca del legendario calamar gigante (kraken). Y nuestros primeros pasos nos condujeron al lugar donde se guarda la mayor colección del mundo de estos misteriosos animales; un desconocido museo en la localidad asturiana de Luarca.
    En la Coordinadora para el Estudio y Protección de las Especies Marinas, un naturalista enamorado del mar llevaba años tras las huellas del legendario monstruo marino. Desde tiempos inmemoriales las costas de Asturias han sido el escenario de la aparición de calamares gigantes.
    Aunque desconocida para la gran mayoría del público, esta es la colección de calamares gigantes más importante del mundo. Y los calamares gigantes no son los únicos cefalópodos misteriosos del abismo asturiano que guarda el museo.
    Estos calamares desconocidos han traído hasta aquí a los especialistas en cefalópodos más eminentes del mundo, buscando los rastros de un animal que lleva esquivando al hombre desde el origen de nuestra especie. Porque aunque formidable en tamaño, el calamar gigante sigue siendo un misterio para la comunidad científica y un monstruo marino para la inmensa mayoría; un monstruo cuya leyenda se remonta siglos atrás: el Kraken. Era éste un monstruo armado de múltiples brazos que atacaba a los navíos y los arrastraba hasta las profundidades; un pulpo gigantesco cuya fuerza y maldad atemorizaron durante siglos a los marineros del norte de Europa.

    Pero detrás de éste monstruoso Kraken se escondía una especie de calamar a la que el naturalista danés Japetus Steenstrup bautizó con el nombre de Architeuthis: un calamar real, sí; pero un animal que con sus más 20 m de longitud y sus 1.000 kg de peso nada tenía que envidiar al legendario Kraken. Cada nuevo descubrimiento realizado en los cadáveres encontrados, nos ayuda a afrontar el reto de aproximarnos al mundo del Kraken y a intentar verlo vivo.
    Si no se ha conseguido ver al gigantesco calamar vivo ha sido porque su hábitat es el abismo marino entre los 300 y los 1.500 m de profundidad.
    Adaptarse a este mundo extremo ha generado seres extraños, formas desconcertantes que a nuestros ojos se convierten fácilmente en monstruos.
    Por fin llegó el día esperado. Por fin, dos años después de empezar a sopesar la idea, salíamos en busca del legendario calamar gigante. A 43º 56’ N 5º 29’ O localizamos el llamado Pozo de la Vaca, un estrechamiento del cañón submarino donde colocaríamos las tres cámaras a 800, 700 y 500 m respectivamente. Ahora navegábamos sobre la fosa de Carrandi; el territorio del enigmático Kraken.
    Antes de sumergir nuestro pequeño robot de control remoto teníamos previsto cebar el abismo para atraer al mayor número de especies, especialmente las presas potenciales de los Architeuthis.

    La campaña llegaba a su fin. Habíamos agotado nuestro tiempo y teníamos una sensación agridulce. No habíamos conseguido imágenes de un Architeuthis vivo, pero habíamos abierto una puerta a la exploración de la fosa de Carrandi, un lugar donde había quedado demostrada la existencia de los enigmáticos calamares gigantes. Nuestra aventura no había terminado, estábamos dispuestos a volver con nuestras cámaras en busca del calamar gigante.
    El Proyecto Kraken no terminó con la campaña de Carrandi. El análisis de los datos y especimenes recogidos, a cargo de los científicos del Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales iba a aportar importantes datos sobre la biología del Architeuthis y su hábitat.
    La búsqueda del Kraken llegaba a su fin por esta vez. Quedaban pendientes todas las preguntas que se responderían con una sola imagen de esta leyenda viva. Porque si algo hemos sacado en claro con esta campaña es que allí, en la oscuridad perpetua del abismo asturiano, ajenos y ocultos a la actividad de los hombres, medran silenciosos los calamares gigantes.

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  • What If Levyatan Melvillei Fought The Kraken?


    What If Livyatan Melvillei Fought The Kraken?
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    The Livyatan Melvillei versus the Kraken. One an extinct species of whale, another a legendary Cephalopod that may or may not have existed. Both have been dramatized in works of fiction, and both are referenced in Herman Melville's novel, Moby Dick. But what would be the outcome of a battle between these two fantastic beasts? Who would come out on top? That's the question we're asking in today's episode of life's biggest questions.

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  • KRAKEN Spotted on Google Earth - real or fake?




    LINK to Original Video examined in this video


    Hey guys, Bill here… you know it’s really amazing how much strange stuff people find on google earth. Like Shipwrecks, Airplane Graveyards, and even cruise missles in flight! One of the more recent findings that a lot of you guys are sending in is this one…

    First sent in by Tassos Avionitis, Soap Bomb, and rose goodleff, this video shows a strange looking object that some claim is the sea monster known as a Kraken...

    ...but is this video for real? Or is this just another big fat ocean going fake? Why don’t we dive in and see what we can find out.

    Looking closer at the video we see that it was first posted to a Youtube channel called “Science And Technology” on June 15. 2016. In the description, it reads, “Is that a Kraken? Massive object spotted on Google Earth.”

    There is no narration on the video, just some eery music…The video zooms in to a place called Deception Island near Antarctica and then glides over to a dark area of the map. It is here that we see something strange in the water. It looks like a giant creature of some kind swimming through the ocean with a wake behind it.

    The video maker uses some measuring tools supplied by Google Earth and estimates the length of the creature is 25 Yards or 22 Meters in length.

    Ok so what are we looking at here? As many you already know, something like 95% of the ocean has not been explored yet. This means there is a good chance there are giant size creatures out there that we have never seen. Now, some of the other possibilities suggested on the internet include… A Giant Squid (which technically at this size would be a colassal squid) - whales ( and Sperm whales which are known to visit these waters) even a possible UFO.

    It was a lot to go through, so I sent the video to my research team and they started tracking down the leads.

    Reseacher Shelby Liane looked into Krakens to see if we could determine if they really exist or not…

    Meanwhile Homza Andreas checked to see if the image shown in the video actually exists on google earth and isn’t some cooked up photoshop prank. He also checked other reports on the internet.

    If you have a picture or video and you’re not quite sure if it is real or not, send it in to me at and I’ll take a look

  • How to defeat the Kraken in in Sea of Thieves


    You’ll need this guide to take on the Kraken from Sea of Thieves, because that tentacled monster isn’t easy to turn into calamari.
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  • The Kraken - Exploring the Origins Behind the Legendary Sea Monster


    Today we finally examine the infamous Kraken, where the stories came from, how it became so popular and why we're so obsessed with the horrors in represents.
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    Artwork by Markus Stadlober -

    Dragon and Toast Kevin MacLeod (
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  • What If SCP 3000 Fought The Kraken?


    What If SCP 3000 Fought The Kraken?
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    More Of Life's Biggest Questions ????????

    Alright guys - it’s been a hot minute since we last pitted two mythical and monstrous leviathan’s of the ocean against each other, but I for one think that this aquatic based - world ending showdown may perhaps be the slither-off to end all slither-offs. Picture this, a sea monster of an eel, the size of half an ocean that turns the minds of mankind to pure jelly whilst feasting on its prey - versus the one, mythical name that strikes fear into the hearts of salty sailors across the seven seas. Both of them writhing around at the bottom of the murky blue - in an effort to answer the one immortal question. Eel jelly - or tentacles? Razor-sharp teeth - or razor sharp beaks? Which one wins? Well, let’s find out.

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  • What If the Kraken Was Real? REACTION! | Mark Reglos


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    Hi. I'm Mark, a Filipino living in Los Angeles, CA. I love making videos.

  • The Kraken, is it real?


    Is the Kraken Real? Who knows :P

  • What If Cirein-Cròin Fought The Kraken?


    What If Cirein-Cròin Fought The Kraken?
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    The Cirein Croin; a sea monster so big it fed on seven whales a day, a master of disguise and artful entity. The Kraken, a legendary octomonster - a giant entity quid that could take down huge ships and their entire crew for breakfast without a second thought... what if these two sea beasties fought? Well you are about to find out!

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  • What If Cthulhu Was Real?


    What If Cthulhu Was Real?
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    A creation by H.P. Lovecraft, Cthulhu is the High Priest of the Great Old Ones. This gigantic being is worshiped by cultists and has sparked many a characters based off him.
    #cthulhu #whatif #lovecraft

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  • FULL Kraken Unleashed POV side-by-side VR roller coaster experience at SeaWorld Orlando


    Visit for more theme park fun!

    Ride the newly updated Kraken Unleashed roller coaster and see the real-life POV side-by-side with the virtual reality visuals.

    Note: Because the ride renders the VR in realtime based on weather, weight, row, and seat, the side-by-side video here does not match up 100% perfectly. On the ride, everything matches perfectly in sync.

    More theme park fun:

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  • Real Kraken monster Caught on tape - Sea monster attack boat


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  • Real Life Legend: Kraken


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  • The Kraken: The Legendary Sea Monster


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    Who or what is The Kraken: The Legendary Sea Monster?



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  • Giant Squid Goes Viral! Is The Kraken Real? Worlds Largest Animals!


    This massive animal went viral a bit ago on Twitter and Facebook! That means everyone was clicking, commenting and talking about this massive kraken! I love sea monster stories, but I want to learn about real sea monsters. Tell me what you think. Did I debunk this one?


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  • The Kraken - Chapter 2: Ink