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What Is Inside Tiny Wireless Earphones?????

  • What Is Inside Tiny Wireless Earphones?????


    Hello guys, is video me humne chote chote bluetooth earbuds ko khol ke dikhaya hai.

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  • Worlds Smallest Earpiece


    Smaller than a grain of rice, just think of all the shady fun you could have!

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  • wireless headphone II Unboxing of world smallest ear phone with mic II KN creation


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  • Invisible/Undetectable Wireless Micro Mini Bluetooth Spy Earpiece Earphone | Spy Ear Gadget Review


    Invisible/Undetectable Wireless Micro Mini Bluetooth Spy Earpiece Earphone | Spy Ear Gadget Review

    Item specifics From The Factory:

    Port: mini USB
    Battery Life: 5 hrs
    Standard Zinc-air Battery: type 337
    Main Function: Earpiece Earphone
    Bluetooth Version: bluetooth 2.1
    Receiving Distance: 50 ~ 70 cm
    Distance (between Inductive Coil and Ear Piece): approx. 70 ~ 100 cm
    Audio Bandwidth: 200 Hz ~ 4 KHz
    Bottons: volume up, volume down, power on/off, accept/reject call
    Dimensions: 3 * 6 * 8 mm (earpiece)

    This Spy Ear Gadget Key Functions:

    Spy Micro EarPiece
    High Quality in Sound
    Adaptable with Any Cellular Phone
    Simple and easy to setup and use
    With High Quality Bluetooth Hands Free Kit
    A Secret Ear - Cordless and Undetectable

    What's in the box:

    1 x Spyear Gadget - Invisible/Undetectable Wireless Micro Mini Bluetooth Spy Earpiece Earphone with Hands Free Kit
    1 x Battery
    1 x USB Cable for Charging

    For more Spy Ear Gadget reviews how to use Spy Ear Gadget unboxing Spy Ear Gadget ,please subscribe AnkakaCom.

    Many new spy gears can be bought on this link:

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  • How to repair earphones | how to repair or replace battery of s530 bluetooth earphones at home diy


    how to repair earphones | how to repair or replace battery of mini s530 bluetooth earphones at home diy
    In this video watch how to Repair Replace Battery of Mini S530 Bluetooth Earphones at your home easily and make it new

    Buy this earphone here -
    Replacement Battery Buy link-

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    Watch the complete video:
    Buy the Monorean Pro wireless earpiece at our online store. The best wireless invisible earpiece. Online store:

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    Spanish channel:

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    Monorean Pro, the best Monorean!

    Connect the invisible earpiece to your cell phone via Bluetooth and simply make a regular phone call.

    Its inductive collar is as thin as a sheet of paper, and it won't even be noticeable under a thin cotton t-shirt.

    Send buzzes to your partner and pick up the phone using the Beeper Pushbutton.

    Control the MP3 files stored in your cell phone with the MP3 pushbuttons.

    What's a Monorean?
    The Monorean is a discrete communication device. The Monorean consists of an invisible earpiece the size of a rice grain that you put into your ear. Through the earpiece you’ll be able to listen to your partner crystal clear and in a discrete manner.

    How does it work?
    With the Monorean® Pro earpiece all set up, go to where you’ll use the earpiece..


    Wait for an incoming call, and then pick it up by holding down the Pushbutton Beeper hidden in your shoe for five seconds. You can also press the Pushbutton Beeper to redial the last number called.

    You’ll listen to the person on the other line through the invisible earpiece hidden in your ear

    During a test, you can use the Pushbutton to communicate with your partner. For example: press once if you want to say 'yes', press twice for 'no', or press several times in a row to ask them to speak slower.

    Hold the Pushbutton down for five seconds to hang up the phone.


    Once you are ready to listen to the lessons stored in your cell phone, press the PLAY MP3 Pushbutton (you will have 3 Pushbuttons) to start listening to the audio tracks through the invisible earpiece hidden into your ear. Press the Pushbutton NEXT-TRACK to go to the next track. Press the Pushbutton PREVIOUS-TRACK to go to the previous track.

    Hold down the Pushbutton NEXT-TRACK to fast forward and find a specific time on the track. You can also hold down the Pushbutton PREVIOUS-TRACK to rewind and find a specific point in your pre-recorded lesson.

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  • Spy gsm box earpiece set device spy device store


    Spy bluetooth earpiece set device spy device store ,Spy GSM box earpiece set
    Spy GSM Box with earpiece set is a new model in Spy GSM Devices, with small in size and convenient to use Measurements 57 x 37 x 17 mm, where u don't require a cellphone for two communication, The new GSM box is build-in dual band GSM module which can works in GSM900MHz and GSM1800MHz mobile phone networks, After insert GSM sim card and turn on power, it automatically pick-up all incoming calls, and transfer audio signals to spy nano earpiece, The powerful inductive coil can drive earpieces within 40cm, The 35dB top sensitive microphone ensures partner can hear your Whisper voices. MUTE button helps to get rid of earpiece detectors. High Power Battery of 900mAh allows talk-time backup of 4Hrs.


    1.  Mobile Network & Frequency GSM: 900 MHz, GSM: 1800MHz

    2. Audio Power 4  Watt

    3.  Use regular SIM card (size 15x25mm).Make sure the pins down

    4.  In order to avoid been detected by inductive detectors, you can push MUTE button to cut off audio output

    5.  40cm distance between Spy GSM Box earpiece set and earpiece.

    BUY LINK:-

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  • Dot - Worlds Smallest Wireless Earbuds - Quick Look


    Hope you guys enjoy this video and we'll see you in the next one! Thumbs up and subscribe!!

    Here is the link to the skin I used for the Google Pixel

  • Top 10 Ways to Cheating Exam Devices Invisible Earpiece 4G GSM Camera


    The best 10 methods to cheating on exam with Hi-Tech device How to cheat on exam with invisible spy earpiece and 4G GSM Camera covert earphone school covert hidden camera invisible, Exam test Camera student earpiece for cheating on tests, Bluetooth earpiece, how to cheat on a test with spy earpiece

    top 10 the best whay to cheat on exam/test:
    - Gsm Box with invisible micro spy earpiece
    - GSM Card with tiny earpiece
    - GSM Pen with spy earpiece for cheat on test/exams
    - Bluetooth pen
    - Bluetooth Samsung Stick with small spy covert earphone
    - GSM 4G mini hidden camera send Live Video image with your topics to your helper - wichout any distance limits (your helper can be in another Town or Country)

    Invisible earpieces and mini Video Camera for cheating on tests and exams Cheat on tets using an invisible wireless earpiece.

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  • NewCrazybaby Nano 1S Wireless Earbuds Worlds Smallest 5.0 Earbuds


    [ 5 Colors ] Crazybaby's artists designed 5 brand new colors to fit your every outfit. True wireless headphones are going to be a symbol of fashion from now on.
    [ Twice the Performance ] Both the inside and outside of the Crazybaby Nano 1S have been impressively improved to almost the twice of the previous model.
    [ Smart Control ] Easily and quickly switch between calls and music with our smart wireless functionality.
    [ Bluetooth 5.0 ] Crazybaby Nano 1S supports Bluetooth 5.0 to provide a stronger and faster connection across different devices and operating systems.

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    Video Filmed by : Canon M6


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    I created this video with the Apple Mackbook Pro 15

  • Top 5 world smallest earbuds you can buy


    Earin - The Worlds Smallest Wireless Earbuds

    PUGZ-World's smallest wireless earbuds charged through phone

    OwnPhones: Wireless, Custom-Fit, 3D Printed Earbuds

    RippleBuds: Noise Blocking Earbuds with an In-Ear Microphone

    World's first wirelessly charged earbuds

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  • Smallest Earbud from Xiaomi...


    Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth Earbud Unboxing and Review India 2018 | Smallest Bluetooth Wireless Earbud from Xiaomi | Smallest Truly Wireless Earbud Review India 2018
    #xiaomi #bluetooth #earbuds

    Links ( Buy here ) ~
    Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth Wireless Earbud --
    Banggood 11.11 Crazy Sale --
    Banggood Flash Deals --

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  • Top 5 Best of the BEST TRULY WIRELESS EARPHONES for 2019 into 2020 - Lets GO!


    CHECK UPDATED PRICES BELOW (random order to the video):
    Jabra 75t :
    Airpod Pro :
    Power Beat Pro :
    Sennheiser True Momentum :
    Aukey T10 :
    Samsung Galaxy Buds :
    Sony WF1000xm3 :

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  • GSM Box Invisible/Undetectable Wireless Micro Spy Earpiece Earphone


    GSM Box is a high performances devices, is the most sold devices for Cheating on exam, cheating on test, cheating on driving test.....

    More detail here:

    The system consists of:

    - The GSM Box: It's a special micro-telephone that makes direct connection between the home help that gives you the answers and the headset in your ear

    - Micro Headset: captures the special waves emitted by the box to the headset and plays them in the ear

    Operating Principle:

    A normal SIM card with a number is inserted in the GSM Box. When calling from any phone (be it landline) the number of the SIM card inside, the GSM Box will respond automatically and start transmitting to the headset from the ear what the caller speaks to you. At the same time, the GSM Box also has a very sensitive microphone that captures the weakest sounds, so the home help listens to what's going on in the exam room (you can whisper him/her the subjects). If the exam is very demanding and you cannot whisper the subjects then you need a cheating video camera that sends LIVE images with the topics.

    - It works in any GSM network in any country,
    - It is undetectable,
    - There is no need to have a telephone to you in the exam room, no wires on the body, no necklace around the neck etc.
    - The GSM box is a mini phone of the size of a matchbox,
    - The GSM box RESPONDS AUTOMATICALLY every time the SIM card number is called from inside,
    - The GSM box has a very high-performance microphone
    - it can be heard when someone walks through the exam room

    The package includes:
    - 1 x GSM Box of the skin colour in order to hide it easily,
    - 1 x Micro Headset MC-2000 OF SKIN COLOUR!
    - 5 x SONY 337, SR 416 SW Silver Oxide Original Battery
    - 1 x cable for charging the GSM box
    - 1 x very detailed instructions for use
    - 1 x warranty certificate

  • Redmi AirDots Unboxing & First Look - The 1000Rs Airpods????????????


    Namaskaar Dosto, yeh ek interesting video hai jaha maine aapse baat ki hai Redmi Airdots ke baare mein jo truly wireless earphones hai Redmi ki taraf se aur price hai sirf 99Yuan jo hoti hai approx 1000INR, yeh kaafi interesting truly wireless earphones hai jaha apne price ke hisab se sound quality bhi kaafi acchi hai. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko Redmi AirDots ki unboxing aur yeh ek first look pasand aayega.

    Got it from here, lekin yaha mehanga milega approx 2500Rs, India launch ka wait karlo:

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  • Smallest Bluetooth Earbud with 6hr Battery! GoNovate G10



    Smallest Earbud: G10 is the most discreet earbud you have ever seen. Stream your favorite music and podcast incognito. Bonus: carrying case to keep the bud safe and sound. Note: Only 1 earbud included
    Incredible 6hr Battery: Combining miniature design with superior performance. Longest 6 hour battery life among mini earbuds
    Comfortable Fit: Ergonomically designed to simply stay in place. Fits either ear, wear the bud on right ear for better call clarity
    Solid Signal: Bluetooth 4.1, features a skipfree audio over a wireless range upto 33 ft
    Clear audio: Ideal for listening to Audiobooks, Podcasts and Netflix, decent for music and calls. Supports Multipoint Technology: connects 2 smartphones and answer calls from either one. G10 is compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices such as iPhone 5,6,7, Samsung Galaxy S5,S6,S7, iPad air, iPod Nano, Laptop, etc

    Intro Music: Behind Closed Doors by Otis McDonald from the YouTube Audio Library.

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  • Designed For Secret Service, The Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece Is Finally Available To The Public


    The Micro Bluebooth Spy Earpiece fits deep within your ear and is so tiny, no one will be able to detect it. But don't worry, it can easily be removed with one of the included super strong magnets.

    Note: This product has been discontinued. Please visit for related products, solutions and services.

  • Tutorial + Review Redmi AirDots


    We have the Redmi AirDots with us here and we have to say - this might be the best, cheap true wireless earbuds in the market!
    Also, since it's all in Chinese, so we decided to combine make a tutorial + review video!

    By the way, the Redmi AirDots is also known as Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic in some regions around the world.

    ▼ Expand the description for more ▼

    Link to buy (Affiliate links)
    Amazon US:

    More information here:

    Written version here:

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    The Jazz Piano
    Royalty Free Music from Bensound

  • iFixits Best and Worst Wireless Earbuds of 2019!


    2019 is officially the year of the wireless earbuds! From Apple and Beats to Sony, Samsung, and even Amazon-it seems like every company is waking up to the fact the people want tiny wireless headphones.

    Check out some of the Wireless Earbud Teardowns we did!

    Apple AirPods Pro!

    Apple AirPods 2!

    Samsung Galaxy Buds!

    Powerbeats Pro!

    Our tools are the best for Teardowns!

    Subscribe to our channel for all our latest teardown and repair videos!

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  • Top 10 Best Truly Wireless Earbuds


    Top 10 Best Truly wireless earbuds that gives you the ultimate freedom of being completely wireless and lets you enjoy great quality music wherever you go.

    Best Truly Wireless Earbuds List: (Affiliate Link)
    1. Sony WF-1000XM3 12:58
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    Walmart Link:

    2. Apple AirPods Pro 11:45
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    Walmart Link:

    3. Jabra Elite 75t 10:29
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    Walmart Link:

    4. Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 pro (Sponsored) 08:37
    Amazon US:
    Amazon UK:

    5. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Earbuds 07:12
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    Walmart Link:

    6. Beats Powerbeats Pro 05:55
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    Walmart Link:

    7. Jaybird Vista 04:42
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    Walmart Link:

    8. Samsung Galaxy Buds+ 03:22
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    Walmart Link:

    9. JBL Under Armour Flash 02:12
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    Walmart Link:

    10. Amazon Echo Buds 00:50
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    ***Best Noise Cancelling Headphones:
    ***Best Budget Wireless Headphones:
    ***True Wireless Earbuds under $50:
    ***Portable Bluetooth Speakers:
    ***Affordable Bluetooth Speakers:
    Intro, Outro & Animation Credit: (Boring Motion)
    ***Music Source: YouTube Library
    ***Video Credit:
    * Sony :
    * Apple :
    * Sennheiser :
    * Jabra :
    * Beats by Dre :
    * JBL :
    * Jaybird :
    * 1MORE :
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    #trulywirelessearbuds #wirelessearbuds #truewirelessearbuds

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  • NEW $35 Fake AirPods Are Near Perfect!


    The BEST Fake AirPods $35 Can Buy! NEW 1:1 AirPods Clones With Awesome Features! How They Compare To Apple's $159 AirPods.

    iPhone Xs Plus Clone Unboxing:
    iPhone Xs New Leaks:

  • How to fix Bluedio wireless headphones & look inside - No Power


    The wires that attach the battery to the board had come detached when over twisting the earphones. The headphones would work when plugged in. This video will show you how to access you wires and which ones go where!

  • Best TWS Earphones Under ₹2000 ⚡⚡⚡ Top 5 Best Truly Wireless Earphones Under ₹2000


    Hello Friends, Aaj Ka Ye Jo Video Hain Wo Audio Lovers Ke Liye Hain, Kyuki is Video Me Humne Aapko Kuch Aise Truly Wireless Earphones Ke Baare Me Bataya Hai Jo Aap 2000 Rs. Ke Andar Kharid Sakte Ho. Ye Sabhi Earphones Bahot Hi Research Ke Baad Choose Kiye Hue Hai. Humne Driver Size, Battery Backup Aur Audio Quality ko Jyada Importance Diya Hain While Making This List. Aapko Ye Video Kaisa Laga Ye Jaroor Bataye Aur Video Ko Like Karna Na Bhoole.

    #BestTWSUnder2000 #BestTrulyWirelessEarphone #TWSUnder2000

    realme Buds Q:
    Redmi Earbuds S:
    Redmi Earbuds 2C :
    OPPO W11 :
    boAt Airdopes 402:

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    Video Highlights
    00:00 Introduction
    00:52 Best Redmi TWS Earphones
    01:44 Best boAt TWS Earphones
    02:20 Best OPPO TWS Earphones
    03:11 Best realme TWS Earphones
    03:55 Conclusion

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  • Xiaomi Mini In-ear Bluetooth Single Earbud review - Model LYEJ05LM, for hands free calling


    This is a mini in-ear Bluetooth earbud presenting the Xiaomi Mini In-ear Bluetooth Single Earbud. Do check the video to see what you will get inside the box, features and performance.

    Xiaomi Mini In-ear Bluetooth Single Earbud Price is approx rs. 1,100 it is available on Gearbest you can go with any shipping but better go with priority line shipping.

    Here is the link -

    Sound quality is pretty good you can even enjoy your favorite song however this is single earbud hence you will not be able to enjoy audio with stereo effects.

    Xiaomi Mini In-ear Bluetooth Single Earbud Specifications

    Mini body design
    Ultralight, feel nothing when wearing
    in-ear design, good fit, hard to fall out
    IPX4 waterproof
    One-button multi-operation function
    Magnetic pogo pin charging, safe and convenient
    MEMS silicone microphone, strong stability, and great noise reduction bring you a clear conversation
    7.2mm strong magnet moving coil unit, make the voice and drumbeat more powerful
    Bluetooth 4.1, compatible with the 4G network, CSR 8610 chip, improve compatibility, stability and functionality

    40 mAh Li-ion Battery , around 1 hour for a full charge and talk time is about 3 hours.

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  • Bose SoundSport Free Fully Wireless Headphones - Hands On Review


    Bose has long been on the forefront of new audio technology. In our review of the SoundSport Free -- the company's first fully wireless in-ears -- we see how Bose’s latest tech stacks up against solid offerings from Apple and Jabra.



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    Awesome Tech you can't buy Yet:
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  • Whats inside Small battery


    Divyansh kaushik Technical Club)

    How to make Amplifier using old clf

    How make a Voltage decictor by BC 547

    How make a Li-Fi System At Home

    How make a Li-Fi School Project

    How to make 12-0-12 Power Supply

    More Videos Links---
    made simple Mobil Charger

    Glue gun Unboxing and Reviews

    How to make MP3 player by (MI)

    How to make Mini Amplifier to Mobile & Laptop

    How make phome Cutter at home

    How make Free energy generator with Proof

    How Made Submersible pump Starter in Hindi

    How make Fire ???? Alarm at home

    How make PCB Drill machine

    How make Very cheap and easy Powerbank

    How to Repair LED bulb in hindi very easy Trick ( Hack)

    How make Water Heater at home

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  • How to repair Bluetooth wireless earbuds | bluetooth wireless earbuds not charging | i11 tws


    How to repair Bluetooth wireless earbuds | | bluetooth wireless earbuds not charging | i11 tws ( Hindi ) 2020

    I am Raj Welcome to our youtube channel Technical jugaad hindi

    About this video :-
    Is video me maine aapko bataya hai agar aapka headset on karne par on nahi ho raha hu to aap kaise aapne headset ki on off ki problem ko check or repair sakte ho
    Umeed Karta Hu Ki Aapko Ye Video Pasand Aayegi
    Thank you so much......????????????????

    Topic covered in this video :-
    1. Bluetooth wireless earbuds not charging
    2. bluetooth wireless earbuds not working
    3. mini wireless earbuds not working
    4. true wireless headset not connect phone
    5. I11 tws

    Our some other video playlist :-
    1) How to repair Soldring iron any problems

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    Video is for educational purpose only Copyright disclaimer undersection 107 of the copyright act 1976 allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticisms, comment, news, reporting, teaching, scholarship and research. Fair use is a permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing, non-profit educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.



    update: the video got copyright claimed, so the audio is not the best quality in the second half of the video. i apologize.

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  • What Makes These Earbuds So Special?


    The OnePlus Bullets Wireless are a value focused set of wireless earbuds. For $69 you get a good sounding pair of headphones that are lightweight, fit well and have 8 hours of listening battery life. They've also got a cool magnetic on/off feature and are capable of quick charging up to 5 hours of life on a 10 minute charge. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless are tough to beat at $69. Will these be your next wireless headphones?


    DO NOT Buy The BlackBerry KEY2

    Here's What A $4200 Smartphone Looks Like...

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    OnePlus 6 Unboxing - Is This The One?

    The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup

    Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy S9?

    The True All-Screen Smartphone is Here...

    The TRUTH About Smartphones in 2018

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    I'm Switching To The Samsung Galaxy S9

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    Unboxing The World's Smallest Phone

    4 Unique iPhone Accessories

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  • Vox amPlug Review - The Vox AC30 Guitar Headphone Mini Amp Features


    Read more here:

    In this vox amplug review we discuss all the features of the popular Vox amPlug AC30 Guitar Headphone Mini Amp and how I use it for practicing purposes without annoying the hell out of my family.

    Well what can I say: The Vox AC30 is handy and affordable. They kept the functionality easy and straight forward, no unnecessary knick-knacks. As mentioned in the video, I haven't used the AUX input too much but I can see that being helpful especially for playing along with backtracks that you keep on your I-Phone or other compatible device.

    The Amplug is powered by two AAA batteries, they come with the device (at least that was the case when I ordered mine via Amazon.). I still have the first set of batteries, so if you make sure that you always switch it off when done playing, they last for a long time.

    Okay, the following question seems to be of huge interest: can I use the Vox amPlug AC30 with a regular amplifier and can I also use the device with effect pedals? Well, I haven't personally tried to connect it into a regular amp, but based on the comments you see below, that seems to work for the folks who actually did that. As far as pedals are concerned: yes, you can use any guitar pedal in combination with the AC30 amplug. I tried it with my BigMuff Pi and it works perfectly fine. So, to be clear: connect your pedal to the guitar -- then plug the Ac30 amplug into the pedal. You can then either connect you headphones or PC speakers to the device and let the sound flow..;-)

    The best part of the Vox Amplug ac30 Guitar Headphone Amp is the price, and well, what you get for your money, meaning the quality. I don't think you can beat that with any other comparable device. I also really like the fact that they kept things very simple and easy to use. Oh, that reminds me of another good point: the case/frame is made of plastic and the device is very light. It already survived a couple of accidents (dropped to the floor), a testament to a sturdy built.

    Again, it comes highly recommended. A surprisingly good sound coming out of that little thing, in my opinion. Ideal to practice and getting an amplified sound. Works well with any type of regular headphones of PC speakers. Definitely a good investment.

    If you have any questions, post a comment below of head over to

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  • Smallest Bluetooth Earphone For Driving Gym Or Sports - Unboxing & Review S530 Bluetooth Earphone


    S530 Bluetooth Earpiece:
    Pink Color:
    White Color:

    Filmed On Canon S110:
    64GB Memory Card:


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    I Unbox and Review the smallest Bluetooth earpiece S530, this can be use for music in one ear or talking on the phone while you drive, it runs off of Bluetooth 4.0, and it is a great little device.


    Want me to review your products?

  • A Cheap & Small Mobile Phone With BUILT IN Wireless Earphones!! Unboxing & Review


    Hello & Welcome To Allsortz. In this video I unbox & review this CHEAP & SMALL mobile phone that has built in wireless earphones! I purchased this from alibaba as it stood out. You dont see a lot of mobile phone's with built in earphones!! Check out the FULL VIDEO & let me know what you think in the COMMENTS BELOW.
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  • i11 TWS Earbuds TEARDOWN To See Why It Stopped Working


    i11 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 AirPods, Wireless Earphones, Earbuds for Android & iPhone

    Available on Amazon:

    1. First Automatic pairing,
    2.Bluetooth 5.0
    3. Earphones with a charging box ,
    4. Double ears can make phone calls, both ears can hear sound.
    5. With high quality speaker,deep Stereo bass sound quality.
    6. Powerful noise de-noising circuit (active noise reduction)

    1. listening to music, support music and phone call,
    2. Caller ID, the last call back, English voice prompts, boot, pair, shut down the phone power will be low voice prompts;
    3. phone power display, you can always watch the headset power situation, do not worry about the headset no electricity to make your life worry;
    4. Bluetooth headset every time connected to the phone after the shutdown, and then open the Bluetooth headset will automatically connect back to the phone, but also more convenient;
    5. Intelligent compatibility: support all with Bluetooth mobile phone, tablet, notebook, singing it, QQ music, movies, etc., all the mobile phone;


    1. Driver: 15mm
    2. Impedance: 9 OHM
    3. Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
    4. Output power: 40mW;Battery capacity 45MAH , charging box is 300mh .
    5. Bluetooth distance: 10 meters
    6. Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
    7. Operating voltage range: 3.0V-4.2V

    8. Powerful noise de-noising circuit (active noise reduction)

    9. Charging time about 1-2 hours .

    10. Talk time is about 2-4 hours (a pair of earphones use together ),music time about 2-4 hours (a pair of earphones use together ) , Charging box can charge for the earphons about 3-5 times.

    11. Standby time is about 120 hours.

    Package Includes:
    2 xmini Bluetooth Headphones with charge box
    1xUSB Charging Cable
    1xUser Manual

    Lots of strange things seem to happen with these cheaper airpods knockoffs. Sometime just one of them die. Sometimes the base charge unit stops working or the microphone is blown. Any excuse is a good excuse to tear down one of these head-sets. The sound quality on these wasn't ever the best but its great for the price. It looks like there is a battery on the air-pod as well as inside of the case itself. That is pretty slick. They communicate with your phone via bluetooth

    What's strange is there almost seems to be a type of anti-skip tech in this bluetooth trasmitter. Its like it keeps a few seconds in memory incase your phone goes out of range.

  • Mini Bluetooth S530 Battery Backup ? | Inside s530 Earbud ?


    S530 mini wireless blue tooth earbuds invisible earphone.
    Mini S530 Smallest 4.0 Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds .
    s530 mini bluetooth below 200.
    दोस्तों मे आपके लिए ऐसे नये नये प्रकार के टेक विडियो लाता रहूँगा और आपको सरल भाषा मे समझाने की कोशिश करूँगा और आपके कमेंट्स का जवाब दूंगा और आपकी डिमांड पर टेक विडियो बनाने की पूरी कोशिश भी करूँगा और हाँ दोस्तों मेरी चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करना न भूले |

    #s530bluetoothearphone #s530batterybackup

  • Rs 200 - Best Wireless Earphone Under Budget | SMALLEST EARPHONE EVER ????


    S065 Mini Bluetooth Earphone True Wireless Earbuds Business Invisible Handsfree In-Ear Earphones with Mic for Mobile Phone.

    Thanks for watching !

    Product Link :

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  • AirPods Pro With No stem by Fantime Last Word Review


    MORE STABLE MORE SIMPLE -- BluetoothV4.2+EDR Tech enhanced Bluetooth connecting speed and range. Roam up to 33 feet from paired Bluetooth devices. Let you enjoy High-Fidelity sound,faster pairing speed and stable connectivity. Easily to answer/end calls, play/pause music through the multi-function button.

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    Video Filmed by : Canon M6


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    I created this video with the Apple Mackbook Pro 15

  • চলুন দেখি বিস্তারিত | S530 Mini Bluetooth Earphone Review & Teardown | Gadget Insider Bangla


    বন্ধুরা আজকের পর্বে দেখবেন এস৫৩০ মডেলের একটি খুব কমন ইয়ারফোন সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত। অতি ক্ষুদ্র এই ব্লুটুথ ইয়ারফোনটির কি ফিচার রয়েছে এবং কিভাবে এটি তৈরী করা হয়েছে পুরোটাই বিস্তারিত দেখবেন এই ভিডিওতে। আশা করি ভিডিওটি আপনাদের ভালো লাগবে।

    This video contains: Review and Teardown of S530 mini in ear bluetooth earphone. You will see whole construction of this tiny bluetooth earphone. Hope you enjoy this video.

    For business inquires please contact:

    পুরো ভিডিওটি দেখার জন্য ধন্যবাদ।
    আমাদের সাথে থাকুন, প্রযুক্তির সাথে থাকুন।

    আরো দেখুন-

    কানের ক্যামেরা:

    Wifi Range ডাবল করুন:

    ল্যাপটপ ঠান্ডা রাখার ডিভাইস:

    USB এন্ডোসকোপ ক্যামেরা:

    কাগজবিহীন প্রিন্টার:

    বিনা খরচের সিকিউরিটি ক্যামেরা:

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    গ্যাজেট নিয়ে নতুন ও আকর্ষণীয় ভিডিওগুলো দেখতে এই চ্যানেলটি সাবস্ক্রাইব করুন এবং বেল বাটনে ক্লিক করে একটিভ থাকুন।

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    Cheapest bluetooth ear bud 120 rs only | unboxing and review, mini style wireless bluetooth headset
    The Twogood Wireless Bluetooth Headset, ShopAIS Mini Style Wireless Bluetooth Headphone S530, Sketchfab S530 Kaju Bluetooth Headset for All Smartphone & iOS

  • Bluetooth Earpiece Mini Wireless Earphone Single in-Ear Headphone with Microphone


    hello everyone today i review the small and cheap - Bluetooth Earpiece Mini Wireless Earphone Single in-Ear Headphone with Microphone to my surprise! its actually a very good product! and if your interested you can buy it here! -

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    【Bluetooth 5.0】 This Mini sized earbud featured with new technology Bluetooth 5.0 ensure more fast and stable connection, no afraid of cutting off when making calls, watching films or listening music.
    【Smallest & Lightest Bluetooth Earpiece】 Only weight 0.1oz (3g) and mini enough, you can barely notice it while inside your ear. Also, the button is bigger and easier to operate than others. Ergonomically-designed, make the earbuds more fit to the inner wall of the ear, comfortable for all day wear.
    【Long Battery Life】 Batteries are protected by circuit boards, help decrease power consumption, ensure longer battery life. Over 200 hours standby time, 5 hours consistently music time, 6 hours talk time with only 50 minutes charging.
    【Clear HD Audio】Clear HD audio for listening to Audiobooks, Podcasts and Netflix, decent for music and calls. Easily to answer/end calls, play/pause music through the multi-function button.
    【Perfect Compatible】 this bluetooth headset is compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices such as iPhone 5/5S/6/6S/7 Plus Series,iPad 2/3/4/Air/Pro Series, Samsung Galaxy S5/S6/S7,Galaxy Note 3/4/5 Series, iPod Nano Series, Laptop&tablets and another Smartphones LG/SONY/HTC etc.

  • Rowkin Mini wireless Earbuds Review


    Ever since Apple announced it was removing the headphone jack from it's new iPhones, the world is going crazy for completely wireless earphones. The Rowkin Mini wireless earbuds are another option for wireless sound.

    Read the full review with lots more detail at

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    Apple's Airpods are both a trendsetter and the gold standard when it comes to wireless headphones or earbuds. But plenty of competitors have come on the market to compete with them. Most notably, Samsung released its IconX headphones for Android phones and devices. But there's also another option. Rowkin makes a competing set of earbuds it markets as the world's smallest. While Rowkin wireless earbuds are definitely small, and cleverly designed with a rechargeable case, how well do they hold up during real-life testing, and how do they compare to Apple and Samsung's models? I received a pair of Rowkin earbuds for testing and review. Here's what I found after spending several weeks with them.

  • REVIEW: S530 Smallest Truly Wireless Mini bluetooth In Kaju shape For Driving,Gym Or other


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    Smallest Earbud from Xiaomi
    Hindi | World's Smallest Bluetooth headset ZB DOT | Sharmaji Technical
    Zoyo Mini Style Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Unboxing + Review
    Smallest Bluetooth Earphone For Driving Gym Or Sports - Unboxing & Review S530 Bluetooth Earphone
    Apple Airpods Unboxing and First Look - 3.5mm #technicalquote

  • Wireless Headphone Spy Hack YOU CAN DO YOURSELF


    Wireless Spy Device:
    Learn about how an invisible earphone works. This spy gadget includes a tiny magnet inside the ear that reacts with a magnetic field produced by a device worn around the neck! This device will allow the user to listen to sound without any trace of earbud in their ear. This spy hack is sure to impress! Enjoy

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  • Xiaomi Mini In-Ear Bluetooth Earphone Review - Worth Buying??


    Xiaomi Mini In-Ear Bluetooth Earphone Review - Worth Buying??

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    Today we are going to show you newly launched Xiaomi Mini in-ear earphone. As expected from Xiaomi this is going to be Amazing! Let’s find out more about it!

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  • Mini Wireless Earphone ????


    Hello guys in this video I have talked about this mini wireless earphone also called as mini wireless kaju earphones.





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  • Noise Shots Beat | Worlds Smallest True Wireless Earbuds under RS. 2500


    Honest Review of Noise Shots Beat - An Impressive True wireless earbuds.

    Watch the review of other Bluetooth Earphones -

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  • Whats inside Bluetooth Earbuds? Teardown & fix!


    #teardown #whatsinside #earbuds #pamuslide #AirPods #SzTech #technology #review


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  • Raycon E25 vs Enacfire E60 Review and The State of Truly Wireless Earbuds


    Originally, I was planning to just write a review of the Raycon e25, but like my Ridge wallet review, I wanted to buy cheap alternatives off amazon just to see if you could get a better deal elsewhere. And commenters recommended this budget pair repeatedly. The Enacfire E60. They had basically a 5 star rating on amazon with over 7000 reviews. They’re dirt cheap. Let's do a quick review of the E25, why I think these Enacfires are a significantly better value than the E25 that sells for double the price of the enacfire, and the state of wireless earbuds as a whole. Let’s get started.

    Amazon Affiliate Links to the products mentioned:
    Enacfire E60:

    Check out the amazon affiliate links to the gear I use in my videos here:
    Sony A7III:
    Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB Tripod:
    13in Macbook Pro non-touchbar:
    Philips Hue Light Strip:
    Godox SL-60W:
    Rode VideoMic NTG:

    0:00 Introduction
    0:46 Raycon E25 Review
    3:18 Enacfire E60
    5:12 State of Wireless Earbuds

    The Raycon E25 cost $80 but cost $68 after you use a youtube creators’ code. It comes with a USB-A to micro USB cable, and eartips. The case only has one blinking light on the inside. Red means it needs to be charged. White means it has charge. The case and earbuds are tiny and fit fine in your pocket. However, they do have the “bulge” effect which means people might think you’re really excited down there. The earbuds fit well in your ear and have an extreme emphasis on BASS and the high end. “S” sounds like in the words snake, silver, or “subscribe” have this ear piercing sharp feeling to it. The mids are completely drowned out and are difficult to hear. If you want to see a more indepth review of their sound, Dankpods did a fantastic video explaining it. Currently, there is no app to change the EQ so you’re stuck with the sound profile unless you change it within your phone system-wide or through other apps. The mic quality, similar to the raycon e55 has this woobly “swing-set” sound as if you’re moving closer, then farther away from your subject. Battery life varies depending on volume. It has play/pause functionality through the buttons on the sides, and you push the earbuds deeper into your ears as you press those buttons.

    The price tag is lower than the main brands but it doesn’t sound as good as those main brands do either. If you just had to have Raycons, I’d take these over the more expensive E55 that are just marginally better.

    That’s what I expected the “budget” earbuds experience to be like. But then I tried the Enacfire E60. A pair of value earbuds at the price of half of the Raycon E25, which advertised themselves as half the price of premium earbuds. So these are ¼ the price of apple airpods.

    The E60 has a marginally cheaper feeling case, especially the top half, you can hear some creaking if you squeeze it. It has a usb-c port and 4 LEDs to indicate the remaining battery life of the case. The case and earbuds are slightly larger than the e25 but the E60’s make up for it with sound quality. They sound better than the raycons, and aren't as overwhelming on bass. The mic on the enacfire is okay. it’s consistent with its sound. Occasionally there’s this small static sound. The earbuds have touch functions.

    These earbuds are dirt cheap, yet provide so much value for their price. It was only 5 years ago that truly wireless earbuds came to market. But with phones these days removing the headphone jack altogether, it can be easy to see why people are switching to wireless earbuds. As removing the headphone jack gets more and more common down from the premium $1,000 - $2,000 phones to the 500 or even $200 - $300 phones. You’ll start to see the need for wireless earbuds go up especially for those on a budget. No one who’s buying a $200 smartphone wants to splurge on earbuds that cost more than their phone. They’re going to be looking for products like this enacfire. It’s cheap, it sounds good, its mic is good enough.

    I don’t think these are comparable to galaxy buds+, anker liberty 2 pro, or apple airpods. But for $40-50 dollars, you’re getting earbuds that are about 75%-80% of the performance but they cost 3-4x less. And the scary part is, these may not even be the best budget pair. They’re just the ones I happened to find so far. And it’s only been 5 years since truly wireless earbuds were a thing. Could you imagine how good they can get in 5 more? Touchscreen smartphones went from the original iphone, and T-mobile G1 to iphone X and Galaxy S9 in 10 years. I don’t think wireless earbuds will advance as fast as phones, but it’ll be fun seeing how good they get in 5 more years. As for me, any wireless earbuds review I do, will have to be at least as good as the enacfire e60 or better. Because it’s set the standard.

  • தெறிக்கவிடும் Best True Wireless Earphones LYPERTEK TEVI Unboxing in Tamil


    In this video we are going to unbox best True Wireless Earphones LYPERTEK TEVI with full review in Tamil hope you like this video.

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    Performance is not the only amazing thing in TEVI HIFI. The other thing that leaves an impression is its premium design and the elegant fabric body of the charging case. TEVI HIFI enriches your overall music listening experience. Sound is the top driving force of TEVI - HiFi Truly wireless headphones. After years of research and know-how in the audio industry, they have developed a unique sound signature for TEVI HiFi. They might look tiny in appearance but they are a complete audio system within themselves. All parts of it including the DAC, AMP and the speaker are installed to deliver spell bounding music experience. LYPERTEK employs a triple-core Qualcomm chipset to process the Bluetooth audio SoC. Overall it delivers a unique acoustic sound with the help of a 32-bit processor and Kalimba DSP. With the latest TEVI Bluetooth chipsets and High-end Qualcomm Bluetooth audio SoC, it delivers the best quality audio. TWS Plus technology further enhances connectivity. Experience CD-like high-quality sound right through these earbuds, thanks to the aptX codec. For iOS users TEVI - HiFi comes with AAC codecs as well. If you happen to use TEVI - HiFi in the rain you need not worry because it comes with an IPX7 rating that saves your earbuds against water splashes. Notably, the charging case isn’t waterproof. Under this technology, the earbud with more charge becomes the master unit while the earbud with lower charge becomes the slave unit. This means that it won't stress on one earbud. The master unit will shift to the earbud which has more battery. TEVI offers the best-in-class 10-hour battery life on earbuds and with charging case, it goes up to a total of 70 hours. With multiple charges and 10 hours of daily listening, it can last for more than a week. Quick charge for 15 minutes gives 2 hours of battery life. The charging case can be charged via the standard USB type C terminal. From selecting your songs to managing the volumes, when you own TEVI HIFI, you get to control it with efficiency. Moreover, you get voice assistant support to make your life easier.

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  • Top wireless earphones under 1500 | Best Wireless Earbuds In Rs 1499 Brixx TWS Earbuds - Giveaway


    If you are looking for best wireless earbuds under Rs 1500 then go for Brixx TWS Earbuds.

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  • How to Install a Harley Boom Audio Sena 20s EVO Wireless Headset in a Motorcycle Helmet


    I show you how to install a Sena 20s EVO Wireless Headset in a motorcycle helmet. This video will guide you regardless if you have a full face, modular, half, or 3/4 helmet as it is a universal system. You’ll learn how to install the speakers and how to install the microphone along with all your options. The Sena 20s EVO Wireless Headset Kit comes with everything you need for install.

    The speakers on the Sena 20s EVO Wireless Headset sound very nice for a motorcycle headset. Understand, that you'll likely never get deep sounding base and perfect highs and mids like a set of professional headphones. These speakers are limited in size as they must fit inside your helmet. 

    With a Sena Freewire you’ll be able to integrate the Harley Sena 20s EVO Headset with your Harley-Davidson Boom Box Infotainment System. That means phone calls, GPS turn by turn, music, voice commands, intercom, and CB. Plus you can pair with up to eight other riders for bike-to-bike communications. If you have a passenger that you want to communicate with wirelessly through the Boom Box intercom system, you'll need to buy one Freewire for the rider and one for the passenger.