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What have you learned about coronavirus in the last six months?

  • 10 Mysterious Event That Will Make You Question Reality!



    We are living in an enlightened age. There has never been a better time in history for humans; with science and technology we’re able to understand our surroundings better than ever. However, every so often something will happen that will totally stump us. Sometimes something so strange will happen that we will question everything we know. Today’s video is the Top 10 Mysterious Events That Will Make You Question Reality! If anyone has an explanation for these goings on, then go ahead and let us know!

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  • Cartoon Box Valentines Cartoons | The BEST of Cartoon Box | Valentines Love Cartoon Compilation


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    Thank you all for voting for the Cartoon Box top 10 of 2020! ❤️ There were so many requests that we had to make a top 20! This are numbers 20-11, and next week we will publish the top 10!
    Funny animated cartoons by Frame Order.
    #cartoonbox #valentines #love


    In this compilation you will find cartoons about love, marriage and dating.

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    Frame Order is the only official Cartoon-Box creator.

    Produced by Frame Order.
    Written and Directed by Joost Lieuwma. Created by Frame Order.
    Special thanks to our interns!
    Voices by Joost Lieuwma and Daan Velsink.

    Cartoon Box is a funny comedy cartoon show by animation studio FRAME ORDER. Cartoon Box is your weekly dose of funny animated comedy cartoons. Cartoon shorts with a hilarious twist and a dark sense of cartoony humor.
    The Cartoon-Box series has all different kind of subjects. From fairy tale cartoons to parody cartoons to superheroes cartoons, from movie parody cartoons to relationship cartoons.
    Most of the cartoons have a dark edge. They all combine the same aspects: funny videos, funny animation, Funny cartoons, cartoon parody, cartoon parodies, funny animated cartoons, obscure comedy, animated comedy, weekly cartoons, and dark comedy . Not all cartoons are suited for young children.

    Copyright 2021 Frame Order and Joost Lieuwma



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