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Why Finland And Denmark Are Happier Than The U.S.

  • 7 Reasons Why Nordic People Are the Happiest In the World


    How to Become Happier. Did you know that Nordic countries top the list of the world's happiest people year after year? What is it about their philosophy of life that makes them so content and happy? And can it change the way we see the world too? Let's find out the key elements of Nordic happiness together. Use these simple tips and wisdom to change your own life to the better.

    Sisu, or inner peace and strength in Finnish 0:52
    Lagom, or how much a Swedish person needs 2:00
    Arbejdsglæde, or the Danish way to love your job 3:51
    Friluftsliv, or loving Mother Nature the Norwegian way 4:59
    Gezelligheid, or enjoying closeness in the Dutch way 6:03
    Kalsarikänni, or a new way of relaxation from the Finns 7:11
    Gluggaveður, or Icelandic optimism 8:40

    #hygge #nordicpeople #happiness


    -Sisu stands for resilience and courage, teaching you the art of giving up unnecessary words and excessive emotions. “If something needs to be done, it will be done.”
    -In Sweden, lagom is a special skill necessary for living a balanced life. This concept of living can be translated as “just enough, not too much or too little.”
    -The most well-known concept of happiness for Danish people is called arbejdsglæde. To put it simply, it's the ability to enjoy what you do for a living.
    -The philosophy of friluftsliv is all about spending time alone with nature in order to return to one’s true self. While spending time outdoors, your main task is to set yourself free from the general rush and routine.
    -The Dutch believe that happiness is basically synonymous with unity with their loved ones. The word “gezel” means companion or old friend. And “gezellig” translates to cozy, pleasant, and friendly.
    -Kalsarikänni can be translated as pantsdrunk and basically means spending time at home alone in your underwear enjoying a drink.
    -The people in Iceland have their own unique word for happiness, and it's gluggaveður! This Icelandic term defines that amazing feeling when you sit by the window with a hot cup of coffee or tea enjoying the weather from indoors but not wanting to go outside to appreciate it.

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  • Happiest Countries In The World: Explained | NowThis World


    Each year, the official World Happiness Report tells us which countries are the ‘happiest’ — so who gets to decide what the ‘good life’ looks like?
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    Let's talk about happy countries.

    Today, we're breaking down the annual World Happiness Report, to explain which countries are the happiest countries in the world and why.

    When we look at global rankings, we're often talking about things like purchasing power, military resources, trade partnerships. But some experts say happiness is actually a better indicator of development and public policy successes than other factors.

    The World Happiness Report - now in its sixth year - is produced by a UN initiative called the Sustainable Development Solutions Network. They've managed to break down a topic that's both fundamentally subjective and hard to quantify.

    Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland, the Nordic countries, are in the top ten. And they've all ranked among the top 10 since the report was first put out. And Switzerland - this year's #5 - has also always hovered near the top also.

    So what are the factors (people, resources, education, social services, income, unemployment, gdp) that rank the Nordic countries among the happiest countries in the world?

    We spoke to an economist, John Helliwell, who has edited the reports since the beginning. He said the data were compiled from the World Gallup poll, wherein people were asked to value their lives as a whole, with the best possible life being a 10 and the worst possible being a 0.

    Of course, a countries happiness is subjective and hard to quantify.

    And just because a country makes it onto the Happiest countries list, doesn't mean they're free of problems or criticism. For example, the Nordic countries have been among those witnessing a rise of far-right political parties and nationalist anti-immigrant sentiment after the European migrant crisis began in 2015.

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    NowThis World is dedicated to bringing you topical explainers about the world around you. Each week we’ll be exploring current stories in international news, by examining the facts, providing historical context, and outlining the key players involved. We’ll also highlight powerful countries, ideologies, influential leaders, and ongoing global conflicts that are shaping the current landscape of the international community across the globe today.

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  • Why people in Sweden are happier than we are.


    In this episode we’ll try to figure out what is the secret of Scandinavian happiness using Sweden as example. We’ll also talk about the economy, local lifestyle, salaries and antidepressants. You will also learn what the Swedish term lagom is and why it’s so important.

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  • Why Denmark is the Happiest Country


    Professor Galindo uses this video on Why Denmark is the Happiest Country as a prompt for discussions in his Philosophy and Humanities courses.

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  • The Happiest Country in the World is Hiding a Dark Secret


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  • The Dark Side of Happiness | Meik Wiking | TEDxCopenhagen


    While Denmark has been regularly awarded the rewarding title of “Happiest Country in the World” over the past few years, it also suffers on the happiness-suicide paradox, an hypothesis that Meik Wiking presents as a correlation between happy countries and high suicide rates.

    Through a series of metrics and statistics, Meik Wiking helps us measure well-being inequalities that lead to gaps between happiness and unhappiness indices. While most research focuses on happiness and quality of life, Meik invites us to reflect upon the other end of those numbers.

    Meik Wiking heads the Happiness Research Institute which gathers knowledge and theories on what defines happiness and life quality.

    Meik Wiking is the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, an independent think tank exploring why some societies are happier than others. He has recently published the book Lykken under lup – en opdagelsesrejse i lykkeforskningens verden (Happiness under the magnifying glass: a journey into the world of happiness research). With a background in political science and business, Meik has previously worked on sustainability for the think tank Mandag Morgen.

    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Why Are The Nordic Countries So Happy?


    According to the World Happiness Report, the nordic countries including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, & Sweden consistently rank highest in the world in terms of happiness. Why is this the case? In this video I take a detailed look at the report to determine the cause and see what the rest of the world can learn from the nordic way of life.

  • 10 Happiest Countries to Live in the World 2021


    The past year has been life-changing for everyone in the world. From the smallest details of the way we live day-to-day, to how the world operates on a global scale. In these unprecedented times, its hard to determine the happiest countries to live in the world. Measuring Happiness of a country seems nebulous concept to try to quantify, being something that is largely subjective from person to person. Fortunately, United Nations has released the World Happiness Report, which is based on several factors including culture, climate, economic, work-life balance and GDP per capita. These Countries are also good for expats looking for a place to settle or retire.

    So here are 10 Happiest countries to live in the world.

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  • Why is Finland the Happiest Country in the World in 2020 again? | All Things Nordic


    According to the World Happiness Report 2020, Finland remains the Happiest Country in the World, for a stunning 3rd (!) year in a row!

    Followed by Denmark (2nd again) and other Nordic countries just a bit further down the list. Iceland is 4th and Sweden 7th. Kudos!

    But what makes Finland so unique, that its people are the happiest on the planet?

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  • What Its Like to Pay 50% of Your Income in Taxes


    You’ve seen headlines calling Denmark one of the happiest places in the world, but with the average Dane paying nearly half their income in taxes—the third highest in the world—is that really so?

    We traveled to Copenhagen and spoke with small business owners to figure out whether it’s a socialist utopia or if it’s simply too expensive a place to make ends meet.

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  • Why Is Finland So Happy? World Happiness Report


    Why Is Finland So Happy? Finland is ranked as the happiest country in the world in 2019! We set out on an expedition to find out why. There are many factors that come into play with this report-two of them are that healthcare and education are taken care of by the government which relieves stress on the citizens of Finland. Trust in the government is HUGE, the Finn's have faith that paying higher taxes will in return improve their quality of life. We interviewed many people to find out their take on Finlands ranking in the World Happiness Report 2019. What seemed to be a common answer was they weren't necessarily what we would call 'happy' however they were content with their life. They look forward to the summers when they visit their cottages and enjoy the sauna (which it seems like everyone has one). There definitely was a calm vibe as you walk through the streets of Helsinki and Turku. It was beautiful!

    We were nine Americans that traveled across the world on the pursuit of happiness and I think our take away was all somewhat similar. We all thought freedom equalled happiness and that having your basic needs taken care of allowed your mind to discover and focus on what makes you happy and that made all the difference in the world. Kudos Finland!!!

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  • The Scandinavian Hygge Lifestyle Taking The World By Storm


    Hygge is a Danish term defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” In the past year, this concept of Scandinavian coziness has made inroads with an international audience. At least six books about hygge were published in the United States this year, with more to come in 2017. Author of the international best-seller The Little Book of Hygge, Meik Wiking takes VICE News on a hygge tour of Copenhagen coffee shops, library gardens and wine bars that epitomize the lifestyle trend.

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  • The 10 Happiest Countries To Live In The World - Seen as the World’s Safest Countries


    The 2019 World Happiness Report, according to the happiness levels of their immigrants.
    Happiness – and the pursuit of it – can mean very different things to different people. This, inevitably, makes it tough to quantify and rank with any real authority.
    While happiness is said to come from within, residents in several nations are perceived to experience it more widely than in other countries.
    The happiness of citizens does not increase when their country’s overall wealth increases.
    This year’s ranking criteria has also seen some changes. It focuses on happiness and the community.
    European countries dominate a ranking of nations seen as the happiest in the 2019 Best Countries report.
    Here are the 10 happiest countries to live in the world for 2019, according to the United Nations. Many of these countries are seen as the world’s safest countries:

    10. Austria. (safest country)
    9. Canada.
    8. New Zealand. (safest country)
    7. Sweden.
    6. Switzerland. (safest country)
    5. The Netherlands.
    4. Iceland. (rank 1 safest country)
    3. Norway. (safest country)
    2. Denmark. (safest country)
    1. Finland. (safest country)
    Happiness is everywhere in our homeland. We hope you find it.

    Thanks for watching this video. I hope it's useful for you.
    (This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment)
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  • Why is Scandinavia so expensive? | CNBC Explains


    Across Scandinavia, the average price of everything from a knitted roll neck to pastries from the local bakery are some of the highest in the world. So what makes the region so expensive? CNBC's Tom Chitty reports.


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  • Planting Seeds Of Happiness The Danish Way | Malene Rydahl | TEDxINSEADSingapore


    This talk is about what you can learn from the Danes - among the happiest people in the world and planting seeds of happiness.

    Author of the book “Heureux comme un Danois” (Happy as a Dane) and named one of the “24 women of 2012” according to the French magazine L’Express. She is part of the advisory committee for the Positive Economy Forum since 2012, an initiative lead by Jacques Attali under the sponsorship of the President of the French Republic. Watch her talk about what you can learn from the Danes - among the happiest people in the world!

    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

  • World Happiness Report 2021 | Pakistan happier than India? | Dhruv Rathee


    The United Nations recently released a new world happiness report. It said out of 149 countries, India is ranked at 139. Meaning, India is the 11th worst country in the world for happiness. This is worse than all other neighbouring countries like Pakistan, China, Nepal. But you might ask, How can you even measure Happiness? Especially for a country? I explain in this video.
    Many politicians and experts across the world believe that Happiness indicator is even more important to measure than GDP.

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    00:00 - Introduction
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    03:12 - Questions in the Survey
    05:46 - Score Comparison
    06:58 - Changes In Happiness from 2005-08
    07:41 - The Best Countries
    08:00 - Limitations of the Report
    11:52 - Bhutan's Contribution

  • Prisoners In Finland Live In Open Prisons Where They Learn Tech Skills | On The Ground


    Many inmates in Finland live in “open prisons,” where they are allowed to own a vehicle, leave for work or school, and host overnight guests. Now, the country is funding educational programs where prisoners learn technology skills like artificial intelligence.

    How New Apple Varieties Are Created

    Era Of Big Beef May Be Over. Smaller Butchers Could Be The Future Of Meat

    Why Making Sustainable Palm Oil Might Be Impossible


    #Finland #Prison #InsiderNews

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    Prisoners In Finland Live In Open Prisons Where They Learn Tech Skills | On The Ground

  • A Documentary on Finlands Schools


    Finland students are number 1 in the world! How did they do that?
    #aplusstudents #finland

  • Why It’s Cheaper To Have A Baby In Finland Than The U.S.


    As 2019′s happiest country in the world, Finland is undoubtedly a great place to have children. With lengthy parental leave, hundreds of dollars worth of free baby products in the signature baby box and low-to-no childbirth costs, here’s why it’s better to have a baby in Finland than in the U.S.

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    Why It’s Cheaper To Have A Baby In Finland Than The U.S.

  • Western Happiness Model Exposed! Should India follow the West blindly? Part 14 Karolina Goswami


    Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway…for many, they are the so-called ’near perfect’ nations.
    After all, it is Sweden and Norway where the Nobel prizes are given, and of course, the Scandinavian nations have even been regarded as the ‘happiest’ ones.
    But for the developing and poor countries, will blindly following the Scandinavian nations without any critical examination guarantee prosperity and happiness?
    And even more importantly, some countries may have been labeled as ‘unhappy’ or ‘poor,’ but does that mean that the ‘poor’ are not allowed to question the rich?
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    Don't forget to watch the other episodes of this series:
    Should India follow the West blindly? Part 1:
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    Should India follow the West blindly? Part 13:

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  • Average American vs Average European - How Do They Compare? - People Comparison


    Who makes more money? Who lives longer? How much vacation does each have? How much in debt does each go for their education? We thought it would be fun to see how equal, in some respects at least, the modern US citizen is now with the modern EU citizen, in this comparison of The Infographics Show, The Average American vs. The Average European. ⭐SUBSCRIBE: ⭐

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  • What Are The Most Atheist Countries? | NowThis World


    Religion has played a major role in the development of the culture and society, but in recent years, more and more countries have turned their backs on the whole idea of believing in a central diety. So, which countries are the most atheist, and why?
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    NowThis World is dedicated to bringing you topical explainers about the world around you. Each week we’ll be exploring current stories in international news, by examining the facts, providing historical context, and outlining the key players involved. We’ll also highlight powerful countries, ideologies, influential leaders, and ongoing global conflicts that are shaping the current landscape of the international community across the globe today.

  • American Capitalism vs. Swedish Socialism? ???? You Decide ????????????????


    #socialism #swedishculture #capitalism
    Learn the differences between American Capitalism and Swedish Socialism. Sweden's economic and political model is often misunderstood, especially by Americans not familiar with social democracy. In this video, we present an unbiased comparison between American's economic model and Sweden's economic model, and let you decide for yourself which system you think is superior.

    There is a reason why Sweden ranks highest in the world in terms of happiness (according to the world happiness report), along with other countries that embrace a Nordic way of life.

    See what life is like in Sweden as an American:

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  • Denmark’s ‘Disappearing Road’ Is Really An Awesome Underwater Highway


    After nearly 70 years of discussions, Sweden and Denmark finally united literally with the Oresund Bridge, a gorgeous wonder that tunnels into the sea.

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  • Top 20 Happiest Countries To Live In The World


    Whatever you need a website for, create yours today with Wix:

    What are the happiest countries to live in? Where would you have the best quality of life?







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  • 5 Things American Tourists Shouldnt Wear in Europe


    Grab some of our gear

    Please Note: Young People Wear Many of These Styles Throughout Europe. These tips are geared toward 35+ year old travelers. Thanks for watching!

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    Heading to Europe & Not Sure What to Pack? Here are a few things that my fellow US travelers may want to avoid packing if they are traveling to Europe.
    1. Baseball Caps: Europeans in general do not wear baseball caps, especially backwards. You would be better served to wear a more traditional hat. You will see an occasional NY Yankee hat, but why not buy the fancy hat you always wanted instead?
    2. Athletic Wear: Europeans tend to wear athletic wear to do sports, not to wear around town. There is a trend of more athleisurewear in Europe, but it is not to the extent that there is in US.
    3. Khakis: the omnipresent US male pant choice is not something you will see too often in Europe. Go for colored pants or jeans. If you want khaki like pants wear Chinos instead of Dockers. The pants you will see are a thinner cut or skinnier fit than in the US.
    4. Oversized US University Sweatshirts.
    5. Sport Shoes or High Heals: US sport shoes and white socks are not quite as popular in Europe as they are in the US. You may be better off with Urban Street shoes like Vans instead. Also, women should be careful with high heels as with all the cobblestone it is easy to hurt your ankles.
    Filmed in Rome, Italy

    What Shoes to Take to Europe

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  • How strong are the Nordic countries?




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  • Why Finland and Denmark are happier than us...


  • Why Denmark Is One Of The Happiest Countries In The World


    Dan Buettner is a National Geographic Explorer and the author of The Blue Zones of Happiness: Lessons from the World's Happiest People. Here, he explains how Denmark is consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world. Following is a transcript of the video.

    Dan Buettner: I actually think most of the previous stories about Danish happiness were wrong.

    The first stories were that: Danes are happy because they have low expectations. Nothing could be further than the truth. Every Dane, from the moment they're born, expects free healthcare, free education. When they get into college they expect to be paid to go to school. If they have a child, they expect to have 10 months of paid maternity or paternity leave. And they expect to be able to retire absolutely securely for the rest of their life. It's huge expectations.

    What makes Danes happy, I believe is because their government takes care of all the necessities of life — nothing can ever go too wrong in their lives — they're free to pursue a job that really speaks to their passions.

    But actually, Denmark is a place where ambition is not greatly celebrated. So, people aren't in the rat race. They’re not always buying new clothes and new cars and trying to keep up with the Joneses, and that gives them more time to pursue their interests.

    So, you have a country here where people are good at architecture and they create the best restaurants in the world and furniture design. And these are jobs suggestive of flow — of optimal using your talents, so that time can absolutely disappear.

    When it comes to happiness, I think we often think of it as the attainment of joy, but actually, the bigger part of happiness is getting rid of the stresses of our daily lives. So, this notion of having your health insurance covered, your education covered, and your retirement covered is actually very huge.


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  • How can your country be the HAPPIEST IN THE WORLD? Why Nordic nations, Finland-Denmark are so happy?


    Nordic countries like Finland, Denmark have topped World Happiness Report from the past few years? why are they soo happy! How can your country become more happier?
    -Support Independent Journalism-

    why nordic countries are the happiest in the world? travel to nordic countries?
    what makes Finland and Denmark happier than the US and UK? what explains nordic people being the happiest in the world!
    how to become happier. what is the philosophy of life which makes humans more happy and fulfilled!? which are the happiest countries in the world. is Denmark really the happiest country? let's find out!
    tips for achieving happiness. denmark happiness hygge - Hygge lifestyle.
    the danish way! how much money you need to earn to be happy! Finland vlog.
    Finland and Denmark education system & healthcare! amazing facts about Finland and Denmark. world happiness index 2019, 2020 and 2021! India ranks 139! why are Indians so sad?

  • What Makes Finland The Happiest Country In The World? | World Happiness Index 2021


    Finland has been named the happiest place in the world for a fourth year running, in an annual UN-sponsored report. The World Happiness Report saw Denmark in second place, then Switzerland, Iceland and the Netherlands. India is the fourth-least happy country in the world, according to the latest results of the World Happiness Report. The only countries ranked lower than India were Jordan, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. #WorldHappinessIndex2021 #HappiestCountry #Finland

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  • Why Denmark and Finland are happier than the US


  • Why Finland and Denmark are happier than the US Response


  • Denmark Is Considered One Of The Happiest Places In The World | TODAY


    We’re kicking off our three-day series Secrets to Happiness, where TODAY correspondent Cynthia McFadden and author Dan Buettner travel across three continents in search to find out the meaning to happy life. On day one, they went to Denmark to track down the world’s happiest people to find out what they can teach us.
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    Denmark Is Considered One Of The Happiest Places In The World | TODAY

  • People in Denmark Are Much Happier Than People in the United States. Here’s Why.


    Last week, in Denmark, Malthe and Lærke Knudson had a baby girl they named Emma. That same day, the Robinsons—Dale and Beth—had a little baby in the United States. They called her Rachel.

    Right now, they’re just two little babies keeping their parents awake at night. But Emma and Rachel were born in countries that have very different priorities, and that’s going to lead to pretty different futures.

    It all boils down to this: Though Danes pay a lot more than Americans in taxes and government fees, they get a whole lot more back in social services: Almost three times as much!

    As a result, Americans end up spending twice as much out-of-pocket for those social goods and services. Let’s see how that plays out over their two lives.

  • Why Are Finns The Happiest People In The World? Find Out From A Finnish Happiness Coach!


    For the past two years Finland has topped the list of the happiest people in the world. A bit surprising for a country known for endless winter nights and melancholy movies. So...why are Finns considered to be the happiest people in the world? What is their secret? Is it possible to learn to be as happy as them?

    The Rent-a-Finn project might have the answers. Here, you can rent one of 8 happiness coaches for a day to learn to live the Finnish way of life. DW Euromaxx reporter Adrian Kennedy, a sceptic and generally a grumpy guy, gave it a try!


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  • Reaction 2 Why Finland and Denmark Are Happier than The U S


    Interactions Academic : Task for Videos Selection By Group B.

  • This Country Put Happiness Before Economy, But Did It Work?


    The Power of Chile's Student Resistance Movement -
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    In Bhutan, the pursuit of happiness is more important than the pursuit of prosperity. But is it really what it seems?

    Learn More:
    Profile: The King of Bhutan - The prince who brought satellite TV to Shangri-La

    My Country is My Family: Resettling Bhutan's Refugees

    Bhutan: The Last Authentic Place on Earth

    Written by: Lauren Ellis
    Edited by: Alex Esteves
    Produced by: Cailyn Bradley, Semany Gashaw & Lauren Ellis

    More from NowThis:

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    NowThis World is dedicated to bringing you topical explainers about the world around you. Each week we’ll be exploring current stories in international news, by examining the facts, providing historical context, and outlining the key players involved. We’ll also highlight powerful countries, ideologies, influential leaders, and ongoing global conflicts that are shaping the current landscape of the international community across the globe today.

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  • Why is Finland the HAPPIEST country again for the 3rd time?!


    Why is Finland such a happy place? According to the World Happiness Report (2020), Finland is the happiest country in the world for the third year in a row. Helsinki was also listed as the happiest city! So what makes Finns so happy?
    In this video I delve into some of the re-occurring themes I've seen that keep popping up. I also interviewed a few of my Finnish friends and relatives to see what their thoughts on this question are!

    Links to stuff I mentioned in the video:
    • World Happiness Report 2020:
    • Here is the page with the picture of the rankings:
    • Happiest Cities Ranking:
    • General Trust of various aspects in Finland:
    • Article about the Wallet Study:

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  • How To Be Happy - The Top 10 Habits of Happy People


    How To Be Happy - The Top 10 Habits of Happy People
    The 10 Happiest Countries Rules People Use - Seen as the World’s Safest Countries In The world
    That's Why Finland And Denmark Are Happier Than The U.S.

    Want to know how to be happy? Then you need to know the difference between happy people and miserable people. It’s simple. The habits of happy people are different. They act and think different. You see, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, or what you have. You can be equally happy or equally miserable. Your happiness lies in your own hands. If you want to improve yourself and be happier, you need to implement more positive habits into your life.

    What does it take to be happy? The Nordic countries seem to have it all figured out. Finland and Denmark have consistently topped the United Nations’ most prestigious index, The World Happiness Report, in all six areas of life satisfaction: income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust and generosity.
    In this short video we're gonna show you 10 Rules People in the Happiest Countries Use That We Should Try Right Away:
    1. They plan life earlier.
    2. They need a vigorous lifestyle.
    3. They buy local products.
    4. They fully switch from “work-mode” at the top of the workday.
    5. They wear light reflectors on their clothes.
    6. They’re not be in a hurry.
    7. They eat like Vikings.
    8. They're not afraid to be cold.
    9. They believe thermal therapy
    Each year, a group of happiness experts from around the globe rank 156 countries based on how “happy” citizens are, and they publish their findings in the World Happiness Report. Happiness might seem like an elusive concept to quantify, but there is a science to it.

    When researchers talk about “happiness,” they’re referring to “satisfaction with the way one’s life is going,” Jeff Sachs, co-creator of the World Happiness Report and a professor at Columbia University, tells CNBC Make It.

    “It’s not primarily a measure of whether one laughed or smiled yesterday, but how one feels about the course of one’s life,” he says.

    Happiness is everywhere in our homeland. We hope you find it.

    Thanks for watching this video. I hope it's useful for you.

  • How does China Rank on Happiness Index?


    Watch my Chinese wife try the hottest pepper in the world! - She didn't have a good time!

    Hey Laowinners!

    China is dropping in overall happiness, after a period of it quickly rising up. Chinese people are more sad than ever before, and in this video we talk about why it is lower than Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and most of the western world.

    The World Happiness Report rates countries based on business & economic, citizen engagement, communications & technology, diversity (social issues), education & families, emotions (well-being), environment & energy, food & shelter, government and politics, law & order (safety), health, religion and ethics, transportation, and work.

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  • The 20 Happiest Countries In The World In 2021 Guess Where The U S


    Who doesn’t need some happy news these days? Just in time for the United Nation’s annual International Day of Happiness on March 20, the results of the 2021 World Happiness Report have been released—and the results will put a smile on your face, despite the ongoing pandemic that has killed more than 2.6 million people around the globe. For the fourth year in a row, Finland has been named the happiest country in the world, with Iceland coming in second, followed by Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands. And during a challenging time for the United States, things improved here, too. The U. S. shot up to number 14—up four spots from last year when it ranked 18, even beating out our neighbors in Canada (who slipped to number 15 this year). In the 2019 World Happiness Report, the United States was even lower, at number 19. Launched in 2012, the World Happiness Report is an annual survey conducted by the U. N.’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network. The survey ranks global happiness in countries around the world. Typically, the statisticians base the ranking on data from the Gallup World Poll. But this year was a bit different. Since the researchers were unable to do face-to-face interviews in a number of countries, they focused on the relationship between well-being and Covid-19 in order to rank the countries.“Surprisingly there was not, on average, a decline in well-being when measured by people’s own evaluation of their lives,” said University of British Columbia professor John Helliwell, one of the people behind the report. “One possible explanation is that people see Covid-19 as a common, outside threat affecting everybody and that this has generated a greater sense of solidarity and fellow-feeling.”So where did other countries fall on the list this year? Norway slipped a bit this year, coming in at number eight. Last year, Norway was at number 5, and in 2019, Norway was in the top three overall. The United Kingdom slipped five spots from 2020, coming in at number 18, while Germany is at 7—up 10 spots. Another big leap was Croatia, which rose to 23 on the list this year—up from number 79 in 2020. One of the countries that had a challenging time this past year—China—made the top 20 in 2021, coming in at number 19. It was a dramatic leap from last year, when China was at 94. But the researchers, who took a deep dive into the lessons learned in Asia, weren’t surprised. “The East Asian experience shows that stringent government policies not only control Covid-19 effectively, but also buffer the negative impact of daily infections on people’s happiness,” said Shun Wang of the Korea Development Institute. There were similar success rates in Australia, which ranked number 12 and New Zealand, at number nine. “The evidence shows that people’s morale improves when the government acts,” says the report’s editors. Besides the happiest countries in the world, the Happiness Report also looked at the places where people are the most miserable.

    All data is taken from the source:
    Article Link:

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  • Danemark-Finlande : les compositions officielles / EURO 2020


    #Denmark #Finland #FindlandDenmark Denmark vs Finland All Goals and Highlights Full Match goal goals Highlights full match live
    Denmark vs Finland 2021 All Goals and Highlights Full Match Denmark vs Germany 2-2 (5-6 Pens) Extended Highlights & Goals 2021 - EURO U-21 Denmark vs Germany 2-2 (5-6 Pens) Extended Highlights & Goals 2021 - EURO U-21 Dänemark - Deutschland Highlights. Denmark vs Finland 6/12/21 Euro 2020 Football Pick and Prediction Football Betting Tips Denmark vs Finland 6/12/21 Euro 2020 Football Pick and Prediction Football Betting Tips Betting Prediction for Saturday's Group Denmark vs Finland Prediction | UEFA Euro 2020 Check out the entire sports betting tips section as are committed to keeping you informed about the best Denmark Players Train Ahead Of Finland Clash - Denmark v Finland - Euro 2020 Denmark players train ahead of their opening EURO 2020 game against Finland. @UEFA 2021 Please subscribe, like the video TOP PREDIKSI BOLA, PALING JITU, & AKURAT || Denmark v Finland - Matchday 1 Group B || Gameplay PS4 ???? LIVE RCTI DENMARK VS FINLANDIA, EURO 2020, SABTU 12 JUNI 2021, PREDIKSI SKORNYA Pertandingan antara Timnas Denmark vs Finlandia yang menjadi laga pembuka Grup B di Euro 2020 pada Sabtu (12/06/21) Denmark v Finland | Group B | UEFA EURO 2020 | Alternate Reality In an alternate reality far, faaaaar away The UEFA EURO 2020 is already underway! Live from the Parken Stadium in Denmark vs Finland | UEFA EURO 2020 | Realistic Gameplay DenmarkFinland #Denmark #Finland #FindlandDenmark #EURO2020 #DENFIN #PES2021 Denmark vs Finland | UEFA EURO Denmark vs Finland Preview | EURO 2020 Prediksi starting line up Denmark euro 2021 Prediksi starting line up timnas sepakbola Denmark untuk euro 2020. Yang akan digelar pada Juni hingga Juli 2021. Denmark VS Finland | UEFA EURO 2020 | PREDICTION Timnas Denmark akan berhadapan dengan Timnas Finlandia di matchday 1 Grup B Euro 2020, Sabtu (12/6/2021). Pertandingan Why Finland And Denmark Are Happier Than The U.S. What does it take to be happy? The Nordic countries seem to have it all figured out. Finland and Denmark have consistently How Are The Nordic Countries Different (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland vs Sweden) In this episode I share my thoughts on each of the Nordic countries based on what I have heard about them during my time living Norway vs Sweden vs Finland vs Denmark vs Iceland: Everything Compared (Economy, Army, Wealth, GDP) Nordic Countries (Sweden vs Norway vs Denmark vs Finland vs Iceland): Everything Compared. GDP Per Capita GDP PPP Per What Nordic People Really Think About Each Other From the Swedish Fika to the Danish Hygge to the Finnish Sauna, how much do Nordics know about each other? And what do Euro 2020 Predictions | Group B | Belgium vs Russia & Denmark vs Finland Belgium, Russia, Denmark and Finland make up group B of Euro 2020 and Very Biased Opinions give a team by team breakdown Denmark vs Finland vs Norway vs Sweden, Country Comparison (1960~2019) Thanks for watching. Have a nice day and see you on next video~ :D ☆ Subscribe here: [CHANNEL] Korean England 0-1 Denmark | Three Lions Defeated | UEFA Nations League | Highlights England suffered defeat to Denmark at Wembley Stadium in the UEFA Nations League. Christian Eriksen scored a penalty whilst Jadwal Euro 2021 Denmark VS Finland Jadwal Euro 2021 Denmark VS Finland #jadwaleuro2020 #jadwaleuro2021 #euro2020. Denmark vs. Finland live vivo EURO 2020 diretct TV Euro 2020 - Denmark vs Finland - 5 Minute Preview Euro 2020 finally kicks off this weekend with the match between Denmark vs Finland from Group B in the first round of matches. Denmark vs Finland Prediction | UEFA Euro 2020 Check out the entire sports betting tips section as are committed to keeping you informed about the best Finland vs. Denmark | Full Game | 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship This game may be subject to geo-block. 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. Thank you for watching! Stay tuned and Denmark v Finland Euro 2020 FIFA 21 Denmark v Finland Euro 2020 FIFA 21. Euro 2020 Denmark v Finland FIFA 21 #DENFIN #EURO2020 #FIFA21. DENMARK vs FINLAND | EURO 2020 - PES 2021 | JUNE 12, 2021 - ĐAN MẠCH vs PHẦN LAN Euro2020 #PES2021 #Denmark​vsFinland #ĐANMẠCHvsPHẦNLAN DENMARK vs FINLAND | EURO 2020 - PES 2021 | JUNE PES 2020 | DENMARK VS FINLAND EURO 2020 | Full Math | All Goals HD eFootball PES 2020: UEFA Euro 2020 - Denmark vs Finland - Gameplay (PS4 HD) [1080p60FPS] eFootball PES 2020: UEFA Euro 2020 - Denmark vs Finland - Gameplay (PS4 HD) [1080p60FPS]. Specs: Playstation 4 Pro UEFA EURO 2020 SCORE PREDICTIONS | WALES v SWITZERLAND, DENMARK v FINLAND + BELGIUM v RUSSIA #Shorts Welcome to day 2 of my daily UEFA Euro 2020 Predictions show. I'll be predicting the outcome of Saturday's three fixtures. Is Finland Really The Happiest Country In The World? Finland has been declared the happiest

  • What makes experimenting the key to happiness?​ | Jaakko Kuosmanen | TEDxHelsinkiUniversity


    In his talk, Jaakko explains how societal experimentation can help us solve some of the biggest problems of modern society. Using examples such as the basic income, he shows us how bold solutions can lead to happiness... But only if we are not afraid to fail! Jaakko Kuosmanen works as Chief of Innovation at Demos Helsinki think tank, and he is also an Adjunct professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki. Before joining Demos Helsinki, Jaakko worked at the Council of Europe and at the University of Oxford. In Oxford Jaakko worked at the Faculty of Law as a James Martin Research Fellow, as a programme coordinator at the Oxford Martin School, and as a lecturer in public policy at the Blavatnik School of Government. Jaakko’s work focuses on approaches and tools that support public sector innovation, including experimental policy design, innovation labs, and foresight. Jaakko has assisted governments in several continents to set up innovation units, and he is also a member of the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office steering group for the National Foresight Network. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

  • NEW TO THE LEFT: S*cialism, the misconceptions


    This series is targeted at people who have recently found themselves agreeing with progressive causes and ideals on an intuitive or moral level, but get confused about why so many people are against them, and are interested in learning more about progressive ideas, and how you can argue, fight and advocate for them in an effective way.

    This is not indoctrination, this is just education.

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    Yugoslavia from a Historical Perspective. Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia.

    Autopsy for an Empire: The Seven Leaders Who Built the Soviet Regime
    A Century of Violence in Soviet Russia
    The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression
    Inside the Stalin Archives: Discovering the New Russia.



    Hello ! I am a leftist, not an SJW Liberal, and I like to make Political videos. I like to debunk far right conservative and reactionary youtubers like Blaire White, Arielle Scarcella, TheQuartering, Joe Biden, Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro! and teach about LGBT issues, trans issues, Non-Binary (nonbinary) issues, politics, cancel culture, get woke go broke, socialism, and anarchism. I make scripted videos not livestreams like Vaush or Xanderhal or Destiny. I also talk about men's rights issues.

    #Breadtube #Politics #NewToTheLeft

  • Taiwan ranked happiest country in Asia


    Taiwan has been ranked the happiest country in East and Southeast Asia in a global happiness report released by the United Nations. The report ranked Taiwan 25th in the world among 153 countries, ahead of all countries in the region. Formosa News reporter Stephany Yang asks the locals what makes Taiwan such a happy place to live. What is happiness? Everyone has a different answer to that question. The UN''s World Happiness Report ranks countries by how happy their residents say they are. This year, the report once again ranked Taiwan 25th in the world, out of 153 countries and regions. Taiwan’s ranking was higher than that of neighboring countries including Singapore, the Philippines, South Korea, Hong Kong, and China. Thierry French student Compared to France for example, we are more free here. Here it''s more free. So it''s very good. The weather is good. I like the weather, the people and then the freedom. For example, France now you have to be confined, you cannot go out anymore. Here it''s more safe than a lot of European countries. Lori American working in TaiwanSo I can tell you it''s definitely more convenient to get around here than where I am from. You have the MRT, you have buses everywhere. You can easily get to the airport. You don''t have to worry about having a car – car insurance. The cost of living is much better than the states. People are much nicer and it is more relaxed.Foreign nationals praise Taiwan for its convenient transportation, kind people, freedom, and affordable cost of living. What do Taiwan-born residents think?Taiwanese I think it''s very reasonable. Taiwan has a great democracy and an amazing health care system. This helps us have a very good life here. Taiwanese Life is not stressful. The healthcare system is also very good. The coronavirus pandemic is worsening around the world, causing overcrowding at hospitals, school suspensions, and business closures. People who live in Taiwan say the pandemic has helped them to appreciate their home in a new way.MariahAmerican working in TaiwanAs far as how bad it is in the U.S. right now. I feel a little bit better being somewhere it is more controlled.Taiwanese studentAlthough the situation right now is rather nerve-wracking, but at least we can still go about our daily lives. I’m actually quite happy.Taiwanese The epidemic preventive measures are very good here. No need for a lockdown. The UN report is based on surveys conducted on people around the world. The survey asks participants to rate their own current lives on a scale of 1 to 10. The top five happiest countries in this year’s report were Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway. The least happiest countries were Afghanistan, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, and Central African Republic.

  • Jante Law: The laws that really rule in Scandinavia | BBC Ideas


    Jante Law, or janteloven, is a set of rules that underpin Scandinavian society. In countries like Denmark and Norway, the law of Jante seems to help create equality - but at what expense to the individual?
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  • Why Indians are so Sad? | India world happiness index 2021


    When people are happy they are more likely to caste their vote and engage in politics but maybe Indian politicians are not aware about it.
    United Nations released a world happiness report. in which out of 149 countries, India is ranked at 139. India's rank is worse than Pakistan & China! which means even Pakistan happier than India! What are the reasons that Indians are so unhappy?
    -Support Independent Journalism-

    Indian Social Issues-
    Complex Issues-
    Indian Economy-

    why Indians are unhappy? a story about depression! Depression and mental health in India. which are the world's happiest countries? world happiness index 2021, what is India's ranking? Pakistani are more happier than Indians. India ranks 139th. why Finland and Denmark are the happiest? how is happiness measured! how happy are Indians with their life. India is lacking behind many countries in world happiness index.
    describe in Hindi! IAS-UPSC world happiness report!

  • Exploring Happiness at Home - and at Work - With Happiness Expert Alexander Kjerulff


    I like my home but I was wondering if my friend Alexander Kjerulff - Chief Happiness Officer at Woohoo Inc. who advises companies about how to create happier workplaces to boost employee motivation and company profit - if he has any tips about fostering a happier home for me and my kids.

    Here's Alexander's TEDx talk:
    Here's his company:
    Thanks to Pedro Borges for helping with the shoot:

    0:00 Intro
    1:16 It's not about being happy - it's about being happier
    2:41 Debunking the World Happiness Index
    7:13 You don't have to be happy all the time. Be emotionally authentic
    9:50 Happiness in the workplace is good business
    11:53 How do you ensure a happy home?
    13:54 What matters is a home that you can USE
    16:04 Functional, practical, elegant - or rather funky
    18:16 Minimalism equals happiness
    20:50 Let employees design themselves and create a cool workplace

  • Happiest Country in the world 2021│FINLAND│What Finnish Kids think


    Happiest country in the world?? That too four times in a row?
    How is it possible??

    With pandemic affecting every corner of the globe. how did this country remain the happy?.
    We asked Finnish kids do they agree with Finland being the Happiest country and why.
    Here are some amazing replies:

    Here are the factors for deciding happiest country in the world.

    -trust in government
    - healthy life expectancy
    -social support from family and friends and generosity.

    Income: Finland's average salary is much higher than many developed European countries

    Freedom:Finland ranks high on press freedom indexes. Finland is a democratic nation which believes in freedom in all walks of life.

    Trust in the government:
    Finns believe that the government and the public sector work for all citizens. not for a chosen few.Finns trust their government, police and press.

    It is important for Finns to be able to trust their friends and neighbours . And also public authorities and officials.

    Healthy life expectancy: Finland has a very high life expectancy. For Male its 79 years and female its 84 years.

    Social Support:

    Basic social help is a must for any individual or family living or residing in Finland with low income and cannot cover their essential daily needs.

    The list goes on as how awesome finland is. But now you get an idea why Finland is the happiest country for four times in a row.

    Dance school CEO: Daniel Paul
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