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Why Samsung Does Not Make Sub - Brand Like Xiaomi ......

  • Why Samsung is losing to Xiaomi.


    My thoughts on how Xiaomi has managed to beat Samsung and Apple to number 1 spot in Smartphones! Check out Huel here:

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  • What you didnt know about Xiaomi.


    You've seen the Xiaomi Mi 11, the potential Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra, but there's a LOT more to Xiaomi than you think...

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  • Can it run Genshin Impact?! Xiaomi QIN F21 Pro Unboxing, Benchmark, Gaming Test!


    #F21Pro #MTKA22 #GenshinImpact

    QIN F21 Pro is such an interesting device I cannot help but unbox and test it!

    Qin F21 Pro
    CPU: MTK A22 (4 x A53)
    RAM: 3/4GB
    ROM: 32/64GB
    Battery: 2150mAh
    Display: 640X480
    Camera: 5MP + 2MP
    Price: RMB 599/799 (USD 93/124)

    link to device (Chinese only because this is only available in China):

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    00:00 - Unboxing
    03:56 - Camera Test
    05:02 - Other Cool Features
    06:36 - Geekbench 5
    07:54 - Antutu
    08:48 - 3D Mark
    09:54 - Gaming: Genshin Impact
    15:25 - Gaming: PUBG Mobile
    22:51 - Conclusion

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  • Mi 11 Ultra Review - Xiaomi just KILLED Samsung!?


    Full Review of Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, including camera test, specs, performance, price, battery test and more! Subscribe for more content (IT'S FREE) :

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  • The Huawei Ban: Explained!


    Huawei flagships without Google or Android? This is everything you
    need to know.

    Fingers crossed Huawei can resolve things. For the sake of competition.


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  • Xiaomi 11T Tips and Tricks first 20 Things To Do


    Xiaomi 11T

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    FTC: All opinions on products are true and honest and they are my own.

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  • A Xiaomi Phone Without Ads & Bloatware!


    If you are someone who uses a Xiaomi phone, this video is a must watch for you. Trust me when I say that this video will make your MIUI experience a lot better.

    In this video, we tell you how you can make your Xiaomi phone ad-free and bloatware-free. Also, how to disable those annoying push notifications.

    Check out our detailed guide:

    How to Install and Use ADB on Windows, macOS:

    How to Remove Ads, Bloatware, and Push Notifications in MIUI 11:
    Download Xiaomi Debloater Tool:

    Comment below if you have any doubts and we will sure to respond.

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  • Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Review: Better than Galaxy A71?


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    This is the in-depth review of Xiaomi’s latest mid-range offering, the Mi Note 10 Lite. The Mi Note 10 Lite is priced at Rs. 44,999 in Nepal. For this price, we get a 6.7- inches curved Super AMOLED display, Snapdragon 730G chipset, and 5,260 mAh battery. This phone is not your regular value for money smartphone that one would generally expect from Xiaomi devices. It is Xiaomi’s try at a different market segment altogether.

    ????Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite Price and Specs:
    ????Buy here: (Nepal only)

    The major stand out feature of the Mi Note 10 Lite is its curved display which is something no other brand in this price range offer. The display quality of the AMOLED panel is excellent too. Talking of the design, it is a bit on the heavier side but looks good nonetheless. It is a glass panel with the sides made of metal.

    About the performance, you get Snapdragon 730G running the show here. It is an excellent mid-range chipset that works really well. However, you get better performance with other offerings from Xiaomi like the K20 Pro and the Poco F2 Pro which one can get for a similar price.

    Battery-wise, I didn’t get the advertised 2- day battery life that Xiaomi promises with this device. On heavy usage, I got a full day’s endurance with some juice left at the end of the day. You get a 30- watt charger on this one that charges the device in around 1-hour and 15 minutes.

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  • Xiaomi - Pocket Photo printer - Full Walkthrough Review Xiaomify


    Today I've got the Xiaomi pocket photo printer. This bluetooth connected, wireless and ink-less photo printer is really quite small. But is it any good? Let's find out! -Find the Pocket Printer on Gearbest here: - Use Coupon Code: K471FB609ADEB001 for some extra bucks off!

    The Xiaomi pocket photo printer uses a thermal-Zink printing technique, which is an ink-less printing technique meaning it has no cartridges. It has an internal 500 mAh battery so you don't need to replace batteries or use it wired. It prints 2 x 3-inch photos, which is a standard type of photo size. (You could probably use it with similar photo paper from other brands but Xiaomi sells these 'consumables' in packs of 20 photos.)

    You use the photo printer with Xiaomi's Mi Home APP. Note that you can only add the photo printer when the APP is set to use the China Mainland server from the settings. (Despite what some people say; I AM switching between EU- and CN-servers without losing my connected devices on either of those servers actually...)

    Once the printer is connected over Bluetooth with the Mi Home APP you can print photos from your phone. It will allow you to add some small adjustments and add a bunch of photo filters before printing.

    The photos come out, well, alright.
    The 313 x 400dpi print resolution is not the highest resolution photo like you would get with a higher-end photo printer though. I noticed that, especially with hues of blue, the color does come out a bit different than you would have on-screen and it seems to perform best with photos that have high contrast.

    A cool thing is that the photos actually have an adhesive backside so you could stick them onto anything. It's quite a strong sticker.

    It also has an AR function which allows you to print a still image from a video, or an image that you set to be associated with that video. When using the AR-scanner in the APP you can then make that photo come to life like it is an actual video playing on your table. You could additionally also associate an audio file with a photo so it will play that sound when scanning the photo. -It is kinda fun, but also not really all that useful.

    I have been using it for several months and there are a few things that I have found. I find the photos to not be the best quality you can imagine, but I also find that this is not its main purpose. Its main purpose (in my opinion) is to easily print snapshots whilst on a holiday or at a party.

    If your expectations of the actual print quality is not that of a high-res photo printer then it is a fun gadget to bring along.

    #xiaomi #photoprinter #pocketphotoprinter

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  • Samsung A52 5G Vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite Camera Comparison


    Samsung A52 5G Vs Mi 11 Lite Camera comparison. Side by side comparison of daytime stills, 4k and 1080p video, low light shots, macro cameras, low light video, and audio. Remember to subscribe! (It's free)

    00:00 - Front camera video (1080p)
    00:42 - Rear 4k footage (main 64MP cameras)
    01:52 - Ultrawide footage
    03:20 - Low light video
    04:26 - Daylight stills (main, macro & ultrawide)
    05:28 - Low light stills
    05:49 - My findings which is better at what?

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  • The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is disappointing?


    Is the Galaxy S22 Ultra or the Galaxy S22 a disappointment? Samsung is releasing their latest flagship in a couple of weeks and some fans are really upset about the direction Samsung is going.

    Samsung's problem:
    What about the S21 FE?

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  • Xiaomi Mi Watch global! - Full walkthrough review xiaomify


    Finally! The Mi watch global is here... But is it any good? Let's find out!

    I have been using Xiaomi's global version of the Mi Watch over the last few weeks, and I have also used the Chinese versions of their watches. And they are actually quite good. I like the Amoled display; they're bright and sharp. The finish and feel of the watch are also very nice, making the Mi watch feel nicely built.

    The Mi watch global is really focused on sports tracking, in a similar way as the Mi Band series, but it has a better experience and a slicker design.

  • Samsung Pay just killed its best feature on the S21


    Samsung has removed MST, or magnetic secure transmission, from the US editions of the Galaxy S21 phone and all future Galaxy phones sold in the US. This feature let you pay at almost any terminal, even ones that don't support NFC or mobile payments.

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  • What you didnt know about Apple in China


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    Apple just reached the #1 spot in the Chinese smartphone market a few months ago, overtaking local rivals like Xiaomi, Huawei and OPPO. No other foreign brand is popular in the country, so how did Apple do it?

    The Story Behind - ep. 82

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  • #XIAOMI । The Human Eye Smartphone Camera Changes EVERYTHING #2021


    The Human Eye Smartphone Camera Changes EVERYTHING

    The humanized smartphone camera changes everything what's up guys it's time to talk about the latest news the liquid lens technology is finally coming xiaomi mix is back xiaomi could change smartphone camera game forever they literally compared this liquid lens to an actual human eye according to xiaomi the optical structure of this lens is identical to a human eye it doesn't have traditional optics that we see on traditional smartphone cameras instead we have a liquid surface covered by a film
    There's also some sort of mechanical motor that changes The movement of the liquid because of this movement it allows the lens to change the focal length seamlessly like a dslr this is the first smartphone lens that can be a telephoto lens and a macro lens at the same time because of its two-in-one function it can completely change how smartphone zoom camera works the size of this lens is also said to be smaller than the traditional zoom optic lens that we see on other smartphones so pretty much this could actually change

    The smartphone camera game forever in addition to a small size xiaomi says that they're using the human eye bionic principle with this liquid lens which means it's going to have ridiculously fast focusing speed almost like a human eye apart from xiaomi huawei is also working on liquid lens technology and it might actually debut on huawei p50 series again that's just a rumor at this point but xiaomi on the other hand has officially confirmed that their mimic smartphone on march 29th will rock this liquid lens now on the same day xiaomi will also make history by announcing a smartphone with world's largest smartphone sensor the iso cell gn do it is made by samsung we talked about this in the previous video so i am super super excited for march 29th also we have some very interesting news regarding samsung galaxy 82 the ultimate bezel-less super different samsung smartphone that is coming out very soon unlike other samsung galaxy a series phone the 82 will be rocking a sony sensor according to the rumor the sony sensor in question is the imx686 sensor it is a 64 megapixel lens we have seen this on a number of different smartphones in 2020.

    The galaxy 82 will likely have more camera sensors than just imax 686 we don't have the complete information but seems like samsung will not be the one putting its camera on this unique phone also in the news qualcomm has officially announced snapdragon 780 g chip this is the successor to the snapdragon 765 chip that we have seen on last year's mid-range phones it's about 40 faster it's built on samsung's five millimeter process at renault 642 gpu all

    New 5g speeds most of mid-range smartphones in second half of 2021 will be rocking this brand new chip now coming back to the world of formal smartphones samsung is the undisputed king of foldable era but they are about to be challenged by xiaomi not too long ago we looked at some leaked images of xiaomi's mix foldable phone this looked very similar to galaxy fall 2 and there are some rumors saying that xiaomi could showcase this mobile phone on march 29th again i'm super duper excited march 29th is the day xiaomi is about to shock the world

  • Nothing Ear Review: See Through the Hype!


    Behind the hype these $99 earbuds are actually a pretty great pickup.

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  • 22 NIGHTMARE Tech FAILS they want us to forget.


    22 of the Worst Tech fails of ALL Time. Including Xbox, Nintendo, Sony, GoPro, Blockbuster and much more ???? To see previous episodes of Tech fails:

    0:00 Fail 22
    0:45 Fail 21
    1:38 Fail 20
    2:40 Fail 19
    3:44 Fail 18
    5:18 Fail 17
    6:52 Fail 16
    8:27 Fail 15
    9:56 Fail 14
    11:29 Fail 13
    13:39 Fail 12
    15:38 Fail 11
    16:52 Fail 10
    18:48 Fail 9
    20:13 Fail 8
    22:40 Fail 7
    24:38 Fail 6
    26:14 Fail 5
    27:38 Fail 4
    28:54 Fail 3
    30:23 Fail 2
    32:59 Fail 1

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  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 review


    The Redmi Note 10 by Xiaomi is an excellent all-rounder offering some rare features for its price. Whether you are after an OLED display, stereo loudspeakers, solid battery life or super-fast charging - it's got them all. But it's not all sunshine here.

    Watch our full review to learn ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Redmi Note 10's top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality.

    ▶ To learn more, read our detailed text review:

    ▶ Check out the full phone specs:

    ▶ Track Info: Grab a Pillow 2 by Martin Landh and Beyond the Skyline 3 by Sven Karlsson

    ▶ If you want to know more about our host Will, check out his video episode in our Meet The Team series.

    0:00​​ Intro
    0:32​​ Design and build
    0:58​​ 6.43’’ Super AMOLED, 1080p, 409 ppi
    1:32​ Speakers
    1:55​ Storage options
    2:11 OS Android 11, MIUI 122:57​ Snapdragon 678 4/6GB RAM
    3:23 Battery (5000mAh) and Charging
    3:46​ Camera specs and features
    3:58​ Daylight photos image quality
    4:44​ Low light photos image quality
    5:17​ Selfie camera
    5:29 Video quality
    5:54 Conclusion

  • Why Everyone is Copying AirPods: Explained!


    The TRUTH about AirPods clones... and how they're actually helping usher in a dream wireless future.

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  • Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Review - Official Android TV OS - Any Good? REAL TRUTH!


    Unboxing and Review of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick - including specs, features, comparison with Fire TV Stick 4K. Is the MI TV Stick worth the money?

    #Xiaomi #MiTV #XiaomiMiTVStick #FireTVStick #AndroidTVOS

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    Xiaomi TV Stick Specs:
    * CPU: Quad-core A53 CPU 1.2ghz
    * GPU: Mali 450
    * 1GB DDR3 RAM
    * 8GB Internal Storage
    * Dual Band Wifi AC
    * No Ethernet port
    * Bluetooth 4.2
    * Android TV OS V9
    * Built in Chrome-cast
    * Google Assistant
    * Supports 1080p @ 60fps
    * HDMI v2.0a
    * DOLBY AUDIO + DTS + 5.1 SS
    * Comes with a BT Remote

    Xiaomi TV Stick
    Buy from Banggood:
    Amazon UK:

    Better Alternative: Amazon Fire TV Stick

    Notice: [Paid Links] As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Chigz is a member of the Amazon Associate Program, and can earn fees from links to and

    My Other Android TV Box Videos:

    #Xiaomi #MiTV #XiaomiMiTVStick #FireTVStick #AndroidTVOS

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  • How to move from Android to iPhone | Apple Support


    Learn how to easily transfer your photos, messages, contacts, and more from your Android device to your iPhone using the Move to iOS app.

    To learn more about this topic, visit the following articles:
    Move from Android to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:
    How to erase your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:
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  • Xiaomi Mi 11: The New Normal!


    Smartphones are about to level up.

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  • Sony Xperia 1 III: The Ultimate Enthusiast Phone!


    Sony's newest phone is both the most impressive and the most niche phone they've ever made.

    Why people don't use Sony phones:

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  • Top 5 Best Xiaomi Phones You Should Buy 2021


    Smartphones are the users’ multi utility equipment. The entire activities now totally depends on its uses. Features like selfie shots with bokeh effect, operating process, RAM, memory sizes etc have always been a matter of discussion while purchasing any phone. A user has to get satisfied with the features of a phone, that he buys. Buying mobile is not important, but the features owned by these gadgets have to be attractive. Based on the users’ demand, we introduce the 5 best phones, which will certainly make you feel tempted.

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  • Oppo Find N Impressions: The Best Folding Phone?!


    It's like if you took the Z Fold 3... and shrunk it into a passport size!
    Sponsored by Cash App: Download from App Store/Google Play store - Use code MARQUES for $15 and $10 goes to Girls Who Code!

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    Phone provided by Oppo for video.




    Xiaomi phone's comes with MIUI which has a lot of bloatware in it. Today in this video I am going to show you a simple and easy way to remove bloatware from any xiaomi phone without rooting your phone. Bloatware like preinstalled apps and games can be easily uninstalled by this method.

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    #MIUI12 #Bloatware

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Most Confusing Samsung Launch Ever ????


    If you are a Galaxy Note series fan, there could be a surprise in store for you. Or, maybe not. The S22 launch has to be the most confusing one in a long time.

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    Video Highlights
    00:00 Introduction
    00:42 Exynos or Snapdragon?
    02:33 Gorilla Glass Victus+
    03:06 The Galaxy Note Returns?
    04:07 S-Pen Support
    04:34 Compact Flagship
    05:19 Improved Cameras
    06:44 Faster Wired Charging
    07:07 OneUI 4.0 With Android 12
    07:27 Price?

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  • How To Connect To Your Xiaomi Electric Scooter To The Smartphone App


    Whether it's the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter , Essential (Lite), 1S, Pro or Pro 2 Electric Scooters, we show you how to connect your scooter to the official Xiaomi Home App, and a few little tips if you're having connectivity issues.

    We also have a blog covering the subject on our website. Click here to read the blog covering Using the Xiaomi Smart Phone App with Your Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

    Or click here to view our range of Xiaomi Electric Scooters -

  • Xiaomi Smart Glasses | Showcase | A display in front of your eyes


    Introducing Xiaomi Smart Glasses! Though at first glance these seem just ordinary glasses, MicroLED optical waveguide imaging technology puts a display in front of your eyes, for our smartest viewing experience yet.

    Learn More:
    (Global official website)
    (Mi community)
    (Mi Blog)

  • Serious Problem in Smartphones You Must Know ???????? ⚡⚡Xiaomi , POCO , Realme , OPPO , VIVO !!


    is video mein mene Xiaomi aur poco mein ek preinstall application Security ki baat hai jo ki ek risky app hai jo phone install rehta hai MIUI mein ye kitna khatarnak hai ye mene aapko is video mein samjhaya na kewal ye bali ye chizo realme , oppo , vivo ke smartphones mein bhi dekhi hai ye jis ko jald smartphone brands ko fix karna chahiye warna users k data ko leke bahot nukshan ho sakta hai to agar aap inme se koi sa brand ka smartphone use karte hai to mene bataya hai kon kon se ye clean master ya fir security jaise apps kitne khatarnak hai aur aapke.

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  • Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE Review | New-ish Edition


    Reviewing the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE, a fresh 'New Edition' mid-range smartphone whose main change over the original is the chipset running the show. That camera tech, MiUI 12 software and other specs are mostly the same. But is the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE worth a punt vs the Poco F3, Samsung A52s 5G etc?

    This phone will satisfy most users with its skinny design, Dolby Vision display, expandable storage and dependable camera tech. Performance is good enough for running any apps out there, although gamers are far better served by the Poco F3, Galaxy A52s 5G and other rivals.

    Battery life is great, as the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE never once ran dry before bedtime even with intensive use. However, the audio chops are weak, as the stereo speaker setup disappoints and there's no headphone jack. Likewise, the camera isn't as strong as Samsung and Google's rivals.

    Check out my round-ups of the best mid-range and 5G smartphones of 2021 for more ideas!

    Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE Review Chapters:
    0:00 - Get on with it!
    0:49 - Design
    2:30 - MiUI 12 and software
    3:41 - Display & audio
    5:06 - Performance & gaming
    6:01 - Battery life
    6:26 - Camera
    8:04 - Verdict

  • Xiaomi Mi Soundbar Unboxing & How to setup with your TV |


    We unbox and setup the new Xiaomi Mi Soundbar which was recently launched in India at a price of Rs.4,999. The Mi Soundbar is available on
    Buy on Amazon:


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    Early Bird Price and free Xiaomi Smart Pen: First 100 only, get it here:

    The Xiaomi Pad 5 is the best tablet for android that i have reviewed. There is no other brand that is offering a tablet with a very good set of specs and features for the price.

    The Xiaomi Pad 5 is now officially available in the Philippines.

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra CAMERA TEST ????


    Camera Test comparison - iPhone 13 Pro / 13 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra! Sign up here for your free daily newsletter - I’ve really enjoyed Morning Brew and I think you will too! Enter the Giveaway HERE: (100% free and international - All phones purchased by myself)

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  • Xiaomi 11i vs Mi 11 Lite NE 5G Comparison????GALTI MAT KARNA!


    Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge vs Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G Comparison - Best Smartphone for ₹25,000
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    Xiaomi 11i/Hypercharge come with Mediatek Dimensity 920 Processor, 108MP Camera,67/120W Fast charging and 120Hz AMOLED Display. Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G comes with Snapdragon 778, 13 5G Bands, 90Hz 10Bit AMOLED With Dolby Vision and upto 3 Android Updates & 4 Years of Security Patches. We will be comparing them in detail in this video.

    00:00 - Introduction
    00:30 - Detailed Camera Comparison
    02:18 - User Experience, MIUI, Updates
    03:30 - Performance & Gaming
    03:58 - 120W Charging & Battery
    04:16 - Display Quality
    06:17 - Battery & Charging
    07:03 - Design & Build
    08:02 - Haptics, 5G, 4G CA etc
    08:29 - Pricing and Conclusion

  • Xiaomi Product Launch September 2021


    This September, we are bringing the spotlight back to the #Xiaomi11TSeries and more amazing products. Go make #Cinemagic!

    Learn More:
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  • Why Samsung Does Not Make Sub - Brand Like Xiaomi ......


    Many Brands are having Sub brand like Xiaomi, Oppo, vivo etc but Samsung Don't have Sub Brand and same question for Apple iphone.
    Let's talk all about this smartphone market.

    00:00 - Brand ka Sub Brand
    01:20 - Why Sub Brand
    04:18 - Sub brand name
    05:49 - Samsung Sub Brand
    08:42 - Apple Sub Brand

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  • Xiaomi Dethrones Samsung, Whats Next?


    Clip from Lew Later (A Working Prototype Of Apple's AirPower Is Out In The Wild...) -

  • How does Xiaomi get away with copying Apple?


    Apple Vs. Xiaomi? Tech Op-Ed by Lei.
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  • Why Xiaomi is So Successful?


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  • How Samsung Beat Xiaomi To Regain Its Position As Indias Top Smartphone Brand | Explained


    In the first three months of 2020, Chinese smartphone companies- Xiaomi and Vivo were leading India's smartphone market. South Korean company, Samsung was trailing behind at the third position. But soon a number of developments impacted India's smartphone market and helped Samsung regain its position as the country's top smartphone brand after two years.

    Moneycontrol explains how big is India's smartphone market and how Samsung regained its position.

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  • Oppo + Realme = Xiaomi + Poco = Huawei + Honor...But WHY??? ????????????


    Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse baat ki hai Smartphone Sub Brands ke baare mein, jaise Oppo ka Realme, Redmi aur Poco Xiaomi ki taraf se aur Honor Huawei ki side se. Hume aise alag alag sub brands dekhne ko milte hai alag alag strategies ke saath bahut si brands ki taraf se, but iska real reason kya hai, yeh maine aapko is video mein bataya hai.

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  • Samsung vs Xiaomi vs Realme - Best and why ? ????


    Hello !!

    Today in this video I am sharing which smartphone company is best in india and why.

    ( #samsungvsxiaomivsrealme )

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  • XIAOMI MI MIX 4 || SHOULD LAUNCH IN INDIA...?OR NOT..? || First under display Camera Phone ||


    Hi Everyone,

    In this video I'll give you all information about a brand new phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

    All the details are taken from various sources.
    This information can be vary from the actually phone .

    All video clips and images used in this video are belong to respective owners and not me.

    This video is only for informational purposes and not to harm any cause and cride to any anything.

    This video is based on my personal opinion ,you can disagree if you want and ignore with it if you don't like.

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    Unboxing Samsung Galaxy s20fe
    Review Samsung s20 fe 5g

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  • How to connect bluetooth headset with Xiaomi Redmi Note phone


    How to connect Handsfree wireless bluetooth 4.2 headset headphones with Xiaomi phone
    ????PT20 True Wireless Earbuds????
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    Wireless bluetooth headset
    Wireless bluetooth headphones
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

    #pairingmode #xiaomiphone #bluetoothpairing

  • Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge - The Truth Behind 120W Charging


    In this video, we have answered important questions like “Which device is worth getting - Mi 11i or Mi 11i Hypercharge?”, “Should you buy this or wait for the upcoming Redmi Note 11 series?” And most importantly, “Why is Xiaomi Mi 11i so expensive compared to the Chinese variant Redmi Note 11 Pro?”

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  • Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s ✔️


    See current devices prices:
    Samsung Galaxy S8:
    Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s:

    Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s ✔️


    New phones by Apple iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei, Sony, HTC, Razer Phone, Google Pixel, OnePlus, Nokia compare by main characteristics as fast as possible in the best quality. Write in the comments about what smartphones you want to compare in the next video.

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  • Tested Pixel Experience on Xiaomi Phone !


    This video is about Custom ROM. I Tested Pixel Experience in Redmi Note 10 pro MAX via Boot Loader Unlocked process and shared my experience with its usage and features.

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  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 | Full Comparison


    Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Full Comparison.
    In this comparison, you will find: (Screen, Performance, Battery, Camera, Connection, Features, Design)

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S (key specs)
    ???? 2021, April
    ???? 6.43 | AMOLED |
    ???? Helio G95 with Mali G-76 MC4
    ???? 13 MP (Selfie)
    ???? 64 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP (Quad Camera)
    ???? 4 - 6GB RAM + 64 - 128GB Internal
    ???? 5000 mAh | 33W fast Charging
    ???? 327677 (Antutu V9)
    ???? Price
    $ 199.99 - $ 249.00
    € 193.00 - € 226.14
    £ 214.54 - £ 222.47
    ₹ 13,999 - ₹ 15,999
    IDR 2.699.000 – IDR 3.000.000
    Samsung Galaxy A22 (key specs)
    ???? 2020, July
    ???? 6.4 | Super AMOLED | 90Hz
    ???? Helio G80 with Mali G-52 MC2
    ???? 13 MP (Selfie)
    ???? 48 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP (Quad Camera)
    ???? 4 - 6GB RAM + 64 - 128GB Internal
    ???? 5000 mAh | 25W Fast Charging
    ???? 232740 (Antutu V9)
    ???? Price
    $ 220.00 - $ 249.99
    € 205.00 - € 249.00
    £ 173.99 - £ 225.45
    ₹16,999 - ₹18,499
    IDR 2.799.000

    Thanks for watching


    Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G which one is better,
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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G full specification
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    Display Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Screen Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Performance Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Chipset Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    CPU GPU RAM Storage Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Antutu Benchmark Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Battery Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Camera Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Connection Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Features Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Charging Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Desain Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Layar Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Kamera Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Baterai Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Processor Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Gaming
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G PUBG
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G indonesia
    Helio G95 vs Helio G80
    Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Unboxing Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Price Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G worth to buy
    Pemakaian Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    harga Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Perbandingan Spesifikasi Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
    Komparasi Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S vs Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
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  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra - OUCH!! Accessories Update


    galaxy tab s8 ultra
    #galaxytabs8ultra #samsunggalaxytabs8ultra #samsungtablet #androidtablet
    We all know that Samsung's new flagship tablet line up is dropping very soon, and as we come close to the release date of these galaxy tablets, there are updates on the Galaxy tab s8 ultra along with the other regular galaxy tab s8 in terms of accessories. The Galaxy tab s8 ultra accessories give us a glimpse into what we should be expecting to pay for the massive tablet.
    We have always anticipated that the S8 Ultra was going to be more expensive than the galaxy tab s8 and the galaxy tab s8 plus, but just the book cover and keyboard combo accessory seems to point to the fact that it will near what you pay for the Apple 12.9 inch magic keybaord.
    We've also already seen a number of renders of what it looks like, so we have a pretty good idea of what to expect (at least cosmetically) from the tab s8 and tab s8 ultra. So if we think about it, maybe there shouldnt be any surprises there, because of the massive size of this upcoming and very well anticipated flagship tablet.

    If you would like to pick up a copy of the Tab S7 tablet illustrated in the video, please use the Check out the latest Prices and/or DEALS on these popular tablets:
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE:
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S7:
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ (PLUS):
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite:
    Samsung Galaxy Tab A7:

    Galaxy Tab S7
    Galaxy Tab S7+

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