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Why We May Be Surrounded by Older Alien Civilizations

  • Why We May Be Surrounded by Older Alien Civilizations


    Are alien civilizations likely to be younger or older than us in age? A basic question that seems insurmountable until we start detecting them. But even before that, we can use some logical deduction using lifetime distribution statistics to determine the most plausible answer to this question. Join us today for an explanation of our new research paper on this topic.

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    Video on planet cloaking:

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    0:00 Prologue
    1:22 Technological Lockstep
    6:57 Distribution of Civilization Lifetimes
    19:17 Bayes vs The Cosmos
    23:39 Temporal Bias
    32:20 Credits

    #CivilizationLongevity #AncientAliens #CoolWorlds

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  • Is This Why We Haven’t Found Alien Civilizations? | STELLAR


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    Physics Girl explores how We’ll Find the Aliens in Our Solar System!

    Looking up at the stars makes you wonder: what and who is out there? And why haven’t we seen any other intelligent civilizations given the vast size and age of the universe? They’re complicated questions and although we haven’t met any other space-faring species we do have a way of calculating just how many alien civilizations might be out there as well as some rather frightening ideas as to why we might not have met them.

    This video is a bit different from most It's Okay To Be Smart videos. It's part of a new PBS miniseries called STELLAR, done in collaboration with Matt O’Dowd from PBS Space Time and Dianna Cowern from Physics Girl. Over six episodes we travel to telescopes, go inside space research centers, and chat with amazing scientists to bring you the most exciting stories about space.

    **I figure out how we took a picture of a Black Hole with a telescope the size of Earth

    **Matt O’Dowd exploring the oldest quasar ever seen at the Gemini Telescope:

    **Physics Girl visits LIGO to learn about gravitational waves:

    You'll be able to see future episodes on the Physics Girl, Space Time and It’s Okay to be Smart YouTube channels, as well as the PBS Digital Studios Facebook page.

    Stellar is a part of the PBS Summer of Space. They'll be lots of awesome space related content all summer long on PBS. See what's happening at

    #SummerOfSpacePBS #astrophysics #space

    Hosted by Joe Hanson
    Written by: Joe Hanson, Andrew Kornhaber, Eric Brown
    Directed by: Eric Brown and Andrew Kornhaber
    Producer: Randa Eid
    Director of Photography: Eric Brouse
    Sound: Tobi Nova
    Production Assistant: Anna Bosketti
    Editing: Pavel Ezrohi
    Graphics: Murilo Lopes
    Assistant Editing: Daniel Sircar
    Produced By: Kornhaber Brown

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  • Intelligent Life on Other Planets: What are the Odds?


    Title: Intelligent Life on Other Planets: What are the Odds?
    Speaker: Corbin Covault, PhD
    Date: October 29, 2019

  • What Do Alien Civilizations Look Like? The Kardashev Scale


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    The observable universe is a big place that has been around for more than 13 billion years. Up to two trillion galaxies made up of something like 20,000 billion billion stars surround our home galaxy. In the milky way alone scientists assume there are some 40 billion earth like planets in the habitable zone of their stars. When we look at these numbers it is hard to imagine that there is nobody else out there.

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  • Was There An Advanced Civilization Before Humans? | Answers With Joe


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    It took humans 10,000 years to go from hunter-gatherers to world domination. Considering the vastness of time that humans and life have been on Earth, could this have happened once before?

    This question was put forth by Adam Frank and Gavin Schmidt in their paper titled The Silurian Hypothesis, where they tried to figure out what in the geologic record would be a sign of a previous industrial civilization. It brings up a lot of questions and makes you deal with the weight of deep time, as well as the fleeting nature of history.

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    Zanclean flood animation

  • Searching for Kardashev Type II and III Civilizations with WISE


    SETI Institute researchers Jill Tarter and Franck Marchis (host & moderator) will hangout with Jason Wright, professor of astronomy at Penn State, Matt Povich, professor of astronomy at Cal Poly Pomona and Freeman Dyson, theoretical physicist and mathematician at the Institute for Advance Study.

    These scientists will discuss the potential for the WISE telescope to detect extraterrestrial super-civilizations that acquired a large energy supply by building a mega-structure to harvest the energy of their star(Dyson Sphere) or their entire galaxy.

    #SETIChat #SETIHangout

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  • Mars, Aliens and Beyond: A Board Game Story in Space


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    Stock Footage and Music by:
    Storyblocks, Epidemic Sound and Pixabay

    Images of William Lowell and the Science and Natural History article from Illustrated London News courtesy of Cengage

    Outro song:
    Hola Hola Bossa Nova by Juanitos

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  • Pascal Lee on why microbial worlds might be common but intelligent civilizations exceedingly rare


    On October 23, 2013, Pascal Lee, Senior planetary scientist at the SETI Institute, the chairman of the Mars Institute, and the director of the NASA Haughton-Mars Project at NASA Ames Research Center, spoke at a public event for a Peter Wall Institute International Roundtable entitled Time and Life in the Universe.

    Are we alone in the Universe? Are there other intelligent civilizations in our galaxy? Science fiction often portrays space as populated by many other intelligent species. But is there truly a myriad of alien societies out there? A pragmatic analysis of lessons learned from a wide range of scientific fields, from astrophysics to planetary sciences, geology to microbiology, anthropology to archaeology, suggests that an outcome such as us, an intelligent civilization, while the result of natural processes, might be exceedingly rare. Could we possibly be alone in our Galaxy? If so, what might be our cosmic future? Will we achieve interplanetary travel? What about interstellar travel? And where would we (boldly) go?

    To learn more about Peter Wall International Research Roundtables, please visit:

  • Mindscape 131 | Avi Loeb on Taking Aliens Seriously



    The possible existence of technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations — not just alien microbes, but cultures as advanced (or much more) than our own — is one of the most provocative questions in modern science. So provocative that it’s difficult to talk about the idea in a rational, dispassionate way; there are those who loudly insist that the probability of advanced alien cultures existing is essentially one, even without direct evidence, and others are so exhausted by overblown claims in popular media that they want to squelch any such talk. Astronomer Avi Loeb thinks we should be taking this possibility seriously, so much so that he suggested that the recent interstellar interloper `Oumuamua might be a spaceship built by aliens. That got him in a lot of trouble. We talk about the trouble, about `Oumuamua, and the attitude scientists should take toward provocative ideas.

    Abraham (Avi) Loeb received his Ph.D. in plasma physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is currently the Frank B. Baird Jr. professor of science at Harvard University. He served as the Chair of Harvard’s Astronomy department from 2011-2020. He is Director of the Institute for Theory and Computation of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, and Founding Director of Harvard’s Black Hole Initiative. He is chair of the Advisory Committee for the Breakthrough Starshot Initiative. His new book is Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth.

    Blog post with audio player, show notes, and transcript:

    Mindscape Podcast playlist:

    #podcast #ideas #science #philosophy #culture

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  • Scientist Thinks Mysterious Interstellar Object is Extraterrestrial


    This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1596 with Avi Loeb.

  • 8. The Sumerians - Fall of the First Cities



    In the dusts of Iraq, the ruins of the world's first civilization lie buried.

    This episode, we travel into the extremely distant past to look at the Sumerians. These ancient people invented writing and mathematics, and built some of the largest cities that the world had ever seen. Find out about the mystery of their origins, and learn how they rose from humble beginnings to form the foundation of all our modern societies. With myths, proverbs and even some recreated Sumerian music, travel back to where it all began, and find out how humanity's first civilization fell.



    Sound engineering by Thomas Ntinas

    Voice Actors:

    Jake Barrett-Mills
    Rhy Brignell
    Shem Jacobs
    Nick Bradley
    Emily Johnson

    Music by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:

    Title theme: Home At Last by John Bartmann.

  • Live: What does the discovery of Sanxingdui mean for Chinese civilization?


    China is one of the world's four ancient civilizations. The discovery of Sanxingdui proves the pluralistic integration and evolution of Chinese culture. Where did Chinese civilization begin? What is Sanxingdui's significance to the Chinese civilization as well as to human history? What can we expect from future work in Sanxingdui? CGTN's special coverage China's Archaeological Missing Link brings you more. #SanxingduiDiscovery

  • The Universe: Astrobiology & Life in Space | Full Episode | History


    Join us as we highlight the trends that have defined us from the 1920s to now in History by the Decade -

    Does life exist on other planets? Astrobiology is a visionary new science that searches for life in space by combining the disciplines of astronomy, biology and geology. How did life evolve on Earth? Find out in Season 2, Episode 7, Astrobiology. #TheUniverse
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  • Ancient Aliens: Secret Vatican Archives Contain Explosive Revelations | History


    Watch all new episodes of Ancient Aliens, returning February 12 at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite The HISTORY Channel shows at

    The secret Vatican archives located in Italy contain explosive revelations and untold evidence pertaining to extraterrestrial communication, in this clip from Season 5, Aliens and Cover-Ups. #AncientAliens
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    Ancient Aliens explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

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  • Ancient Aliens: ANCIENT BATTLE FOR ALIEN SKIES | History


    Watch all new episodes of Ancient Aliens, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at

    According to Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe the fall of the ancient metropolis Mohenjo-daro may have been caused by advanced alien technology, in this clip from Season 12, The Nuclear Agenda. #AncientAliens

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  • Lunar Eclipse, June 15, 2011


    Video of the June 15, 2011 lunar eclipse from the hours of 11 AM to 3 PM PDT.

  • Alex Filippenko: Astronomer To The Stars


    Despite all the media attention given to black holes, dark matter and dark energy, astronomy is actually all about the light—the decillions of photons careening around the universe.

    Join us virtually for a conversation with Alex Filippenko, a Berkeley astrophysicist who works on deciphering, from all that photonic information live-streaming to Earth, what is really going on out there. Filippenko will also share some of the spectacular images from deep space that our technology has been able to construct from the clues left behind by billions of those wandering photons.

    George Hammond
    MLF: Humanities

    Image from NASA

    Alex Filippenko
    Richard & Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Professor in the Physical Sciences, Miller Senior Fellow in the Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science, and Professor of Astronomy, University of California, Berkeley; Co-Author, The Cosmos: Astronomy in the New Millennium

    George Hammond
    Author, Conversations With Socrates

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  • Ancient Aliens: The Bibles Shocking Connection to the Number 12 | History


    Watch all new episodes of Ancient Aliens, Fridays at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at

    Ancient Astronaut Theorists reveal a stunning extraterrestrial connection between the Book of Revelation and the Mayan Calendar both linked to the number 12, in this clip from Season 16, The Divine Number. #AncientAliens
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    Ancient Aliens explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

    HISTORY® is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive, and entertaining manner across all platforms. The network's all-original programming slate features a roster of hit series, premium documentaries, and scripted event programming.

  • Why are these 32 symbols found in caves all over Europe | Genevieve von Petzinger


    Written language, the hallmark of human civilization, didn't just suddenly appear one day. Thousands of years before the first fully developed writing systems, our ancestors scrawled geometric signs across the walls of the caves they sheltered in. Paleoanthropologist and rock art researcher Genevieve von Petzinger has studied and codified these ancient markings in caves across Europe. The uniformity of her findings suggest that graphic communication, and the ability to preserve and transmit messages beyond a single moment in time, may be much older than we think.

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  • Full Movie: The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed


    We are not alone in the universe. Alien life is here right now, contacting us in the form of Bigfoot, UFOs, orbs, and other inter-dimensional paranormal phenomena. These experiences are changing human nature as we have known it. Learn how researchers have identified locations where portals are opening to reveal many forms of nonhuman intelligence - intelligent lifeforms that are being kept secret. See more Full Movies on Janson Media -

    #Alien #Bigfoot #Documentary

    UFO's Under Investigation - Episode 110 -

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  • The Aliens Are Coming | Ben Miller | Talks at Google


    Ben Miller (@ActualBenMiller) joined us in London to talk about his new book The Aliens Are Coming, discussing the search for extraterrestrial life, and discussing what exactly is life? Recorded February 2016.

    Discover the fascinating and cutting-edge science behind the greatest question of all: is there life beyond Earth?
    For millennia, we have looked up at the stars and wondered whether we are alone in the universe. In the last few years, scientists have made huge strides towards answering that question. In The Aliens are Coming!, comedian and bestselling science writer Ben Miller takes us on a fantastic voyage of discovery, from the beginnings of life on earth to the very latest search for alien intelligence.

    What soon becomes clear is that the hunt for extra-terrestrials is also an exploration of what we actually mean by life. What do you need to kickstart life? How did the teeming energy of the Big Bang end up as frogs, trees and quantity surveyors? How can evolution provide clues about alien life? What might it look like? (Probably not green and sexy, sadly.)

    As our probes and manned missions venture out into the solar system, and our telescopes image Earth-like planets with ever-increasing accuracy, our search for alien life has never been more exciting - or better funded. The Aliens are Coming! is a comprehensive, accessible and hugely entertaining guide to that search, and our quest to understand the very nature of life itself.

    Ben Miller is, like you, a mutant ape living through an Ice Age on a ball of molten iron, orbiting a supermassive black hole. He is also an actor, comedian and approximately one half of Armstrong & Miller. He's presented a BBC Horizon documentary on temperature and a Radio 4 series about the history of particle physics, and wrote a regular science column in The Times. He is slowly coming to terms with the idea that he may never be an astronaut.

  • Turkmenistans cultural treasures | DW Documentary


    To outsiders, Turkmenistan is one of the world's least known countries. For the first time in ten years, a film crew has been free to visit spectacular excavation sites and follow international researchers into areas that have long been off-limits.

    Once considered the poorest part of the Soviet Union, oil and natural gas have brought new wealth to Turkmenistan today. A little known fact in the West is that 4,000 years ago, the country was home to one of the ancient world’s centers of power. Although it flourished around the same time as the advanced civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt, the Margiana empire was later largely forgotten. But recently, archaeologists have discovered palace buildings and magnificent burial treasures at the site of the capital, Gonur Depe, in the Karakum Desert. Incredible aerial photography shows the dimensions of the lost metropolis. An international team of researchers also unearthed monumental fortifications in neighboring Ulug Depe. The ruined cities of Merv and Kunya-Urgench have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Suddenly, historians and the media are paying much more attention to Central Asia. Why has Turkmenistan seen powerful empires rise and fall since the Bronze Age? DNA analysis shows a highly mobile population, whose contacts reached as far as India, the Urals and the Mediterranean Sea. The Silk Road between China and Europe was the world's most important trade route for thousands of years, lending Turkmenistan great historical significance. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the country has been slowly opening up to international researchers, and its astounding cultural heritage is coming to light.

    [This documentary has been reuploaded due to a correction to the date @ 32:00. We apologize for the mistake and any issues it may have caused.]
    DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch top documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary.

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  • Should Humans Try to Contact Alien Civilizations?


    Learn about the subterranean worms hinting towards life on Mars:

    Doug Vakoch is a former SETI member who founded METI International in 2015, an organization trying to craft and send targeted interstellar messages to extraterrestrials. However, his work has become the center of an international debate on whether humans should try to actively contact other lifeforms without global consensus.

    In the third episode of Exo, Motherboard goes to San Francisco to meet with Doug, and to hear from those who think his project is dangerous.

    Tracking Bacteria on the Space Station Could Help Us Survive Beyond Earth:

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  • Ancient Aliens: OTHERWORLDLY ANCESTORS UNCOVERED in Religious Texts | History


    Watch all new episodes of Ancient Aliens, Fridays at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at

    Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe that the texts of major religions reveal the secret of our alien ancestors - and that one day those aliens will be coming back to Earth, in this clip from Season 16, The Forbidden Bible. #AncientAliens
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    Ancient Aliens explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

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  • UFO Hunters: Alien Surveillance at Secret Government Facilities | Full Episode | History


    Ever since Roswell, observers have noted that UFOs allegedly appear in locations that are already full of secrets and mystery: namely, weapons labs. The question is, why? Find out in Season 3, Episode 9, UFO Surveillance. #UFOHunters
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    UFO HUNTERS follows the team of Bill Birnes, Kevin Cook and Pat Uskert, as they investigate UFO cases around the world. The team’s access to UFO evidence is unparalleled—and their expertise allows them to quickly identify bogus claims of UFOs. Together, they use eyewitness accounts, scientific experimentation, documents recently released through the Freedom of Information Act and footage that has never been seen on television to piece together compelling—and sometimes chilling—evidence of UFO phenomena.

    HISTORY® is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive, and entertaining manner across all platforms. The network's all-original programming slate features a roster of hit series, premium documentaries, and scripted event programming.

  • Is There A Sunken Civilisation In The Black Sea? | Dark Secrets Of The Black Sea | Timeline


    The documentary Dark Secrets of the Black Sea journeys to the said region and explores recently-unearthed archaeological evidence of a technologically-advanced civilization that once lay there, now submerged beneath the Black Sea.

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  • Frontiers in Artifact SETI: Waste Heat, Alien Megastructures & Tabbys Star - Jason Wright


    In 1960 two seminal papers in SETI were published, providing two visions for SETI. Giuseppe Cocconi and Philip Morrison’s proposed detecting deliberate radio signals (communication SETI), while Freeman Dyson (artifact SETI), proposed detecting the inevitable effects of massive energy supplies and artifacts on their surroundings. While communication SETI has now had several career-long practitioners, artifact SETI has, until recently, not been a vibrant field of study.

    The launch of the Kepler and WISE satellites have greatly renewed interest in the field, however, and the recent Breakthrough Listen Initiative has provided new motivation for finding good targets for communication SETI. Dr. Wright will discuss the progress of the Ĝ Search for Extraterrestrial Civilizations with Large Energy Supplies, including its justification and motivation, waste heat search strategy and first results, and the framework for a search for megastructures via transit light curves. The last of these led to the identification of KIC 8462852 (a.k.a. Tabby's Star) as a candidate ETI host. This star, discovered by Boyajian and the Zooniverse Planet Hunters, exhibits several apparently unique and so-far unexplained photometric properties, and continues to confound natural explanation.

  • Ancient Civilizations of the Americas by Anna Guengerich 2.5.2015


    Watch video of “Ancient Civilizations of the Americas”, by Anna Guengerich, Ph.D., Anthropology on February 5th, 2015.

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  • SETI Silence: How many Alien Civilizations are there in the Milky Way galaxy?


    #Aliens #SETI #DrakeEquation
    I'll review a conversation I had with Prof Chris Conselice (Nottingham, U.K.) about his recent result on a possible LOWER limit on the number of Alien civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy. To say this has generated intense interest...and scrutiny...would be an understatement! Please join my mailing list and I'll send you show notes and resources including a Drake Equation calculator and more:
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  • US Military Plan to Defeat an Alien Invasion


    The United States military has secret plans in case Earth is invaded by extraterrestrials, and in today's epic video we're going to show you a simulated showdown with a hostile Alien race that decided to set foot on planet Earth. Who would win in a showdown vs the US military and Aliens? You'll have to watch today's awesome video to find out!


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    ???? SOURCES:

    All videos are based on publicly available information unless otherwise noted.

  • Göbekli Tepe: The Dawn of Civilization


    Thousands of years before anyone thought to construct pointy Egyptian tombs or arrange mysterious stone circles, there was Göbekli Tepe: a 20th century archaeological discovery in Turkey that predates civilization itself.

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    Source/Further reading:

    Discover Magazine, in depth:

    Smithsonian, similar (if older):

    Official website of the German Archaeological Institute:

    Website of the dig team:

    National Geographic:

    Why its probably not the product of a forgotten, hyper-advanced civilization:

    Skull cult:



    Paper by the dig-team, why Gobekli Tepe is not an observatory:

  • Civilizations at the Beginning of Time


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    Our Universe is billions of years older than our planet, and we often contemplate alien civilizations that might have arisen early than us in our galaxy, but just how early could life have arisen?

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    Civilizations at the Beginning of Time
    Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur
    Episode 272; January 7, 2021
    Produced, Written, and Narrated by Isaac Arthur

    Jason Burbank
    Jerry Guern
    Keith Blockus

    Cover Art:
    Jakub Grygier

    Jeremy Jozwik

    Music by Stellardrone:

  • Top 10 UFOs Caught On Camera


    Check out our featured song: I Can't Stay by Zanoii!

    Are we alone in the universe? This evidence suggests we aren’t! For this list, we’ll be looking at the most famous, argued about, and unusual videos of unidentified flying objects. Our countdown includes STS-48 Incident, Phoenix Lights, Aguadilla Airport Incident, and more! Have YOU ever seen a UFO? Let us know in the comments!

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    Top 10 Scariest Movie Aliens:
    10 Ancient Sites Aliens May Have Created:

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    Your trusted authority for Top 10 lists, reviews, tips and tricks, biographies, origins, and entertainment news on Film, TV, Video Games, Comics, Celeb, Music and Superheroes.

    #UFO #Aliens #Caught

  • We Will Be Martians


    There is little doubt that Mars will be the next step in our continuing march to the skies, with some predicting we will take that giant leap within the next decade. Who among us will be the intrepid explorers to settle Mars? How will they survive on that barren world? What will life be like for the first human Martians? As the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, join us for a wondrous journey guided by a crew of experts who will explore the challenges—technological, physiological, and psychological—of sending humans to Mars.

    This program is part of the BIG IDEAS SERIES, made possible with support from the JOHN TEMPLETON FOUNDATION.

    PARTICIPANTS: Kim Binsted, Yvonne Cagle, Ellen Stofan, Michelle Rucker

    MODERATOR: Lynn Sherr


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  • The Insane Biology of: The Octopus


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    New streaming platform:


    Writer/Narrator/Editor: Stephanie Sammann
    Editor: Dylan Hennessy (
    Illustrator/Animator: Kirtan Patel (
    Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
    Sound: Graham Haerther (
    Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster (
    Producer: Brian McManus (

    Imagery courtesy of Getty Images


  • Understanding Ancient Civilizations through Artifacts


    Session Description: This session will introduce teachers to the connection between museums and contemporary archaeology in China as seen through the tomb of Fu Hao, a royal consort who died c. 1200 BCE.  We will examine artifacts, such as jades and bronzes from Anyang, the capital of the late Shang Dynasty from about 1300 to 1050 BCE, and considered to be the most important Bronze Age site in East Asia.  For more information, see:

    Presenters from The Arthur M. Sackler and Freer Gallery of Art:
    -J. Keith Wilson, Curator of Ancient Chinese Art and Co-chair, Smithsonian Congress of Scholars
    -Elizabeth K. Eder, Head of Education

    This is the third of three online sessions in spring 2016 created to support Smithsonian Learning Lab workshops for middle school teachers in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, funded by the Grable Foundation and in partnership with Allegheny Intermediate Unit and the Senator John Heinz History Center.

  • Cisco Live 2018: Closing Keynote: What Science Can Tell Us About Our Future


    Join us for the Closing Keynote: What Science Can Tell Us About Our Future with Amy Webb, Futurist, author and founder of the Future Today Institute and Dr. Michio Kaku, Theoretical physicist and futurist

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  • Does intelligent life exist beyond Earth? | The Stream


    Astronomer Avi Loeb argues that a 2017 sighting of an interstellar space object, which scientists named ‘Oumuamua, was evidence of advanced alien technology.

    His controversial hypothesis generated curiosity and excitement while also putting him at odds with astronomers who believe in a more natural explanation for the ‘Oumuamua phenomenon. Perhaps ‘Oumuamua was an abnormal asteroid or comet, some say. But Loeb, a Harvard professor and a former chair of its astronomy department, believes the oblong space object was an alien lightsail, propelled through our solar system by energy from a sun or star.

    In this episode of The Stream, we’ll speak to Avi Loeb about his latest book, “Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth” and ask why he believes we are not alone in the universe.

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  • Secret Cult of Romes Hidden Empire | Cities of the Underworld | Full Episode | History


    Rome is a city where the past meets the present on every corner. A secret cult practiced right next to the Circus Maximus, and their temple still remains beneath the street. See more in Season 1, Episode 4, Rome's Hidden Empire.

    Join us as we explain the wildest, weirdest, most shocking moments of all time in History Countdown -


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    Cities of the Underworld descends below the streets of major cities such as New York, Cairo, London, and Tokyo to explore the remnants of subterranean civilizations left buried there.

    HISTORY® is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive, and entertaining manner across all platforms. The network's all-original programming slate features a roster of hit series, premium documentaries, and scripted event programming.

  • Are We Really Alone In The Universe? | Answers With Joe


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    The Rare Earth Hypothesis is the idea that the conditions that created life on Earth are so specific to this planet that it can't happen anywhere else in the universe. Here's some of the evidence to back this up.

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    The Rare Earth Hypothesis something of a solution to the Fermi Paradox that points to several characteristics of Earth that may be required to keep life stable long enough to become intelligent, and these several traits may be incredibly unique in the universe, making intelligent life in the universe incredibly rare.

    Some of these factors include:

    Special place in the Milky Way
    It turns out our position in the Milky way might be beneficial as the low star density prevents other stars from messing up our orbits.

    The right type of star.
    Our sun is a G2 main sequence star that remains stable for a very long time.

    Rocky planet in the Goldilocks zone
    Earth is just the right distance from the sun to form liquid water.

    Magnetic Shield
    We're the only rocky planet with a magnetic shield protecting us from solar radiation.

    Jupiter and the outer gas giants protect us from asteroid and comet impacts, and this might be rare in the universe.

    Tectonic activity
    We're the only planet with tectonic plates constantly rebuilding the crust.


    Gigapixels of Andromeda video:

    My previous video on the Fermi Paradox:

  • Uncovering the ancient secrets of the Great Pyramid | 60 Minutes Australia


    You stand there in awe, over-powered by their sheer magnificence. No wonder we've been intrigued, totally baffled for more than 4000 years. And of all Egypt's pyramids, the Great Pyramid at Giza is by far the most mysterious. It's so imposing, so perfect you can see why many insist it couldn't possibly be the work of mere mortals. It has to be a creation of the gods, either that, or aliens. But at last it seems this ancient riddle has been solved. There's one man who reckons he's figured it all out. And he's willing to share his amazing discovery with us. To take us to the very heart of the mystery, deep inside the Great Pyramid, where very few have ever been (2007).

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    For forty years, 60 Minutes have been telling Australians the world’s greatest stories. Tales that changed history, our nation and our lives. Reporters Liz Hayes, Allison Langdon, Tara Brown, Charles Wooley, Liam Bartlett and Sarah Abo look past the headlines because there is always a bigger picture. Sundays are for 60 Minutes.


  • Rise of Sumer: Cradle of Civilization DOCUMENTARY


    In our new animated documentary series we will describe the history of Ancient Mesopotamia and the first episode will be covering Sumer and its rise in the Fertile Crescent, which is rightly considered the cradle of civilizations. Our series will cover all the major civilizations of this region and then will move on to other regions. If you want to learn more about the Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations, consider watching our series on them:

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    We are grateful to our patrons and sponsors, who made this video possible:

    The video was made by our friend Oğuz Tunç while the script was researched and written by Matt Hollis.

    This video was narrated by Officially Devin (

    Machinima for this video was created by Malay Archer on the Total War: Rome 2 engine using the Age of Bronze mod

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    Marc Van De Mieroop - A History of the Ancient Near East, ca. 3000-323BC
    Mario Liverani - Ancient Near East - History, Society and Economy
    Amanda H. Podany - The Ancient Near East - A Very Short Introduction
    Guillermo Algaze - The Uruk Expansion
    Harriet Crawford - Sumer and the Sumerians

    Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

    #Documentary #Sumer #Mesopotamia

  • 5 Reasons You May Be Living In A Simulation | Answers With Joe


    Are you living in The Matrix? New scientific theories are suggesting that you may be.


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    The Simulation Hypothesis, first published by Oxford philosopher/physicist Nick Bostrom, speculates that in the future, our descendants could create computer simulations that would be indistinguishable from reality, and that we may be living in that simulation.

    This video is a very high-level overview of the Simulation Hypothesis, here are some links that go much deeper:

    Listverse article on Simulation Theory:

    Glitch In the Matrix Subreddit:

    Samsung’s new groundbreaking SSD hard drive:

    Nobel Prize Winner George Smoot’s TED Talk on Simulation Theory:

    Computer code in string theory - James Gates:

    Interesting discussion on simulation theory:

    Nick Bostrom’s full paper on the Simulation Argument:

  • Stephen Hawkings Stark Warning for Humans to Leave Earth


    In one of his final on-camera appearances, iconic physicist Stephen Hawking issued a warning to humanity about the existential threats we face and how our survival depends on colonizing another planet.

    From the Series: Leaving Earth: Or How to Colonize a Planet

  • Can Globular Clusters Harbor Interstellar Civilizations?


    Can Globular Clusters Harbor Ancient Civilizations?

    Globular clusters are a spherical collection of stars very tightly bound by gravity, which gives them relatively high stellar densities toward their centers. In 2016 Dr. Rosanne Di Stefano co-authored a research paper titled “Globular Clusters as Cradles of Life and Advanced Civilizations”, outlining that if advanced civilizations can develop in globular clusters, then the distances between these civilizations and other stars would be far smaller than typical distances between stars in the Galactic disk. Also, this relative proximity of stars would facilitate interstellar communication and travel.

    Join the conversation this week as we chat with Dr. Rosanne Di Stefano and find out answers to questions like:

    What are globular clusters and how are they formed?
    What characteristics do globular clusters have that may be beneficial to planet formation and life potential on those planets?
    How can we look for extraterrestrial life in globular clusters?
    What are the best places in the universe to look for intelligent life?

  • VF Live: An Alien Called Harmony


    More info & tracklist:


  • The Fourth Kind | Movieclips


    The Fourth Kind - Types of Alien Contact: Dr. Emily Tyler (Charlotte Milchard) breaks down the types of alien contact.

    Watch the best The Fourth Kind scenes & clips:

    Since the 1960s, a disproportionate number of the population in and around Nome, Alaska, have gone missing. Despite FBI investigations, the disappearances remain a mystery. Dr. Abigail Tyler (Milla Jovovich), a psychologist, may be on the verge of blowing the unsolved cases wide open when, during the course of treating her patients, she finds evidence of alien abductions.

    TM & © Universal Pictures (2009)
    Cast: Elias Koteas, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Will Patton
    Director: Olatunde Osunsanmi
    Screenwriter: Olatunde Osunsanmi

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    The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes, and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans.

  • Live: Find the ancient Shu civilization from Sanxingdui relics


    The Sanxingdui relics discovered in southwest China's Sichuan Province provide a crucial clue to decoding the Shu Kingdom's mysteries, which can be dated back 2,600 to 4,800 years. Archaeologists are also obsessed with it. What is the excavation history of the Sanxingdui relics? How do the archaeologists work there? What is the correct way to use the archeological tool Luoyang shovel? Check it out with us! #SanxingduiDiscovery

  • What If Magic Worked? | Unveiled


    What would you do if you suddenly had magical powers? Join us... and explore!

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    What would happen if magic wasn't just a mystical power from stories of old, but a real life ability in the modern world? In this video, Unveiled tears down the curtain and enters into a magical realm... full of spells, charms, curses, Gods and monsters.

    If you could choose one magical power, which one would it be? Let us know in the comments!

    This is Unveiled, giving you incredible answers to extraordinary questions!

    Find more amazing videos for your curiosity here:
    What If Humanity Was a Type IV-minus Civilization? -
    4 Reasons We're Probably Surrounded by Alien Civilizations -

    0:00 Start
    0:32 What Is Magic?
    1:53 Types of Magic
    2:59 Chaos and Magic
    4:57 What If Magic Worked for You?
    6:07 Magic and Technology
    8:04 Conclusions

    #Magic #Magical #Superpower

  • Alien Worlds Live Review - Excerpts


    Recently I spent a live restream doing a review on Alien Worlds of the amazing series on Netflix right now. Unfortunately, the livestream is now blocked, so you probably cannot see it anymore, and it's in any case not promoted by the algorithm. In this production, I've removed all the offensive bits, so hopefully this will stay up, so you can listen to my commentary.

    The full version is still up on Utreon:




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