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Wild Mustangs of Nevada

  • Wild Mustangs of Nevada


    The private lives of wild Nevada mustangs showing family life and herd behavior, including close-up action sequences filmed in all seasons and all types of weather in
    spectacular surroundings.

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  • WILD Mustangs of NEVADA!


    I go to the Virginia Range of Northern Nevada and I find a herd of wild horses, take some photos and hang out with the the mustangs!

    Base Camp Chris

    American Wild Horse Campaign

    American Wild Horse Campaign

    Virginia City

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  • Nevada Wild Horse Tours _ by THS-Visuals Motion Pictures


  • Wild free roaming mustangs in Nevada


    Wild horses in Nevada. Virginia Range and Pine Nut herds. All are beautiful horses and hopefully will be able to remain wild and free.

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  • Wild Horses/Wild Mustangs Nevada


    Wild horses Wild Mustangs in Nevada. Most are on the Virginia Range. Many clips of different family bands. A few from Pine Nut Mountains. Last two clips are California wild mustangs near Mono Lake. All are wild.

  • Nevada Wild Horses: Mating Challenge Between Wild Stallions


    Horses are majestic creatures, but watching them in the wild is truly exhilarating. The Nevada wild horses are one of the highlights of our travels we have been privileged to experience several times. This spring as we were camped in the Nevada desert, Debra spotted wild horses running back and forth in the same area about a mile or two away. We went to investigate immediately, and what we found was definitely different that we expected.

    We discovered two wild stallions challenging each other for dominance and mating rights within the herd. These wild stallions had already been squaring off for some time when we arrived, and they continued for the time we were there. Robert was able to walk very close to the herd and the stallions to record this video. Since we had not planned a video shoot, this is true “run and gun” raw footage shot with an iPhone using only a pro video app - no microphone or stabilizer for any of this footage.

    This video is dedicated to Robert’s father, Jay, in honor of his 69th birthday this week. Jay is a true “cowboy at heart” who taught Robert to appreciate horses at a young age. Dad, you would have loved being there for this experience!

    - Nevada Wild Horses (Two Meander) -
    - The Wild Horses of Nevada (Robert) -

    Music by Epidemic Sound -
    - A Special Bond - Niklas Ahlstrom
    - Badlands 1 - Hakan Eriksson
    - Hypothesis - Jo Wandrini

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  • Wild horses rounded up by helicopter in program sparking controversy


    U.S. Bureau of Land Management say it's controlling the horse population but some animal rights activists say these horses could be driven to extinction.

  • Government will now pay you to adopt wild horses


    The government is taking a unique approach to control the record-breaking population of wild horses. There are an estimated 88,000 of them across the country. The American icons are protected by a law passed by Congress in 1971. Now there is a new effort to help them find a home. Nikki Battiste reports.

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  • Visiting Wild Horses in Nevada: Mustang Monument


    Travel to the USA to see wild mustang horses in their natural environment, protected by the luxury eco Mustang Monument. Find the full story here:

    With thanks to the luxury Eco resort Mustang Monument, USA.

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  • Wild Horses ... Mustangs of Oregon


    About the video: I wanted to do a whole year in review, but realized that would be a bit long, so creating segments of the year, and here are a few moments on the mustang ranges- video clips spliced together in August and September. On these trips, we got to continue to follow along the journeys of our longtime mustang friends we've been watching and learning about for nearly ten years. We also got to meet new faces and learn about them. Looking forward to seeing them all on their journeys this coming year, as well as meet new wild faces!
    Now, as a disclaimer- I am a photographer and by no means do I claim to be a videographer. My videos are rough, and dont even use a tripod when I flip the video switch on. While photographing after I get the shots I want, will then suddenly toggle to video- and my big foot-long telephoto lens in the slightest of breezes is very unsteady... now add coffee and mustang excitement, and it makes me all too aware I need to slow down and some and use proper video equipment in the future LOL ... But for now this is what you guys get- since I can't take you all out there with me, I figure you may still like my sudden video-thought moments showing our amazing wild horses in motion through my glass- sort of like bringing you all out there with me.

    Enjoy. And if you have little ones, sit them with you and tell them- YES, we do still have wild untouched mustangs roaming on vast and wild ranges out west where eagles glade and sunsets set the skies ablaze as far as the eyes can see.

    Keep the WILD in our WEST and our WEST WILD~
    Mustang Meg

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  • Wild Mustangs in Northern Nevada Virginia Range herd


    Nevada is home to almost half of our nation’s free-roaming wild horses, and many of these elegant animals have decided to make the grazing lands around Reno their neighborhood.
    The historic Virginia Range herd, over 1,400 strong, can be found living wild and free between Virginia City, Reno, Dayton and Carson City.
    Responsibility for managing the herd falls under the Nevada Department of Agriculture.

  • Wild Horses in NEVADA - Hanging out with Two Tone & Virginia!!


    I find a herd of wild Mustangs in the Virginia Range of northern Nevada and observe / film and hang out with them. Also use caution when observing wild horse. I was close and after many hours felt comfortable. ( but in doing so I took a risk ) I try to not approach but observe.

  • Cool Facts About Wild Horses | Mustangs in the Wild | Love Nature


    It's National Horse Protection Day! To celebrate, we decided to offer you a glimpse into the world of these extraordinary wild animals, running wild and free in eastern California. Mustangs have been roaming across America since they were introduced by Spanish explorers in the 16th century. Wild Horses beauty, their grace, and their untamed spirit are a sight to behold. Watch as our herd runs together, nurses its young foals, and turns to their stallion to protect them against a band of bachelors.

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  • GoPro: Wild Mustangs - A Legacy in 4K


    The third of the HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K series. New episode every Tuesday.

    In a land of enormous skies and majestic valleys, Mustang Monument Wild Horse Eco-Resort & Sanctuary is home to over 600 Wild American Mustangs.

    Cowboy and family man, Clay Nannini, shares insight into the value of preserving the American Mustang while introducing his children to this icon of American history, and a legacy worth protecting.

    Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from

    Check out the Behind the Adventure:

    For information on the Mustang Monument Eco-Resort & Sanctuary,

    To learn more and help support the Wild American Mustang, please visit:

    Special thanks to these people for making this project happen:

    Madeleine Pickens
    Monty Heath
    Clay Nannini
    Chisum Hughes


    San Fermin
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    Los Girls The Boxer
    Link to buy:

    William Ryan Fritch
    A Renewed Sense

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    October 22, 2020
    Filmed and Edited by KJAFUSER, SKYNNET LLC
    Music: Chaise Lounge
    4K Version Here

  • The life and legend of Americas most famous wild horse


    Picasso is a nearly 30-year-old pinto who still roams free in the Sand Wash Basin in northwestern Colorado.

  • Wild Horses of Nevada / Hiking & Flying Washoe Lake South of Reno


    Here's a great hike along Washoe Lake where wild horses are usually out grazing with beautiful views and plenty of wildlife. Thanks for watching and Get Your Hike On!

  • Wild Mustangs in Virginia City Nevada


    How cool is this?
    Turned around and there they were!

  • Carson Valley, Nevada wild horse foal being born.


  • My Nevada Mountain Home: Wild Horse Encounter At An Old Homestead Outside Vegas


    Welcome to Wonderhussy Adventure #427
    Date of Adventure: 4/23/20

    Exploring an old homestead just a couple hours outside Vegas, up in the mountains...and a world away!

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    wonderhussy, wonder hussy, abandoned, nevada abandoned, crystal springs nevada, vegas abandoned

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  • Wrangling Wild Horses in the Mountains of Montana | Short Film Showcase


    Nestled in a valley between Yellowstone and Big Sky, the 9 Quarter Circle Ranch has remained relatively unchanged for 70 years. Kameron Kelsey is a third-generation steward of the ranch and prides himself on their adherence to tradition.
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    One example is the annual “Round Up,” when the family joins with a group of wranglers to herd their horses to lower elevations for the winter. This exhaustive three-day ritual could be simplified with modern technology, but the practice endures as a testimony to their way of life. In this short film by Kristopher Rey-Talley, join the Kelsey family in Montana as they embark on their yearly trip with the horses through the land they cherish.

    9 Quarter Circle Ranch:

    Kristopher Rey-Talley:

    Wrangling Wild Horses in the Mountains of Montana | Short Film Showcase

    National Geographic

  • Secret Hotsprings and wild mustangs in Nevada!


    a fishing trip that turned into drone shots of the exclusive hot spring we found. located in northern Nevada

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  • Wild Horse Immediately Recognizes His Girlfriend After Years Apart | The Dodo Faith = Restored


    Wild horse sprints to his girlfriend after 2 years apart ????

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  • Wild Mustangs PBS Documentary Untamed Legacy


    This is an abbreviated version of the Emmy award-winning documentary distributed nationally on PBS and presented by WTCI-TV in Chattanooga, TN. It follows the journey of a mustang named Charlie and the people whose lives he touches along the way. Full program also available YT. Please watch if you want to see more. Produced and written by

  • Wild Horses of Northern Nevada - Living Legend of the Old West


    Wild horses and burros are part of Nevada's old west heritage. These beautiful animals were filmed on BLM land and are truly free and wild.

  • Wild Mustangs / Wild horses in Nevada


    Beautiful free roaming wild horses / mustangs in Nevada. Virginia Range.
    Music: Aretes by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

  • Wild Mustangs of Nevada


    Wild Mustangs of the Carson Valley Nevada

  • Wild mustangs of Nevada


  • Wild Mustangs of Nevada


    This video was shot just 10 minutes outside of Reno near our friends house.

  • Wild horses in the streets of Reno Nevada


    Yep, horses are wild here and sometimes they walk around the streets. There is about 2 or 3 accidents a year when people hit them. They do nothing but poop and get hit...#nature

  • Wild Mustangs in Nevada


  • Nevada Wild Mustang, in a MOOD!


    Nevada Wild Mustang Rogue, feeling his oats!

  • Nevadas Wild Horses, Part I: The Gentling Process


    Behind the scenes at the Nevada Department of Corrections looking at the wild horse training program in Carson City.

  • Wild mustangs - Reno, Nevada


    Short clip chasing wild mustangs in Reno

  • Wild Horses of Nevada


    A part of our Nevada history. Over 33,000 wild horse and burros are still roaming free in Nevada.

  • Wild horses Reno Nevada


  • Wild mustangs of Washoe Lake, Nevada


  • Mustang Monument: Behind The Nevada Sanctuary For Wild Mustangs | TIME


    Madeleine Pickens, wife of billionaire T. Boone Pickens, wants to create a vast sanctuary in Nevada for the dwindling population of wild Mustangs.
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    Mustang Monument: Behind The Nevada Sanctuary For Wild Mustangs | TIME

  • Nevada Wild Mustangs


    Small dark bay stallion defending his mares from another larger band stallion and three bachelors.

  • Wild Mustangs, Carson City, Nevada


    Wild Mustangs, Carson City, Nevada

  • The Wild horses of Nevada


    via YouTube Capture

  • Burns-Oregon Wild Horses awaiting adoption or freedom to be granted at risk to be sold to slaughter


    Love Wild Horses®© Reporting: Photographer, Public Relations & Nevada Field Manager, Jeanne Bencich-Nations:
    PART TWO 800 Wild Horses are being held in captivity and are in danger of being sold to slaughter. The BLM rounded up these horses last Fall.
    They were unjustly only going to return 66 horses back to the Warm Springs HMA, which unreasonably, they claim is the appropriate management level, the number of horses that the BLM will allow to live upon 435,000 acres. The BLM has yet to return any of these sacred herds back to their and our public land.
    It is inhumane to hold such free-spirited animals as captives, behind bars, in barren wastelands.
    BLM in Hines, Oregon, has tried three times now to get permission from the government to perform these dangerous, life-threatening experiments on our wild mares without success. But they are still trying, so we need your help to stop this proposal permanently.
    They have had two veterinarian teaching colleagues turn them down, they did not want to be a part of the cruel, barbaric experiments on our mares.
    The BLM wants to manage wild mares by doing surgical ovariectomy via colpotomy experiments, which is a very invasive procedure that could cause mares to bleed to death in the process, along with many other complications.
    Tell them not to allow any funding for the 2020 BLM fiscal year budget For THE PATH FORWARD.
    Please join us here Be Their Voice To Survive & Thrive, Love Wild Horses Today!

    Help us place these innocent gorgeous horses into safe forever homes (to save them from risk &v sale to slaughter)
    and to please support our work and mission to re-wild BLM captured horses, today!
    We need your help and hope these precious wild horses, touch your hearts as they have ours and move all who see this to help us save them.
    We can't do it alone, the horses need all of us to unite to save them. The music is by Ray LaMontagne Wild Horses and is not intended for any commercial use or any copyright infringement.
    #stoptheroundups #lovewildhorses #blmBurnsOregon

    To hear more or to purchase Ray Montagna's ~ All the Wild Horses pls visit:

  • Nevada Week S1 Ep145 | Wild Horses and Public Lands: Nevadas Living Legacy


    Wild horses, burros, land: the delicate balance ensuring their protection and preservation.
    Learn more:

  • Wild mustangs in nevada at the Carson city BLM.


    This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

  • Wild Horses and Bighorn Sheep of Nevada - Beautiful and Free


    Thousands of wild horses are found in all parts of Nevada. The town of Cold Creek has hundreds of horses roaming the neighborhood. Bighorn sheep invade the little park in Boulder City, home of Hoover Dam.

  • Wild mustangs near Fernley, Nevada


    Wild mustangs a couple miles south of the Fernley race track.

  • Wild horses of Northern Nevada


    These wild horses live in the Pinenut Mtns. within Carson Valley, Nevada.

  • Mans mission is to save, train Nevadas wild horses for adoption


    About three months ago, hundreds of wild horses who'd lived their entire lives on the open range were captured up in Cold Creek which is about 40 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

  • Wild Mustang Foals Playing in The Virginia Range - Nevada


    Sorry about the shaking, I was up higher on the mountain and the horses were quite a distance away

  • Wild Horses Reno Nevada


    Wild Horses



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