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Wild Mustangs reunite at Skydog Sanctuary

  • Wild Mustangs reunite at Skydog Sanctuary


    Wild horses Goliath and Red Lady reunite after being separated by a BLM roundup. After being apart for six months they see each other for the first time at Skydog Sanctuary and shortly afterwards have a final foal together. This is a call to action for people to get involved in this issue and help fight for these wild horses who are being endlessly rounded up and put in holding facilities in America. Please go to
    to find out more.
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    Skydog Instagram:

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  • Wild Horse Immediately Recognizes His Girlfriend After Years Apart | The Dodo Faith = Restored


    Wild horse sprints to his girlfriend after 2 years apart ????

    Keep up with Phoenix and Ghost at Skydog Sanctuary on Instagram: You can support Skydog Sanctuary here:

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  • Wild Horses Reunite After Six Months Apart | The Dodo


    Two Horses Reunite After Six Months Apart | This horse couple's about to reunite after 6 months apart — and one of them has an incredible surprise. To sponsor the ongoing care of Bodhi's family, you can support their rescuers at the Skydog Sanctuary: Special thanks to the American Wild Horse Campaign for helping rescue this family: To learn more about Clare's efforts to save this family, you can also watch the short film Skydog Wild:

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  • The life and legend of Americas most famous wild horse


    Picasso is a nearly 30-year-old pinto who still roams free in the Sand Wash Basin in northwestern Colorado.

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  • Wild Lands Wild Horses - Pilot Episode - Twin Peaks


    Deb Lee Carson and Jamie Baldanza are proud to present the award winning pilot episode, “Twin Peaks” from the docu-series “Wild Lands Wild Horses” on YouTube.

    We are offering the pilot episode free of charge because we need you to help America fall in love with our wild lands and wild horses and invite you to partner with us.

    An idea was born; back about four or so years ago. Two wild horse photographers, after spending time on the range together, recognized that the wild horses were caught up in a tug of war between many people—those for and those against their existence on the western range. These same two photographers were also dismayed at the number of Americans who did not know they even existed. Then there was the inability to find real ‘truth’ or unbiased data or accurate statistics regarding the ‘plight’ of the wild horses on the range. Finally, there were the mustang’s own stories, those heart swelling stories of wild horses who have been gathered—stories of great success, incredibly sad stories with amazing endings, and stories of those who find their new homes and their only job is to just be themselves.

    So, after a time Jamie said, “Let’s bring the wild horses to ALL of America, and get them to fall in love, and along the way we will talk to as many stakeholders as possible so we can find the truth!” Deb said, “Hell ya!!!”

    In the docu-series Wild Lands Wild Horses, we bring you the compelling story of a former wild mustang, combined with beautiful cinematography from the wild western range that mustang once called home, then weave this mustang’s story with exclusive conversations with those tasked with managing our public lands, along with scientists, public land stakeholders, wildlife advocates and more, who—despite their differences all share the same goal—TO KEEP THE WEST WILD.

    The pilot episode, Twin Peaks”, is only one episode out of twelve. In the remaining twelve episodes we will be traveling to America’s ten western states and North Dakota to visit twelve herd management areas and a treasured national park, America’s wild horses call home.

    Wild Lands, Wild Horses the docu-series will, to the best of our ability and with your help, cover the following topics in the rest of the series:

    History of the Wild Horse
    Sustainability of the Land
    The Origin of the Wild Horse
    Herd Dynamics
    Adoption Stories
    Herd Management Solutions (including birth control)
    Stakeholder Involvement—which will include the following and much more: government employees, ranchers, miners, wildlife advocates, scientists, artists, anyone who has a vested interest in the use of our public lands.

    In the pilot episode “Twin Peaks” we introduce you to the wild horse and burros who call approximately 800,000 acres home in the Golden State of America, California, and was inspired by the story of a tough mustang mare gathered from there, Dani California, and her arduous journey.

    “Twin Peaks” was a difficult and remote wilderness area to navigate with a film crew, has ‘true’ wild horses, rocks lots of rocks, and only a few short days to try and obtain the epic shots we had in our minds eye, presented challenges we are not afraid to share with you.

    We blend that with hard conversations with multiple stakeholders in search of the common ground needed to manage those thousands of acres and discuss topics such as native vs non-native, rangeland use, roundups, and more.

    Sit back, enjoy and thank you for taking time to watch the pilot episode of “Wild Lands Wild Horses” docu-series: Twin Peaks!

    You are needed to help us, by partnering with us, and making a small contribution, no amount is too small. We need you because when we ALL work together; we WILL make a difference and bring our wild lands and wild horses to America, one wild story at a time.

    To contribute click here:

    Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping America fall in love with our living heritage—the wild, free roaming horses of America!

    To learn more about the series please visit

  • Wild Horses ... Mustangs of Oregon


    About the video: I wanted to do a whole year in review, but realized that would be a bit long, so creating segments of the year, and here are a few moments on the mustang ranges- video clips spliced together in August and September. On these trips, we got to continue to follow along the journeys of our longtime mustang friends we've been watching and learning about for nearly ten years. We also got to meet new faces and learn about them. Looking forward to seeing them all on their journeys this coming year, as well as meet new wild faces!
    Now, as a disclaimer- I am a photographer and by no means do I claim to be a videographer. My videos are rough, and dont even use a tripod when I flip the video switch on. While photographing after I get the shots I want, will then suddenly toggle to video- and my big foot-long telephoto lens in the slightest of breezes is very unsteady... now add coffee and mustang excitement, and it makes me all too aware I need to slow down and some and use proper video equipment in the future LOL ... But for now this is what you guys get- since I can't take you all out there with me, I figure you may still like my sudden video-thought moments showing our amazing wild horses in motion through my glass- sort of like bringing you all out there with me.

    Enjoy. And if you have little ones, sit them with you and tell them- YES, we do still have wild untouched mustangs roaming on vast and wild ranges out west where eagles glade and sunsets set the skies ablaze as far as the eyes can see.

    Keep the WILD in our WEST and our WEST WILD~
    Mustang Meg

    Please subscribe to my youtube channel:

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  • Wrangling Wild Horses in the Mountains of Montana | Short Film Showcase


    Nestled in a valley between Yellowstone and Big Sky, the 9 Quarter Circle Ranch has remained relatively unchanged for 70 years. Kameron Kelsey is a third-generation steward of the ranch and prides himself on their adherence to tradition.
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    The Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short videos created by filmmakers from around the web and selected by National Geographic editors. We look for work that affirms National Geographic's belief in the power of science, exploration, and storytelling to change the world. The filmmakers created the content presented, and the opinions expressed are their own, not those of National Geographic Partners.

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    National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible.

    One example is the annual “Round Up,” when the family joins with a group of wranglers to herd their horses to lower elevations for the winter. This exhaustive three-day ritual could be simplified with modern technology, but the practice endures as a testimony to their way of life. In this short film by Kristopher Rey-Talley, join the Kelsey family in Montana as they embark on their yearly trip with the horses through the land they cherish.

    9 Quarter Circle Ranch:

    Kristopher Rey-Talley:

    Wrangling Wild Horses in the Mountains of Montana | Short Film Showcase

    National Geographic

  • Wild Horse Adoption September 2020


    Check out the animals from Oregon's Wild Horse Corral Facility available for online auction, September 1 to 8, 2020!

    In this latest auction event, there are 20 horses from southeast Oregon and two from Nevada available for adoption, along with many other wild horses and burros from other parts of the West. The horses available range from 8 to 20 years old and come from the Triple-B (Nevada), Three Fingers, Cold Springs, South Steens, and Warm Springs herd management areas. These 22 horses are all eligible for the BLM's Adoption Incentive Program, which gives $1,000 to qualified applicants who adopt an untrained animal. Horses 11 years of age and older are available for direct purchase through the BLM's Sale Authority Program.

    Before horses and burros are shipped from the facility, they are given a final brand and health inspection from a veterinarian. Horses adopted during this auction will be available for pick-up in Oregon, Illinois, and Oklahoma.

    See all the individual animal profiles and sign up to adopt today:

    If you have any questions, call 1-800-370-3936 or email Or you can contact Oregon’s wild horse facility: 541-573-2749.

    ???? Read how Oregon wild horses found homes in Germany:
    ???? See more photos and videos of Oregon wild horses:
    ???? More than 7,100 wild horses and burros adopted last year:
    ???? BLM hauls water to save wild horses this past summer:

  • Rescued Wild Horse Loves To Play With A Little Donkey | The Dodo Faith = Restored


    When this rescued mustang finally starts running with her new best friend ????

    Keep up with Dream and the rest of the animals at Skydog Sanctuary on Instagram: You can support Skydog Sanctuary here:

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  • Nevada Wild Horse Tours _ by THS-Visuals Motion Pictures


  • Americas Wild Mustang-Untamed Legacy PBS Documentary


    This Emmy-award winning documentary chronicles the journey of a mustang named Charlie and the people whose lives he touches along the way. Produced and written by Jen Noble. Distributed nationally on PBS, a WTCI-TV Production, Chattanooga, TN.

  • Wild Mustangs of Nevada


    The private lives of wild Nevada mustangs showing family life and herd behavior, including close-up action sequences filmed in all seasons and all types of weather in
    spectacular surroundings.

  • Americans will soon have a $5 billion wild horse problem


    In September’s roundup of the Onaqui wild horses in Tooele County’s west desert, the BLM removed 46 animals from Dugway Proving Ground at the request of the military. Other horses were removed from the fringes of the herd management boundaries.

    The Deseret News spent eight months interviewing wildlife experts, rangeland ecologists, ranchers, cowboys, rural politicians, scientists and reviewing records with the Bureau of Land Management, which has oversight of the range, and lawsuits to understand this costly problem and what can be done about it.

    Read the full story here:

    Be informed, be inspired and see the world through the eyes of award-winning photographers and journalists. See the site, too:

  • Horse Found On Craigslist Recognizes His First Mom After 2 Years | The Dodo Faith = Restored


    This woman thought she'd never see the wild horse she rescued again — years later he turned up on Craigslist and was SO happy she found him ❤️️

    Keep up with Mikko, Emma, and Brian on Instagram:

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  • Wild Horse Adoption: July 2020


    Check out all the Oregon wild horses available via online auction right now!

    In this latest auction, there are 19 horses from southeast Oregon available for adoption, along with many other wild horses and burros from other parts of the West. The Oregon horses for this adoption event range from 6 to 21 years old and come from the Stinkingwater, Beatys Butte and Warm Springs herd management areas.

    This online auction begins July 14 at 3 p.m. Pacific time and ends July 21. All of the Oregon horses in this auction are eligible for the BLM Adoption Incentive Program, which gives $1,000 to qualified applicants who adopt an untrained animal. Several horses are also available for direct purchase through the BLM's Sale Authority Program.

    Before horses and burros are shipped from the facility, they are given a final brand and health inspection from a veterinarian. As is normally the case, horses adopted during this auction will be available for pick-up from numerous locations across the country, including Mississippi, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Illinois.

    See all the individual animal profiles and sign up to adopt today:

    If you have any questions, call 1-800-370-3936 or email Or you can contact Oregon’s wild horse facility: 541-573-2749.

    ???? Read how Oregon wild horses found homes in Germany:
    ???? See more photos and videos of Oregon wild horses:
    ???? More than 7,100 wild horses and burros adopted last year:
    ???? BLM hauls water to save wild horses this past summer:

  • The Life Of Wild Horses | Horse: In The Wild | Real Wild


    Take a canter into the world of wild horses and learn just what life is like for a horse in the open plains of Australia.

    Click here for more documentaries:

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    Content licensed by DRG to Little Dot Studios.

    Any queries, please contact us at:

    #RealWild #Documentary

  • Wild free roaming mustangs in Nevada


    Wild horses in Nevada. Virginia Range and Pine Nut herds. All are beautiful horses and hopefully will be able to remain wild and free.

  • Training Mustangs


    In this interview, you will meet Dr. Patricia Barlow Irick, biologist, animal behaviorist, and mustang trainer. Dr. Irick uses science to develop gentling methods so that mustangs can find their new adoptive homes and to ensure those adopters have a successful experience with their new horse.

    Dr. Irick has worked with over 600 horses, authored several books, including one we will discuss here, and developed a 26 step training program preparing her mustangs for adoption.

    Watch more Free videos here:

    Learn about Patricia's Program at Mustang Camp:

  • Controlling wild horses


    Protected by federal law, wild horses and burros in the West are breeding out of control on public lands, damaging habitats and competing with wildlife for food and water – a problem that is now a crisis that needs a solution.

  • Watch why some wild horses are the most controversial animals in the West


    As the free-roaming and fast-reproducing horse and burro population mushrooms, officials and experts have called for sales and killing of the animals. The Washington Post’s Karin Brulliard explains the dilemma. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  • Mustang Monument: Behind The Nevada Sanctuary For Wild Mustangs | TIME


    Madeleine Pickens, wife of billionaire T. Boone Pickens, wants to create a vast sanctuary in Nevada for the dwindling population of wild Mustangs.
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    Mustang Monument: Behind The Nevada Sanctuary For Wild Mustangs | TIME

  • Wild Rescued mustangs reunite with family


    Samson, Jet and their family of four generations of mares get to be reunited. Not a dry eye on this ranch and there is another video to follow which is up on Patreon first as a thank you but will be up here as soon as I can. What a glorious sight seeing these two brothers run full gallop for freedom when they saw the gate open. Run boys run - you’re home and free and loved forever

    Visit for more information

  • Wild Mustangs reunite at Skydog Sanctuary



  • Wild rescued mustang Blaze reuniting with his mare, Hannah


    Beautiful Blaze who was rounded up with his family back in September finally was reunited with his mare today.
    Miraculously Janelle actually gentled Hannah in the couple of days she was in the barn and led her to Blaze on a halter. She is a 16 year old wild mare who had been with this stallion (now a gelding) for years and has several babies with him.
    When Blaze spots her through the trees he almost ran over me to get to her - that is how focused on her he was. She played it cool like the smart girl she is but took off running with him and is now settled under a tree in the woods eating dinner, noses touching.
    Such a lot of work went into finding her, purchasing her as a Sale Authority mare, and bringing her home from Idaho where she had been sent to an off- range BLM facility. These bonds matter to us just as they do to the horses we bring back together. We believe in family and the proof is all around us.
    I can look out of my window and see Goliath and Red Lady with Bodhi and ember and know. I can see Maestro with Gracie and Legacy and be sure. And now Blaze and Hannah. It’s divine and profound and moving.
    So tonight these two fragments of a family are put back together, and hopefully this spring they will have their final foal together and make this family complete. God willing and I for one can’t wait ❤️
    Thank you to everyone who donated to make this a reality, to Laura Leigh, the Skydog team and the kind person at the BLM who helped us find Hannah.

  • Goliath reunited with Red Lady


    After months in BLM holding pens after their roundup - this is the moment these two bonded and loving wild horses were reunited at Skydog Sanctuary - happiest moment ever x

  • Wild Lands Wild Horses - Dani California & Skydog


    In each episode of Wild Lands Wild Horses and adoption story of a once wild horse will be featured. In the episode Twin Peaks we feature Dani California who now lives at Skydog Sanctuary. Here is a short clip of just some of her story. Enjoy!

  • Fort Polk Horses arrive at Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary


    The official arrival video of 17 Fort Polk Horses, affectionately known as the SLPAC 17, arriving at The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota in September 2018.

    This little herd family has been allowed to remain together. Spared from aggressive handling and/or training methods and the threat of slaughter. Also, they are some of the very few that have been able to remain in their Natural Herd Families, allowed to live out their days together, wild and free.

    PEGA facebook:
    PEGA Website:

    BHWH website:
    BHWH facebook:

    The SLPAC 17 were part of Round Up # 5 which took place in May 2018, this roundup totaled 37 horses. See more about the events surround this roundup at the link below.

    Find out how you can help us protect the herds being removed from Fort Polk Louisiana here:

    UPDATE 11/15/2019

    A year ago Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary published this video of the 17 Fort Polk Horses arriving at their sanctuary in September 2018.

    Pegasus Equine Guardian Assoc. successfully coordinated this plan with the help of a team of individuals, organizations and animal welfare orgs. Notably, Stacey Alleman for picking them up at the last minute and housing them until the right home became available, Jen Reid for coordinating helping with hauling cost, Suzanne Roy for her support and guidance, Dr Cramer of Copper Crown in Opelousas for ensuring they were safely and humanely vetted, Kelli Briscoe for being there with me and helping during the vetting, blood collection process, Clay Gilchrist for safely hauling them to SD and putting up with me and my need for updates during their journey, to all who provided emotional support and guidance, and all those who generously donated to make this mission a success and finally Thank You to Susan Watt and the late great Mr. Dayton O Hyde for providing true sanctuary, for without them they wouldn’t have had such an amazing place to live together in their natural herd families, WILD & FREE!!

    We couldn’t have done it without you all.

    Now these 17 will be able to live out their lives Wild and Free, without human expectation.

    This is our goal, Forever Freedom, for each and every one of Louisiana’s wild horses unnecessarily removed from their ancestral lands by the Fort Polks Range Control Dept.

    We are now working in this spirit of #ForeverFreedom for the herds we can save, by working in collaboration with Baby Girl Horse Rescue and partnering with Haseyas New Beginnings Animal Rescue, both organizations align with our mission of protection and preservation of these iconic herds whose legacy goes back further than many realize.

    “In order to place a group of horses within a context of breeds and origins, we usually rely on three aspects. One is the physical type, a second is the history, and a third is DNA analysis.In the case of the Fort Polk horses, the physical type strongly suggests an Iberian origin. In this geographic location this specific physical type is consistent with an origin in older original horses in the area. This area was heavily influenced by Iberian horses in colonial times. The history of isolation fits with this interpretation, especially because this Iberian physical type is relatively easily disrupted by crossbreeding, so that crossbred or mixed horses rarely have this distinctive physical type. The conclusions of the third portion, DNA analysis, are not yet final, but early results put them in a group with other Iberian-based breeds from the Americas. The overall result is that these horses are remnants of some of the early Iberian horses in this area. This type of horse is now quite rare, and has both historic and biologic importance.” – D. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, PhD, ACT (Honorary) | Professor, Pathology and Genetics |Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine

    Read more

    Please help us achieve this lofty goal.

    Pegasus Equine Guardian Association is a 501(c)(3) and can receive tax-deductible donations.

    #keepwildhorseswild #louisianahorse #wildhorses
    #fortpolk #fortpolkhorse #kisatchie #onlylouisiana
    #heritagehorse #vernonparish #cenla #slpac17 #onlyinlouisiana #ForeverFreedom #OperationForeverFreedom

    Visit Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary here

    Tomorrow PEGA celebrates its 4th “birthday” as an official organization.

    Amy Hanchey
    Pegasus Equine Guardian Association

  • Pass SAFE Act Now- a film by Skydog Sanctuary & This Mustang Life


    This Film has been Produced in Partnership with Skydog Sanctuary & This Mustang Life. Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey.

    Narrated By: Daryl Hannah

    Executive Produced: Clare Staples

    Directed by: Jamie Baldanza

    Cinematography: Robert Baldanza

    Original Music: Aaron Jaffe

    Special Thanks for use of footage: Jared Nolan American Wild Horse Campaign

    Special Thanks To Our Celebrity Support:
    Robert F Kennedy Jr, Gerard Butler, Leona Lewis, Kristin Davis, Kelly Reilly, Josh Groban, Julianne Hough, Bailey Chase, Rachel Hunter, Dougray Scott, Beth Behrs, Whitney Cummings, Nikki Reed, Kevin Mckidd, Kaley Cuoco, Ray Abruzzo, Wendie Malick, Michael Nouri, Ireland Basinger Baldwin, Matthew Rhys, Bonnie Aarons, Gary Dourdan, Christa Miller, Katie Lowes, Cedric The Entertainer, Arielle Kebbel, Daryl Hannah, Lucas Nelson and Promise of the Real, Georgina Bloomberg

  • Leonidas Arriving at Skydog


    Good morning from us all and from Leonidas. He arrived safely last night and he is healthy and well. I don’t think it will ever ever get less emotional to open up a trailer and see a horse step out and know that they are home safe now. It is actually impossible to imagine any of these horses shipping to slaughter for their meat and hide. Leonidas is the same color as Butler, a gorgeous chocolate dun. not black at all, which is a crazy coincidence. Thank you never seems enough to all the people who donated to bring them to safety and who matched funds. And thank you to Marlene Dodge for driving them safely here and taking good care of them. They are home and they are loved and now begins their new beautiful life ❤️????❤️???? @

  • Chasing Wild Mustangs


    Riding in the desert chasing wild mustangs.

  • Rescued Wild Mustang, Hannah Arriving at Skydog Oregon


    Beautiful Hannah arriving at Skydog Oregon after being rescued from a kill pen. She is pregnant and soon to be reunited with her man Blaze the father of her new baby on the way! We are so happy to have sweet Hannah safe and content in her new home.

  • Update on Remi


    I adopted BLM mustang, Remi, from a kill pen in 2008. In 2016 we moved and Remi was not happy on our new acreage. Not enough trees and too much of a slope. Skydog Sanctuary offered a forever, free home to her on their beautiful acreage. She is doing very, very well. Great to see. Warms my heart. I do miss her, but this is a far better ranch than what she had here.

  • Instagram Live w/ Clare Staples of Skydog Sanctuary


    This is our new #InstagramLive series that shines a spotlight on adopting wild horses & burros! We will talk to adopters, trainers, & sanctuaries to get their perspective and impact their horse has had on their life!

  • Hawk & Chiefs Journey to Freedom - Skydog Sanctuary


    A story of two horses Hawk & Chief rescued form a kill pen by Skydog Sanctuary.

  • The Journey of Blaze


    we travelled to Palomino Valley BLM corrals to pick up Blaze, a gorgeous 21 year old Sale Authority mustang who was rounded up from Fish Creek last year. A horse without a fan club, flashy herd or a name, before we gave him one.
    The BLM staff at the corrals told us that nobody has come to take a SA horse for years and now with the incentive program it will be even less likely these older horses ever get out of holding pens. He cost just $25.

    To the people who truly care about, fight for and love these wild horses, moments like this are to be celebrated. This horse and his family meant a lot to Laura Leigh from @wildhorseeducation Over the years she has seen thousands of horses come in from the range and them watched as they disappear. She rarely gets to see one she knows so well leave to a sanctuary.
    Blaze we will do our best to give you the best life with us and to find some of your family and bring them home. There were tears of joy again later to have him safe and well when we got home. This one was a long hard journey and we will fill you all in as soon as we can.

  • Prince Harry - Skydog Ranch


    Mr Wrinkles ????❤️

    Good Morning from handsome Prince Harry aka Mr Wrinkles. This beautiful mustang who is in his twenties was rescued from a kill pen in Louisiana. He was practically bald and he is wrinkled, but to me he is so incredibly beautiful. Prince Harry may well be the finest gentleman horse I have ever had the privilege to meet. He has perfect manners, is polite and regal and so dignified. He always moves off hay for whoever else would like it so he has great humility and grace under pressure. He was always so sweet to baby Skye and puts up with three young donkeys with so much patience and kindness. The thought that somebody didn’t see any of that and treated him like livestock and sent him to slaughter when he wasn’t useful anymore makes me so very sad. I bet Harry gave everything to his humans only to be horribly betrayed. But he’s here now and he enjoys napping in the sun and exploring the hill. He’s retired and he and Chesney are the too old fellows who stand like book ends, side by side, constant companions in their senior years. And they are so loved and wanted now never to be discarded again but valued and respected members of the Skydog herd. Prince Harry, Sir, you are a national treasure ❤️????????????????

  • Remi rejoins the herd at Skydog mustang Sanctuary


    Remington spent some time getting fattened up near the barn until we took her back out to rejoin her friends and she promptly fell in love with Sundance when they saw each other ❤️❤️

  • The Journey Of Misty & Patron


    Two unknown, unadoptable wild horses, saved from slaughter by two amazing women who never gave up on them. They listened to them when they asked for sanctuary and peace and we were thrilled to take them. These beautiful mustangs are kind, loving, smart, sensitive and aware of all that is going on for them. And when they arrive at skydog they feel nothing but peaceful, calm, energy from the horses around them to help them feel safe. Welcome home Patron and Misty and Thank you to everyone who made this happen ????

  • Wild Mustang Day 2 | 2021 Oklahoma Extreme Mustang Makeover Ep. 4


    Howdy! My name is Camille and I have a passion for gentling wild mustangs. Wild horses and burros are overpopulated in the western United States, so to keep population numbers from rising, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) periodically gathers wild mustang and offers them for adoption to eligible homes. I train mustangs to make them suitable for domestic lives and to show the world how amazing these underdogs can be. Subscribe to follow along with my mustang journey!
    Instagram: @camillesmustangs
    Facebook: Camille's Mustangs

    For more information about the Wild Horse and Burro Program:

  • Louisa Transformed!


    Louisa ❤️❤️
    Here is shiny, sleek and healthy Louisa today. Having a snack with Chief and living her best life living wild and free in Oregon. We saved Louisa and Star from a kill pen on Christmas Eve 2018 and we made a movie about their rescue to Pass The Safe Act. The link is in bio and we would love you to call your senators and representatives and encourage them to sign on if they haven’t. This Act would prevent the shipping of horses and donkeys across our borders to slaughter. Having recently rescued five more mustangs from this brutal fate we hope that will again raise awareness to get this passed. Please take action ????

  • Pine Nut Family at Skydog Oregon


    The pine nut family is whole and complete and that means the world to us. Family is where life begins and love never ends and the love in a wild horse family flows strong and deep. Here are four generations of family and their bonds are so palpable and beautiful. Here at Skydog we cherish and fight for these families and the beautiful thing is that so many others have started to also. On the current internet adoption I know of several people bidding on horses to reunite them with their family members and I am just thrilled that this is happening. Recently we helped a young girl in Florida get a mare out of holding to reunite her with her son, whom she had adopted and loves. It’s certainly not made easy and we have had to fight for every family we have managed to reunite but it is possible. And if we can ever do anything to help you find members of your horse’s family we will certainly try. The more people doing this the better, and the more photographers out there documenting family bands the better. I think the reason more and more people are doing this is that they understand the loss these horses experience and they truly want to help them and I applaud that so much. Family is one of nature’s masterpieces. Being a family isn’t a social construct it’s an instinct and a powerful one in wild horses. If you have a story about reuniting a wild horse family please email me at as we would love to feature more of them. This family are never apart now and never will be again ❤️❤️❤️

  • Samson, Jet & the Pine Nut Family


    Samson and his family lived wild and free on the Pine Nut range in Nevada. They were followed by over 50 thousand people in a Facebook group dedicated to this herd area. Last Thanksgiving Samson and his beautiful band including his brother Jet were caught in a bait trap by the BLM when they wandered on to Private Land. Despite thousands of people signing a petition for them to be released back to the range the BLM gelded the boys and put the entire family on the Internet Adoption for the highest bidder. The Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates group asked for the general public not to bid on these horses and let them go to different sanctuaries and ranches where they could stay together. We said yes to taking this family and in January we bid on them with the help of the organization who vowed to protect them and help them land softly and together. They arrived at Skydog a month ago and are doing amazingly well back as a family. This incredible band has FOUR generations of a family within it. Old Momma the matriarch is 26 years old, her daughter Apple is 11 and her daughter Dumplin is 7 and then she has a baby Sam whose father is Samson. So this is one incredible group of horses who have stayed together on the range and in Sanctuary. We are proud and happy to have them.

  • Wild Mustang Father and Son


    Here is baby Sam trying to play with his father the mighty magnificent Samson while his mother Dumplin valiantly tries to intervene. Time and again she tells him to leave Dad alone and come with her, but he always manages to elude Mom and go right back to his Papa. Baby Sam is doing great and he was gelded last week, now that he’s feeling better. A couple more days of checking on him and they will all be turned out on a few hundred acres of wild horse heaven. Nothing seems to slow him down and his shenanigans continue unabated. Dumplin does her best but boys will be boys and Samson has the patience of a saint.

  • Cassidy


    Cassidy ❤️????????

    Because there is too much worry and stress in the world right now. Because we all need to take a second to breathe. Because who doesn’t want to go for a little walk amongst wild horses and visit with a mini hinny named Cassidy. Right now with the world upside down I don’t know a single person who doesn’t need to find a way to self care and relax for a second. Including myself. So I thought I would take you all on a meander with our mustangs and see if I can remind you that things will get better. All of the horses in this herd were once in the most terrible circumstances and situations facing cruelty and many were marked for slaughter. But they got through it and out the other side and so will we. We just need to keep our eyes on the prize, stay in the moment and take it one day at a time. For now just put your feet up and no need to download an expensive app - here is our daily dose of skydog calm ????

  • Morning at Skydog


    Just been out to feed and marvel at the beauty all around us this morning. Seeing this herd running in the pine forest and remembering where they have come from makes me smile. Love is a very special horse as she was the first kill pen horse I personally ever saved, which led to the rescue of Frankie and Johnnie as well as Cassidy. From that one rescue I learned so much about bailing a horse, quarantine, transport, paperwork, and most of all I learned how many horses needed help. She truly was the start of what them became formally Skydog Sanctuary - and the tradition of picking up a donkey or two when rescuing a mustang. What a long way she has come and we have too. New girl London was the 35th mustang we have saved directly from a kill pen. But it all started with Love and it’s so amazing to think back to all those years ago when I saw her photographs, muddy, beaten and bleeding standing looking so scared. She is one spectacular mare and our first Wyoming save with three more added from this latest rescue. Echoes of the past and coming full circle to today. Thank you to everyone who has been with us since then and all of our new helpers who enabled us to take in more. It’s a new day, a new week, and amazingly we will see one more mustang mare make it home to us as June begins. You will hear all about her soon enough ❤️

  • #skydogtwelve - Dusty the mustang dumped in a kill pen along with eleven other babies


    And the nightmare continues with the BLM Adoption Incentive Program, with more two and three year old babies landing in kill pens waiting to ship to slaughter.
    These horses are terrified and confused and we at Skydog cannot stand by and watch this continue. In my last post I told you that we were going to set up a program to help some of these babies out of kill pens and into homes and I am so happy to say that we pulled off our first Skydog Training Save this week.
    Twelve horses, all adopted by different members of the same family in Billings Montana, landed in a kill pen just weeks after the incentive money was paid out to them. Seeing the faces of these frightened babies, which also included five Devil's Garden geldings who are huge and beautiful, was utterly heartbreaking to us.
    Seven of them were adopted as yearlings and have known nothing but fear - roundups, losing their families, BLM corrals, adoption events, and then a kill pen. They have never even been given a chance at a decent life since being rounded up from public lands.
    Where is the accountability from the BLM? All of my letters and phone calls to them have gone unanswered and ignored. They really do not care. When I contacted them to tell them about these babies in kill pens and whether they could help they just said they didn't own them anymore so couldn't take responsibility for them. How shameful.
    And so we reached out and rescued them. Some were about to be sold as bucking stock as they are big horses and we could not let that happen. And we totally understand the arguments against giving money to kill buyers, but these desperately young mustangs are not being offered anywhere else before being sold for slaughter, and dozens are shipping direct without being offered.
    Sometimes we need to get creative to save wild horses lives and we worked overtime to find THE BEST TIP trainer in Sandra Williamson, with a program for these 12 horses to land softly. Sandra from RacketTown Mustangs is not only going to train them but also find them amazing homes too, which will be vetted and checked. I have personally stepped up to pay the $12,000 training fees for these 12 wild horses to help them, and we know they are going to a great future.
    Incredibly, money for the BLM TIP training program runs out soon, which is the second time they have had to disband that program early in the year due to lack of funds. The TIP program actually does get so many wild horses gentled to the point that they have a chance at a good future instead of paying inexperienced people to take these horses and then dump them wild. The BLM needs to put MORE money into their TIP program and disband this insane and deadly AIP program. How obvious is that to everyone except them.
    So with dozens of TIP trainers without horses, or money to train them, we have set up a, currently privately funded, rescue arm to get these babies out of kill pens and into training programs to help save their lives. If you are a TIP trainer who would like to be involved we would love to hear from you. And if anyone out there would like to step up to fund training for a rescued baby please reach out too.
    In the meantime, we cannot let this Adoption Incentive Program continue and we are asking everyone to write or call their Senators and ask for the BLM Adoption Incentive Program to be DEFUNDED in their spending bill. You can find your senators contact details at this link

    When you look at this Government agency they are tasked with two main responsibilities - to manage horses on public lands and to handle them with care and get them into good homes. They are failing miserably on both fronts right now.
    STOP PAYING THE PUBLIC TO KILL WILD HORSES - Please sign our petition if you haven't already, we have nearly 15,000 signatures since we started.

    This video is Dusty, just one of the twelve horses we have saved from BLM funded slaughter. He is two years old and from Antelope Valley HMA. We will be introducing all the Magnificent twelve this week and you can see the faces of the twelve horses behind this campaign, although they are the tip of the iceberg.
    Please help us stop this. Thank you x

  • Maestro & Gracie


    Maestro and Gracie ????❤️????

    Millions of people know the story of Goliath’s reunion with his lead mare Red Lady. But on the same day he was rounded up so was Maestro and his family. Long after we reunited Goliath we had a request from Gracie’s adopter to reunite her and their son Legacy with their stallion. She had waited a year to get title to her mare and then ask us. We brought Gracie, who is most likely the daughter of Goliath, to Skydog with their son and reunited their family too. Goliath and Maestro knew each other on the range and actually you can see Maestro throughout Goliaths video, including at the BLM corrals where they stayed by each other’s sides for months. Goliath comes to visit Maestro every day here and brings his family to spend time with his old friend on the range. It is a decades old friendship and they may have sparred in the wild but in their old age they are comrades and companions. May they remain bonded forever

  • Catching a Wild MUSTANG - First Catch - Gina July 16 AM


    Gina July 16 AM - Gina adopted a big rangy roan mustang a few weeks ago and has not been able to get him caught. I apprecaite the opportunity to help her out and today we got a rope on him, then rubbed him with a flag and got him quietted down a bit..

  • Chief


    Chief of my heart ❤️

    Let’s start with some of your requests beginning with Chief and Magnolia. It was a scorching hot day in Oregon so they were all hanging in the shade. Sightings of Beth, Sugar, Coco and Two Spots too. Everyone has such a soft spot for Chief, the incredible looking Appaloosa who injured himself horribly at the corrals after being rounded up. He was put in a confinement pen with Hawk to let both heal, and we were asked to take them so they wouldn’t be euthanized for their injuries. Chief recovered entirely and there is no evidence left of what he went through. Healed physically and mentally into the most incredible, loving, sweet, funny boy. This bunch are all so endearing for what they have recovered from and now here living and loving their best lives. It makes my heart proud and happy and thank you again to everyone who helped us rehab them and give them the best possible care. Chief you hold such a place in my heart and space in my head that I carry you with you always ???? I can’t wait to get back to see you guys ❤️❤️❤️

  • Honey Palouse in the Kill pen in louisiana ????


    The video that inspired Skydog Ranch Sanctuary to rescue Honey Palouse.



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