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Wild Wonders of America in Colorado Wild Mustangs of Sand Wash Basin by Karen King

  • Wild Mustangs of Sand Wash Basin in Colorado Sept. 2019 by Karen King


    See the beautiful Mustang horses living wild and free at the Sand Wash Basin in NW Colorado. These colorful mustangs are amazing to follow as they travel throughout the basin. Watch as they come into the waterhole to drink and cool off in the water.

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  • Wild Mustangs in America Wild Horses by Karen King


    Here you will see wild Mustang horse behavior in the wild throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and North Dakota. We must take a stand to protect these beautiful horses from helicopter roundups and sale to slaughter. They have earned the right to live free on our public lands.

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  • A Mysterious Boneyard at Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse Reserve in Colorado


    We Found A Mysterious Boneyard in a Colorado Desert - During a visit to the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse Reserve, we found a mysterious boneyard. This Wild West Mustang reserve is just outside of Craig Colorado in Northwest Colorado. If you have never been to this area it is just west of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Popular for ATVs and 4x4. After year of research with the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and The Wild Horse Warriors for Sand Wash Basin, we finally discovered what we found in the Northwest desert of Colorado.
    #Horses #WildMustangs #Travel #Colorado #WildHorses #BLM

    check out : Sand Wash Basin Picasso the Wild Mustang and Picasso, A Day in the life of a Sand Wash Legend

    Check out:
    -The Wild Horse Warriors for Sand Wash Basin:

    -Sand Wash Basin:

    -Videos: The History of Sheep Herding in Colorado and Tracks of an old Frontier shepherd life: Great Basin Basques


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  • Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin


    The wild mustangs of Sand Wash Basin are living history of the old west. These rugged horses roam free, unaware of the possibility of boundaries. Social interaction and hierarchy are readily apparent when a few photographers humbly capture their noble existence.

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  • Inspired Travel: Visiting the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses


    Horses are majestic. If you’ve ever wanted to see them in the open, plan a trip to view the wild horses in the Sand Wash Basin in northwest Colorado.

    With over 750 horses scattered across thousands of acres of BLM land, you can spend all day trekking through the dirt roads and paths in search of the horses. They are like celebrities, when you see them, as each one has a name and is often featured on a Facebook page that provides updates on their herd.

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  • Wild Mustangs of the American West


    Hope you subscribe to my channel for more adventures on the mustang trails!
    15 minutes of moments take you to two Oregon Herd Management Areas. First through the Stinkingwater HMA east of Burns, and then to the sSteens HMA for the remainder of the video.
    This trip was about horses in the HMA's outback, and though we were familiar with some, there were many we did not know. Very hot first two days, one of which was 92 degrees with miles of hiking, and then turning to severe winds that stirred up a dust storm, so thick it obscured the mountain and triggered an asthmatic response in Alice and had to cover our mouths with damp bandannas. Though I had a monopod for my camera, the shaky moments were just having a difficult time with steadying the camera in the heavy wind gusts.

    Highlights for me on this trip: Catching a very brief glimpse of a black stallion between the junipers watching us intently- who we were sure was likely Voodoo! We tried to find him again, but lost him among the heavy stand of juniper trees. Such a brief sighting, neither of us got photos, but how thrilled we were! He looked at us briefly but intently. Turned his head and whinnied and poof! Disappeared! We searched and then followed up high on a rimrock looking down into the juniper forest hoping to capture another glimpse and idea of his direction of travel. We did see one of his grown sons- Mojo, which you'll see in the vid.

    The other highlight was seeing Centaur! Some of you may remember last August 2019 the young cremello... almost white stallion, who befriended a domestic mule gone loose. This is how Centaur got his range name that trip- bc of his friendship with a half horse half donkey :) . The mule wasn't with him, so not sure if he'd been finally captured by his owner who loved him very much... or if he's still out there roaming the high country with a 'pack' of other mules LOL.

    Special thanks to Opus Moon Music for the beautiful song Wild Horses and Wild Flowers.
    Thank you to long time friend Alice McCammon for roaming with me!

    Lets keep the WILD in our WEST... and our WEST WILD!
    Sonya, aka Mustang Meg

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  • Wild Wonders of America in Colorado Wild Mustangs of Sand Wash Basin by Karen King


    See all the beautiful wild Mustang horses that live in the Sand Wash Basin in northwest Colorado. These Mustangs live wild and free, but need our help to stay that way. Watch as Karen takes you off road to find bands of colorful Mustangs and other wildlife that makes this basin their home.

  • Wild Wonders of America in Colorado at Sand Wash Basin by Karen King


    See the beautiful painted wild mustangs of Sand Wash Basin in NW Colorado. Watch the band stallions as they chase off and fight each other to keep possession of their mares.

  • Mustangs of Sand Wash Basin in Colorado by Karen King


    Watch as you see the wild Mustang horses of Sand Wash Basin near Maybell, Colorado. See their behavior from young colts to stallions battling over their mares. It was a very hot and dry spring this year and horses traveling a distance to get to their water source.

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  • Summer in Sand Wash Basin Wild Mustangs in Colorado by Karen King


    This short video shows the wild Mustang horses of Sand Wash Basin enjoying the refreshing water in the basin. This was filmed in August of 2019 with the little colt, Torpedo as he braves the waterhole. Please note that I used a zoom lens and kept a long distance between me and the horses as not to disturb them. I also cropped the video to make them appear closer.

  • Savannah of Sand Wash Basin Childrens Book of a Wild Mustang by Karen King


    This is a video of my newest children's picture book about a little wild Mustang filly who grows up wild in the Sand Wash Basin in Colorado. See as she lives, grows up and finds danger in the basin. With the watchful eye of her father she is protected from danger.

  • Finding Savannah the Wild Mustang Filly of Sand Wash Basin by Karen King


    This video tells the story of how I found my first wild Mustang filly in the Sand Wash Basin in Colorado. This little girl stole my heart and inspired me to illustrate and write a children's picture which I recently finished. Watch as this wild Mustang family interacts with each other in the basin. May they forever live wild and free!

  • Weekly Wildlife Update from Sand Wash Basin in Colorado 9-1-19 by Karen King


    My weeky wildlife update from the wild Mustang horses at Sand Wash Basin in NW Colorado.

  • Tecate and Savannah Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin by Karen King


    (I meant to say it was June of 2018). I was so happy to find this clip of Tecate and his little filly, Savannah. It's not the best quality, but these two inspired me to write and illustrate a children's book about Savannah growing up wild in Sand Wash Basin. I will never forget the day I found them.

  • Wild Wonders of America Wild Mustangs of the Onaqui Mountains in Utah by Karen King


    Here you will see the beautiful, wild Mustangs of the Onaqui Mountains in Utah. I followed a herd of 100 horses for a week to observe their behaviors and herd drama. With stunning backdrops and colorful horses, you will enjoy these wild Mustangs living free.

  • Wild horses of Sand Wash Basin Colorado - Lots of pronghorn too


    Sand Wash Basin Colorado

    Sand Wash Basin in Colorado is home to wild horses that we visit fairly often. Some clips of what we saw in between dry thunderstorms. The area was pretty drought stricken and very few water sources available.

    Prints and calenders are available by a local extremely talented photographer, Nadja Ryder

    More information about the wild horses and area can be found at

    All video was done with Panasonic HCX1 and Phantom 4 Pro

    Licensed Music -

    Stock footage and photos:

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  • Wild horses at Sand Wash Basin Colorado Summer 2019


    Wild horses and other wildlife at Sand Wash Basin Colorado - July 2019

    Nadja Ryder runs a great facebook page on these horses. She lives in the area and photographs them regularly, the page features a lot of her work and other photographers of these amazing horses -

    We found a lot of wild horse herds at Sand Wash Basin this trip. Pronghorn were all over the area. We dry camped (boondocked) for about 5 days at the basin. Majority of this video is hand held with the Panasonic HCX1.

    Nikon D500 -
    Wildlife Lens -
    Nikon D750 -
    Panasonic G85 -
    Benro Tripod -
    Mini Tripod -
    GoPro Hero 5 and 7 now -
    Panasonic HCX1 -
    S7 Video head -
    Osmo Action (my preferred action cam)

    Stock footage and photos:

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  • Picasso, the King of Sand Wash Basin, retired...


    Picasso, the King of wild stallions relaxing in Sand Wash Basin, Moffat County, Colorado.

  • Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin. Maybell, Colorado - August 2020


    My first trip to see these beautiful wild horses in northwestern Colorado. A humbling experience to say the least.

    Wild adjective / living in a state of nature and not ordinarily tame or domesticated.


  • Wild Horses in the Real Wild West - Sand Wash Basin Colorado


    Amazing Wild Horse's living free in the real wild west...

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  • Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin


    Thr beautiful wild horses of Sand Wash Basin, Colorado.

  • Wild Wonders of America


    This video tells about my new Wild Wonders of America series on wildlife throughout America. My dream is to travel all over the US and film wildlife in their natural habitats.

  • Wild Mustang Encounters in the Sand Wash Basin June 2020


    This video is about Wild Mustang Encounters in the Sand Wash Basin June 2020. We traveled 1700 + miles for the wild adventure I'd dreamed about for 4 years. I had only known horses through EquiHeart, the equine facilitated therapy and learning program I started in 2002. The reality of encountering over 350 horses in their wild, natural habitat, following them for 4 days and over 300 rugged miles, and photographing them, far surpassed any of my dreams! Journey with me through my memories of such intimate encounters captured on film. Leave with the deepest respect for these magnificent horses, as I did.

  • Wild Wonders of America Trailer


    This trailer is for my new wildlife series called Wild Wonders of America. Each half hour episode will take you on an adventure with artist and videographer, Karen King. See wildlife in their natural habitats and learn about their behavior. See the full episodes at Vimeo /on Demand /wildwondersofamerica.

  • Watching Wild Horses in Sand Wash Basin


    Time spent watching wild horses in Sand Wash Basin, Colorado. Watch to the end to see the new born foal..

  • Wild Horse Warriors for Sand Wash Basin


    Wild Horse Warriors had this video created by BB Photography as a fund raiser for our many projects in Sand Wash Basin.
    As a Thank You for your support and donation to our Water Hauling Project, we would like to share this with you.
    Hope you enjoy it.
    Thank you
    Wild Horse Warriors for Sand Wash Basin

  • Wild Lands Wild Horses - Official Trailer 1


    “Wild Lands Wild Horses” is an exploratory docu-series traveling across 10 states within 150M+ acres of public lands. Wild Horse advocate and photographer, Jamie Baldanza & Deb Lee Carson, transports us through America’s western landscape bringing national awareness to the majestic lives and politically complicated lives of America’s Wild Horse.

    #wildhorses #horses #americanmustang #wildwest #conservation #nature #wildlife

  • 53. The Horses of Sand Wash Basin


    Wild horses pull me into another wildlife adventure! I head out to Sand Wash Basin to photograph mustangs and also a bit of landscape photography.

    My 2020 Calendar is available for purchase:

    Check out my website for prints and other services:

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  • WHW Virtual Tour Horse Loop 1 2020


    Wild Horse Warriors for Sand Wash Basin invites you to ride along with us on a tour of Horse Loop 1 in Sand Wash Basin.
    Many trips to Sand Wash Basin have been postponed due to the Coronavirus and we hope to brighten your day while you ride with us to look for wild horses.
    We are not professional photographers. It was a windy day in Sand Wash Basin Herd Management Area. You will hear the sound of the wind, but if you listen you will also hear the sounds of the wild horses talking and the birds singing.
    We hope you enjoy your trip through the Basin with us.
    Stay Healthy and Well, we hope to see you in the Basin someday soon.

  • Wild Horses - Sand Wash Basin Herd Management Area - Northwestern Colorado


    I spent the night with wild horses in northwestern Colorado. What an amazing experience! #vanadventures #vanlife #keepingitnomad

  • Sand Wash Basins Wild Horses Need Your Help


    The Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin, need your help. We are in serious need of repairs to several ponds in the Basin. This video was taken 4-15-18.
    Please help our wild horses survive this drought!
    To make a donation click here

    Follow our progress on Wild Horse Warriors for Sand Wash Basin's Facebook page.

    In a Memo Line please add Wild Horse Warriors

    If you would like to send a check please make it payable to
    The Community Foundation of Northwest of Colorado
    PO Box 653,
    Craig CO 81626

    Please add Wild Horse Warrior in the memo box.

    Thanks Wild Horse Warriors for Sand Wash Basin
    The Community Foundation of Northwest Colorado is our fiscal agent.

  • Wild Horses of the Sand Wash Basin - Midnight Blues Band


    This is video of 6 year old Wild Stallion Midnight Blue's band. They live in the Sand Wash Basin, a BLM Herd Management Area in Northwest Colorado.

    Scars on the body are mostly from fighting with other Stallions over mares and position, bite marks, hooves, because of the terrain are very sharp and can cut the horses hide. They generally heal pretty well. They are very hearty and strong animals.

    You'll see Flash at the rear with his head down driving the band forward... the stallion is responsible for band (family group) safety, and will often drive the band to an area he feels is safer.

     Taken Sunday April 28, 2019

    Horses Ages are approximate.

    I am a professional photographer who regularly visits the area and photographs the wild horses there.

    My Website:

    My Instagram: @Wild_Mustang_Art

    Music Courtesy

  • Sand Wash Basin Virtual Tour Cty Rd 75 2


    Sand Wash Basin Herd Management Area's east side is accessed by County Road 75. There are not too many water sources on the east side and we do not normally see many wild horses there. Some of the ones we do see are seldom seen in other areas of the Basin.
    We hope you enjoy your second ride along with us as we tour the east side of Sand Wash Basin.
    Stay well, we are all in this together.
    Thanks for riding along.

  • Sandwash Blaster - Moto In Sand Wash Basin, Colorado


  • Onaqui Wild Mustang Horses near Dugway, Utah Sept 2019 by Karen King


    In this video you will see the beautiful, wild Mustang horses of the Onaqui Mountain HMA near Dugway, Utah. Watch as I follow a herd of 100 wild mustangs and get to know their behaviors. These Mustangs need our help if they are to remain free.

  • Young wild horses learning to be Stallions. Sandwash Basin


    Three young colts practicing and playing in Sandwash Basin. Video by Debra Mack 4-16-19

  • Wild horses Colorado


  • Sandwash Basin, Colorado


    Drone footage at Sandwash

  • Corona - Bad Boy of Sand Wash Basin.


    The Golden Boy Corona must have been bored on this day. He deliberately snaked his harem down to where his sons Dorian's band was grazing and then proceeded to harass Dorian like it was him who started things. All ended well with both Stallions strolling off with their girls.
    Shot with my 840mm lens setup and cropped in closer with my video editor.

  • Adventure at Copper Pond Sand Wash Basin


    Time spent at Copper Spring Pond in Sand Wash Basin. 6-3-17 Interesting interactions between bands of horses... A little long, but action packed.. Enjoy.

  • Shaman the Stallion... Wild Legend of the West


    Shaman, wild stallion of SE Oregon/Steens Mountain
    To many of us, he's a tie to Native American spirituality and Mother Earth.
    He's a Medicine Hat wild mustang in the south east corner of Oregon and in Native American culture, the Medicine Hat pinto is considered good medicine.

    Shaman is a tri-colored bay pinto with two blue eyes, a chest shield almost resembling an eagle with outstretched wings, and other color spots- on his cheek under his eye on his right side- some suggest looks to be a feather, tear, or Native American spear. On his left flank, appears to be an angel. Above his tail, two human profiles.
    Thank you as always to Opus Moon Music for the use of their music...
    Illusion is the song in this video- find it here:
    Storyteller in the song Robert Tree Cody

    I had a dream
    Two distinct ones actually. Funny, but most dreams I have of mustangs, Shaman seems to be in them. I very much like Shaman, but my favorites are the black mustangs like Voodoo, Knighthawk, Tornado, and Reno since a kid, and it's been somewhat surprising to me that in most of them, stars this painted blue-eyed stallion. There are two distinct dreams that stand out in my mind which I want to share, each of which I have told close mustang friends of mine who remember them, and I told them because they were a bit 'different' and really just stood out.

    A couple years ago, I had one of those oddball dreams that made no sense, but the feeling was powerful in a happy way... Sounds silly, but it was Shaman nearby chasing a red ball I tossed to him happily in the sun like an overgrown puppy. The feeling was carefree and happy, and the range was at peace.

    The second dream that stands out - remembering details was early in the year of 2017 and just before we even knew about a planned April bait-gather- Here's that dream:
    I remember walking in a dense forest, and it was rather dark, but excited to spot Shaman near it's edge as the sun was getting ready to set and as he ran, I wanted to capture the sun's glow through his flowing mane. He ran hard and fast, at first I thought I may have startled him, but no, had a different sense... My dream got darker and I felt a concern or foreboding in my heart, and sensing fear or danger in the growing darkness. I couldn't discern if something was after me or after Shaman.. but quickly realized my fear was for the Medicine Hat mustang. I told my friends about this dream and brushed it off, until after the gather that changed Shaman's path ... and had a moment of reflecting on these two very contrasting dreams- distinct with opposing light vs dark and light-hearted vs heavy with a sense of foreboding.
    It wasn't until well after his return to the range, that I really thought about the two very different dreams... likely it was nothing and very coincidental. But having experienced those unique and powerful dreams, almost wondered if it was something else.

    As is known, Shaman was caught in a small- 100 horse bait-trap gather in April 2017 along with one of his fillies, Tinder, while the rest of his family avoided being closed in the water-bait trap - his lead mare Granite, and their Lieutenant stallion Commander and three other of Granite's fillies, stayed out of the trap. The contractor was not aware of the family band structures of the mustangs, it just happened this way... and it is what it is. I learned of Shaman's capture and fretted, waiting for more information. I was hoping he'd be returned... hoping hard. It was a nail-biter for among a number of us photographers, and how elated we were to learn of his return.

    I felt an honor to be able to be part of witnessing his return back in his range he was very familiar with. He was off the range for 3 weeks and returned with a couple trailers, watched the moment the trailer gait flung open and he jumped out of the trailer and onto that desert ground. He found his way as a bachelor for a couple years. We had hoped Shaman would get his band back but his previous Lieutenant stallion Commander was an impenetrable force who took control of Shaman's mare and fillies. Shaman remained a bachelor from 2017-2019. In summer of 2019 he acquired mare Jocelyn and her colt and became a band stallion once more. They've been a family since, and April 2021 found him with two more, a mare and her foal, which is four for him. We will continue to watch Shaman along his journey... along his own long and winding mustang trail.

    Shaman's photo gallery:
    Follow me also on my facebook page

    Music Credit: Illusion by Opus Moon Music
    Photo Credit (of yours truly):
    Alice McCammon of fb's Pony's Wild West Images (minute :50, and minute 4:14)
    Terry W Smith of fb's Terry W. Smith Images on the Outside (end image)

  • Sand Wash Basin - Panorama - Northwest Colorado


    I am a professional photographer. One of the subjects I am passionate about are America's Iconic Wild Horses. One of the places I know the best, and one of the closest to me is the Sand Wash Basin, located in Northwest Colorado about 260 miles from the Denver area. This short video will give an idea of just how large the area is at about 160,000 acres (250 square miles). There are somewhere around 800 Wild Mustangs who roam free on this land and are managed by the Bureau of Land Management. This vantage point is in the Northeast corner of the Basin, and pans from the North to the South ...

    The Music for this Video:
    Alone Together by Mona Wonderlick
    Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported —
    CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: Music promoted by Audio Library

    Please find me and follow me where you can!

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  • South Steens Stallions Skeeter, Valor, Chokotay and Renegade in Spring 2017 action


    Skeeter (Bay Pinto) ,Valor (grullo), Chokotay (silver) and renegade (bl.wht pinto)
    Chokotay is dogging (following with no good intentions) the Renegade band, Renegade protecting his band making it very clear to Valor NOT to try to mess with his band of mares and new foal. A lot of action in the Spring with these wild horses in Oregon!

  • Sand Wash Basin Drought 2021


    The wild horses of Sand Wash Basin are once again facing drought conditions. Wild Horse Warriors for Sand Wash Basin are requesting permission to haul water to the wild horses.
    By hauling water we will decrease the stress on all wildlife and the range in Sand Wash Basin.

  • Wild Horses of North Dakota


    See the beautiful, wild mustangs of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park near Medora, N. Dakota. Follow Karen as she searches for these magnificent horses in over 122,000 acres of the park.

  • Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses


    The pictures included here are from the albums of the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses in Colorado. If the BLM has its way, these mustangs as well as all others, will be gone from our lands. Please visit to learn more. Dedicating this to my friend Carole -to her love of horses and love of being free.



    Soldier is a 2013 BLM Mustang gelding from the Saylor Creek, ID HMA. This video documents his first week in training with me where we get some first touches and get a halter on.


  • Wild horses compilation


    Subscribe this YouTube Channel:

    Inspiring you with the music and the running horse.

    #Wild horse # Beautiful horse # Horse running

  • Waylon, Clay, Rockets Bands Sand Wash Basin


    Watching the wild horses coming into a water hole is one of the thrills of watching the wild horses. There is often lots of posturing and communication between the bands. Fillies flirting with bachelor stallions, foals playing in the water, stallions and mares rolling in the mud. You can learn a lot about the behavior of wild horses at the water holes.

  • The Chase, stallion adventures in Sand Wash Basin


    A thrilling chase by a band stallion who was upset by two bachelor teenagers who got just a bit too close to his herd of mares and foals.. Watch as he chases them away and returns to his band a hero..



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