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Wildlife Nature of Thailand - National Geographic Documentary

  • Au coeur des organes : Limmunité adaptative


    Lorsque virus et bactéries ont réussi à franchir la première barrière de défense de l’organisme (la réaction inflammatoire), une deuxième ligne se met en action : c’est l’immunité adaptative. Ce deuxième bouclier protecteur est spécifique aux vertébrés. Il met en œuvre un mécanisme complexe faisant appel à des globules blancs particuliers : les lymphocytes. Film réalisé par Thierry Imbert extrait du site Corpus. Avec le soutien de l'investissement d'avenir (Estim). Durée : 6 min. 29 sec.
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  • New Mars Curiosity Rover Pictures


    We follow the Curiosity Rover on Mars as it climbs up a Martian mountain named Mount Sharp. We have selected only the clearest footage from Mars to give you a sense of actually being there alongside Curiosity. All the places that NASA has explored have been given nicknames, which you will see in the video. Some of the images have been 'white balanced' by NASA to give geologists a clearer view of the rocks.

    A quick summary of the Journey:

    Landing in the Gale Crater, Curiosity heads towards Yellowknife Bay, taking its first drive over 'Glenelg'. In Yellowknife Bay, Curiosity finds the first evidence that the Gale Crater was once filled with salty water.

    Curiosity goes on to explore the Bagnold Dunes and crosses through the Naukluft Plateau into Murray Buttes where it begins to ascend Mount Sharp. Climbing on top of 'Vera Rubin Ridge' provides Curiosity with a magnificent view, from where we started in the Gale Crater.

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