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Wind Lens Turbine 500watt Telkom University By Ray

  • WindTronics turbine on the rooftop of SKWindtronics office, Mumbai, India


    Operation of WindTronics wind turbine even at low wind speeds. Amazing technology. A turbine that is truly always turning. The wind speed is measured in metres/second.

  • Inclined flanged diffuser augmented small wind turbine by Sandip Achutrao Kale


  • wind lens technology


    The Wind Lens Turbine is the new technology which is the source of renewable energy (wind) is used to boost up the rpm of conventional wind turbine.
    Basically Japan has been working on since few years now.
    but here first time in Pakistan we are working on it as final year project of Quaid e Awam university of science Technology Nawabshah in department of Energy & EnvironmentalEngineering.
    Further Information

  • Civil Beats Joe Rubin Reports On A Revolutionary New Wind Lens Turbine In Japan


  • O-Wind Turbine, la micro turbina esférica que captura el viento en cualquier dirección


    Este es el invento de dos jóvenes diseñadores, galardonados con el prestigioso James Dyson Award Uk, en el Reino Unido.

    Las turbinas eólicas convencionales capturan el viento sólo en una dirección y son ineficientes en ciudades donde el viento atrapado entre los edificios se vuelve impredecible. O-Wind Turbine intenta solucionar esa aleatoriedad del viento.

    Este curioso dispositivo revoluciona la apariencia y el funcionamiento de la clásica micro turbina.

    No olvides darle manita arriba. ????

  • โครงการติดตั้งกังหันลมแบบ Wind Lens PEA Voice Thai Subtitle English



  • New Wind Turbine Design Can Triple Energy Production


    Watch WPFC's educational playlist on Wind Energy: -------
    Learn about RECs - Renewable Energy Credits: -------
    Watch WPFC's playlist on Energy Deregulation: -------
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  • Wind Lens - SixtySec


    For more information and tutorials on Wind and Green Energy, visit us at

  • Windlens efficient wind turbines - Kyushu University


    More info:

    video courtesy of Kyushu University

  • Windlens efficient wind turbines - Kyushu University


    More info:

    video courtesy of Kyushu University

  • Home Wind Turbines - Pros And Cons


    Wind Power, Wind Turbine Blades, Home Wind Turbines:

    The Ultimate Consumers Guide To Wind Power

    Transcript: Home Wind Turbines Pros And Cons

    Wind power homes are an option, along with solar power, for those who want an environmentally safe source of electricity that's independent from local utility companies.

    The technology used in wind power homes has advanced enough that people in some parts of the United States can now use wind power to meet most or even all of their electricity needs. This, of course, not only supports a healthy environment, but can also reduce monthly utility bills - or even eliminate them.

    But wind power is not a perfect answer for everyone. Here are some facts about wind turbines you need to evaluate if you're thinking about using wind to power your home.

    Facts About Wind Turbines

    You have to know if there's enough wind in your location to make a wind powered home work. This means doing some homework about how often - and how strongly - the wind blows in your geographical area. You also have to consider wind speed and strength at the height of your wind turbine.

    Keep in mind that wind speeds on the ground are not the same as they might be at the height of your turbine tower. Often, there are obstructions at ground level like trees, buildings and other homes. You'll have to do some research get this right.

    You also have to consider what type of device you want to use to capture the wind. There are various types of windmills, and one may be better suited to your situation than another.

    Efficiency of Wind Turbines

    Basically, windmills are divided into two groups: vertical axis windmills and horizontal axis windmills.

    Vertical axis windmills resemble the type you often see on farms and ranches. The blades of the windmill are straight up and down. This type can catch the wind from any direction, something that is not true of many horizontal axis windmills.

    This is an important factor to keep in mind when you're making your decision about which type of windmill to install.

    Residential Wind Turbine Cost

    There are several financial matters to investigate too. Wind power homes are often eligible for a variety of state and federal tax credits that help you recover the cost of installation.

    But it will still take several years to save as much in electricity bills as building a wind turbine will cost.

    It's also important to check zoning regulations in your local area. Some municipalities restrict the height of structures on your property.

    Wind power for the home offers many potential benefits, to be sure. But deciding whether wind power is right for you, and choosing the proper wind power system means making some serious choices. Do your research carefully, run financial studies on your own and with the help of a tax professional.

    If you decide to go ahead, make sure to get a licensed, experienced and reputable installer to do the work.

    This has just been a quick overview of the topic of wind powered homes. Here are some additional resources that will provide more detailed information to help you make an informed buying decision.

  • Science News 2011(English) Renewable Energy Wind Power


    2011年 5分

     The nuclear power plant accident triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake has drawn new attention to renewable energy. According to a study by the Ministry of the Environment, among the various types of renewable energy, wind power has the highest introduction potential by far with an installed capacity of 1.9 billion kW. However, introduction would require legal acts, supporting projects, and technological innovation. At Kyushu University, a large-scale demonstration facility for a wind power system called the wind-lens turbine was completed at the Ito Campus. While providing power to the campus, tests to increase the scale of the system will be conducted. For the next stage, Professor Yuji Ohya, one of the developers of this system, plans to build an offshore wind farm in Hakata Bay to conduct field tests, and also has a concept to establish a Multi-source offshore energy farm on the Genkai Sea in the future.
    JST ScienceNews:

    サイエンス ニュース

  • Wind Lens Turbine 500watt Telkom University By Ray


    Powered by Low Speed Generator.
    in the process of making no students or university professors or other teachers who create , design , generator or control system , from beginning to end only one person , and you can see who

  • Mold release wind turbine blade Ray innovation jatinangor


    so easy to remove

  • Wind Lense Test.mp4


    Richard Sutz, CEO

  • 3X tilting wind turbine generator 8 foot diameter great for low winds


    3X tilting wind turbine generator 8 foot diameter great for low winds

  • ENGS 102P Design& Professional Skills



  • Wind Turbine That Funnels The Wind.


    Producing power at lower wind speeds will soon be a reality. That's right! A wind turbine that can produce usable power at half the speed of ordinary wind turbines. The ultimate answers climate change, and global warming.

  • Revolutionary New Wind Lens Turbine In Japan


  • Military wind turbine By Ray


    i made this Long time ago, this easy wind turbine

  • Ray Innovation Slideshow tempo doeloe


    I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (

  • Perancangan Desain Eksterior Kendaraan Bus Dalam Kampus Universitas Telkom


    #IMadeArinataCandradeva #ProductDesign #ProductInnovationManagement #IndustrialDesignTelkom #SchoolofCreativeIndustries #Telkomuniversity

    Video Ini merupakan Tugas Akhir mahasiswa Produk Desain Telkom University pada masa pandemik covid-19 tahun ajaran 1920-2

    Design by I Made Arinata Candradeva 1602164025

    Industrial Design Telkom University
    Product Innovation & Management


  • Thermofluids 2 Wind Turbine 1


    This was part of the testing of the wind turbine blades with the Wind Lens. We tested at various wind speeds, this video was from the 15 mph test. We recorded the power output, voltage, and wind speed to be later analyzed and compared to our predictions.

    This was done in the Fall of 2012 - RIT Term 2121

  • Anemometer FS Wind Lens Cipatujah By.Ray


  • New Wind Turbine from TAM Energy - KISCO Ltd.


    You can click on CC button for English subtitles.
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  • Windtronics 6500 - HD - Mounting, Demo and Technical Detail


    Presentation of the new Windtronics 6500
    Camera : GoPro 2
    Music : America - A Horse With No Name
    Location : Spain, Tarifa

  • wind turbine low wind


    wind 1,8 m/s.

  • Jatinangor Wind Turbine night view


    300Watt up to 50KW pure sine wave



    an enchanting spring day in Romania

  • wind lens technology


    Wind lens technology is the modern technology which is the most efficient than conventional wind technology. it boosts up power output upto thrice...

  • New Wind Turbine Invention.mp4


    This wind turbine is quiet, bird friendly and can generate electricity in low wind speeds. That is because it funnels the wind into the center of the turbine.

  • Lens wind turbine modeling part1


  • Wind Turbines Ireland


    - If you are looking for a Wind Turbine in Ireland then you should consider the Windtronics wind turbine. This wind turbine is very efficient and suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

    In domestic situations these Windtronics wind turbines can reduce your electricity bills by 30-50% and payback in less than 10 years. In a commercial environment they can be used in such a way as to pay back in under 3 years.

    Installation of these wind turbines is very straightforward and they have low maintenance requirements making them very economical to own.

    Come and visit our Green Energy Efficiency Centre in Co. Kildare, Ireland where along with wind energy we have a full range of energy saving products.

  • Wendy64 2013 horizontal verticle wind lens wind turbine sculptural high torque alien generator


    An inspirational design created by Brett Isaac Hickman created to inspire and advance wind turbines, it is created with love for us as humans no patents or engineering degree but in animation and 3d so I design in maya, no patent superAwesomebattleMage Ocm z x arrow keys and combination of all of these

  • Windturbine AEAI By Ray


    Powered By Low Speed Generator

  • Jet Wind Turbine


    This funnel shape wind turbine compresses the wind much like a jet engine. This provides more power even at lower wind speeds.

  • Team Windchasers - Project progress video #002


    Wind Energy Event 2011 - Team Windchasers - Project progress video #002.

    The WT6500 wind turbine from Windtronics ( is pulled outside for its first real spin.

    The custom made disc brake is put to the test, and works great.

    Team Windchasers
    Aarhus University - Herning (Denmark)
    Wind Energy Event 2011

  • Halo Energy Windmill in action


    Halo Windmill

  • Next Generation Wind Turbine Technology | Techno Update


    Next Generation Wind Turbine Technology | Techno Update
    The Wind Energy Technologies Office (WETO) works with industry partners to increase the performance and reliability of next-generation wind technologies while lowering the cost of wind energy. The program's research efforts have helped to increase the average capacity factor (a measure of power plant productivity) from 22% for wind turbines installed before 1998 to an average of 33% today, up from 30% in 2000. Wind energy costs have been reduced from over 55 cents (current dollars) per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in 1980 to an average of 2.35 cents in the United States today.

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    Geccoz Ariel Sea & Shore Energy Technology The so called WIND LENS was invented by Dr M.Z.M Allaminz some 30 years ago and for which a patent was sought through Bureau Gevers, a Belgian Patent Attorney Agency who filed the patent application.

  • How our Wind Turbines work - Japanese translation


    An in depth look at the special features of the Kingspan KW3 & KW6 Wind turbines.

  • Texenergy Infinite Air Teaser Video


    Welcome to Texenergy Official Youtube Channel.
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  • Its all about efficiency


    The OMNILINK Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbine




  • Wind turbine work


    A 6-bolled motor, two pins, two seamstars, two pipes, a few scrap ... one power bank ... Besides power bank always lights up ... (first set the motor with small pinym, then set the small pinyam with the big pinyam Make sure that the sticks in the middle of the big pinyam should be ripe set with it, make them ripe in a gentle breeze, and the tail will be like the tail of the plane, its pipe pipes With the handle which could gurate around that, if you know anything else (thank you)

  • Ayah dan anak


    Jam 00:30 lembur ditemenin anak, mirip saya waktu kecil gak mau tidur nemenin Almarhum Papah service TV tabung tahun 1990 dan kena setrum juga.

  • Nozzle Augmented wind turbine


    this could be cool !

  • Telkom University - D3 Sistem Informasi Akuntansi - Eggy Arrahman - 6703174017 - Proyek Akhir


    Aplikasi Pencatatan dan Pemantauan Transaksi Per Tempat Tidur Per Kamar (Studi Kasus: RSUD Soreang, Bandung)

  • Springkeler Tester 99 deg


    Springkeler Tester Timer and Temperature

  • Energy Environmenta Mini Wind Turbines Generator Miniature


    Energy Environmenta Mini Wind Turbines Generator Miniature
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    ype:Wind Power GeneratorModel Number:Wind TurbineMounting Base:Without Mounting Baseis_customized:YesVoltage:12V/24VRated power:500W

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