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Wind pump Mechanism

  • Wind pump Mechanism


    Basic working mechanism of a wind pump explained in this Instructional Video.

  • Windmill and water pump DIY part 1


    To see how to make blades search for Dan Rojas on You Tube WIND TURBINE BLADE DIY

  • Diy small windmill water pump


    #windmill #pump #water #winter

  • How It’s Made Water-Pumping Windmills


  • Windmill operated water pump, how to make, Must Watch


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  • Wind Power Water Pump 02


    Wind Power Water Pump 02
    Water Windmill
    windmill water pump

  • Windmill pump mechanism close-up NX 7.5


    Made for my university project. Silesian University of Technology

  • Wind mill water pump home made P#1.


    This is a easy and cheap way to build a wind mill water pump out of scrap material. This video can give a good first step into making a much larger system.

  • Windmill Pumping Water


    a cross section diagram of how a windmill pumps water from underground

  • DIY Wind-Powered Water Pump. Cata-Vento com Bomba de Agua.


    This is a beta version of a wind-powered water pump using bicycle parts and PVC (details at Esta bomba de agua a força de vento é feito de peças de bicicleta e PVC. See details at Instructables.

    No links to bicycle parts, as they were all taken from the trash.
    BUT -- I WANT this wind-powered water aerator! (affiliate link):

  • details windmill water pump home made bicycle wheel


    People asked several times for more details, so here we go...
    In the beginning you see the vertical tube, pivoting around. The tube of 50 mm is supported by a ball bearing. It is held in a vertical position in an outside tube of 60 mm. The gap between the two tubes was an issue, I cut a 50 mm PVC pipe open in length, and pushed it in the gap between the tubes.
    Of course, the drive shaft has to be in the center of the tubes, to allow the pivoting movement without stressing the drive shaft when moving up- and downwards.
    As you can see, at about 33 seconds on the video, the drive shaft is pivoting along with the tube and the windmill constuction. The piston is pivoting along with the windmill.
    Pivoting means: turning the mill in the desired wind position. I use the wings on the mill for positioning in the wind, so the whole mill doesn't need a tail to adjust, it is the wing- wheel that does the job.

    The wings are made of PVC tube, 100 mm dia. , I cut them in 5 or six sections to shape the hollow blade. Hollow blades are much better than flat blades.

    By a V-belt (fan belt) with a 10: 1 ratio the power is transmitted to the excenter. The excenter part can be adjusted in a sliding rail to alter the stroke. Te excenter is set on 50 mm bias, so the stroke is 100 mm, according to the cilinder stroke ( = 100 mm in this case).

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  • Windmill Used to Pump Water


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    Windmill Water Pump

    Windmills were used to pump water from very earlier times. Availability of fresh water is major problem around the world and one reason for this problem is inability to pump water from wells and transferring it from one place to other. At the places, where electricity is not available or scare, wind mills can be successfully used to pump water to provide water for human use as well as drinking water for large sheep stocks

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  • Working Project of wind powered water pump


    This is combine video of three project 1st is construction of Windmill 2nd is construction of water pump and 3rd is installation on windmill.
    water pumping windmill plans is prefect project for science exhibition and fair. This windmill water pump is available for sale on

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    Produced by TEAM PSC

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    Science Experiments DIY Projects by Pakistan Science Club:

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  • How does a windmill pump water?


    Footage of the Vrouwgeestmolen, Windmill, in Alphen aan den Rijn in action - showing the internal workings!

  • Best Pumping from pond by Light Wind Floating Windpump


    In 4 m/s=8 knots Flo'Pump pumping at max of about 1 gallon/sec between two ponds through 350' of pipeline and 30' of head. Note if tip pole dips, its towelling absorbs water which reduces the oscillation a bit for a while. Full Details at

  • wind water pump mechanical engineering project VAWT


    IEEE mechanical engineering mini project topics for final year students low cost mini project at Tamilnadu list title ideas for engineering and diploma students 2013-2014 abstract salem PDF report

  • Wind and Water Pump Development and Dissemination Project--Cambodia.wmv


    The main objective of Wind water pump development and dissemination project is to improve and refine two models of wind pump and copy 6 wind pumps from the prototype models for dissemination to farmers in country wide through training course, installation a long major national roads and workshop.

    The Project contributed to rural agricultural development in Cambodia. In order to disseminate this technology to farmer CDI l select 30 key farmers who can afford to construct wind pump for use by themselves, and can transfer to other after they completed training course.

  • Savonius wind rope pump


  • modified version of wind-powered water pump


    This is a modified version of a water pump that I uploaded here. You can see I added a windmill to the crankshaft. The original crank system consisted of one crank with a counterweight. This one has two cranks, both with counterweights. You can also see that the crank system has been moved from the back to the inside of the frame. The lever has also been redesigned as well.

  • Water pump driven by horizontal axis wind turbine


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  • Windmill pump after four years


    Home made windmill water pump after four year working.

  • Water Pump Installation on Windmill | Small wind-powered water pumps


    water pumps Installation on Windmill | Pump windmill school project

    Now Working Model of Windmill for schools Science Exhibition Project ( ) and Water Pump Working Model without Motor and Electricity ( ) linked and work properly

    Host/Maker :
    Produced by TEAM PSC

    Pakistan Science Club official website :

    Science Experiments DIY Projects by Pakistan Science Club:

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  • #85 How Does A Windmill Pump Water? | At The Ranch


    How does a windmill water pump bring water up to the surface? Alec explains how a piston inside the water pump works to pull water up.

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  • Wind Pump CAD Animation


    Built in Cornell University's MAE 2250 Class in Spring of 2012.

    When tested, it was found to pump 4.5 L/min!

  • Windmill and water pump. 01.02.13


    Latest windmill and pump with a vane to turn the blades out of the wind.

  • 1910 Baker Windmill Pumping Water.


    I found this windmill 25 years ago.It was destroyed and the wheel had blew up and was hanging on its tail. I found it while driving to work but it took me years to get it bought.I restored it and put it on my rock laid up well. 20 years later it needed some help. The pump was rusted out in the bottom of the well and the platform was rotter off on top the windmill. We blasted the pump and repainted it so now it is working great!

  • wind pump


    Although solar pumps are more efficient and become always cheaper, wind pumps are still an option. Here is shown how to make a wind turbine for pumping using a simple metal workshop.

  • DIY Water Pumping Windmill Directional Sail And Powerhead


    About 10 years ago I began construction of an extensive rainwater collection and storage system to support our efforts in organic gardening on our urban homestead. We are now pr-pairing for a full time RV lifestyle and that means the 1000 gallon catchment and storage system that I constructed will be dissembled and re-homed. Meanwhile I found this footage that I shot years ago and decided to share it with my fellow YouTubers in the hope that someone else can benefit from the solutions that I created. I found the blue barrels on my local Craigs list and all of the PVC pipe and fittings came from Home Depot, the rest had me running all over to find so I have simplified things for you.
    Here is a list of the various “hard to find” parts you will need to recreate the wind mill and rain water system.

    The Barrel toppers can be found on Amazon at this link...

    Parts for the wind mill can be found here...

    Ball joints...

    V SERIES HUB 5/8DIA...

    5/8 Pillow Block Bearings...

    6 Square Lazy Susan...

    Zinc Plated Steel Smooth Rod, 5/8-Inch-by-36-Inc...

    Yoke End, Adjustable, Steel, 3/8-24...

  • Windmill Engine Water-pump HD


    Read the description in the video at the start.

    Featured at the 2nd Annual Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's College Motorsports Association Auto-show

  • Homemade Windmill Waterpump Garden Irrigation System, Part Two


    Part one shows the design of my waterpump and filter and shows the parts that will be placed in my 10 foot deep well. Part two shows the windmill itself and the irrigation system.

  • Water Pumping Wind Mill Blade Asembly


  • Wind powered water pump


  • GE 101 Wind Pump-Created on Autodesk


    GE 101 project for the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign!

  • windmill water pump mechanism solidworks


    This is just an example for my students on what we can do in 7-8 hrs sitting in front of a computer invigilating exams... lets keep the 16th century engineering technology and spirit alive guys... praise my lord, leonardo da vinci :)
    Take it easy.
    Email me if you want the files..

  • Pedal powered water pump. 2007.


    Strathclyde Mechanical Engineering student project, 2007.
    To build a human-powered water pump that could be used to irrigate farm land.
    They used two cylinders, they should have gone for three which would have made it much easier to work.

  • Wind Mill Water Pump .3gp


    A working Wind Mill Model Suggested For Class 6th to 9th...!!

  • Use wind pump for irrigation


    With support from SNV - Cambodia, 2 wind pumps were installed by CDI in Svay Chrum District of Svay Rieng province. Farmers said that this technology reduces the cost of water pumping at least by 50% - it means that they reduce the expense on fuels (e.g., diesel, petroleum). There are some challenges with this technology:

    - Technical problem: rope pump need to change like every six months. However, it is good if local people / members of the wind pump user group members are trained to fix small technical problems. It is also possible to link with the Provincial vocational training centers for maintenance / repairing.
    - Sometimes, the wind blow is not strong enough to move the mill. So, the wind pump cannot pump water up during the limited wind blow.
    - Small farmers / poor farmers cannot afford to purchase / install this technology individually, so contribution from each member is needed.

    To make it better, the innovation performance need to be improved. Make sure that spare parts are available in local areas, local people are trained to repair and maintain the wind pumps, clear management plan is developed and implemented with support from local authorities (e.g., village chief, commune councillors, etc.)

  • Windmill and water pump. DIY part 2


    Home made windmill total cost under $150.

  • DIY Wind turbine with full Instructions!!


    Everything explained! Make your own wind turbine today!

  • How A Windmill Works


  • Naford Windpump


    A meditation on movement created by human intervention in natural forces. Shown at 'Oblo' film festival in Lausanne Switzerland 2009.

  • Vertical Axis Wind Water Pump


    To design and fabricated a water pumping windmill which can be built using low fabrication technology in lesser time, cost and more reliable than present wind pumps available in market. The design that has been made by us uses a single stage savonius rotor. The pump is a positive displacement type reciprocating pump.The system has been designed for specific purpose of pumping water from canals to the storage tanks for agricultural farming at low wind speeds starting from 4m/s to 8m/s.
    The idea behind selecting a vertical axis wind turbine(VAWT) of savonius type ,is its property of being simpler in construction and cheaper to build and maintain than horizontal axis wind turbines(HAWT). Savonius rotor has a property of starting at low speeds and producing high torque for the same. The main advantages of VAWT are that it can produce output as work irrespective of direction of wind and as it employs a vertical shaft the gearing arrangement can be placed close to the ground.

  • construction of wind pump


    constructing a vertical axis wind pump. At ~5m/s the lever is easily capable of lifting a bucket full of water.

  • Wind pump installation


    First Time installation of Comet-Me wind pump at our center for renewable energy in south mount Hebron. The wind Turbine is based on Helical twisted Savonius. Blade radius is 50 cm and 3.5 meter high. The turbine is connected to the water pump through a 1:5 reduction worm gear and a cam shaft. with a counter balance. The blade material is made of recycled PVC barrels. The twer is a tilted 6 meter tower.

  • Windpump


    Model built by Brian Elvidge. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see models built by London's Meccano enthusiasts, plus occasional coverage of Meccano events elsewhere in the UK.


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  • Windpump


    I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

  • Best Pumping from pond by Light Wind Floating Windpump


    In 4 m/s=8 knots Flo'Pump pumping at max of about 1 gallon/sec between two ponds through 350' of pipeline and 30' of head. Note if tip pole dips, its towelling absorbs water which reduces the oscillation a bit for a while

  • First Prototype of Wind Pump.wmv


    Testing of wind pump. this wind pump will be connected to a simple piston type water pump (see EMAS design) and installed above cistern holes to pump water from the water hole. The wind pump is part of COMET-ME projects to help the communities of south Mount Hebron, Palestine

  • Windmill and water pump. DIY part 7


    Water Pump; To see the latest windmill and vane please watch the below.

  • Wind Turbine Water Pump


    This is an inexpensive, wind turbine water pump using components.
    View a wind pump build guide here: