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Winter Days (1984)

  • Winter Days


    Cinematographer Hugh Miles examines ways in which wildlife in the British Isles adjusts to winter. Observed: adder snakes, frogs, dormice and brimstone butterflies, which fatten up before hibernating.

    Credit: astrovhs

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  • Winter Days


    Provided to YouTube by Label Worx Ltd

    Winter Days (Original Mix) · Monma

    Calm Lands

    ℗ Lofi Publishing

    Released on: 2020-04-16

    Composer: Marko Lehtil

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Bob Ross - Warm Winter Day


    The field of snow and the little cabin yield to the bright, orange sun -- Bob Ross conveys harmony in this cold, but cozy scene.

    Season 8 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Misty Rolling Hills, Lakeside Cabin, Warm Winter Day, Waterside Way, Hunter's Haven, Bubbling Mountain Brook, Winter Hideaway, Foot of the Mountain, Majestic Pine, Cactus at Sunset, Mountain Range, Lonely Retreat, and Northern Lights.

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    Season 8 Playlist:

    Originally aired on 1/16/1986

  • Yellowstone in Winter


    Cinematographer Wolfgang Bayer braved extreme cold and treacherous terrain to record Yellowstone in Winter. The season is a time of scarcity and adaptation for the park's animals, including pikas that store food in underground nests; grizzly bears that fatten up before hibernating.

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  • Warren Millers White Winter Heat | Scot Schmidt, Tom Day, Cindy Nelson | Full Movie HD


    Turn up the heat this winter and catch fire with some of the most extreme skiers of the time as they burn up the slopes. Featuring skiers and riders like Scot Schmidt, Tom Day, Cindy Nelson, Tom Jungst, plus many more, Warren Miller’s White Winter Heat takes you on an adventure to places like Kooteney National Park in Canada, Verbier Switzerland, New Zealand, and Vail. Grab your skis and find out how to scorch up the slopes even during the coldest, snowiest winter days.

    #ScotSchmidt #TomDay #CindyNelson #WarrenMiller #ski #freemovie

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  • Johnny Winter- Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo Backstage Jam 1971


    Reelin’ In The Years Productions has available for licensing over 20,000 hours of music footage spanning 90 years. Additionally, we have more than 5,000 of hours of in-depth interviews with the 20th century’s icons of Film and Television, Politics, Comedy, Literature, Art, Science, Fashion and Sports.

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  • Jayne Torvill and Christopher Deans Legendary Bolero Performance | Music Monday


    Torvill and Dean will forever be remembered by the perfect sync between music and ice dancing at the Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics. The Team GB duo's interpretation of Maurice Ravel's Bolero will remain in memories and now on the Olympic Channel for generations to come. Relive this beautiful moment.

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  • Bob Ross - Winter Sawscape


    Something new and different -- paint a wintry country scene on a wooden sawblade with guest artist Dorothy Dent.

    Season 4 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Purple Splendor, Tranquil Valley, Majestic Mountains, Winter Sawscape, Evening Seascape, Warm Summer Day, Cabin in the Woods, Wetlands, Cool Waters, Quiet Woods, Northwest Majesty, Autumn Days, and Mountain Challenge.

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    Season 4 Playlist:

    Originally aired on 9/26/1984

  • Starting fluid winter cold start


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    Ether provides my freedom this winter. I really hate going out most winter days but when the car will not start it makes it terrible. My car is a 2001 Buick Century and it is just plain wore out. Premium gas has helped it start right up for months but there is no other way around the freezing temperatures. If your vehicle still won't start your fuel filter may need replacing or your fuel lines could be frozen. Never leave a tank on E in the winter to avoid frozen fuel lines. Send Me a $ tip PayPal.Me/mommymilestones Send Me a $ tip PayPal.Me/mommymilestones

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  • The Bangles - Hazy Shade Of Winter


    “Hazy Shade of Winter” by The Bangles
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    Time, time, time
    See what's become of me...
    Time, time, time
    See what's become of me
    While I looked around
    For my possibilities
    I was so hard to please
    Look around
    Leaves are brown
    And the sky
    Is a hazy shade of winter

    #TheBangles #HazyShadeOfWinter #PopRock

  • Engine Fogging for Long Term or Winter Storage - Tips from Tom


    Before storing your boat, car or any engine for an extended period of time its a good idea to prep it in some way. You can consider turning the engine over occasionally or doing something like this. Here are the things I recommend for doing this.
    Marine Stabi for fuel -
    Motor Flusher or Muffs -
    Fogging oil -

    In this video I go over how to prepare your outboard for long term or winter storage. This is the process for a carbonated outboard engine. It is commonly called Fogging but is sometimes incorrectly called Pickeling (This term is usually used for a process used in restoring an engine that has been submerged)

    The fogging process is quite simple for an engine like this. This is a carbonated engine and the process may differ for a fuel injected engine. To fog newer fuel injected engines they do make an additive you can put in some fuel and run through the system to do the same as this process.

  • The Life and Sad Ending of Johnny Winter


    The Life and Sad Ending of Johnny Winter
    Johnny Winter was born John Dawson Johnny Winter III on February 23, 1944, in Beaumont, Texas, U.S.When Johnny Winter emerged on the national scene in 1969, the hope, particularly in the record business, was that he would become a superstar on the scale of Jimi Hendrix, another blues-based rock guitarist and singer who preceded him by a few years.

  • Complete Film - The Official Calgary 1988 Winter Olympic Film | Olympic History


    The official Olympic film of the Calgary 1988 Winter Olympic Games in it's entirety is now here on the official Olympic YouTube channel.

    With interviews from the athletes, coaches and former Olympians we look back at some of the great stories from the Games, displaying the ability, determination and spirit required to compete on the Olympic stage.

    This video contains older content and is therefore published in 4:3 aspect ratio to maintain video quality.

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  • This Winters Day.wmv


    Snow in Wellington?
    Snow in Eastbourne?
    Yep, right down to the waters edge!!
    Now, I realise that this means very little to those in the deep South or in the heavier climes of Europe, Colorado etc
    But it snows in Wellington to sea level once every hundred years. I wasn't here last time...!!!

  • winter day


    super 8

  • The Sound-Winter



    The Sound
    Live JC Spuugh Vaals, Netherlands
    January 28th, 1984

    Golden Soldiers
    New Way Of Life
    Dreams Then Plans
    Counting The Days
    Wildest Dreams
    Silent Air
    Mining For Heart
    Love Is Not A Ghost
    Longest Days
    Sense Of Purpose
    Party Of The Mind

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  • Winter Days


  • Cold Winter Days | Mofa | Ciao | 2019


  • Winter Snowstorm, 10th Drive, 1984; Christmas, 1984


    Winter Snowstorm, 10th Drive, 1984; Christmas, 1984

  • Winter Days


    Provided to YouTube by Ragbe Inc.

    Winter Days · Arouge

    AROUGE~暴逆の貴公子~ +11 RARE TRACKS


    Released on: 2009-10-19

    Lyricist: Koshi Yamada
    Composer: Fumihiko Kitsutaka

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • just another winter day


    roger is grouchy as usual

  • M.E. featuring Yvonne Gage winter days summer nights



  • Le Crate - Bill Winter electric RC model plane 1984


    Old time model airplane flying. RC electric plane. Balsa model at Hastings, UK. We manage to avoid a crash!

  • Cowgirl Museum Story Time - Winter Days in the Big Woods


    Cowgirl Museum Story Time with Winter Days in the Big Woods by 1984 Cowgirl Honoree Laura Ingalls Wilder. We will continue reading books about cowgirls and Honorees to keep us all connected while social distancing.

  • Endless Winterdays


    Provided to YouTube by Catapult Reservatory, LLC

    Endless Winterdays · Ostrogoth

    Too Hot

    ℗ 1985 Mausoleum Records

    Released on: 1985-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Arouge - Winter Days


    If you would like to join Japanese Metal Forum visit

    I don't upload enough ballads around here, so on that note here's a ballad by Fumihiko Kitsutaka's first band, Arouge. This is one of my favorite Japanese metal ballads, it oozes emotion and passion and is right up there with the best ballads of bands like Earthshaker.

  • 2010 Winter Olympics - Day 17


    Here's the second of several segments of raw footage I shot in the evening of February 28, 2010 in Downtown Vancouver.

    Not only was it the last day of the 2010 Winter Olympics, but Team Canada had just won the Gold Medal in Men's Hockey that afternoon in an absolutely thrilling game against Team USA.

  • December 20th, 1984 • FINAL WINTER CONCERT w/ S. TALBOT THAYER


    This is from December 20th, 1984- the last Winter Concert with S. Talbot Thayer as Director. This video is of the family style dinner that the alumni had in the gymnasium prior to the concert. There is lots of footage here of people enjoying themselves, wishing Talbot well, singing, and rehearsing the 12 Days of Christmas which would be performed by the alumni a few hours later at the concert. MANY THANKS to whoever videotaped this back in 1984! —John Anthony, 1983.

  • Winter Olympic Games 1984 Sarajevo 84


  • Winter Days


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Winter Days · Blue Soul

    Blue Soul

    ℗ 2011 Blue Soul

    Released on: 2011-06-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Winter 1984 on the Gambol Oak side of Bull River


    Kids Ice sculpture museum under the railroad car bridge. Older boys ski jumping.

  • Coldest Winter in Alaska since 1999


    (03/07/2020) – Alaska was just chilled by its coldest winter statewide since 1998-1999. Meteorologist Ben Reppert has some of the cold highlights.


    ©2020– WeatherNation

  • Slem/Cold nights and winter days


    Slem: Erik Borelius (guitar), Jens Johansson (keys), Per Stadin (bass) and Anders Johansson (drums).

  • Bashō Extrait de Winter Days De Youri Norstein


    Drôle de mini-métrage de Youri Norstein.

  • The Sound - Winter


    Track #4 of The Sound's 1984 EP Shock of Daylight.

    Reissued in the Shock of Daylight & Heads and Hearts compilation album.

    More information:

  • A Lazy Winters Day On Noosa River Queensland


    A beautiful walk along the Noosa River waterfront on 1st August 2018.

  • Life in the MID 90s: Winter of 1994 1995!


    So Joe got a brand new 1994 Dodge Stealth! Also we had a 1 year old Dodge Caravan. Arnold had a 1989 Dodge Shadow. And I had a 1984 Mazda 626 recovering from theft and getting old.
    Remember those typewriters!!! And the TVs that weighed quadzillion pounds? LOL

  • And its a hard winters day, i dream away.


  • New Order Live Blue Monday 20-08-1984 Winter Gardens Margate


  • M.E. feat Yvonne Gage-Winter Days & Summer Nights


    80's Soul

  • Classics IV Its Now Winters Day karaoke


    Please enjoy my rudimentary karaoke.
    I am not in this for the money
    Just want to give people a way to sing songs that may not be available in karaoke
    So if you own the music and want it taken down I will be glad to do so.
    Most of the music is old hence the name dinosaur karaoke
    I started making home made karaoke to pass time with my late mother. I started putting them on-line when the pandemic hit hard and people my age were urged to stay at home.
    There are some medleys (mash-ups?) of commercially available karaoke files
    Some songs which never received much air time.
    A few where I'm not at all sure about the lyrics so I tried my best
    Some instrumental songs to which I added lyrics

  • Winter Days


    Song: Ho Hey by The Lumineers

  • Serenity Fades - Black Winter Day


    My band covering amorphis - Black Winter day. Just half of it available. :(

  • 2XU Running Tights Review & Winter Kit Choices | New Kit Day | Triathlon Diaries | Triathlon Vlog 72


    2XU compression running tights are a great option for winter running. Check out my winter setup for running in all conditions and temperatures.

    Daily Triathlon vlog video diary documenting my transition from 48 year old Veteran Road Racer to Age Group Triathlete...
    The idea is to film a no frills, one take 5 minute video every day to capture anything and everything i experience as i make my way through my first year of Triathlon and strive toward the eventual goal of competing at an Iron Man event when i reach the age of 50..

    #Triathlon #Triathlete #Ironman #Vegan #Plantbased #Endurance #Motivation #Cycling #Running #Swimming

  • The Sound-Winter


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    The Sound
    Live Teatro Palladium Roma, Italy
    June 5th, 1984

    Unwritten Law
    Total Recall
    Counting The Days
    Wildest Dreams
    Dreams Then Plans
    Longest Days
    The Fire
    I Can't Escape Myself
    Sense Of Purpose
    Golden Soldiers
    Heartland (Cuts)
    Silent Air

  • 1984 Winter Paralympics medal table


    #WinterParalympics #medaltable #Innsbruck1984

    The third winter paralympics was hosted by Innsbruck in Austria.

    A total of 21 nations participated in these paralympics.
    Some of the nations that participated
    Austria (Host)
    Great Britain
    West Germany
    and more

    Check out my channel for other kind of sports stats videos and also some other stuff that I have uploaded.

    It was made using flourish link below

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    Have a nice day.

  • The Sound-Winter


    A lil' late but RIP Adrian Borland
    12.6.1957 - 4.26.1999


    The Sound
    Live Alabamahalle Munich, Germany
    June 9th, 1984

    Unwritten Law
    Total Recall
    Counting The Days
    Wildest Dreams
    Dreams Then Plans
    Longest Days
    The Fire
    I Can't Escape Myself (Tape Flip)
    Sense Of Purpose
    Golden Soldiers

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  • 1984 Winter Olympics - Ladies Figure Skating Compulsory Figures Part 1


    1984 Winter Olympics - Ladies Figure Skating Compulsory Figures Part 1

  • Ostrogoth - Endless Winterdays


    Belgium band formed in 1976
    From the album, Too hot (1985)

  • The Winter Song - Angel


    2017 Video Update: Japan HD FLAC Audio and shiny new 1080p vid! Check it! Thanks for watching!

    Winter is here, and it's cold this time of year.
    There's snow everywhere in sight,
    falling on this winter night.
    By candle light, we share this chilly night.
    There's frost on the window pane,
    winter nights are here again.

    There's a feeling in the air,
    Feel the spirit everywhere.
    Winter winds on heaven and earth.

    By the fireplace, there's a smile on every face.
    The ice begins to cling, listen to the children sing.
    Looking outside, the city lights all come alive.
    People running all around, they fill the
    streets with a happy sound.

    There's a feeling in the air,
    Feel the spirit everywhere.
    Winter winds on heaven and earth.
    Hear the Angels join the choir,
    Let them take the music higher.
    Through winter days on heaven and earth.
    (repeat Chorus and fade)

    The Winter Song was released in 1978 on Angel's White Hot album. I always thought this was just an incredibly beautiful song and it's always been special to of those songs that you grew up with that is special because it's so personal and obscure. It wasn't playing on the radio and it seemed that no one but yourself was listening to least I used to have many songs like that....maybe growing up in a small town meant there was just less a chance to be around other fans of the deep album tracks from lesser bands? This song will forever remind me of my then new 1979 Powder Blue Cutlass Supreme 2-door white top.....White Hot was one of the first cassettes I used to play in it as I cruised up and down Mainstreet! .....or of course my friends from Brackettville will also remember Creature and his red 'vette....yeah, remember this one in there also! Good times!

    Anyway.....White Hot is the fourth album by the rock band Angel. After the release of On Earth As It Is In Heaven, bass player Mickie Jones left and was replaced by Felix Robinson who would be the bass player until Angel's breakup in 1981. This album contains Angel's biggest and only Top 50 hit Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore, which went to #44 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1978. The single would spend 8 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.

    I had begun listening to Angel in 1975 when they released their debut, self-titled album. I purchased all five of their first 5 albums on vinyl and had several on 8-track and cassette as well. They were hugely advertised in Circus and Creem magazines, and many compared them to Kiss.....some unkindly as a kinda of bubblegum Kiss. For awhile it seemed that they would break out and be huge, especially around the time of their second album (Helluva Band) and third album (On Earth As It Is In Heaven)....but then the tide seemed to turn and they seemed to not be taken very seriously..

    They did do some really cool stuff though that I still enjoy after all these years......and this song will always be special, to me at least.

    Hope you enjoy it!



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