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Wu Tang Collection - Vampire Kids

  • Wu Tang Collection - Little Master


    Cast: Shih Chun, Ho Yi Cheng, Tuo Tsung-Hua

    During an archaeological dig an old coffin is dug up inside is a Chinese Vampire, it is brought back to life and all kinds of mayhem ensues.

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  • Wu Tang Collection - Little City Chivalry


    Director: Laqi Wen Shing
    Cast: Tang Wun, Chu Fai Sing, Tong Jun Chung, Yu Wei

    Three Mongolian kung fu kids head for the city where their ethnic skill comes in to use when they come up against a powerful triad boss and his cronies.

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  • Wu Tang Collection - Shaolin Tong Zi Gung


    Director: Sit Hau
    Cast: Jet Li II, Cheung Lung, Wang Li-Sha, Wong Hing-Yuk, Siu Chiu-Ming

    In the last years of the Ming Dynasty, Prince Fu and his son Lou-yang ran wild terrorizing the vassal state of Henan. Their only block was the 500 monk-
    soldiers protecting the Shaolin Temple. Under the pretense of an order from the Emperor, Prince Fu sent all 500 monk-soldiers away to fight bandits, leaving
    Shaolin Temple unprotected. Guang Ci had been training some of the young monks in martial arts. With the 500 monk-soldiers gone, Prince Fu planned his
    ambush and his army began surrounding the Shaolin Temple. Aware of Prince Fu's evil intentions, the young monks defend the temple with Tong Deng
    leading. Only his Tong Zi Gong can overwhelm Prince Fu's Light Kicking in this struggle for consummate power. Superb Wu Shu fights in the tradition of Jet Li's, Shaolin temple.

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    Ya’ll know Martial Club can’t be letting Halloween slip without a Kung Fu Horror skit right?! This is a tribute to the classic Chinese folklore creature, known as Jiangshi. Jiangshi legends have inspired a genre of films in Hong Kong and this has inspired Martial Club to carry on this genre with our modern twist! We hope you guys enjoyed this video as much as we enjoyed making it. It has been a crazy year juggling between working on movies and our passion projects here at Martial Club. Even though we are working on movies, we find our pride and joy here! So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all supporters who have stuck around! Don’t forget to keep up the WARRIOR SPIRIT! - Martial Club


    Writer - Brian Le
    Director - Brian Le
    Action Director - Andy Le/ Brian Le/ Joseph Le
    Camera Operator - Joseph Le
    Editor - Brian Le/Andy Le/Joseph Le
    Stunt Rigger - Julio Amavizca
    Visual Effects - Joseph Le/ Julio Amavizca
    Lighting - Joseph Le/ Julio Amavizca
    Props Master- Brian Le
    Craft Services - Valter Nguyen
    Behind the Scenes - Ryan Tran, Aj Deleon
    Production Assistant - Ryan Tran, Valter Nguyen, Aj Deleon, Kevin Le

    Kung Fu Priest Kinny- Andy Le
    Jiangshi Vampire - Daniel Mah
    Priest’s Student - Brian Le




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  • Wu Tang Collection - Lady Iron Monkey


    Director: Chen Chi Hwa
    Cast: Kam Fong Ling, Chen Sing, Lo Lieh, Wong Tai Liang

    A monkey girl (Kam Fung Ling) is captured and taught gung fu by an old Master (Miao Tien). Later, she comes into contact with the 4th Prince (Chen Sing) and naively steals the current Emperor’s will so that the 4th Prince can alter it to make himself the next Emperor. The Monkey Girl falls in love with the 4th Prince and tries to make herself more pretty by soaking her body in a solution that will make her “monkey-ness” disappear. Now pretty, but still with her deadly monkey tail, the Monkey Girl finds out that the 4th Prince is now the Emperor, and very bad man to add. The Emperor tries to kill her and the 8 Heroes, but when she and a few heroes survive the hidden bomb blast, the Monkey Girl decides to fight back.

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  • Wu Tang Collection - Master Of Death


    Director: Yu Han-Hsiang
    Cast: Chi Kuan-Chun, Lo Lieh, Chen Sing, Judy Lee

    Shaw brother veterans, Chi Kuan Chun, Lo Lieh, and Chen Sing star in this rousing kung fu saga. After training for 18 years with a shaolin monk, Chow sets off to take revenge on the men that killed his family. A dangerous trail of traps ensues as Chow battles death of an assortment of danger, action and furious martial arts.

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  • Wu Tang Collection - Shaolin Traitorous


    Director: Sung Ting Mei
    Cast: Carter Wong, Chang Yi, Samo Hung, Polly Shang Kwan

    As a child, Yang witnesses the murder of his parents by three kung fu masters. The child patiently waits outside Shaolin until admitted, and is later accepted as a student by an elder monk. Yang has no trouble leaving the temple, ready to find the killers and make mincemeat of them.

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  • Wu Tang Collection - Stranger From Shaolin


    Director: Lu Chun Ku
    Cast: Wong Hang Sau, Kao Kang, Lo Jun Ku

    When her entire family is killed by the occupying Manchus, Yim Wing Chun narrowly escapes to the Shaolin Temple. Disguised as a man, she persuades the abbot to let her stay, and is given the job of fetching water from the well for the students. Wing Chun begins to teach herself Kung Fu, from secretly watching the abbot. She incorporates her own techniques into a new style ideal for close quarter fighting. The other monks soon realize that she is not quite the man she says she is, but by that time strong bonds are formed they are supportive of her mission for revenge against the Manchus.

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  • Wu Tang Collection - Lady Snake Fist


    Director: Lee Hyung-Pyo
    Cast: Sarah Sit Chi-Lin, Mike Wong Lung , Kam Sai-Yuk, Chan Mu-Chuen, Jacky Chen Shao-Lung

    In 1940, Manchuria is full of degraded fighters and Rang-rang, the only child of the master of Chumgsim Martial Arts Training Hall is an ambitious tomboy girl. Hwang Hwa-yeol, her father, puts her in care of Master Jang Sa-ok to train and educate her. Suk-hyang and Chu-baek kill her father mistaking that he tries to interrupt their love affair. Rang-rang steals her teacher's guitar and comes home to find her father dead. She seeks revenge but she is no match for Chu-baek. She goes back to her teacher and later comes back to beat him and rebuild Chumgsim Training Hall.

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  • Wu Tang Collection - 7 Commandments of Kung Fu


    Director: Ker Shi Hao
    Cast: Lee Yi Min, Chang Yi, Lung Fei

    A ruthless assassin (Chang Yi) adopts a new disciple (Lee Yi Min) from an old kung fu master. He teaches him the deadly Mantis Style in the hope that his new protégé will continue his killing for him. Awesome action follows!

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  • NEW Action Movie | Vampire Virus War | Superhero & Disaster film, Full Movie HD


    Synopsis: The Action Movie A Vampire Virus War predicted the Coronavirus Disease in 2017. It's about a disaster story in the future 2020, because of the spread of a new virus, most people lost their memories. Human is entering a new Non-Memories Age: The infected ones change to Demon which feed on the brain of the healthy ones. In the last safty area, Tibetan (Cang An) Town, a single mom, Xiao Ya, keeps busy working in a bar near the border, to save her daughter, Wen Wen, who has a disease in her head. Every time when Xia Ya falls into trouble, a superhero like Kesai will appear and help her out. The superhero, Xian Le, is a female wandering warrior who gets the orders from internet to help clients to solve troubles. She had a romantic time with her boyfriend, a solder protecting Tibetan Town before the virus outbreaks. At last, the Demons find Tibetan Town and launch the final attack. How the remain team will proctect the final safe place of human?

    Studio: Moo Film
    Producer: Andrea Xiao, Cici Hua
    Director: John Moo
    Writer: John Moo
    Starring: Shang Yuanyuan, Zhao Xiaodong, Solcher Run, Wang Ailin
    Genres: Science Fiction, Action, Superhero, Disaster

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  • Wu Tang Collection - Ninja Contra Los Shaolin


    English Version:

    Director: Robert Tai
    Reparto: Alexander Lo, Han Ying, Lucifer Lee, Robert Tai, Wang Lung.

    Una tropa de monjes del Templo Shaolin se embarca en una misión para llevar el Sutra de oro al Tíbet después de que el abad Shaolin sea asesinado por su maestro traidor. A ellos se une en su búsqueda una hermosa guerrera, con el objetivo de vengar la muerte de su padre. Atraviesan bosques y montañas en su misión, mientras luchan contra los asesinos ninja mortales, los gángsters viciosos e incluso los no muertos.

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  • Chinese Action Movies With English Subtitles Kungfu China Action Movie 2016


  • Wu Tang Collection - Puño Fatal



    Director: Lee Tso Nam
    Actores: Don Wong, Lieh Lo, Chang Yi, Tommy Lee

    Meng Hu y el capitán Chow son agentes de la ley que están tomando medidas enérgicas contra el crimen con venganza, hasta que varios combatientes caen sobre Chow y termina muerto. Meng se culpa a sí mismo y se retira de la lucha contra el crimen para convertirse en un patético borracho, ahogado por la vergüenza. Un despiadado caudillo de pelo blanco desciende a la ciudad frecuentada por Meng y trae consigo a su pandilla de combatientes y su propio tipo de violencia, ahora depende de Meng salir de su retiro forzoso y devolver la paz a la región.

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  • Wu Tang Collection - Dynamite Shaolin Heroes


    Director: Godfrey Ho (as Ho Chi Keung)
    Cast: Lo Lieh, Bong Choi, Kwon Young Moon, Sung Kyu Choi, Ki Bum Kim

    After the fall of the Ming Dynasty, China is thrown into turmoil. The loyalists seek the return of Ming; the government is determined to stay in power. The only difference between the two is one saves lifes, while the other takes it away.

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  • Wu Tang Collection - Los 18 Disipulos Shaolin


    Directora: Hsu Tseng-Hung
    Reparto: Chang Yi, Hsu Feng, Wen Chiang-Long, Carter Wong, Meng Fei

    Chuen Chan perdona la vida del malvado Miao Yi Tao (Chang Yi) en un duelo, ¡y Miao jura que se arrepentirá! Algunos años más tarde, Chen Tai (Man Kong Lung) y Shuan Ching (Hsu Feng) se van de casa, con la tarea de escoltar un envío especial a la capital. El joven y arrogante Chen Tai deshonra a un grupo de bandidos, que resulta que trabajan para Miao. Miao investiga y sospecha que el padre de Miao tiene información sobre el paradero de Chuen Chan, también conocido como The Ghost Killer. Esto obliga al padre a revelar un terrible secreto a sus hijos. Reparto de estrellas, además de acción shaolin de primera categoría.

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  • Wu Tang Collection - Invincible Super Chan


    Director: Sun Yang
    Cast: David Tang Wei, Han Hsiang Chin , Lan Tien Hong, Yang Yang.

    After taking on an entire army to avenge the murder of his master, a tenacious kung fu swordsman (Tang Wei) is forced out of retirement to fight again. Oneof the best swordplay films of all time!
    Masive Kill count!
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  • Wu Tang Collection - Taishan Kung Fu English Subtitled


    Director: Tao Ming-Xi
    Cast: Wu Yue, Tony Liu, Cheng Pei Pei, Wei Yu-Hai

    Marvelous kung fu film is about a highly disciplined martial arts practitioner Wu Yue (China's top kung fu star), the heir of Stone Skill, who takes a violent and skilled fighter Wei Yu Hai, the undisputed champion of martial arts in Mt Tai, against terrorizing and exploiting the region.

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  • Top 7 Most Mysterious Creatures Caught In China


    Top 7 Most Mysterious Creatures Caught In China - Bizarre Creatures Sighting That Made Panic
    Hellow guys & welcome to my channel top10 videosworld, today we talk about strangest creature that exist in china. Now covering an area of around 3.705 million square miles, China contains plenty of creatures that are uniquely bizarre, with some being completely unknown to humans, even today. Plenty of reports of strange and downright alien creatures have been coming to light and we figured we’d take the opportunity to highlight these Top 7 most mysterious creatures caught in China. Some might be hoaxes, but all of them are worth looking into further because they could be a huge benefit to science, assuming they’re actually real. Before we begin, make sure you hit that subscribe button to get notified every day for more amazing content! With this being said, Thank you so much for watching! Smash that like button for more, make sure you share the video with your friends and don't forget to subscribe!
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  • Wu Tang Collection - An Everlasting Duel


    Director: Chang Peng Yi
    Cast: Roc Tien, Chn Sing, Chi Kwan Chun

    A roving swordsman known as Sony White has in his possession the much sort after 13 Moon Sword. Anyone who manages to defeat him in combat may own the sword and take a high position in the martial world.

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  • New Chinese Action Full Hindi Dubbed Movie 2019 ll Kung fu Movies ll Panipat Movies


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  • Flick Of Legend || Best Chinese Action Kung Fu Movie in English ||


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  • Wu Tang Collection - Nacido Invencible



    Dirección: Joseph Kuo
    Artes Marciales Dirección : Yuen Woo Ping
    Reparto: Carter Wong, jack Long, Mark Long, Alan Hsu, Lung Fei, Lo Lieh, Corey Yuen.

    Dos jefes de la guerra, uno que puede destruir el arma de sus opositores y un experto en Tai Chi que es impermeable a las armas, envían a un par de asesinos para perseguir y matar a un maestro de la espada antigua que ha dejado de luchar. Cuando el intento de asesinato es frustrado por el grupo de kung fu de los estudiantes de una escuela cercana, los propios jefes deciden ir a la escuela para hacer frente al maestro de la espada y a cualquiera que se interponga en su camino. Cuando el maestro de la escuela muere defendiendo al espadachín y a su hija, 3 estudiantes de la escuela prometen vengar las muertes y comienzan una búsqueda para aniquilar a los jefes de la guerra. Uno a uno, terminan enfrentándose a un hombre tan experto en tai chi kung fu que parece como si hubiera nacido invencible

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  • vampire china bahasa indonesia


    Vampir cina lucu

  • THE VAMPIRE | Hollywood Movie In Hindi Dubbed | Hindi Dubbed Horror Movie | Must Watch


    Cast : anusorn maneethed , pattaravadee laosa , kluaymai
    pikunyam , swanya liangprasit , anon Saisangchan

    Director : Songsak Mongkolthong

    Unit Producer : Thanadol Nualsuth

    Line Producer : Duangjai Samakrathkit

    DOP : Tiwa Moethaisong

    Cinematography : Asana Tanasoponpitak

    Sound Recordist : Thornthun phlongphlab

    Costume designer : Jureerat Koomsin

  • D-War ll Action Drama Fantasy Horror Thriller ll Hindi Dubbed Movie ll Panipat Movies


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  • Wu Tang Collection - Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu


    Director: Chan Siu Pang
    Reparto: Cliff Lok, Philip Ko, Yang Pan Pan, Chan Siu Pang, Lee Kwon Hung

    Basado en hechos reales, esta película cuenta la historia del renombrado maestro de kung fu de Choi Lee Fut, Chang Hung Sing. Después de una batalla mortal con un señor de la guerra Ching, dos leales a Ming se esconden para evitar que una lista secreta de nombres de patriotas caiga en manos Ching, lo que resultaría en la eliminación de sus facciones de artes marciales. Confían la lista a su mejor alumno porque solo él conoce todas las formas de Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu.

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  • Wu Tang Collection - Kung Fu Genius


    Director: Wilson Tong
    Cast: Cliff Lok, Lee Hoi Sang, Chan Lung, Wilson Tong

    An expert in a variety of fighting styles opens a school. He soon makes an adversary of a gym that is in the same town. He also makes an enemy of a brothel owner, who brings in a lethal fighter to take him out.

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  • Wu Tang Collection - Mysterious Footworks of Kung Fu


    Director: Chen Wah
    Cast: Charles Heung, Chan Wai-Man, Fan Mei Sheng.

    Chan Wai Man plays the super-assassin, with a penchant for over engineered weapons and causing grief and mayhem wherever he and his assistants, Crab & Shrimp go. A young kung fu fanatic is taught by a beggar and a grumpy old Shaolin monk so that he can beat the killers and restore peace to the region.

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  • ENGSUB【齐天大圣之火焰山】李若彤变身观音再遇陈浩民! | 2019古装玄幻片 | 陈浩民/罗米/李若彤 | YOUKU MOVIE | 优酷电影


    © YOUTUBE优酷网官方频道:
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    喜剧系列 Comedy Series:
    科幻系列 Science Fiction Series:
    现代动作系列 Modern Action Series:
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    犯罪悬疑系列 Crime Suspense Series:
    古装玄幻系列 Costume Fantasy Series:
    武侠动作系列 Swordplay Action Series:
    冒险惊悚系列 Adventure Horror Series:
    古装爱情系列 Costume Romance Series:

    导演: 林珍钊
    主演: 陈浩民 / 罗米 / 李若彤 / 曾志伟 / 林子聪
    类型: 喜剧 / 动作 / 爱情 / 古装

    剧情介绍:五百年前齐天大圣孙悟空大闹天宫,在太上老君的炼丹炉内被炼了七七四十九天,四十九天后,孙悟空破炉而出,炼出一双火眼金睛,将太上老君的炼丹炉踢落凡间,燃起一片火海。 五百年后,孙悟空随唐三藏前往西天取经,途经火焰山。火焰山之火八百里连绵不绝,火焰山下的甘霖村村民,常年饱受火焰山的折磨,孙悟空和猪八戒受村民委托,前往火焰山二圣洞府取芭蕉扇扇灭火焰山之火,甘霖村的一位姑娘炎灵儿偷偷跟上二人,三人来到了传说中的二圣洞府,偷偷潜入洞府,准备盗取芭蕉扇,结果发现这二圣就是孙悟空的旧相识牛魔王和铁扇公主......
    #优酷电影 #齐天大圣之火焰山 #喜剧 #动作 #爱情 #古装

  • Wu Tang Collection - Invincible Obsessed Fighter


    Director: Kim Jeong-yong
    Cast: Elton Chong, Mike Wong

    To be invincible is is impressive enough. To be obsessed can be equally impressive. But to be invincible and obsessed-well, it's just too much to take in one sitting. Elton Chong and Michael Wong costar in this martial-arts melange. The plot is set in motion by a search for a hidden treasure.

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  • New Fantasy Movie 2020 - Best Martial Arts Kungfu - Chinese Movies English Subtitles


    New Fantasy Movie 2020 - Best Martial Arts Kungfu - Chinese movies english subtitles

  • Hwang Jang-lee aka Silver Fox/ Thunderfoot all Film Posters 1974- 1996


    Legendary Super kicker Hwang Jang Li made famous from films such as Drunken Master, Snake in the Eagles Shadow and Secret Rivals.

    Hwang Jang Li mainly playing the villan in films aka Silver Fox, Thunderfoot, Thunderleg.

    See all his film posters from 1974-1996.

    Secret Envoy (1974)
    Black Leopard (1974)
    Korean Connection (1974)
    Korean Connection 2 (1974)
    Black Dragon River aka Martial mates (1975)
    Viper aka Venomous snake (1975)
    Year of the Dragon aka Kill the Shogun (1975)
    Invitation From Hell (1975)
    Death Game (1975)
    Secret Agent (1976)
    Secret Rivals (1976)
    Bruce Lee's Secret (1976)
    Shaolin Wooden Men (1976)
    The Invincible Armour (1977)
    The Secret Rivals 2 (1977)
    Instant Kung Fu Man (1977)
    Snuff Bottle Connection (1977)
    Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978)
    Drunken Master (1978)
    The Fearless Duo aka Fearless Master Fighter (1978)
    Hell's Wind Staff (1979)
    36 Deadly Styles (1979)
    Dragon's Claws (1979)
    Demon Strike (1979)
    Heroes of Shaolin (1979)
    Dance of the Drunk Mantis (1979)
    Buddhist fist and tiger claws (1980)
    Lackey and the Lady Tiger (1980)
    Two Fists Against the Law (1980)
    Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger (1980)
    Tiger Over Wall (1980)
    Young Hero (1980)
    Ring of Death (1980)
    Buddha Assassinator (1980)
    Heroes of Shaolin (1980)
    Blood Child (1980)
    Sangwoon (1980)
    Challenge of the Tiger (1980)
    Eagle vs. Silver Fox (1980)
    Hitman in the Hand of Buddha (1981)
    The Eagle's Killer (1981)
    The Phantom Thief (1981)
    Return of the Deadly Blade (1981)
    Game of Death II (1981)
    Ninja Strikes Back (1982)
    Ninja in the Dragon's Den (1982)
    Kid from Kwangtung (1982)
    Secret Executioners (1982)
    Raging Masters Tiger Crane (1982)
    5 Pattern Dragon Claws (1983)
    Duel of the Ultimate Weapons (1983)
    Ghosts Galore (1983)
    Martial Monks of Shaolin Temple (1983)
    Canton Viper (1983)
    Angry Young Man (1983)
    Masters of Tiger Crane (1983)
    Shaolin: The Blood Mission (1984)
    The First Vampire in China (1986)
    Innocent Interloper (1986)
    Where's Officer Tuba (1986)
    Millionaire's Express (1986)
    Ninja Terminator (1986)
    Angel (1987)
    No Retreat, No Surrender II: Raging Thunder (1987)
    Magnificent Warriors (1987)
    Bed Companion (1988)
    Darkside of Chinatown (1989)
    Live Hard (1989)
    Future Hunters (1989)
    Street Soldiers (1991)
    Emperor of the Underworld (1994)
    Boss (1996)



    Thank you to everyone for watching what we consider to be our most ambitious project yet! The story behind 'Fist of Fury' is a timeless classic and it strikes an emotional chord for Martial Club... frankly, it has changed each of our lives for good! The spirit of Chen Zhen that first ignited with Bruce Lee has been passed on from the likes of Jet Li and Donnie Yen and now burns in the heart of Martial Club! That defiance, that will to stand up against oppression has sparked entire generations of martial artists and rages on, never to be extinguished!

    We sincerely thank all of our fans for sticking with us this entire time! 'Fist of Fury' could not have been possible without the unwavering support of each and every one of you! We're sending a HUGE shout-out to the Martial Club Stunt Family who sacrificed so much of their time and energy to make this vision come to life! We promise y'all that this is just the beginning of a new era for MARTIAL CLUB!!!

    We'd also like to offer gratitude from the bottom of our hearts to the Westminster Aikikai Dojo in Westminster, CA for opening their sacred doors and providing the perfect backdrop for this passion project of ours! If you're ever in the area be sure to drop by and show them some love!

    Westminster Aikikai Dojo
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    Phone: +1 714-894-1003

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  • What Happened to Lynda Carter, the Original Wonder Woman


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    If you’re a true Wonder Woman fan, then you’ll miss the days when the role was played by actress Lynda Carter. But you might also be wondering, what happened to Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman?

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    She played the super heroine for three seasons in the 1970s. The show became a phenomenon and she won over audiences instantly.

    Needless to say, by the end of the 1970s, Lynda Carter had stamped her place in American popular culture. But even before Lynda Carter landed the role of Wonder Woman, she already had a remarkable career.

    She appeared on talent shows as a young child and was part of a band during her high school years. She would later study at Arizona State University before dropping out to pursue a career in music.

    She joined the band The Garfin Gathering and toured the country with them well into the early 1970s. In 1972, she left the band and went on to win the Miss World USA Beauty Pageant. This victory caught the eye of prominent television producers.

    This proved to be fortuitous as she had also begun taking acting classes after ending her music career. She began playing bit parts in popular TV shows including Nakia and Starsky & Hutch. She also had small roles in several B-grade movies.

    Then, in 1976, she won the role of a lifetime in Wonder Woman. This solidified her place in American television history. After the show ended in 1979, she continued to work in film, television, and music.

    But what happened to her in her personal life? It’s clear to see that her early career was a series of milestones. Success came to her without many hurdles. But did she face many challenges after the success of Wonder Woman?

    Watch this video to learn more about Lynda Carter and her amazing career…

    What Happened to Lynda Carter, the Original Wonder Woman
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  • MORTAL KOMBAT Sub-Zero VS Cole Young Trailer Action Movie HD


    MORTAL KOMBAT Sub-Zero VS Cole Young Fight Trailer (NEW 2021) MK, Action Movie HD
    © 2021 - Warner

  • Action Movie Martial Arts - God Dragon Action Movie Full Length English


    God Dragon Action Movie Full Length English

  • Wu Tang Collection - Vampire Kids


    Director: Mark Long
    Cast: Jack Long, Chang Shan, Chin Lung

    Taiwan's top kung fu stars Jack Long & Chang Shan play feuding Taoist priests who use the living dead (Chinese Zombies) as their weapon of choice.

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  • Mr. Vampire Saga 1988 - Part 6


    Mr. Vampire IV

    Mr. Vampire IV, also known as Mr. Vampire Saga Four, is a 1988 Hong Kong comedy horror film directed by Ricky Lau and produced by Sammo Hung and Jessica Chan. The film is the fourth of a series of five films directed by Ricky Lau in the Mr. Vampirefranchise. Mr. Vampire and its sequels were released as part of the jiangshi cinematic boom in Hong Kong during the 1980s.[1] The Chinese title of the film literally translates to Uncle Vampire.

    Mr. Vampire IV

    Original Hong Kong film poster

    Traditional殭屍叔叔Simplified僵尸叔叔MandarinJiāngshī ShūshūCantoneseGoeng1 Si1 Suk1 Suk1Directed byRicky LauProduced by

    Sammo Hung

    Jessica Chan

    Screenplay byLo Wing-keungStory by

    Ricky Lau

    Lo Wing-Keung

    Shut Mei-yee

    Sam Chi-Leung


    Anthony Chan

    Wu Ma

    Chin Kar-lok

    Loletta Lee

    Music byStephen ShingCinematography

    Abdul M. Rumjahn

    Tom Lau

    Bill Wong

    Edited by

    Peter Cheung

    Keung Chuen-tak


    Bo Ho Films Co., Ltd.

    Paragon Films Ltd.

    Distributed byGolden Harvest

    Release date

    12 December 1988

    Running time

    96 minutesCountryHong KongLanguageCantoneseBox officeHK$14,038,901

  • Cuplikan Vampire vs Vampire part 1 | vampire china subtitle bahasa indonesia


    Vampire Vs Vampire adalah film horor komedi Hong Kong tahun 1989 yang dibintangi oleh Lam Ching-ying . Judulnya merujuk pada interaksi dalam film antara anak jiangshi , makhluk dari fiksi mayat melompat China, dan vampir Inggris berdasarkan fiksi vampir Barat.
    Seorang pengusir setan menjalani hidup damai dengan dua muridnya Ah Hao dan Ah Fang di sebuah kota kecil. Ketika menemukan sumber air, pendeta bertemu vampir Eropa di gereja.

  • Ninja Kids ~ Bo Bo Ho The Movie


    #Boboho #NinjaKids #NinjaSchool

  • Vampire Expert


    殭屍道長 (II) Episode 10 Part 2

    Season 2: Volume 1: 鬼太后 (The Demon Queen Empress)

  • Death of a Vampire Kid-made film, 1980s


    It isn't Hollywood, but these kids had their fun and sincere efforts. Voice-over sound & amateur directing; please view from a child's eye. We could have edited to improve the film, but we wanted to keep it their production, not ours. A super-8 camera and a time capsule from the 1980s. Enjoy!

  • The Little Vampire New Adventures - Episode 3 - Surprise in the night


    Anton's parents have to go to a business lunch again. Since Anton has been under close surveillance since he was torn out, a babysitter has to be found. Lisa, who usually does this, is ill. So the mothering and TV-hungry neighbor Ms. Puffindale is hired as a replacement. With the claim that she is tired and Wanting to go to bed, Anton and Rüdiger sit down on a fairground, while in the ghost train Anton Rüdiger's cousin Jörg accidentally hits the brisk with a wooden stick that lay there waiting for a small snack. Now Jörg Rüdiger swears to break all his bones if he catches him. But there is also Geiermeier on the hype, who also recognizes the vampires immediately. And so it happens that Rüdiger decides to go to the country with Anton to go on vacation.

  • Jiang Shi The Vampire of China| Between Monsters and Men


    Jiang Shi The Vampire of China | Between Monsters and Men

    What do you think? Zombie, or Vampire?

    ●Music by●
    Myuuji – “The Unknown”

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  • Wu tang collection de shaolin


  • Vampire In Love HD | Subtitle Indonesia


    Japanese Movie, Drama Korean, Subtitle Indonesia, film vampire.

  • mr vampire 2/10


    enjoyy & sry for e double track

  • Son of Chinese Vampire aka Hello Dracula BDA



  • Vampire TV Trailer with Lam Ching Ying


    Japanese trailer for DVD release of Lam Ching-ying's Vampire Expert TV show