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  • The Life Cycle Of Black Holes | Black Hole | Spark


    Black holes are the universe at its most extreme: matter and energy crunched so small they literally exit the known universe. Scientists are beginning to suspect that these monsters have a powerful impact on galaxies, solar systems and space-time itself. And now, researchers are finally getting a grip on these black holes with a new generation of high-tech laser systems and advanced telescopes in space.

    'Black Hole' will trace the life cycle of a black hole - and the quest to understand it - from its violent birth in the early universe, to the final moments of Time itself.


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  • 4K African Wildlife | African Nature Showreel 2017 by Robert Hofmeyr


    Enjoy this magnificent 4K African Natural Showreel by Robert Hofmeyr. Fabulous African scenery and majestic wildlife. The video was shot in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. This part of the world is a prime wildlife destination, most of all the wonderful safari animals are easily found here. Enjoy the closeness of the wild animals, take in their power and beauty!

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