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You probably never knew this about your Playstation controller

  • Did you know that your Playstation controller can do THIS?


    Here's all the interesting secret tricks that most people never knew about the Playstation 4 controller! These hidden features are rarely noticed, but they are so helpful and useful! I found ever secret trick on the PS4 controller. If you enjoy, make sure to leave a LIKE rating - and SUBSCRIBE!

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  • 10 Hidden PS4 Features Most Players Dont Use


    How many of these features do you use on your PS4? 10 Awesome PS4 Features Most Players Don't Use! Subscribe now to TheGamer!

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    10 Things You Didn't Know Your PS4 Could Do

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    We’re here to help you learn how to operate your Playstation 4 and take advantage of all its useful features you might not know about. In this video we’ll explore 10 crazy hidden features you’ll be so glad you discovered: with our help, of course! The number one complaint of most Playstation users is that there isn’t enough space, but we’ll show you how upgrading can be a simple process. If you have a techie friend that is. Who has time to wait around in lines for game releases? There’s a feature for that! Just pre-load your pre-orders and you’ll be able to play the game as soon as the clock strikes Midnight. If you’re tired of expensive electricity bills then we’re right with you pal, and that’s why you’ll love the Power Save Mode. Not only are you going to save money, but you’ll also be able to use your DualShock controller for longer periods of time. If we’re talking about the DualShock controller we should also discuss the fact customizing buttons is an option.

    It’s not a great option, but it’s still there if you need it to be. You know who else is always there waiting for you even though you wish they weren’t? Your friend who’s really bad at video games. We have a solution to that annoying problem; just appear to be offline all the time. Screenshots are an important part of the PS4 community, but we’ll show you a trick on how to take a screenshot even faster. Without further ado, here are 10 crazy hidden features on your PS4. Enjoy!

    Script by: Jen Weddle

    Voice Over by: Cody Flesher

    Edited by: Kyle Mirzaian

    Turn On Your PS4 And TV At The Same Time | 0:45
    Listen To Tunes While Playing | 1:53
    Compare Your Trophies | 3:02
    Resume Midway Through Gameplay | 4:10
    Take Quicker Screenshots | 5:16
    Hide From Everyone In Offline Mode | 6:19
    Customize Your Dualshock Controller | 7:19
    Power Save Mode | 8:19
    Pre Load Your Pre-Orders | 9:21
    Add More Storage | 10:22

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  • 5 Secrets & Hacks You Didnt Know About Your PS4!


    5 Secrets & Hacks You Didnt Know About Your PS4!
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  • Playstation life hacks that actually work!


    Here are some Playstation life hacks that actually work! You can use these tips every day! These tips and tricks can be used on original PS4, PS4 Pro, & PS4 Slim. I use these tips to increase performance & improve my Playstation gaming experience. I hope these life hacks help you!

    Anker USB 3.0 Data Hub on Amazon:
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  • 5 More Secrets and Hacks You Didnt Know About Your PS4


    5 More Secrets and Hacks You Didn't Know About Your PS4
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    5 Secrets & Hacks You Didnt Know About Your PS4!

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  • 10 Things You Didnt Know Your PS3 Could Do


    SECRET PS3 FEATURES. The PlayStation 3 rocked the market on release, and in many people’s opinions, beat out the Xbox 360. However, even though the PlayStation 3 might be a thing of the past, there are still some tricks and features people may not know about.

    This is TheGamer’s list of 10 Things You Didn't Know Your PS3 Could Do!

    What’s the most useful hidden PlayStation 3 feature?
    Did you know about any of the features listed?

    Let us know in the comments section below!


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    The PlayStation 3 turned a lot of heads back in the day. On release, it was the most expensive system on the market at over $600. This was due to a lot of things ranging from the built-in Blu-ray player that could read both standard discs and the Blu-ray discs the games were on, which at the time was a cutting edge piece of tech, to the latest gaming engines and state of the art graphics the launch titles had.

    This new generation of consoles came with a set of features and capabilities that had not been seen before. With the PlayStation 3, you had perfected online play. The PlayStation 2 also had online play, but only for a few games and it was not a perfect system. With the Playstation 3, a gamer could effortlessly play online through the PlayStation Network, an online service that is still used today in the PlayStation 4, albeit upgraded for the modern gamer.

    However, after nearly a decade, there are still some features and tricks that you may not have known about. So in this video, we’ll be looking at some of the lesser known tips, tricks and features you may not have known about. What feature was a secret to you before watching this list? Let us know in the comments down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to TheGamer for more exciting gaming content.


    Script by: Zack Latino

    Voice Over by: Justin Freitas

    Edited by: Kyle West

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  • Playstation life hacks that are actually GENIUS


    Here's more Playstation life hacks that will improve your gaming experience! These tips and tricks that work great for Playstation 4, PS4 Pro, and PS4 Slim. Try these simple, easy tips to increase performance and make gaming easier!

  • PS4: 10 Cool Tips, Tricks & Secrets You Must Try


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  • PS5 DualSense | 21 Things You Didnt Know about the PlayStation 5 Controller


    The PlayStation 5 controller had it's reveal recently. welcome the DualSense and say goodbye to the DualShock.
    Lets breakdown everything you need to know about this impressive bit of tech.

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  • Did you know the PS5 DualSense controller can do this?


    Here's a secret about the PS5 DualSense controller. Did you know that the new PS5 controller can actually be customized? Also, the light bar can change different colors! It looks amazing.. I love the new DualSense controller and can't wait to use it with PS5.

  • 5 More Secrets and Hacks You Didnt Know About Your Xbox One


    5 More Secrets and Hacks You Didn't Know About Your Xbox One
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    5 Secrets & Hacks You Didnt Know About Your Xbox One!

    5 Secrets & Hacks You Didnt Know About Your PS4!

    5 More Secrets and Hacks You Didn't Know About Your PS4



    A quick tip on how to change the color of your ps4 controller!
    This works with the OLD and NEW dualshock 4 controller!
    There are a total of 7 colors!
    Pinkish/Purpleish lol
    Turquoise (blueish color)



  • Fake PS4 Controller! ► How to tell you bought a wonky PlayStation 4 DualShock - Titanium Blue


    I bought a PS4 controller online because of a sale and it felt weird when playing games. So I went to a physical store and bought it again at full price to compare and then all the details and mistakes became obvious. I had bought a fake PlayStation 4 DualShock controller. I hope this video helps you spot a fake too.

    #PS4 #PlayStation #DualShock


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  • 10 Things You Didnt Know Your PS1 Could Do


    PS1 - EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR OLD SONY PLAYSTATION 1. 10 Things You Had No Idea Your SONY PS1 / Playstation One Could Do. 10 Sony PS1 Secrets and Facts. Playstation Things You Didn't Know.

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    THE HISTORY OF THE PS1. The PS1 may lack in features when compared to modern consoles, but there are many hidden things you never knew the classic Sony device could do.

    This is TheGamer's list of 10 Things You Didn't Know Your PS1 Could Do.

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    PS5 - Everything You Need To Know (SONY PlayStation Portable 2018 - Features, Specs and Rumors)

    10 Things You Didn't Know Your Old Game Boy Advance Could Do

    5 Video Game Secrets That Took YEARS TO DISCOVER


    Do You still own a PS1?
    What was your favorite game on the PS1 console?

    Let us know in the comments section below!


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    The release of the PS1 completely changed home gaming consoles, incited the console wars and made Sony a major player in the video game industry. Even though the PS1 seems really outdated compared to today’s standards, the console was capable of doing a lot more than gamers at the time realized. Look back on the console and learn all the surprising things the PS1 could do!

    When the PS1 slim was introduced, the console improved on more than just it’s size. A connection allowed people to use their cell phones and even browse the internet. Long before games like Skylanders and LEGO Dimensions, the PS1 had a game where players would build models and see them come to life in video game form. Long before the PSP or Vita was the Pockstation, a PS1 portable device with small games and personal organizer tools. A special Transformer PS1 could transform from a gaming console into Optimus Prime. A special release of the PS1 allowed players to turn into their own video game developers and create all types of different titles. Instead of purchasing a memory card, games could be expanded onto a cheaper form of media known as the floppy disc. Playing multiplayer games was made a lot easier with the special PS1 link cable. Nintendo and Sony may have had a falling out, but a third-party company made it possible to play Game Boy games right on the PS1. The PS2 introduced the ability to play DVDs, but there was a special PS1 model made specifically for streaming movies on a different type of media format. Watch to see all the things you didn’t know your PS1 could do!


    Script by: Alan Donahue

    Voice Over by: Michael Neeb

    Edited by: Kyle West

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  • 10 Current-Gen Chinese Consoles You Probably Didnt Know Of


    You might know the main gaming consoles of this generation, but with every nice console comes a bootleg version. Here are our favorite examples from China.
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  • 10 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your PS4



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    The PS4 console offers a lot of benefits, but gamers should know what TO DO and what NOT TO DO when owning the console!

    This is TheGamer's list of things you should never do to your PS4.

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    10 Things You Didn't Know Your PS1 Could Do (Sony PlayStation 1)

    7 Times Nintendo Beat Sony Playstation


    Owning a gaming console is a huge investment. Hundreds of dollars are spent on the console along with accessories like extra controllers and games. Taking care of the PlayStation 4 is essential, especially when it comes to avoiding some of the biggest mistakes other console owners make.

    If you own a PS4, you should avoid free item scams at all costs. You most likely won’t receive a free PS Plus account, free game downloads or free currency for your favorite games. The idea of jailbreaking a console sounds cool, but hopefully you have a backup in mind because so much can go wrong. Running out of space is a big issue on many consoles, but don’t go all delete happy or you may run into several other issues along the way. Try not to play your console during a storm or you could run into major power surge issues. Watch to learn about ALL the things you should NEVER do to your PS4!


    Script by: Alan Donahue

    Voice Over by: Grant Kellett

    Edited by: Peter Griffiths

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    VIDEO LINKS:CS GO skins:
    PS4 Pro:
    Ducktales gameboy:
    Jailbreak guide:
    PS4 Downloading games:
    PS VR Tutorial:
    PS4 hard drive replace:
    PS4 data backup:
    GTA Glitch:
    Playstation 4 reveal:
    Playstation TV:
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    Fortnite gameplay:
    Fortnight official:
    Fortnight on Switch:
    Fortnite gameplay 2:
    Camo dualshock 4 review:
    Batman Arkham gameplay:
    Rocket league gameplay:
    Dualshock 4 reset:
    PS4 Disc inserted:
    Open hard drive:
    Doom gameplay:
    GT Sport gameplay:

  • 10 Things You Didnt Know Your Xbox One Could Do


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    The Xbox One is a wildly ambitious gaming console. The console looks forward to a world where PC gamers and living room console gamers share the same spaces, which is no surprise considering Microsoft is the company behind the Xbox One. It simultaneously remembers the past, letting us play Xbox 360 games from the last generation of consoles. Despite its rocky start as a DRM heavy platform, Microsoft’s third gaming console marches forward as a unique force in gaming. A box that is truly modern learning from digital distribution platforms the world over and lets us engage with our content in just about any way you can imagine. It is a feature rich system, packed with stuff you’re sure to have my missed.

    There is no other hub quite like it. The Xbox One has changed so quickly in such a short number of years, and Microsoft shows no signs of stopping. AT E3 2017, Microsoft unveiled the newest iteration of the Xbox One, named the Xbox One X, to rival Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. Labelled the World’s most powerful console, the Xbox One X intends to end the PC master race debate and blur the line between consoles and PC’s even further. Like with their commitment to backwards compatibility, Microsoft remains steadfast that looking forward doesn’t mean forgetting the past. Long term, Microsoft hopes you’ll trust them with all your digital gaming purchases. It’s bold strategy. It makes learning the secrets of the console all the more valuable — you’re going to use these tips for a long time. Without further ado, here are 10 things you didn’t know your Xbox One could do. Enjoy!

  • Doing this will make your Playstation controller completely overpowered


    Did you know that you can upgrade your Playstation controller performance to make it better? These tricks will improve your PS4 controller and make it overpowered. Here's how.. I show you step-by-step which upgrades I recommend for PS4 controller. It's easy! and anyone can do it. If you enjoy these Playstation 4 tips and tricks, make sure to LIKE the video & SUBSCRIBE!

    Here's the products mentioned in the video! They can be purchased using the links to Amazon below -

    My Favorite KontrolFreeks: affiliate link
    Playstation Back Button: affiliate link
    Strikepack FPS Dominator: affiliate link

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    Here's the video that shows you how I upgraded my PS4 controller battery pack:

  • 21 YouTuber Secrets You NEVER Knew... ft Unspeakable


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  • 15 AMAZING PlayStation 5 Dualsense secrets! #PS5 ????????????


    Check out these 15 little known secrets, tips and curiosities of this amazing controller!

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  • The Most Overkill PS4 Controller RGB Mod!


    This is the DTFS LED Kit by eXtremeRate, it's a kit that adds RGB functionality to your PS4 Dualshock 4 controller and it looks incredible. I am really happy with how it turned out and how to install PS4 controller LED kit! This DS4 RGB mod kit is very straight forward to install but I wouldn't call it easy. In this video I go over the features and review what I think about the kit! Special thanks to extremerate for sending me out this kit! While they sent me the kit, they had no say on what I got to say about their product.

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  • 6 SECRETS You Didnt Know About MrBeast!


    6 SECRETS You Didn't Know About MrBeast! (SHOCKING)
    Today we take a look at 6 MrBeast Secrets you did not know. This video will leave you shocked. MrBeast, MrBeast gaming, Beast Reacts, MrBeast Shorts. MrBeast has a YouTube empire and has so many secrets you don't know about these MrBeast secrets from the biggest and richest YouTuber MrBeast, how to make money online like MrBeast he makes money on YouTube and is a YouTube millionaire.

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    Behind The Voices - Celebrities Collection (MrBeast, Charli D'Amelio, Jojo Siwa)

    8 Items MrBeast Owns That Cost More Than Your Life..

    MrBeast Crew Before They Were Famous! (SHOCKING)

    The commentary/editing style is unique and adds value by putting it into my own list and stating my opinions/making it funnier which transforms the work making it different and unique each video. Chamello created and edited this video to fit with fair use and has full rights to content and copyright. You are not required to subscribe, turn notifications on, Comment, or drop a like to win anything given away in the video. It is ONLY a recommendation. For more information on giveaways refer to YouTube’s contest policies:

    Any copyright issues Contact:

    #MrBeast #YouTuber #Secrets

  • What You Never Knew Your Switch Could Do


    It’s time to take a good look at your Nintendo Switch and answer the question: are you getting the most out of your console? Sure, the hybrid console allows you to connect to the TV or go to portable in a moment’s notice, but did you know all of the other secret elements the console provides?

    The Joy-Con is an innovative Switch controller and does a whole lot more than you can even imagine. Ever lose a Joy-Con? Well, we got a huge secret about how to find it again. Ever want to use the Joy-Con controllers on other devices? Well, we have your solution! There is so much to uncover about the Nintendo Switch. Wish you could use the controller like a Star Wars lightsaber? We know how! The potential for new Star Wars games has been unlocked and allows you to do much more in future games. If you own multiple consoles, learn how to swap games and even share digital games with others. Follow our video as we guide you through everything -- no hacks or mods needed.

    The world of Nintendo has not crossed-over with many other companies, but there is an awesome way to connect Sony and Nintendo devices for an incredible viewing experience! And trust us, the new and innovative view is a far different one than the LABO VR.

    So join us at TheGamer as we uncover all of the details with the Nintendo Switch. Share these tips with your gamer friends and see how you can change your view of the Switch forever.

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  • Top 10 PlayStation 4 Controllers


    Like Any of The Controllers You See? Click The Link Below to Learn More!
    WatchMojo may earn a commission if you make a purchase through our link.

    Looking to up your game with a new controller? We got you covered. For this list, we're looking at some of the best controllers you can nab for your PlayStation 4! Our countdown includes HORI Mini Wired Gamepad, Nacon Asymmetric Wireless Controller, Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller, and more! Did YOUR favorite controller make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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    Top 10 PlayStation Games of All Time:
    Top 10 PlayStation 4 Exclusives:

    #PlayStation4 #Controller #VideoGames

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  • 10 Nintendo Switch Tips & Tricks You Probably Didnt Know


    THE NINTENDO SWITCH might seem like a barebones system on the surface. While it has some awesome unique features, it lacks many things you’ll find on the Xbox One or PS4. Even so, the Nintendo Switch has a number of hidden features you probably don’t know about.

    This is TheGamers list of Nintendo Switch Tips and Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know.

    Whats the most useful Nintendo Switch tip you know?

    Let us know in the comments section below!


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    Did you know you can use a USB keyboard to input text on Switch? Or that Nintendo has tucked a full-fledged internet browser onto the system, just out of sight? And those Joy-Con controllers are much more versatile than they seem at first. Not only can you use them to play Switch games, but you can even connect them to your phone or computer to play games. If you’ve ever binged through a game only to wonder how much time you actually poured into it, the Switch lets you check your play time in any game you’ve played. Not only that, but the Switch can also turn on your TV.

    And don’t think you’re locked into games released in your region. You can set up a new eShop account to buy and play games from any region. If you’re in the mood for a new game but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can see which games are on sale at any time in the eShop. If you frequently find yourself running through your battery’s charge, you might want to get yourself an external battery pack to squeeze out more playtime. If you’re the only one who plays your Switch, you can make it stop asking which user you are each time you start up a new game. And finally, if you manage to lose track of a Joy-Con, the Switch can help you find it.

    Not a bad set of features for such a tiny game console.


    Script by: Chris Reed

    Voice Over by: Michael Neeb

    Edited by: Lashan Ranasinghe

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  • 10 Things You Didnt Know The PS4 Pro Could Do


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    Do YOU own a PS4 Pro? 10 Things You Didn't Know The PS4 Pro Could Do! Subscribe now to TheGamer!

    The PS4 Pro completely changed the way the PS4 is played. On the surface, fans of the consoles get to enjoy updated graphics and improved visuals, but Sony has packed a number of other features into the console. These features go well beyond the visuals and will help you get the most out of your console.

    One of the best features is the ability to play on all types of computers thanks to the PS4 Pro Remote Play option. The computers will automatically feature 1080p graphics and high-quality visuals. Along with computers, owning the PS Vita comes with several advantages. You can connect to the PS4 through remote play and also have the ability to use the PS Vita as a separate controller. You’ll also have storage up to 2 terabytes and have incredibly fast speeds by installing a SSD to your PS4. You don’t have to start all over with the PS4 because you can execute a fast file transfer which will provide you with great speeds to get all of your files. Cut down on the delayed times it takes to start up your PS4 by enabling an HDMI device link. With this link, your TV will automatically turn on and go to the PS4 input. Browsing and downloading games can take up a lot of time. If you’re looking to speed up the process, then you can download the PS4 app and connect it directly to your pro console for downloads. Along with downloads, you can update a number of games in your library to enjoy improved graphics and other features. Other features include VR improvements, 4K video streaming, and the ability to enjoy enhanced Wi-Fi. Without further ado, here are 10 things you didn’t know the PS4 Pro could do. Enjoy!

  • 15 Things You Didnt Know Your iPad COULD DO !


    Things you didn't know your iPad could do. Hidden features and tricks you can find on your iPad on iPadOS 14 that you probably didn't know existed.

    Cool things your iPad can do and you didn't know about. You can find a lot of hidden features on the iPad which are very useful and most people don't even know about them.

    Widgy widget link:


    ????iOS 15 Features Leaked:

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    ????iOS 14 App Library - Tips & Tricks:

    ????Things You Didn't Know iOS 14 Can Do:

    ????New Apps You Must Download:

    ????NEW iPhone Tricks You Didn't Know:

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  • 10 Secret Things Your Xbox Series X and S Can Do



    The Xbox Series X and S have been out for a few months now and people still can’t get their hands on the console. It’s not as hard to find as the PS5 is, but it’s still quite difficult to purchase. If you’re one of the lucky few who beat us all and actually has the console set up in the house, congratulations. I totally wish I was you! Since the console is still super fresh, there’s a lot its users don’t even know it could do.

    For starters, with selective installation, you could choose what you want to download from each game. If you only want the multiplayer, you could do just that. You could remap the buttons of your controller to anything you want. If someone in your chat is too loud or too quiet, you can adjust their volume. Games could be pre-loaded, even if you haven’t bought them, to lessen download times. If you have the Xbox app, screenshots taken in-game can be sent right to your smartphone and you could also use it as a second screen to stream games. You can even stream to Twitch in 4k quality at 60 FPS.

    There’s more hidden features in your Xbox Series X and S than just that so enjoy the video, let me know what you think is the best lesser-known feature in these next gen consoles in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to TheGamer for more Xbox Series X and S news.

    00:00 Intro
    00:33 #1 - Selective Installation
    01:18 #2 - Remap Controller Buttons
    02:04 #3 - Change Individual Volumes
    02:54 #4 - Pre-load Games You Don’t Own
    03:40 #5 - Send Screenshot To Your Phone
    04:27 #6 - Stream Games To Your Smartphone
    05:04 #7 - Stream And Record At 4K 60FPS
    05:50 #8 - Transfer Games From Xbox One
    06:29 #9 - Automatically Remaster Previous Gen Games
    07:17 #10 - Quick Resume
    08:05 - Outro

    Written by: Justin Pietrodarchi
    Narrated by: Antony Watkins
    Edited by: Jean Bernard

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    For copyright matters please contact us at:

  • 10 Things You Didnt Know Your Old PSP Could Do



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    HIDDEN PSP FEATURES. The PSP marked Sony’s introduction to handheld gaming and, while the system is no longer around, there are some hidden features users may not have been aware of.

    This is TheGamer’s list of 10 Things You Didn't Know Your Old PSP Could Do.

    Did you know about any of these hidden PSP features?
    Which feature do you find the most useful?

    Let us know in the comments section below!


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    The PlayStation Portable, better known as the PSP, launched in 2005 and was Sony’s first earnest attempt at a handheld system. Not only that, but it was the first direct competitor to Nintendo in the handheld gaming department. When it hit the shelves, the PSP was the most powerful handheld gaming system on the market at the time.

    The PSP would see a productive lifespan, going through several models and selling 80 million units in its lifetime. However, Sony closed down the PSP’s access to the PlayStation Network in 2016 and games were discontinued two years earlier in 2014. While the Nintendo 3DS dominates the handheld market today, the PSP still lives on in the PS Vita...kind of. Still, despite the PSP being discontinued, there’s still a small faction of dedicated Sony fans who use the PSP and, even more, there are secrets and features that were unheard of during the PSP’s run time. Before the PSP, gamers and tech enthusiast alike had to carry multiple devices for their phone and MP3 player, but now, the PSP offered a solution by being an all-in-one media device.

    Today, we’ll be looking at some PSP features gamers probably didn't know about. Did you know about any hidden PSP features? Let us know in the comments down below and don’t forget to subscribe to TheGamer for more exciting gaming content.


    Script by: Zack Latino

    Voice Over by: Michael Neeb

    Edited by: Jonathan Johnson

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  • The Massive Chinese Cities Youve Never Heard Of... Yet


    Shenzhen and Wuhan are household names, but dozens of other Chinese cities are yet to achieve the same notoriety, despite now having enormous populations and playing a huge role in the global economy. For more by The B1M subscribe now - 

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  • 20 awesome PlayStation 5 secrets! #PS5 ????????????


    Check out these 20 little known secrets, tips and curiosities of this amazing console!

  • 10 PS2 Facts You Probably Didnt Know


    The PlayStation 2 was a huge console and introduced many newcomers to gaming. Here's some interesting stuff to know.
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  • This common mistake will actually RUIN your Playstation controller


    Here's something that many Playstation users do when charging their PS4 controller that can actually cause permanent damage to the Playstation 4 Dualshock controller. In this video, I'm going to show you how to safely avoid this mistake and a couple tips and tricks for charging your Playstation controller! Make sure to subscribe for more Playstation Life Hacks videos.

  • What you didnt know about Apple.


    You've all seen the iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro...but there's a lot you probably didn't know about Apple...Get Surfshark VPN at Enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and
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  • 16 Things You Didn’t Know Your Xbox Series X|S Could Do!


    You Xbox Series X|S is a pretty amazing piece of hardware, but it can do even more than you think! Here over at Xbox On we’ve found 16 tips and tricks that you may find helpful.

    #XboxNews #Xbox #XboxTips

    Xbox On is YOUR home for everything Xbox. Join Benny, Henry, Sam, Charleyy and Bex as they bring you all the latest and greatest news, games and updates in the Xbox world.

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  • 10 Things You Didnt Know Your Old Game Boy Could Do


    10 hidden Game Boy features you didn't know about! Subscribe to The Gamer:

    The Game Boy was innovative for so many reasons. The portability of the system gave us gaming on the go and it had a library of games filled with a lot of classics including the original Pokemon games. Even with all the games and the Game Boy camera, the portable device could do things you can’t even imagine.

    Into sewing? Well, the Game Boy was compatible with a sewing machine that would automatically create patterns and designs. The Game Boy was great for camping trips, but the device could also be used to catch some huge fish. Systems like the GameCube and SNES were compatible with the games, but there was also a way to play games on the Sony Playstation. The Game Boy wasn’t really built for multiplayer action, but there was a four player link and a number of games you could play with three friends. The Mission Impossible game has some amazing features including the ability to control your TV or VCR. The original Game Boy was so tough, it could actually survive a war. For those who love style, the Game Boy has been transformed into both a luxury collector’s item and some pretty fancy shoes. Game Boy music was pretty basic, but the handheld console could be transformed into a portable radio and used with both speakers and headphones. The console also had the ability to connect to computers through special software. Watch to see all these great uses and then decide if it’s worth pulling out your old Game Boy for some action once again!

    #GameBoy #Nintendo

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    6 Things Fortnite Can Do That PUBG Can't

    6 Things PUBG Can Do That Fortnite CAN'T

    Script by: Alan Donahue
    Voice Over by: Justin Freitas
    Edited by: Dan Schiffmacher

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  • 10 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Nintendo Switch


    Things to avoid doing if you care about your Nintendo Switch!

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    There’s so much to love about the Nintendo Switch and, while it offers so many different ways to play, there are some things you should avoid doing to the console.

    This is TheGamer’s list of 10 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Nintendo Switch

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    10 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your PS4

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    Nintendo is known as the most innovative gaming company in the world for a reason. They’re always pushing the boundaries and expanding on the idea of what gaming really is. Enter the Nintendo Switch. This hybrid console has been around for over a year and has already left its mark on the gaming world. You could play it traditionally on your TV screen or in handheld mode on the go. The library started off small, but has quickly grown into an incredible one.

    Since the Nintendo Switch is very new compared to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, people are still learning about what they can and can’t do with the console. It turns out that there’s quite a few things people think are fine to do to the Switch, but actually aren’t. Watch to see what you should never do to your Nintendo Switch!


    Script by: Justin Pietrodarchi

    Voice Over by: Grant Kellett

    Edited by: Kyle West

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  • You probably never knew this about your Playstation controller


    Here's a couple very interesting secrets that most people never noticed about the Playstation 4 controller! These hidden tips and tricks are only noticed by users who look carefully.. What you will see is that your PS4 controller is telling you something very helpful! If you enjoy these Playstation life hacks videos, make sure to leave a like rating on the video and subscribe!
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  • You Probably Never Knew The PS2 Could Do This


    The PS2 has a hidden feature thatmost users probably didn't know about... Did you know the Playstation 2 controller could do this? Some call this a secret! The PS2 controller has Pressure Sensitive Buttons that are actually touch sensitive! Years later... Here's how it works!

  • PS4 HIDDEN FEATURES + Tips and Tricks 2020|Playstation 4 Secrets 2020


    Welcome to this video where I go through 10 PS4 features that you may not know about!

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  • Your Playstation controller might have this problem..


    Unfortunately, some Playstation controllers have a problem with stick drift. Here's some tips to fix stick drift on PS4 Dualshock controllers before you buy a new PS4 controller! There are several ways to improve and fix this problem. First, is to attempt a hard reset on the controller. Then perform a thumbstick re-calibration. Lastly, if you have technical skill you can replace the censors in the thumbstick modules which can solve issues with drift, lag, and directional inaccuracy. Thanks for watching!

  • 5 Things You Didnt Know About Your PS4 Console and Controller!


    5 Things You Didn't Know About Your PS4 Console and Controller!

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    In this video we discuss 5 things you didn’t know about your PS4 console and controller. Your Playstation 4 has a few hacks and tricks that most PS4 gamers don’t know about. We have gathered some PS4 secrets and PS4 tricks that you might find useful. Sony has put these PS4 tips and tricks in as just normal functions, but for most these are just things you didn’t know about your PS4 controller or things you didn’t know about your PS4 in general.

    We outline the following 5 things you didn’t know about your PS4 console and controller:

    1. PS4 secret to type on the keyboard
    2. PS4 trick to charge your PS4 controller when your Playstation console is in standby mode
    3. Hide your online status with this PS4 hack
    4. Customizing your button assignments is what we mentioned about things you didn’t know about your PS4 controller
    5. Another PS4 hack or trick is to use PS4 voice control

    Watch the video for further details!


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  • 10 Nintendo Switch Secrets You Didnt Know


    Here are the Top 10 Nintendo Switch Secrets You Didn't Know!

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  • 50+ PS3 Tips and Tricks


    Check out how to maximize your PS3 experience with over 50 Tips to help you get started. There may even be some tips that veteran PS3 owners forgot!

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  • 10 Things You Didnt Know Your PS5 Could Do


    The PS5 has an array of hidden features that you didn't know about. Whether that be the best PS5 settings, best controller settings or just the greatest PS5 tips and tricks. Some of these hidden features and little easter eggs will be know to some of you, but I'm sure you haven't seen the full extent of these cool playstation 5 tricks. For instance, there's just so much you can do with the ps5 ssd and what about that PSVR 2...? No, not really. But, on the plus side the ps5 restock is soon to come and with a bit of luck those ps5 scalpers won't get there first.

    Did you know that if you own the PS5 Digital edition, you can still technically own hard discs. Not in the sense you think, but if you download PS4 games there is an option to just add that on to the external hard drive / HDD. And that's all ya got so far since there's on external SSD that supports playstation 5 right now

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  • 10 PS4 HACKS You Probably Didnt Know That Can Make GAMING EASIER | Chaos


    10 PS4 HACKS You Probably Didn't Know That Can Make GAMING EASIER
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    10 PS4 HACKS You Probably Didn't Know That Can Make GAMING EASIER | Chaos


  • How to pair a PS4 DualShock 4 controller with an iPhone or iPad


    If you’re running iOS 13 or iPadOS 13, you can now use an PlayStation DualShock 4 controller to play MFi controller-compatible games on your iPhone or iPad. All wireless DualShock 4 controllers work with Bluetooth, so every one should work.

    For a text walkthrough, be sure to visit our page on the Macworld website:

    Also, here’s a link with information on how to enroll in the iOS 13 public beta, which you’ll need if you want to play with controllers right now. Just keep in mind that the beta is still a little buggy, so it might be wise to wait until the full release in the fall:

    Shot on a Canon C100 Mark 2:

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  • How to Pair a Dualshock 4 wireless controller back to your Playstation 4


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    After factory reseting a PlayStation 4, or if you have been using you Dualshock 4 wireless controller with a different device. You might find that the Dualshock controller is unable to connect back to your PS4.

    So in this video we take a look at how you place a Dualshock 4 wireless controller into pair mode, so that you can re-establish a bluetooth connection with your PS4.

    Please note that in order for a Dualshock 4 wireless controller to be able to pair with a Playstation 4. The Dual Shock controller will need to have some charge in its battery. Also as not all Micro USB cables are the same, in that some are only designed to charge devices. Ideally, you should use the Micro USB cable that was provided with your Dualshock 4 controller.

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  • 10 Things You NEVER Knew Your PS4 Could Do


    HIDDEN SECRETS Behind Popular Toy Products

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    Did the console wars ever really stop? With the arrival of the PS4 and Xbox One, four years ago, Sony and Microsoft continued the tradition of carving out an ever increasing piece of the consumer market. It’s indisputable that Sony won the first round of the 8th-Gen console wars with Ps4 sales dominating the competition. Yet, this triggered an arms race with both sides releasing new variations of their consoles. Systems got smaller, power was tweaked and capabilities gradually improved. Despite all of this and four years of use, there are many features and tricks with the PS4 that many users never used or even knew about. There’s the ability to remain incognito or keep your screen clear of notification clutter. There’s features to manage the power and operation of your system. There’s even the ability to operate everything with as little movement as possible. Couch potatoes rejoice! These might not all be new to you, but we bet most gamers will find at least a few tricks ahead that change the way they use that PS4 system.

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  • How To Connect PS4 Controller To PC / Laptop


    In this simple tutorial i show you how to connect your PS4 controller to your PC or Laptop. Just follow me step by step and you will be enjoying your games in no time. This is for Windows 10 and you can use the controller for Steam, Emulators. We will be using wireless bluetooth technology and Micro USB to USB cable. Playstation 4

    PS4 Controller

    Micro USB to USB cable

    Dragonball Xenoverse 2:

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