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cargo ship in storm at Kuril islands

  • ????TERRIFYING Footage Shows What Its Like On-Board a Ship In a North Sea STORM


    Ship in Storm

    The Latest Storm Video

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    Filmed over a 3 day period, this video shows a storm in the North Sea.
    This ship and it's crew of 15 eat, sleep and work at sea for a month at a time.

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  • Cargo ship ONE Apus loses more than 1,800 containers in Pacific storm


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    The Japanese-flagged container ship ONE Apus has lost 1,816 cargo carriers after it was caught up in a violent storm in the Pacific on November 30, 2020. The vessel arrived December 8 in the Japanese port of Kobe, where shipowners and managers said a full safety inspection would be carried out. The incident is described as the second biggest cargo loss in shipping history.

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  • CARGO SHIP IN A BAD STORM - Cargo / Container Ship Travel


    CARGO SHIP IN A BAD STORM (Passenger's Perspective) - Cargo / Container Ship Travel! Cargo ship storm are no joke! Today on our Cargo ship we go into a storm. Bad weather out on the sea. THIS IS A ONE OF KINDA VIDEO! Nothing else like it.

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  • Ship in Storm | INSANE Navy Boat Exercise in Too Rough Sea


    Watch this navy patrol boat facing rough seas, big waves and extreme winds (storm force 12) during a training exercise in the Southern Ocean in February 2021. Subscribe for more extreme weather content ►

    The cameraman told us that it was perhaps the wrong decision to go out into such rough seas there as it was dangerous. It could have been a difficult operation to rescue the crew if the boat capsized as the wind was going strong, the water was freezing cold and additional support could not be send over quickly due to the remoteness of the area. Luckily the boat and its crew was able to return safely to the main ship.

    With a maximum depth of about 7,434 meters (24,390 ft) and temperatures between -2-10 °C (25-50 °F), the Southern Ocean is known for its tough weather conditions – it is the coldest and windiest ocean on Earth. The latitudes from 50 to 70 degrees south are also known as the Furious Fifties and Shrieking Sixties due to strong winds and large waves caused by the winds blow that blow around the globe in those areas. (Find out more here:

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  • 14 Days on a CARGO SHIP During the Pandemic


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    I’ve always loved the idea of travelling by cargo ship, but never expected that I would be taking one as an evacuation measure during a pandemic. I wasn’t allowed to film on most parts of the ship, but I did my best to show you as much of the journey as possible! Anyone out there inspired to jump on a cargo ship after COVID-19? :)

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    Container ship travel. Living on a container ship for 17 days. Amazing experience!
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  • Having Fun In Rough Seas On A Cargo Ship | Life At Sea


    Life At Sea In The Merchant Marine Aboard A Cargo Ship

    What is it like on a cargo ship when poor weather creates large seas and swells? What is it like to play Ping Pong when the ship is rolling back and forth? This is old footage from a Maersk Container Ship that offers a quick glimpse into what it's like onboard a ship in rough seas.

    #rolling #maritime #roughseas

  • Crossing the Atlantic on a container ship


    Wilmington, North Carolina to Antwerp, Belgium. July 2015
    The Independent Pursuit
    It was awesome, good crew, good weather, dolphin spotting a bonus!
    Read about it at

  • Cargo ship in stormy weather


    North Sea, off the coast of Norway.
    January 2007.

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  • Storm - small cargo vessel fighting with rough sea / russian music in background


    Don't know ships name, but in one moment you can see position on the radar: 56-21.3N 007-07.5E. Welcome to North Sea. Interesting russian music in background :)



    Scary and crazy video of a big Cruise Ship in huge waves during a dangerous big storm at sea! It can be a nightmare and disaster to be in these cyclone winds but you can make the most of it and enjoy the wild ride!

    Thumbnail Photography by: Karsten Bidstrup:

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  • Cargo ship in storm at Kuril islands


    Cargo ship loaded with over 30 000 logs passing storm near Kuril Islands
    See my extended version:
    or the video before the storm:

  • Cargo ship in storm at Kuril Islands - extended version


    On request I produced an extended version of my storm video, some viewer seems to like to watch the rough sea.

    0:00 intro
    1:08 looking forward
    6:33 wheel house
    22:35 gangway
    23:18 aft Starboard
    26:56 aft Port
    36:20 securing cargo

  • Cargo Ship In STORM Horrible FOOTAGE - 80 Foot Wave Hits Ship


    This is real footage of Cargo Ship Which is cought in storm and Hits 80 foot wave hits ship'

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  • MARIN - Follow-up research container loss Wadden


    On the night of January 1st 2019, the large containership MSC Zoe sails on southerly route along the Dutch Wadden Islands during a northwesterly storm. The storm causes the ship to lose 345 containers, leading to large-scale pollution of the sea and Wadden Islands. The Dutch Safety Board asked the Deltares research institute and the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands, MARIN, to assist in an investigation. The aim: to answer two central questions: what could have caused the loss of containers above the Wadden Islands; and how can we prevent this in the future?

  • Monster wave Cargo Ships in storms


    ship in storms with monster waves, this big cargo ship in storm is facing a huge storm in the South Pacific Ocean in the Drake Passage, waves over 15 meters wind up to 60 knods,
    The waves also hit and submerge the stern
    This fully loaded oil tanker are sailing in a stormy sea, due to the dimension of the ship the waves seems small in did they are very big, wave over 20 meters wind up to 50 knods
    We can observe the waves crushing on the bridge, later waves hit also the lifeboat, The life boat is that up there
    We can appreciate the Footage of the bad cold weather and big waves over 10 meters during Atlantic Ocean passage to Europe. The rigid temperatures make ice on the deck

  • TERRIFYING Waves & Moments Captured Inside A SHIP IN STORM


    Ever Wondered How A Ship Looks Like In A Storm ?

    I will show you how exactly the forces of nature toss around a mega container ship .

    It's one of those moments where you realise how powerful the sea is & how even the biggest ships crumble under the stresses .

    I will also going be showing you as to how we prepare for such situations & hope for the best ????????

    #ShipInStorm #RoughWeather #Typhoon

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  • Load straps break, tons of cargo sent overboard


    Watch what happens when these load straps break, spilling tons and tons of precious cargo overboard and into the sea. Unbelievable!

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    #oneapus #marinners4you
    A container ship that was hit by stormy weather off the coast of Hawaii and spilled a large amount of cargo landed on Rokko Island in Kobe City .
    The container ship ONE APUS that called at Kobe Port is a cargo ship that has a total length of 364 meters and can carry approximately 14,000 TEUs.

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    ???? TOM CRUISE Working as a Crane Operator

    ???? Container Ship Approaching (ACCIDENTS)

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  • Container Ship Goes through Big Waves In Storm! Large Container Ships In Bosphorus


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  • Top 10 ships in storm Part 2 Terrifying Monster Waves


    The ships caught in the strongest storm in the ocean. Part 2. Subscribe to the channel
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  • Cargo Ship Loses Nearly 2,000 Containers During Storm


    A cargo ship lost almost 2,000 containers at sea in rough weather on its way to Japan.

    MV ONE Apus reportedly encountered 52-foot waves during a storm in the Pacific Ocean.

    According to the South China Morning Post, it is the second-largest cargo loss in history after the sinking of the MOL Comfort in 2013.

    #CargoLoss #CargoShip #Japan

    Report by Gianluca Avagnina.

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  • Container ship + bad weather + Atlantic ocean.


    Контейнеровоз + плохая погода + Атлантический океан.

  • Container Chaos: Ship loses 270 containers in North Sea storm


    Some of the cargo has washed up on islands north of the Dutch and German coastlines. That's led to people on shore launching treasure hunts. Now authorities are warning the public to stay away, saying there could be harmful chemicals. Philip Owira reports.
    #CargoContainer #NorthSea #LostContainers

  • Cargo Ship in Heavy Storm


    #Cargoship #Seastorm #roughsea
    Rough weather at sea symbolises the challenging and adventurous life of seafarers.

    Lives of seafarers can get challenging while transitting rough waters or encountering heavy storms at sea. It takes tremendous efforts on the part of the entire crew to manage the ship during these situations. However, seafarers readily accept the challenge by saying “I am not afraid of the storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship”.

    Confronting heavy weather situation is not only the time for being extra careful on ships but also a perfect opportunity to appreciate the great might of the sea and to capture those rare videos in the lens if the situation permits.

    Watch huge tanker ship sailing through extreme weather with heavy winds in the North Atlantic Ocean.

  • SHIPS IN STORM Horrible FOOTAGE || Life At Sea - Huge Swell Meets Tanker Video


    SHIPS IN STORM Horrible FOOTAGE || Life At Sea - Huge Swell Meets Tanker Video

  • ONE APUS Containers Ship Arrived at KOBE, Japan 08/12/2020 after in a severe storm in the Pacific


    #oneapus #containership ONE APUS 神戸港接岸
    Update Show as MV ONE APUS Arrives in Kobe after This containers ship in a severe storm in the Pacific Ocean
    Container Ship Disaster 2020

    MV ONE Apus sailed into Japan’s Osaka Bay on Tuesday giving us a first good view of the devastation on board the ship after it lost nearly 2,000 containers in a Pacific Ocean storm.

    The ship arrived at Rokk? Island at the Port of Kobe on Tuesday morning, AIS ship tracking showed.

    We’re also getting a better idea today of the hazardous cargo lost from the vessel. An update Monday from the ship’s owners and managers confirmed the contents of the 64 Dangerous Goods containers, which were among the 1,816 containers lost or damaged after the vessel encountered heavy weather on November 30 as it sailed from Asia to the U.S. West Coast.

    According to the update, 54 of the Dangerous Goods containers carried fireworks, eight held batteries and two contained liquid ethanol.

    To date, there have been no sightings of containers in the water.

    The ONE Apus was underway to form Yantian, China to Long Beach, California when encountered severe weather approximately 1,600 nautical miles northwest of Hawaii. Heavy rolling caused approximately 1,816 containers to become dislodged.

    “We are continuing to liaise with the JRCC in Honolulu, who has advised that there have not been sightings of any containers as yet,” said today’s update from Chidori Ship Holding LLC and NYK Shipmanagement Pte Ltd, as the ship’s owners and managers, respectively.

    The ONE Apus was proceeding to the Port of Kobe as of Monday.

    The vessel is cautiously proceeding to the port of Kobe, Japan with an ETB of 1200LT on December 8, subject to all operations proceeding as planned,” the update said. “The priority remains on getting the ship and crew safely to port. Once berthed, it’s expected to take some time to offload the dislodged containers that remain on board. Then, a thorough assessment will be made on the exact number and type of containers that have been lost or damaged.”

    The ONE Apus is a 14,000 TEU containership built-in 2019 measuring 364-meters in length and sailing under the Japanese flag. The vessel is operated by Japan’s Ocean Network Express on the Far East Pacific 2 (FP2)
    one apus Container Ship collapse accident
    credits channel to

    Container Ship video

  • Gulf Livestock 1 Ship Carrying 5867 Cattle & 43 Crew Capsizes off Japan


    A cargo ship carrying 5,867 cattle and 43 crew capsized off Japan. UAE-based Gulf Navigation owned Panamanian flagged 450 feet Gulf Livestock 1 sent a distress call near Amami Oshima Island in southwestern Japan after Category 4 storm Typhoon Maysak battered the region with winds up to 160 kilometers per hour. The ship's engine failed as it was hit by a wave, causing it to capsize. One of the boat’s engines had stalled and the vessel was overturned by a powerful wave before eventually sinking. Dead cows from the boat have also been seen in the waves. Horrific images have emerged showing water pouring into the doomed Gulf Livestock 1 which has not been seen since it sailed into a typhoon. The images show panicked crew members, battling to keep the ship afloat while water starts to pool at their feet. Japanese authorities have been racing to find dozens of missing sailors. A first survivor 45 year old Filipino chief officer was found on Wednesday evening, with the body of a second crew member recovered at sea early Friday. Coast guard found a second survivor on Friday afternoon, a 30-year-old Filipino man, who was spotted in a life raft several kilometers from Kodakarajima, a remote island in southwestern Japan. The man, identified as a deckhand, was reached by a patrol boat and was alone in the raft. The rescue effort was initially hampered by rough seas, strong winds and torrential rain. Rescuers have also spotted the dead bodies of dozens of cattle floating in the ocean near the areas where the men were found, along with a bundle of orange rope and part of another lifejacket bearing the ship’s name. Aircraft, boats and divers continue to scour the ocean.The ship had left Napier Port in New Zealand on 14 August loaded with 5,867 cattle and 43 crew, 39 from the Philippines, 2 from Australia and 2 from New Zealand. It was headed to the port of Jingtan in Tangshan in China, with the journey expected to take 17 days. The ship was technically managed and crewed by Germany's Marconsult Schiffarht GMBH, while the commercial manager is Jordan-based Hijazi & Ghosheh Co.A spokesperson for Maritime New Zealand said standard safety surveys were undertaken on the Gulf Livestock 1 both on arrival at and departure from Napier port, including inspections of livestock carriers and pens and no irregularities or issues were notedA December inspection report from Indonesian authorities logged issues with the ship's propulsion and auxiliary machinery. The issues included deficiencies with the propulsion main engine and gauges, thermometers. A 2019 report by the Australian government on the cattle ship's transit in June from Australia to Indonesia noted the vessel's departure was delayed for a week because of stability and navigation issues identified by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. Gulf Livestock 1 was detained by the Australian authorities for three days in May 2019, because of issues related to its navigation Electronic Chart Display and Information System. The report cited both a lack of up-to-date charts and training for officers using the system.A report on the website of FleetMon, a German-based maritime tracking site, shows the ship, under its previous name of Rahmeh, anchored off the Turkish coast in September 2018 to fix a mechanical problem that required the delivery of spare parts. The FleetMon report also noted some concern from local residents about the ship's extended stay at Cesme port, because livestock on a previous voyage had been found to be infected with anthrax.The sinking brought added scrutiny onto shipping livestock by sea. New Zealand on Thursday suspended all live exports. After thousands of exported animals died in transit last year, New Zealand's government launched a review into live animal exports, an industry worth around NZD 54 million a year. Nearly 40,000 cattle have been exported so far this year, Animals rights activists say the move did not go far enough because the transnational livestock trade is rife with abuses. New Zealand based animal welfare group Save Animals has demanded a ban on live export. It said “On 3 September, the Ministry for Primary Industries announced it has temporarily suspended live exports of cattle. This temporary ban needs to be made permanent. This disaster has highlighted the incredible risks both human and animal lives are put in on live export ships. We need to ensure this never happens again. Ultimately, this is a trade that has to be banned.”

    #BanLivestockExport #SAFEnewzealand #AnimalsAus

  • K-STORM, Container Ship


    The Vessel K-STORM arrives at Port Everglades from Port Au Prince, Haiti.

    Watch More Big Vessels on the Cargo & Container Ships Playlist :

    All Rights Reserved.

    Amazing LED Yacht lights in Miami: Miami River Yachts Party All Night Long / ZIPZAPPOWER


  • Top 10 Large Container Ships In Giant Storm


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  • Kuril Islands dispute: Russia summons Japanese ambassador


    The Russian Foreign Ministry has summoned the Japanese ambassador over comments from Tokyo about the status of the disputed southern Kuril islands.


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    #RT (Russia Today) is a global #news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

  • SOUTH AFRICA / WEATHER: Greek freighter ship goes aground in storm



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    Greek cargo ship goes aground and breaks up during gale off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa.

    Full Description:

    SOUTH AFRICA: Cape Town:
    CAPE TOWN Greek freighter George M. Livarnos goes aground off of the Green Point Lighthouse, off Cape Town. Fire breaks out on board and bales of wool from her cargo are seen floating in the sea

    SHIPPING Greek freighter George M. Livarnos goes aground near Green Point Lighthouse off Capetown. Fire breaks out on board and ship is seen burning with bales of wool her cargo floating in the sea

    South Africa; Greece; Ships and Boats; Disasters and Accidents
    Background: Greek cargo ship goes aground and breaks up during gale off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa.

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    Archive: Reuters
    Archive managed by: British Pathé

  • Top 10 Ships In Storm! Giant Waves In Ocean


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  • Cargo Ship Loses 1816 Containers During A Storm Believed Biggest Weather Related Loss


    A cargo ship lost 1,816 containers after they toppled overboard during a storm en route to Japan in what is believed to be the biggest weather-related cargo loss in history.

    The container ship, ONE Apus, arrived at the Port of Kobe, Japan, on Tuesday after an eight-day journey from the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

    A full safety inspection is currently underway to discover the full extent of the damage.

    The storm hit in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the containers were lost 1,600 nautical miles (1,841 miles) northwest of Hawaii.

    Some 64 dangerous goods containers were lost, alongside 54 with fireworks, eight with batteries and two with liquid ethanol.

    The ship reportedly encountered 52ft waves during its journey and a 'long high swell'.

    ONE Apus is a 1,194ft cargo ship which can hold 14,000 containers roughly measuring 20ft each.

    It is operated by Ocean Network Express on the Far East Pacific 2 Service.

    Its cargo loss is believed to be the biggest weather-related cargo loss in history.

    The owners and managers of the ship said, 'The vessel’s operational equipment, cargo gear, and propulsion machinery are in good condition and the officers and ratings are highly motivated, experienced, loyal and well-trained seafarers,' according to G Captain.

    'The root cause analysis and full investigation will look at all aspects of the situation, including the vessel’s routing, loading, equipment and fitness for purpose in very extreme weather. We must ensure no such loss occurs again.'

    Music: Life Long - Anno Domini Beats

  • Russian army to boost presence around disputed Kuril Islands


    Russia's Ministry of Defense has announced it will upgrade its military presence around the disputed Kuril Islands, which Japan claims as part of its territory. It has alsoG issued a statement saying that developing military infrastructure by 2020 on Sakhalin, the Kuril island ring in the Arctic zone, will be a state priority. This coincides with the G7 summit, where Japan and other members of G7 said they could be forced to extend sanctions on Russia.

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  • Japan Russia feud over Kuril islands


    Videographic on the Kuril islands. The leaders of Russia and Japan met in Moscow for talks over the Kuril islands dispute, that has long prevented agreement on a peace treaty to formally end World War II.VIDEOGRAPHICS

  • Container Ship get into difficulty in storm


    A storm in Durban caused all sorts of problems for a massive container ship
    The storm swept through the city causing flooding This ship was stuck in the mouth of Durban Harbour

  • Japan reacts to Russia’s plan to develop disputed Kuril Islands


    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday that he has ordered the government to draft a 10-year development plan of the Kuril Islands, which Japan refers to as the Northern Territories. The Russian prime minister also said he intends to visit the islands. This has invoked a strong reaction from Japan. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said that Japan strongly urges the Russian leader not to visit the Northern Territories.

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  • Cargo ship sinks in Storm


    Cargo ship sinks in Storm

  • Container ship about to lose its cargo


    A container ship enters England's Newcastle Harbor with containers in danger of falling overboard

  • Ships in Storms ???? TopX monster waves


    Short version ships in storms with monster waves. These ships is crossing the Atlantic ocean ending up in a storm in the Arctic sea, Panamax type vessel in a storm with waves over 50 ft wind 75-80 knots, Cargo ship fully loaded with 30000 logs in a big storm with wind over 80 knots and wave exceeding 10 meters, medium ship in storm taking full waves.

    courtesy of:

    Dimitris Chatzitheodorou
    Ersen Ucak
    Mohammad Murad

  • Ship rolling in the Mediterranean sea, life in cabin


    My wife tries to enjoy life at sea.
    I did delete the original video and uploaded a shorter version (5 minutes less)

  • 10 LARGE Tanker Ships In STORMS Compilation 2020! HUGE Waves I SHIPS FANATIC


    Featuring the 10 LARGE Tanker Ships In STORMS Compilation Videos Of 2020.

    An oil tanker, also known as a petroleum tanker, is a vessel designed to carry oil or its products in bulk.

    Navigation in heavy weather or tropical storm areas is a common situation, particularly when the vessel is sailing in tropical oceans. All severe weather and tropical storms allow the crew to plan and respond immediately to ensure the safe passage of the vessel with little or less harm to the cargo of the vessel or even to the crew of the vessel.

    Ship ventured into Storm. The ship must have its bow (the front end) pointed into the waves to safely plow through them because a large wave impacting the side of the ship could tip the vessel over and sink it.

    ????For more video updates please, LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE to this channel.
    Enjoy watching and a happy weekend to everyone.


  • Florida man stranded in ocean rescued by cargo ship


    Man was reported him missing on Friday after he failed to return from a boating trip, he was found alive on Sunday

  • View Of Container Ship From Small Boat | Life At Sea


    How a large container ship looks from a small pleasure boat. A cargo ship is inbound for the Wando Welch terminal in Charleston, SC. Watch as we take a pass around it in a small center console and then anchor off the terminal to get some drone shots of the ship docking.

    Music: YouTube Audio Library- Spring In My Step by Silent Partner, Lazy Day by Audionautix

    #charleston #cargoship #containership

  • Large Oil Tanker Ships Goes Across Strong Waves In Storm Shipspotting Istanbul


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  • Losing Cargo in rough sea


    Vessel is losing cargo in heavy sea.

  • Russia: First group of Japanese tourists visit Kuril Islands


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    The first group of Japanese tourists arrived in Yuzhno-Kurilsk, located on the island of Kunashir, on Wednesday within the framework of the joint Russian-Japanese tourism project in the Kuril Islands.

    According to the Japanese Foreign Ministry, the first group of tourists included 44 people, including representatives of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Japan National Tourism Organisation. Guests visited the main sights: the ‘Devil’s finger’ sea stack, the ‘Stolbchaty’ cape, the Yuzhno-Kurilsk local museum named after F.I. Pyzhyanov, and the old Japanese cemetery.

    All this makes me nostalgic, because you don't always see such things in Japan, and it's nice to see such things at exhibition, said one of the tourists to reporters.

    The estimated price of the tour is reportedly about 300,000 yen (about €2,691 ($3,000).

    Video ID: 20191030-035

    Video on Demand:


  • A Cargo vessel struggling in Rough weather


    Cargo ship, struggling, Rough weather

  • Huge Ship in Storm off of California, USA


    The containership Hyundai Discovery on route from Long Beach to San Francisco in June 2008 rolling in the heavy seas. Amazing how these large vessels can take on such severe met conditions! (Largest roll approx 17secs into video)



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