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this Wave Pool Cost $100 per SECOND to ride

  • this Wave Pool Cost $100 per SECOND to ride



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  • Wave pool built by Kelly Slater


    Production: Aether Films (
    Director: Andrew Mackenzie; Producers: Kyle Bullington & Davis DiLillo; Executive Producers: John Moore & Noah Grimmett; Camera I: Gordon Yould ; Camera II: Seth Naugle; Aerial Cinematography: Davis DiLillo, Kyle Bullington, Andrew Mackenzie Water Cinematography: Daren Vinson Crawford; AC Camera I: Brooks Burgoon; AC Camera II: Jeff Ball, AC Camera III: Josh Hill Production Coordinator: Dana Kurth; DIT: Bruce Schultz; Editing: Gordon Yould & Andrew Mackenzie; Color: Seth Naugle; Music: DARKSIDE

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  • 5 CRAZY Wave Pools That Actually Exist! | Trend Smash


    5 CRAZY Wave Pools That Actually Exist! | Trend Smash

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    Big Wave Pool Mt. Olympus Poseidon's Rage - HUGE WAVE:


    It’s 240 Feet wide, 360 feet long and holds over 12 million gallons of water. This is the MASK; the Maneuvering and Seakeeping Basin at the Naval Surface Warfare Center at Carderock. It’s one of the largest (if not the largest) indoor oceans in the world, making the MASK the most advanced test facility of its kind.

    Conswavemakers the facility started late in 2010, and was completed in autumn 2013. The opening was on 5 June 2014, with the Energy Minister Amber Rudd of the socially opening the facility on 6 Au15-meter4. FloWave TT is a 2-meter owned subsidiary of the university, and the thoptimizednstruction cost of the facility was primarily funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

    Number 3: Wave Research Laboratory

    O. H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory is a research facility in Corvallis, Oregon, United States. Operated by Oregon State University’s Coastal & Ocean Engineering Program within the Department of Civil, wholly-owned, and Environmental Engineering.

    It contains two wave basins and a long wave flume. The Tsunami Wave Basin is the largest tsunami simulator in the world. The first wave research equipment was the wave flume. It is 360 feet (110 m) long, 12 feet (3.7 m) wide, and 15 feet (4.6 m) deep. It is used to simulate the waves of the ocean, and creates 5-foot-high (1.5 m) waves with currents strong enough to surf on.

    Number 2: Surf Lakes

    You would be forgiven for thinking this is a scene from the newest Mad Max movie, complete with gigantic mechanical plunger and smoke-billowing engine. But no, this is Australia’s answer to the wave pool race. Surf Lake‘s feat of engineering isn’t just a pretty (albeit post-apocalyptic) face; with World champs Barton Lynch and Mark Occhilupo behind it, this behemoth was always destined to pump out some quality nugs.

    The innovative “5 Waves” technology is capable of producing multiple types of waves simulating seriously. This is thanks to the multidirectional design – something that is currently unique in inland surfing facilities. It is also the only artificial A-frame (a right and a left from the same swell line), meaning up to 240 surfers can each catch 10 waves per hour in the same session. Although the project is still in its research and development phase, this is certainly one to keep an eye on.

    Number 1: Surf Ranch by Kelly Slater Wave Co.

    This one needs no introduction. Kelly’s wave “broke the internet” when he first shared a glimpse of its potential. Now, after its second year, The Freshwater Pro seems to be a firm stop on the WSL world tour. Whether people like it or not is a different matter.

    The $30 million development is not currently publicly available. In fact, the design is so secret that the 100-ton hydrofoils (travelling at 19mph) are covered by tarp so even drones can’t get a glimpse of Kelly’s enigmatic creation. Adding to the mystery, the entire complex is supposedly 100% solar powered (an ode to Kelly’s other brainchild: the completely sustainable yet wildy overpriced clothing brand, Outerknown). Here, there is 1 wave every 4-5 minutes (it takes almost 3 minutes just for the pool water to be calm again after the traveling). It's also versatile enough to produce 50 different types of wave, while contours on the sea bed (can we call it that?) allow variation between sections (for solar-powered open face)

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  • Surf Lakes Launches Small-Scale Wave Pool for Suburban Areas


    The Australian wave pool company announced the development of a new reduced size model of its concentric artificial wave technology.

    The new compact inland surfing system occupies two hectares and will cost one-third less than its larger sibling, Surf Lakes XL.

    The new surf pool will also produce 2,000 waves per hour.

    The length of the ride is 50 meters (8-to-10 seconds) and the wave height reaches two meters.

    There will be waves for beginners and intermediate surfers.

    The cost of installation is $20 million and the construction time ranges between 9 and 12 months.

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    PUMPED' is a 13 minute insight into the Surf Lakes R&D facility near Yeppoon in Queensland, Australia.

    After making waves for a couple of year and the constant process of testing and refining them, In August 2020 we gathered a slew of Australia's best surfers (in a Covid safe manner of course!) to ride the new set up and share their honest & unbridled opinions and feedback.

    Enjoy 'PUMPED' and if you like what you see head to our website - and learn more! If you would like to develop one for your town or community check the SURF LAKES CORPORATE VIDEO on the home page.

    It's not just about riding the waves for us, it's about changing communities with the positive impact that surfing can bring and doing it with guaranteed offshore conditions with waves to suit all levels ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

  • the wave pool was shut down forever after this..


    the wave pool was shut down forever after this.. they got sued for this.. wave pool breaks and causes massive wave. in todays video we look at crazy wave pools.. inspired by perplexify trend spot itsowen skydiverge

    Concepts: wave pool, wave pool fail, wave pool breaks, wave, pool, azzyland, itsowen, skydiverge, kwebbelkop, water slide, water slides, amazing, funny, funny videos, infinite, wave pool malfunction, trend spot, perplexify, wave pools, wave pool surfing, wave pool breaks at worst time, wave pool tsunami

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    Kid CRIES After Dad DESTROYS PS5!

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    Kid CRIES After Dad DESTROYS PS5!

    Kid STEALS DADS Credit Card To Buy V-Bucks! (fortnite)

    Kid Falls Off Ride, Dad Does This..

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    dad torches PS5 after this.. (fortnite) trend spot

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    Kid steals car thinking he's in GTA 6.. (BIG MISTAKE!) perplexify

    Kid thinks he's playing GTA 6.. (STEALS CAR!) perplexify

    kid caught STEALING iPhone 12's.. (ARRESTED) perplexify

    Kid gets a FAKE PS5 for Birthday..

    Kid STEALS DADS Credit Card To Buy V-Bucks! (fortnite)

    the world's biggest spider.. itsowen

    bike path breaks at worst time... trend spot

    he stole a car and got chased... trend spot

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  • Wave Park | The New Wave Pool by Wavegarden


    The world's largest wave pool opened its doors to the public in Siheung, South Korea.

    Wave Park is a water sports structure on a new 167,000 square meter waterfront development on Turtle Island, less than an hour's drive from Seoul.

    Wavegarden's newest project offers over 20 different wave types ranging from small knee-high beginner waves to long, steep barrels.

    The Spanish company installed its The Cove technology, offering longer rides and a wide variety of waves.

    The first stage of the $2 billion project was completed in just 18 months and provides aquatic activities like kayaking, SUP, and swimming in zones with and without waves.

    The second stage of the development includes six hotels, convention centers, marinas, and museums.

  • I went surfing with Casey Neistat | Dixie DAmelio


    Hey guys! I was invited to go surfing with the legendary Casey Neistat and I couldn't say no. I hope you enjoy watching me surf!

    Listen to Be Happy


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  • The Wave Bristol - What To Know Before You Go! ????‍♂️ | Stoked For Travel


    Planning a trip to The Wave Bristol?
    Well here’s everything you need to know about the UK wave pool before you go!
    From how to catch more waves to can you get barrelled!

    ⬇️Book your spot at The Wave here ⬇️

    The Wave Bristol is the first UK wave pool from the guys behind the WaveGarden and has been pumping out artificial waves for just over a year now.

    And if you’re heading off to surf in Bristol (sounds weird right?!) here’s everything you need to know before you go!

    Amongst heaps of other things, I’ll be chatting about…

    ✅ What’s the water temp?
    ✅ Can you get barrelled?
    ✅ How much does The Wave cost?
    ✅ How many waves can you expect to ride?
    ✅ Is the UK wave pool worth the price tag?
    ✅ Tips on how to catch more waves
    ✅ Heaps of other tips to make the most of your day out!

    ⬇️ Read my full review of The Wave Bristol here ⬇️

    ⬇️ Check out my other vlog from the wave pool here ⬇️

    ⬇️ Book your session at The Wave here ⬇️

    **Cover photo image by Image Cabin -

    Additional surf footage by Charlotte from A Broad On A Board and The Wave


    0:00 The Wave Bristol
    0:11 Intro
    0:43 The Cost
    1:17 Make Sure You Can Surf!
    1:55 Pick The Right Level
    2:32 Off-Peak Sessions
    3:16 Are There Barrels?
    3:41 Water Temp
    4:20 Wave Count
    5:03 What Board To Take
    5:44 Do I Need My Own Gear?
    6:32 Lefts & Rights
    6:58 Arrive Early
    7:33 Wave Catching Technique
    8:40 Surf Lessons
    9:13 The Cafe
    9:38 Is It Worth It?
    10:57 Useful Links

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    I’m Chris - award winning travel blogger, surfer, photographer and ocean lover originally from Devon in the UK. Since 2009 I've been bouncing around the world sharing my adventures and providing reviews, advice and tips to help you plan your own adventure!

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  • I was not expecting the SURF to be this good


    It's not often that we get this good of a swell combined with insanely talented surfers like: Koa Smith, Travis Logie, Luke Davis, Alex Fry, Mason Barnes, Beck Adler and a slew of others.
    What made this swell stick out was the peaky, highly shreddable waves instead of the normal beach break closeout barrels.
    The best part was that we were not expecting it to be good!
    Thanks for watching! I'm Brad Jacobson and I'll see you on the sand.
    Music: Dialgo

  • Surfing record size citywave USA - the worlds biggest stationary wave


    First footage of the 50ft. (16m) wide wave at Lakeside Surf in Chelan, WA, USA.

    More info:

  • My Surf Ranch Visit - Kelly Slater Wavepool


    I was invited to surf at the Surf Ranch (Kelly Slater Wave pool) this past Saturday by Geoff, a cardiologist out of Irvine CA. He found my channel and generously offered me a spot in a few of the night heats.

    I have to say, by far, leaps and bounds, the best surf trip I have ever taken. The only thing that could have made it better was if my brother decided to surf. Anyways, let me know what you think.

    Had a few more points to make but forgot to mention it in the video. One is that unlike a ocean wave, you can't really visually see what is going to happen or dictate the pace of the wave, but if you surf it enough, I guess you would know that vs see that. That part is very interesting to say the least.

    It was an amazing experience and glad I got to do it. I truly hope, that some if not all of you get to do it someday as well. I know that if this channel ever gets big enough, I will do my best to pay it forward.

    Thanks Geoff for inviting me.
    Thanks Noel for driving up with me.
    Thanks WSL and Surf Ranch staff for making it an amazing experience. Thanks Kelly Slater for building it. BTW, if you need pointers on how not to get barreled, call me.


  • Surfing Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool


    Some highlight clips from a full day of surfing at Kelly Slater’s wave pool known as the Surf Ranch. We surfed 3 one-hour sessions sharing waves between myself, Gavin Nelson, Chase Nelson and Redge Bendheim. The experience was first class all around. We aren’t pro surfers but the stoke is real and we had an epic time!

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  • Endless PERFECTION at CALIFORNIA wave pool


    Here's Griffin Colapinto and Conner Coffin scoring endless perfection at the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch.

    Be sure to subscribe, like, and drop a comment! Really helps out the channel, thanks!

    Video by Jacob Vanderwork






    - Couch Surfing Giant Shorebreak





  • Kelly Slater goes Richter at the wave pool


    Kelly Slater throws down an epic performance at the Rumble at the Ranch surfing contest. This wave pool event beat all of our expectations. Less supply = more demand. Good show.

    Footage via the WSL webcast.

    Thank you for watching Pro Surf Blog

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  • Surfing WACO the extended version!


    Getting the chance to join friends at BSR Surf Resort in Waco, TX was a highlight of the summer! We had a ton of footage so we thought we would drop it here, hope you enjoy!!

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  • Surf Ranch with Kelly Slater


    I had a chance to head out to Kelly Slater's surf ranch. Kelly invited a bunch of us out here after the Keiki Classic a kids surfing event on the big island.

    Big thanks to John Decesare for the rad clips and drone shots.

    What’s up! I’m Jackson Dorian, I’m a 13-year-old surfer from Hawaii. Follow along on my journey of surfing as much as I can and traveling whenever I get the chance! We are going to be dropping some fun videos all year, please comment below if you have any suggestions or ideas for videos! Would love for you to subscribe.

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  • How can surf lakes produce more than 2000 rides an hour?


    FAQ Series #1: How can surf lakes produce more than 2000 rides an hour?
    #surfparks #surflakes #yeppoon

  • IS THIS AUSTRALIA’S BEST WAVE POOL? URBNSURF Updated Review Wave Pool Melbourne


    Urbn Surf in Melbourne is like Disneyland for surfers. It is a special place where a piece of my heart now resides after spending this delicious week trying out their new wave menu for 2021!

    This was not a paid review.

    Videography by Kim Pedersen @kimpedersenvideography - edit by me!

    Now, in HUGE, exciting news, I am hosting 4x intermediate day retreats down at the pool in February 2021 and you're invited!! Grab a spot whilst they're open because they won't last long!

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  • Kelly Slater’s biggest fan


    Legend, dude on another level

  • Longboarding at the Surf Lakes Wave Pool in Yeppoon


    Over the past two weeks, the waves have been pumping at the Surf Lakes R&D facility in Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia.

    The days of testing were a huge success with all who were able to witness the sessions being simply blown away by the sheer perfection of the man-made swells.

    With machine reached stroke heights of almost 4.5 meters, and the resulting waves were spectacular, to say the least.

    Surf Lakes' team of Mark, Jay, and now Jonah Occhilupo, Ben Player, Luca Doble with guests Dean Morrison, Dale Chapman (foil) and more, were completely in awe of the shape and power behind the swells which are now breaking across all four breaks.

    While Occy spent most of his time perfecting his approach to and increasing his barrel time on his namesake wave Occy's Peak, Player and Morrison returned to The Island where slabs were being served up and conquered.

    Later joined by Jay Occhilupo, the show on the famed break was amazing.

    While Player was casual sliding through the perfect peelers, Dingo and Jay were dramatically dropping through the roof to tuck into some quality drainers.

    While most eyes were watching the Level Four and Level Five waves within the lake, The Level Two Beachie was also hosting some incredibly fun rides where Luca Doble and good friend Charlotte Lethbridge were laughing while cruising on party waves.

    The Wedge also provided some fast barreling sections and will be a challenging wave, more suited to bodyboarders.

    Overall, adjustments to the bathymetry of each break have proven to be a winner.

    The CWD (Central Wave Device) performed consistently throughout the latest testing as head engineer, Kit Sidwell focused on producing sets of four waves sets, all the while making tuning adjustments to improve height and wave quality.

    As there are eight separate breaks in the lake, a four-wave set produces 32 surfable waves, all within 60 seconds.

    In upcoming testing, Surf Lakes is aiming to get the CWD to maximum stroke, to produce even larger waves.

    Video by Talon Clemow/Surf Lakes

  • kite surfing idiot nearly cut my feet off


    surf music -
    other music -
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  • E1035: SoftBanks Jeff Housenbold on deploying $100B Vision Fund, creating moats via capital & more!


    SoftBank Managing Partner Jeff Housenbold on deploying the $100B Vision Fund, getting recruited by Masayoshi Son, counseling founders to manage massive capital, creating moats, reasons for shift toward profits, lessons from WeWork & more

    0:40 Jason intros Jeff Housenbold
    2:16 What did Jeff do before joining the Vision Fund? How did he help scale eBay & Shutterfly?
    4:15 How did he wind up at SoftBank? What was it like being recruited by Masayoshi Son? How did Masa pitch the Vision Fund to Jeff?
    13:28 What was the timeframe for deploying the $100B Vision Fund?
    18:10 How does SoftBank size their bets and how do they counsel founders to handle massive amounts of capital?
    20:07 Coaching founders on using capital to create talent moats & build brand partnerships
    22:17 Scaling their diligence alongside their capital deployment, understanding core customers & focusing on positive unit economics
    28:30 How did the Uber & Didi deals go down? How close was SoftBank to investing in Lyft instead of Uber?
    33:23 How SoftBank looks at investing in adjacent companies and mergers
    38:42 Jeff's background & the importance of education in changing your lot in life
    46:07 Changing focus from Growth to Profits, the effect of short-term thinking and its impact on Dara and Uber since their 2019 IPO
    57:23 Thoughts on VTOL? Will we see VTOL vehicles or self-driving first?
    1:02:16 Jeff's take on Coronavirus and its impact on the markets & how founders and CEOs can combat market volatility
    1:09:38 Portfolio Review: Zume Pizza
    1:11:32 Portfolio Review: Katerra
    1:14:03 Jason guesses the toughest 4 industries to penetrate
    1:15:03 Portfolio Review: Plenty
    1:19:29 Portfolio Review: Memphis Meats
    1:23:05 What happened with the WeWork investment? What % does SoftBank now own, and can they turn it around? What are some lessons learned from the entire saga?
    1:27:13 Jeff shares some Jeff-ism's of Business
    1:27:52 How is the Vision Fund II raise coming along?
    1:28:36 How the scale of the Vision Fund impacts people's ability to understand their investments
    1:32:05 For founders: When is the right time to engage with SoftBank?

    A HUGE Thanks to our generous Patreon supporters: Stefan Samne, Niall Dennehy, Tom Meagher, Abdel Bioud, Carlos Aguilar, Podcast Notes, Mike Jonas, Tasneem, Vin Dowling, Stefano Vettorazzi, Mikael Pawlo, Luke Mroz, Tim-Kress Spatz, Dith Na, Jeremy Davidson, Clayton Memele, Scott LaVictor, Kirstan Barnett, David Wolkin, Darius Vasefi, Liron Shapira, Hassan Albalawi, Dominik Faber, Anthony Holley, Blaine Tanner, David Bailey, Marc Cyr, Monika Norwid, Ron Berkes, Russell S Holmes, Nicholas Wickman, Ryan Morrison, Robera Geleta, Barrie Heptonstall, Eric Dewhirst, Tony Bova, Bob Wilkinson, Ashon, Victor Izmaylov, Igor Ostrovsky, Alistair Palmar, Brian Kearns, Straight Cash Homie, Gordon Gooch, Said Saad, Ron Theis, Florian Schwarz, Scott Gay, Andy Vinh, Almuhtada Smith, Dave Rimmer, Arnaud Devie, Tim Shnaider, Brian Kearns, Dave, Steve Bernat, Cynthia, Ayo Dele, Chris Swain, Space Mining, Jack Reichert, Zen Lenon, Pam, Nick, Miguel Solano JJ, David Daily, Mark John, Tolu, John Malatras, Steven S, Franco Vargas Golac, CJ, Steven Kimbrough, Prakash Chandran & @moaz!!!

  • Surfing at an ABANDONED WATER PARK


    MUSIC -
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  • BEST Wave Pool Experience EVER! Kelly Slater Surf Ranch w/ Casey Neistat


    Absolutely honored to be invited to the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch for Casey Neistat's birthday party! Completely blown away by the level of fun we had today, barrels, novelty waves, epic humans, this was the best wave pool experience I've ever had & I'm just tripping on it. THANK YOU CASEY for an aamzing day & to everyone who made it so fun & special. FOR THE DREAM!!! - Ben

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    Teenage Emotions

    Crash and Burn
    Elliot Holmes

  • Surf Ranch Wave


    2/18/21 at Kelly Slater Wave Ranch.

  • Heres what to expect IF you get a golden ticket to surf Kelly Slaters wave pool.


    Kelly Slater's WAVE Pool, what to expect when going.
    Check out the footage towards the end, this wave is insane.
    Yes, the KS Wave pool is not a true wave born from the ocean...but it is most consistent wave I've ever seen.
    I was hired to shoot a group of surfers at the wave pool. I didn't know what to expect before showing up. Was it one wave that broke down the middle and went on you hundreds of yards? Is there a pecking order or does everyone go whenever they want?
    This is why I produced this video, to fill you in with answers. Hopefully I explained it well. Feel free to ask me any questions in the the comments below.
    Music: (in order of appearance): Denita, Shtriker and Raif B-Levy.
    Thanks for watching!

  • Water and Waves have Arrived!


    Hey Team,

    Water is in the wave pool, its clear and ready for waves. Follow me around the pump house to see how the filters operate and hear the wave maker in operation!

    The wave pool is approximately 500k Gallons.

    Under no circumstances will ThePoolGuy be responsible or liable in any way for any content, including but not limited to, any errors or omissions in the content, or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of any content communicated on this YouTube page, whether by ThePoolGuy a third party. In no event shall ThePoolGuy be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits arising out of or in connection with the availability, use or performance of any information communicated on this YouTube page.

  • The Gates boys at Kellys Surf Ranch


  • surfin


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  • Wave Pool Compilation 2020


    We were lucky enough to take a couple of awesome trips to the Palm Springs Wave Pool and BSR Wave pool this year. We were invited by @Sky & Ocean to join their sessions at BSR in Waco, Texas and were accompanied by Kevin Schulz, Heimana Reynolds, Taj Lindblad, and Sawyer Lindblad

    Riders IG: @Heimana_reynolds @Kevin_schulz @Tajlinblad @sawyerlinblad @oceanbrown @skybrown

    Filmed and edited by @andre_magarao on IG
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    Perfect Sand Bar formed by a River Break: Bodyboarding W/ @Jamie O'Brien:

    RAW: How To Scooter Skim a River Wave


    #wavepool #palmsprings #California

  • The Other New Jersey Wave Pool!


    I've been having a ton of fun bringing you guys daily content for the past few days. I have a lot of renovation work to do at my house so I'm not sure how long I can keep it up, but thank you for all of the support while watching & I'm stoked to bring you the other New Jersey wave pool at the Aemrican Dream mall, the Surfstream! Super fun & painful, Enjoy !! - Ben

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  • Wave Pool Pre-Season Prep Ep.1


    This is the first video in the Wave Pool Pre-Season Prep series. Follow me to watch as my team and I complete prep work and inspections to finally get water into the wave pool and test it out.

    Under no circumstances will ThePoolGuy be responsible or liable in any way for any content, including but not limited to, any errors or omissions in the content, or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of any content communicated on this YouTube page, whether by ThePoolGuy a third party. In no event shall ThePoolGuy be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits arising out of or in connection with the availability, use or performance of any information communicated on this YouTube page.

  • BEST Wave Pool Experience of my LIFE!


    This is an absolute honor to be the host of a surf night at Skudin Surf at the American Dream Mall wave pool. By far my best wave pool experience ever! Thank you to the Nub Nation for the stoke, love & support! FOR THE DREAM!!!

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  • This is like Waimea Rive wave on steroids: Surf park, worlds largest standing wave pool coming to


    Things could look a lot different around Ewa Beach next year. Visitors and kamaaina can expect a first of its kind surf park venue.

  • This is the BEST man-made Novelty Wave in America!


    This is the best! Soaky Mountain water park in Tennessee by far blew my expectations of what this surf trip was going to be like. When I agree to surfing weird waves like this I usually have no idea what to expect & it can be scary. But, when we saw that lazy river turn on we knew the stoke was ON!!! Thanks for everything Nub Nation!! FOR THE WIN!! - Love Ben

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    Soft Top Surfboards:

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    Music in this VLOG:

    Long Distance Travel
    Radio Night

    Cops Needing a Break
    Radio Night

    A Dolphin Serenade
    Josef Bel Habib

    Plains of Illeyneth
    Dragon Tamer

    Get Up Again (Instrumental Version)
    Gamma Skies
    Spare Me
    Mothers Madness

    Wanna Get to Know You (Instrumental Version)
    Gamma Skies

  • Wave Pool


    The heart of your water park a wave pool offers something for every age and play type; an essential part of your attractions mix

  • Wave Pool Main Drains and the Wave Chamber


    This is a continuation of the first video I posted about the pool grates. In this video, I go into more detail about the operations of the wave maker and the main drains.

    Under no circumstances will ThePoolGuy be responsible or liable in any way for any content, including but not limited to, any errors or omissions in the content, or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of any content communicated on this YouTube page, whether by ThePoolGuy a third party. In no event shall ThePoolGuy be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits arising out of or in connection with the availability, use or performance of any information communicated on this YouTube page.

  • Wave Pool


  • HSN | Home Solutions 02.10.2017 - 01 AM


    Problem solving products for in and around the home. Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View to view the current selling price.SHOP NOW

  • Wave Pool: Mom&cole Vlog



  • Intro Sunnfjord Waves Prosjekt


  • Nick Hounsfield Surf Park Insider


    Nick Hounsfield, founder of The Wave Bristol, a Surf Loch wave pool under development, talks about creating meaningful surfing spaces.

  • #Shorts Wave Pool Jersey First Time Vs Ocean


    #Shorts Wave Pool Jersey First Time Vs Ocean

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  • A Night Surfing Session at the Wave Park


    The world's largest wave pool organized a night surfing session.

    Located in Siheung, South Korea, the Wave Park is powered by Wavegarden's The Cove.

    The Spanish company's newest project offers over 20 different wave types ranging from small, knee-high, beginner waves to long, steep barrels.

    Wave Park is located on a new 167,000 square meter waterfront development on Turtle Island, less than an hour's drive from Seoul.

    The South Korean wave pool opened to the public on October 12, 2020.

    Watch the test pilots Kai and Hans Odriozola, and Eneko Merino unleash multiple turns and get barreled off their heads during a late night session.

  • The Wave Menu for Longboarding at South Koreas Wave Park


    Wave Park, the world's largest wave pool, has a complete wave menu for longboarders and longboarding.

    The South Korean surfing lagoon can morph into some of the most iconic longboard breaks on the planet and mimick each type of wave.

    Watch Korean longboarders cross-stepping several well-known surf spots like Waikiki, Noosa Point, and Baja.

    The Malibu Wave Menu is one of the carefully curated wave playlists that has been programmed by Wavegarden's The Cove technology.

    The artificial wave system can produce waves of various sizes and degrees of difficulty for all longboarders.

    Surfers can hang ten and nose ride each wave to the shoreline for almost a minute.

    Wave Park is one of the many entertainment structures available at Turtle Island, in Siheung, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

  • FIRST TIME Riding This Cape Town SLAB | RAW POV


    This session was from earlier in 2020 when I got the chance to get some waves at this slab. This is my first session out there with the GoPro, wave for wave account.

    Intro By:
    Daniel Krige -

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  • Surf Ranch Nicaragua ????????


    Central America

  • Will I ever finish this Gokart?


    Created by InShot



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