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  • The Untold Truth Of MrBeast Burger


    YouTube star MrBeast has made a massive name for himself by giving away cars, money, tech gear and, most recently, food. In December, he launched 300 virtual kitchens as part of a new food enterprise called MrBeast Burger. Here's the true story behind MrBeast's first venture into the world of fast food.

    While the YouTube video in which MrBeast and friends served their first customers might make it look like you can visit this restaurant chain in person to pick up your burger and fries, the actual operation is 100 percent delivery-only.

    After taking over an existing restaurant to make the video happen, MrBeast Burger launched in earnest as an online-only operation. So while people in the video walked away with burgers, money, and sometimes both, people ordering online ended up having a totally different kind of experience.

    The company uses multiple third-party delivery apps to get food to customers, which can mean the chain has less control when it comes to quality upon delivery.

    Some customers complained online about ordering crispy french fries that turned soft during the delivery process, but commentators like Keemstar defended MrBeast with the argument that these kinds of things happen with all delivery restaurants, even well-established ones. Other customers with air fryers made videos showing themselves getting good results by re-crisping the fries themselves before digging in.

    MrBeast himself addressed those quality complaints directly on December 20, 2020, writing on Twitter in a reply to Keemstar,

    I’ll be the first to admit we are not perfect! An overwhelming majority of people are happy with their orders but yeah, some people had problems and I will gladly refund them and do what I have to to make it right!

    For now all of the Mr Beast Burger locations are operating exclusively in the United States. If Donaldson's Twitter feed is any indication, there could be plenty of demand in other countries, including Australia, Canada, The Philippines and Mexico.

    Keep watching to see The Untold Truth Of MrBeast Burger.

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